Robot Uprising - Prudential Mall

Friday, May 19th

The latest evidence of the Robot Uprising! Robot Security Guards at the Pru!


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It Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more knowledge online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com I want to get to the robot up rise yet. If that's okay here. It is 759. Here. Two W a whole lot of second I gotta tell you exactly what realistic to have WA AF FM and HD one less robust than WK after HD two Brockton. And WE IHD three warrants and it's probably a good time for me to tell you. That. If you're going to see Metallica tonight you should stop and hang out. Who is our new afternoon show Matty in nick yeah they are broadcasting live before the show. That patriot place that splits Ville howl at the moon and he can hang out with those guys. And then if you go into the show mom Gillette Stadium is a clear bag venue that's an NFL thing so. You who everything you bring in must be in a clear bag not clear baggy shield that's a different cars and almost that's that's a different thing that's a whole different thing but you'll see shoot down there and I yeah he's. Don't show and then but next weekend. It's Boston calling in if you wanna see tool and Weezer. And Mumford and sons and a bunch other great bands. WA AF and the city of busting credit union. Have you are free tickets all next week starting Monday you can win tickets for Boston calling wall you work. So just listen for a tax code words during then 9 AM hour that 2 PM hour in the 5 PM hour every single day. Next week. Another reason why you should listen to W. 925. And we'll give you the tax code word text into wind and remember that standard data and message were. It's may apply. The robot the robot who uprising Shia robot uprising. Has the right here in the city and it is now time for me to tell you all that we must resists. There is now officially. A a robust security guide. At the prudential mall yes and that little thing about stealing any delicious treats from easily current setup on down I thought we had some time but. Through my comrades. I this is a mess and you'll coded message right now. Pick up arms it it is time to resist the robot uprising they have they have several of these. Robot security guards that are going to make their way around the prudential Mong. And if you're. I don't you you're throwing orange and orange Julius at says somebody like that you will be you'll be put in a chokehold and immediately dragged off to. The the robots dungeon and held hostage and. He'll become like the rest of us the rest of the human race hostage to the robots yes. It's called the K five the night scope finds the available for 8000 dollars a month on leasing program got its equipped with cameras. Takes photos and video it detects heat and carbon dioxide. And it's said job it's too. Patrolled the fruit of your own sign up on her motto is if shopper at the crew with reaction I think I'll. Leg and I know a lot of lakes not client likes the Iowa what are. Until you're enslaved write down exactly lady. Clearly inside the thing that you're not allowed to come out of your own house is that there's ten of them outside integrated EU and so. As is the same robot that that guy attack at the mall in California yeah yeah yeah all right well I don't know they can be beaten some doubt that this. Yes so listen Robocop is that the pru mall Glover and it's this is another human being has lost a job that's what's that's that's out that's what's happening out there. Hello Ed. About Agilent. It's up and happy Friday. That was sighted view to pay out of work nowadays than me aren't you on George you know half of the RP did you remove. Oh OK 05 year yes a five year contract that's a good solution for marriage and I wouldn't rate and then you either renew or you don't re right there and everybody separates were starving and had brought. There attitude to the party. Here's a 508 text my daughter works at the prudential mall building. And she said it is the creepiest thing in the world. To have that robot strolling around and taking pictures of everybody that's kind of embarrassing thing I wonder if there will be any kind of a backlash. Against any of these places. That use the robots and contribute to the robot uprising like I wonder if there will be consumer so well because people might just be creep. By Illinois the number of roaming surveillance cam. That might be some people who are like little creep are well. Then there every yeah me the first or your face is taken a picture of the morning you'll in the door why tomorrow rank and leave your iPhone at home if you don't have attracted by the way to settle until I hear ya but we'll have to look people are so naive O'Brien. Have. OK the guy he went on yeah that is right yeah I have a great weekend brother. Do you there. Do you ever go shopping done of the predicts that a patient you bring your sights. Drivers so without so it's. I guess listening as the Dallas. Pretty much a I'm assuming that's a Star Trek are known as a Doctor Who were oh I'm not general ranked third as well yeah. Don't know exterminate humanity how foolish of me and it's it's a cosmic screwdrivers and put them. 50000. Give me his escort gun on the thing and disable it could happen. Valley water. What are your journey there it down laser like precision like he's written down and plans not to get the ballooning Noah and the yen external name. Now. Attacks there is is that discussing the math on this yeah and you say you lease it for 8000 dollars a month or yeah. Okay you get like eight security guards for 8000 bucks a month or did you watch security here is nothing. Well I don't don't let them on the split badges that additional they have greenside leans on their cars and it's yeah. So it's eight grand a month like this he probably couldn't get let's security guard make forty grand someone down so it's probably. As part three grand a month Ford ran a four grand a month by the target pay health insurance and the so if parents want fifty you know your hello Amanda. But I'm. What I have eloquent you guys every morning we love you thank you. I haven't the pollen and later about merits and yes there. I'm back so oddly I think that that I get married and end up. And I can't they've actually been under and I am when he break. Yup well that's kind of going on about like the people that are wearing them well I think it. Air act and act you can be any unease and get married and it doesn't the apple. Each his own what they wanna do you know why I think it but I think there is the threat there obviously is a trend. Whether you know whether it's marrying yourself if you're a woman or or in choosing to not get married there's certainly people that. Live at home for way longer than they used to because of because of economics and you know I I think that things certainly changed here and there but it's that it. It's often times an individual decision hello John. Whatever what's up John Kerry worked in the pro so I would say someone you don't put a picture all lark are not securities. Yeah that's really out manipulator Greg. I'd twenty mile an hour sorry Daldry who eat that issue only happened every week that it sends the it's good stuff great movie by the way as to which 11 or two ball OK hello Jeff. And I want everybody what's up Jeff Joe Millionaire I would go to the through this week or so. You are thinking and bat house field soap on the floor trick knee workers. All right robot uprising at the crew mall.