Robot Uprising - Meet Solana

Friday, January 12th

This week at the CES Expo developers revealed (or partialy revealed) Solana. Solana's the world's first automated sex doll and she loves teh Talking Heads!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Should get ready to bow to your robot overlord. Yes. Robot uprising is tough news I'm very tight system. Our. This might be helpful for people who have been listening for the last 45 minutes and don't want to ever go on the eight again. Wedge of the human being and because. The of course we've been talking a lot this week about CES the the Consumer Electronics Show which is happening in Vegas right now and yesterday. For the first time. They introduced everybody at CES. The sex this the female sex robot salon is her name a lot of he's actually a second generation. Company that makes her biggest creations. Came out with a sex robot called harmony so that was like version one point oh and I believe we discussed harmony. Now Solana was debuted at the after hours show at the yet is she Russian or whether it's. Where you're from well what's you can really have her beef from wherever you like he has which double faces a whole bar if you wanna you know. Writing I excellent rate was selected occur so that she would like. Ten different faces wicca a party coming with different outfit via no corporate RB share instructions like Barra the she'd get. The different faces in the different personalities. The board let's get this over with wife face. You can process. That might give them more and but he. The developer of the robot. Hatter up on agent he peeled the faceoff to show all the mechanics. Of the face to show how she makes facial expressions and does the things that her mouth says that the two guys that you can mean you can customize the things you can pick here colored body styled body and indeed it's. It's like genetic engineering but for a by winning we have some audio in which the creator. It is talking with a lovely Salina a lot are castle and a lot of good morning. Good marine. I don't know where you might say that. So long what's your favorite concert band. Yeah. Career. She's funny. She sounds a little. Sarcastic and that she can yeah attitude around alone attitude tough tough to get to and really a paperless. Any other robots are listening don't is is that she is issue issuing a challenge to her human counterpart an ass. She is she thinking that I don't have my I pod at the ready is that fired up at ready to go is that the deal yes that that's the deal she didn't think. That you would be able to jump on this this quickly are she clearly underestimated. Or opponents like what is. What is wrong with earth. He's a fool I. They clearly it and build her and I personality well enough to be able to anticipate they that you would take advantage of situations I will always take advantage of the situation.