Robot Uprising - The First Fatality In The War Against The Robots

Tuesday, March 20th

Today marks the 1st casualty of the Robot Uprising while testing out a self driving car it killed a pedestrian!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. She just ready to go out to your room blocks over Lawrence. The robot uprising his car. I'm systems. Here are are well. Humans. Have suffered the first casualty. In the robot uprising the as a driver lists Lugar vehicle has killed a pedestrian yes and LB I think you called it. You'd. It is. Kind of alarming this woman was standing by the side of the road. Will with. Walking her bicycle yet she's crossing the street with a bike she was not in a marked crosswalk Roddick crossing outside across but still monolith is it's a busy. Pedestrian area in Tempe Arizona you know she was hit. And it was a Volvo. In autonomous mode and over Volvo we did have a a backup operator behind the wheel the car wasn't full auto at the time platoon was probably listen to the radio or sleet hectoring or even years Randy here in the driver early scar you don't think you're gonna have to be driving that thing. So. They say that the vehicle was going about forty miles per hour when it hit the woman and showed no signs. At having attempted to slow down. Which is an issue. But unfortunately the woman the woman died the first pedestrian casualty because of a self driving car in the United States. This is sergeant Ronald L cock speaking at a press conference. Hoover was the vehicle was a Volvo again it was a self driving vehicle. It was in the autonomous mode at the time also the vehicle operator was behind the wheel of the vehicle at the time. Message that we do want it share out his obviously. The safety of our citizens and integrity in Tempe is of utmost importance and we just wanted to make sure that our citizens are safe and if there's availability doing please. Use a cross walks. When you're crossing the street. Now if somebody says she should have been in the cross Loc but. Where gays I mean. They always aren't programmers should have designed to slow down or stop if something goes near the that's right right is it exactly what is the reality is not hardly anyone uses a crosswalk yeah. No surprise here but mayor Walsh has suspended. Until further notice the operations of the two companies that are testing the driver Lewis cars in the seaport right now yes here in our city and who. And that's an enemy an optimist ride. That's it that's probably a good idea. But does this change your mind. A boat driver less vehicles the viewer if you are somebody who was a proponent and he said you know what. I would have no problem getting in one of these things bring on bring on technology bring on the robot uprising. Does this change your mind I was always kind of offset counseled the third or fifth round of testing anyway with the self driving cars without a wait about two years for this until it played a regular everyday thing I would wait for a few of these things to happen. Think again the EU wanna jump down their throats. But how many people yesterday in America got killed in Carson with a guy driving a car right yeah hearing while he now. I think you know and yeah it's trial and error may I mean there you know you're gonna have. Our successes and then there's going to be a worst case scenario now here is. 71 Texas says this is typical now we are going to victimize the driver was car what what who else would you picked up its. Does the guy who is in the vehicle get charged with a crime and hopefully that is of great Internet news that the era. Because he's not technically in control. The you know what else is a gray area what the crotch of the women that you lights. Well what I tell us what I. Now they wise enough and alumnae a look at. All the go and what god again. You know I don't think. I don't think we have to worry about these robots. I mean you know we're not things cannot can go wrong but 90% of the time everything goes smoothly. Well I am you don't eight in the 1% like that like depth or won't I mean I am. Let's see here is. A Texas says. We must be and automated assault vehicles and well. Yeah. Policy here is attacks they should not move forward Greg should not move forward with these automatic driving vehicles. And the guy behind the wheel of the thing should be liable that person things that whoever was in the car working through ueberroth would be I mean I don't know why. You blame the guy who's in it what now what is he supposed to Lucy's both does he have like it brought it there yet. Now that you can't over as a woman there with a bike and she just goes in front of the players on the brakes and unload you're driving I guess yeah I mean it all depends on what the expectations for how. Consistently they're supposed to be monitoring what's happening in the car is he sitting in the driver's cedars in the passenger seat and does he have what I like when you took drivers. That and the guy had his own break on the the community and we'll write on. The day if this is Dennis hello Dennis. Big guys but real quickly if you Google Google grabbed it can't. Couple years ago I passed or not auto mode. Underneath the twelve target to cap and. Do you really. Ha I mean yeah I mean it's gonna happen. But what are agenda that I have and I can imagine it's gonna reject it because somebody rolls over so you're saying we just have to accept that they're going to be times where driver less vehicles get into accidents order or in this case run somebody over him and kill somebody yes he does have to accept that because that's progress. Well I am and and and that like I said it's trial and error so it's 99% of the time nothing happens. That's we'd better than the percentage of someone behind the wheel driving like enable. That run somebody over or better rules current kills himself for you I mean. Here's a 774. Attacks that says. My Samsung work phone crashes twelve times today and I'm really gonna trust or a car that doesn't have a driver right get me when I'm gone low bill. The morning are you guys let's do. Nobody talking about the fact that this fight should shoot out from between traffic and nobody would have been able to. And at the end of the day one person killed and a lot but it is a bit of two years got somebody else got killed in the meantime. Thirteen thousand pedestrians get run over yesterday alone yeah I don't know how many that is not it progress that it could progress. I. Don't like that Tesla accident was a fair comparison because that's. Tussle is our in auto pilot it's not expected to like completely believe the driver of I responsibility. A negative posts alike still. Pay attention of your hands on the wheel to supposed to make. Less of a workload for the driver whereas self driving cars this let's stick to work literally completely ya so it's not quite the same thing this is an act on the Framingham for a studio line Cranium board no one will sell you a Ford. For less what's up neck. I'll gladly they didn't sell your dark intensity or almost as close trustee automatic holds it to if it is thought we should all we Oakland post. It's worked. Yeah I forgot that at all. Yeah that can be a problem of the little. All right well anyway. This is first. Death that is related to testing. Of autonomous vehicles self driving vehicles. Wilbur in this case has suspended all of their. Self driving vehicle taps drag and here in the city the mayor is doing the same of the companies that were testing it over in the seaport.