Robot Uprising - Campaign to Stop Killer Robots

Tuesday, November 14th

In today's robot uprising news, robots committed a mass murder without any human order! There is now a Campaign to Stop Killer Robots being started and the crew wants to join! 


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. She just ready to blow to your road blocks over laureates. The robot uprising this time it's cyber times systems. Terminator the bottom line. Well. This is terrifying in alarming. But it appears that robots. With out any human instruction whatsoever. Just undertook a mass. Murder spree. CN Cannes day guy out yeah. Okay man's son's murder starting spot terrifying and on. So there's a video. That his surfaced online put together by EI experts. And basically it shows small drones. Descending on a classroom. And killing pupils. By blowing up their hats they're showing this film to the UN. To highlight the dangers of autonomous weapons that pick and destroy targets without instruction from humans there. They had no instruction whatsoever. From the humans aspires carrying that out and pages one about and carry out and it's legal really means it's very it's very very very very scary there's actually. And an organization called. Campaign to stop killer robots there is yes campaign to stop killer robot don't give them a panelists. Weights now see if you're identified though I need to be. If I'm gonna join and I've probably need to be anonymous because it seems to me like when the robots that are killing everybody they're gonna go after the people aren't identified themselves as a part of the campaign to stop killer robots they have care like everything that place there they're probably gonna get go after those people for is those people have the campaign to stop killer robots as and on line. I'm program which we can take a little listen through there. It's flying itself its processors can react to a hundred times faster than making the stochastic motion. He's an anti sniper. Just like any mobile device these days it has cameras and sensors. And just like your phones and social media apps in does facial recognition. Inside here. Is three grams of sheep explodes. This is how it works. That little bit. Is enough to penetrate the skull and destroy the contents. Welcome to connect into. And this. That's fine. That's. It's extremely. Thin air react make inner mountain Smart given machines control over everything. I mean it's very Smart switches remind us much demand sugar and I'm like well you know make my life easier Alexa make my head explode again. I'll be toast or a. So. There. I was approaching that is great that at times yet. I do I worry that I'm participating. In the robot uprising. Remind views that you can licences they show in the station collects or on. On your Google home because it is it's it's increasingly relying on social media for all your interaction of people and I mean there's just if you're not. If not stop in the months and year participating in the room the only way to stop the robot that does not have Smart technology like the iPhone Norse Samsung galaxy and your pocket right now in it you don't have those things here going to be shown from society's. And it at a point. It's like mine new. Smart scale that I love the Nokia he ID card you scale which IE. I feel I love it then I feel like I'm participating in the in the robot uprising now here's attacks that says. That scale is not very Smart if it lets you step on how. There is something I'm down 25. Pounds five ago. As you know the good thing about that analysts that since you're getting older now can also tell you you're blown Massey can make treatment of the Bastille opera that's ask them to consider them all away ralphie. They don't mind let's wrap. Yet but you know there at the group that exists out there called who are human united against the robot. Humans united against robots now see again those are the ones who have been be taken out first. Those are. Yuba if supporting the cut gas cards tutored does you know they're spokesperson who. He isn't 857. Tax and the tech needs staffing excellence text line in this individual just through their toaster in the trash so often iron and a very nearly dead most of toasted English muffins the butter and it's. We view an English muffin pan am via I am now what about a few of your choice of posts. Don't bring up that horrible on the content to host the Julien makes them sometimes I think. If you would if you had a choice of toast bagel or English market what would you choose English grilled. English grill yet quell grilling its real big all those. Innocent but I for the grooming coming into effect batsman at those three options young crowd English. See that the the bagel is I would choose a bagel if your only having sour cream I mean cream cheese on it. That if it but he's Korean if you need to sorry Bob I mashed potatoes if you. If he does sop sop up the egg Jews. That would that mean in Atlanta today and I I need more yeah the toes and yes yes. Oh it's what about how do you feel about cinnamon raisin toast. I hit. Love LA to get on battery life Larry's embedded in and I can't do that and and a constant Natal like the house. Now you're toasters and owners and and that might be everything bagel but they stay with you on thing. Yeah I'm not a big fan of the everything Eagles.