Quitting Is Not An Option For Mike Ness And Social Distortion

Thursday, August 3rd

Mike Ness is a lifer.  He's given to much life and blood to call it quits.  Even after 39 years of high volume, high power, touring and recording.  He and Social Distortion have kept their heads down and plowed through their share of beatings and bad trips to make themselves a Rock N Roll institution.  Social D are currently on a Summer tour which will make a stop at The Palladium in Worcester, MA on August 11.  Mike was kind enough to give us a call while cruising through the bowels of Minnesota on his tour bus and talk about the music business then and now, his love of boxing and performing live, and if retirement is even in his vocabulary.  

Here is the documentary Another State Of Mind featuring Social Distortion and Youth Brigade on their DIY 1982 tour.

Video of ANOTHER STATE OF MIND | A Punk Documentary

Here's a nice live version of "Prison Bound":

Video of EXCLUSIVE Social Distortion "Prison Bound" Guitar Center Sessions on DIRECTV

See Social Distortion at The Palladium in Worcester on Friday August 11.  Get tickets here.

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Let me see your leg in court this on second. You see here is this better. Tech blog I'll just yell under the might. So hopefully I won't sound too aggressive. But. A very apparent. Well I appreciate immense honor and a pleasure it's been I've been a fan since first hearing telling them. Long long time ago. I mean we're going on what it's almost almost forty years. For social deal at this point Iran. Or. But that's the F. I was. Yeah I'm glad. I'm glad you did Xoom and I still going to see union amid the palladium in no Worcester on August 11 and I was. Re why I re watched another stay the documentary you know the state of mind the other night. And yeah. I wanted to ask you now. As opposed to then. Do you think it's easier for bands. To get out on the road to get their music heard now as opposed back then and does that take away from the music at all. You know it's definitely harder than it would. Or any years ago it's probably equally as far as it went back I mean you know where they do it ourselves now those. No no major labels to knocking out those distortions store back in 1980 do. Shut up or any label for that matter so we had to create her own. And you're ourselves. You know I think that that's going to be the case for a lot of Norris. You know. Do you think it's just it's it's even though the media is different we are social media now and it's. It's easier record and. If I can definitely. Work fears that you're sure yes it has to your question I think is. It might be easier because rather than underground branding it wired or are now. Also you know Ali had. Trying to promote ourselves. Are promoted show and so. Yeah. You've got a problem her friends and your FaceBook you can. That's the start at least and then they do it they do it they do it like got thousands of people play by noon. The future eyes you know. Now I was reading her last they're red you have to correct me if are crying here you had a couple dozen songs fur. For new album won me expected at the studio for those. Who this is the finals who're. The year or. Just. For me again in the full line I have to shut down its scoring. Machine in. That'll really right. I spent basically spend the whole day getting prepared. For position you know whether it's that you know what I mean being in public wrath of god. Exercise. You know like it then meditation. As though. And I go (%expletive) around for awhile. Yeah housing and get my mind right and the you know the great for awhile and you know if we have to be we will be in the you know next year I don't know whether it's going to be spraying over the summer. You mentioned meditation. And I know you also you also practice yoga. But you. Also box to a standstill box. Trying to see a trying to get back you know have been absent for ten years that I've went back a couple. There's. It can't summer. Definitely get back way. Like try to. We sure I've got to incorporate back and then you know what sparked it. Regime and pretty much my main source. Exercise right now. What attracted you to boxing and I know you're you're really into it. What what was it then in July output. The cause you know I mean when I was a kid whose idea as host of course we have our room. Then you know I. It's a current crew for a couple of years but you know but never really like learned that users. Real situation. You know he received demonstrations. In front of large groups of people. You know. I was kind of wanted to box that never committed to very charted nine he's just didn't commit to it. You know falling. You know over ten years now I just you know emerge and it won't love watching it. Are far with a 35 year old. And it pretty. It's just perfect way for me get a full body work out. Always be learning. Keep them you know sharpen the mind it. And in indicate your bodies using that maybe they're never done before. Or haven't long. Is there any part of your boxing that. Is connected to your music in any way an attitude or. Absolutely I mean. I do our work out for. Or show that he would you know particular rhythm going it's. The lungs open. Because the last. You know to dreamer it's like a realizes the hard part of you know. And it's it seems like it's a natural thing for you because you've you've kind of done your things your own way. I'm pretty much. Yeah. Yeah and it's creative you know it really it's really created that you know the chess game. And trying to outsmart your opponent is not just root. Like. It's chess game. Not to move trick element and make configured his serving and it is something else that they have. So it is it's it's very a mental thing as well. Your take you vote taken. And incredible. And I love love the music I think it's a great story I saw that. Her first concert was a social distortion concert is Aaron. Yeah great and then through it was a family friends you're able moved to get exposed to her playing music and writing music and and now. Well as when I was my wife urging me to let her down vote because my wife is good friends Grover. And I seen her performance like you know copy houses and the like. You know who I couldn't get. The feeling like murdered demos really. Heard the decided you know make some demos and operable currently our side there are everywhere and they do record. I really do not being here is that much. They. You know it's equally as fulfilling. Whether it's working with our band or someone else. You know you're around your love of thumb you know country blues and and depression era music and music from the fifties and Newton you know it's it's been obvious in and social to sources music for awhile side as far as producing goes. On askew if you had a chance. So make a record. Would say one of your heroes award you big influences who no longer around who who would that Pia. There's a lot. Has a lot of artists that I feel you know. I mean I hate to say that. And may have good record in winning here. You know for some reason they were geniuses and made amazing records that. You know I've. It your dolls record. For that allows for and they put out now to our allies is the is you know. I just feel that I know these are some of these artists. More than it doesn't sound as this morning. And I can I can draw. What trying to recreate what they did. Their signatures so I was trying keep in practice but it it was. Social distortion that I would love you know reduce David following your dolls. There's ample means you know even some of these great old country great you know that Jack White is. Like if you had it is like would you Joseph like say you were around when when Hank Williams. Senior was around. I mean yeah or or some like bad or world. Or anyway yeah what led her belly or someone like that. I mean George go. Now I mean there's during come true to be working with celebrate. I wanna preface this this question and I don't want to take it the wrong way but as I mentioned before it's we're going on forty years and in no way. Do I mean this but. Is there a stopping point like one when you when you hang your hat when you say okay I've I've seen the highest of highs and lowest of lows. I can tell you last night and trains. For the show in the back visit Iraq. Do probably 85 degrees. 83%. Humidity. And no it didn't show. Which were. It about saying that the work out they were physically. Challenging I mean it was. Like you and a triathlon. And I think the show me in giant just suck and limbs that are market or like all. Great this morning. So. Via hundreds so. So relentless stop. I lie about it. But that's kind of those is physically. Usually when it's just. Extreme conditions like and they it was the crowd it was in the boo me. Liked it a little hard you know. There are just. Miserable. So when you hear I don't know if you heard but you know when you hear something like Justin Bieber canceling his last nineteen dates because he says he's tired. I mean what it would do you have any words to that. And socket the US opens. Those days over colonies. Lost you know because we're so tired. How is these. The towns fighting right. That choice you know I. And so that. And I guess I would kill this is like a kid overwhelming. You know you know I don't. I can't relate. Well Mike it's been it's their real pleasure talking never having had a bigger hole before in the dirt he exactly. It was their work is sure. Very well Mike it's it's been a pleasure and an honor talk Indian man big fan and we're looking forward to seeing you at the palladium near Worcester Massachusetts. On now on August saw him. Now or or excited human. So it slowly working her way out there. All right well hopefully won't be too hot and and we mobile wax museum I guarantee it. Sit here I'm Mike thanks a lot man appreciated. Thank you look at our.