Professional Bullrider Josh Faircloth

Friday, February 24th

Professional Bull Rider Josh Faircloth called Mistress Carrie to talk bulls, buckles, the Velocity Tour, and how to win the SuperBowl!


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It's just scary we both attended thirty until. Podcasts are always online. You schedule like WA AF dot com. Joseph hash let's all done. Good carrying. I don't really well thanks for taken the time on your data calling you got a big event tomorrow night. Yeah order up an apparent now Margaret DC and BC and best of Bora as a victory. Taped to move a professional bull riding events into the DCU's senator it. Just transporting the bulls has got to be a process. I mean yes a long process she edit transparent they're. The green. Look I age. Power. Blows. Cowboys come and Hannover from all over the world. It's a lot to but I is coming together and if I happen this week here. Why do you have to bring your own dirt is hard dirt not good enough story. Now on he the Palestinian. To DC. DC's asked Ernie did that they are prepared in an area. We can't rattle it. A truck a cup. Now that I asked about core that would be interesting to watch you guys I'll tell you think it's a degree bull rider would really be any ice rink down. Hey he hit. You know I yep aura and at that. No. Don't be easy to put skates on those bulls beat. Exploit its other writers get paired up with the bulls how many writers are there and how many bulls are there. I UP forty gat. Each are forty it's just Saturday one night ever while forty acting you know one bow to sir random drop and then. They'll bring you trucks and sport respective short round championship round in a giveaway at first prize money all she did it say. The average but it our random they're out to get paired up with both. So a couple of years ago when you got injured really badly. Now you know I mean. I guess you are getting back to Eric got in the gritty city back to pay for. You see in the USC year in professional boxing met in the ring your adversaries. Of the rain a lot of fighters are friends or are you like. Hanging how with the bulls and you guys are cool with each other until you get in Merrick. Yeah I mean see you wait and not against spam I just took the united are the dad that's one thing about the or matters they are get along or not there competing against each other at the other cowboys were there compete against are stuck. Well you know. They're both come from Oliver best schools are now becoming a town this weekend. Now here seven years old. Is this what you've done your entire life. And it's not done their success fourteen. And around in the PBR's. They too. When you go tell your parents. Because I remember when I was talent nine count the BDJ for a living when you tell your parents you're gonna ride the biggest and meanest doubles on the planet for the PBR as your job and happier now. Mom in my urged. I guess that might be if ever I have I. I want and that it I sport whatever when did I yet. Now of course you're coming up in New England. We just won a super. Ball intercept it. For both. Lie now hired just about the that they edit its and they did a bed early that edited neighborhood. At a place second apps they don't. Ab so slowly down the last minute especially against the patriots. But when you this all not only get the trophy but to get the rain with a peavy sorry you get the buck all right. Yeah he had about colon you know give. Ring to it where are checked into a cheater who are champion buckle as sort out to this horse like Obama. The doesn't win the Super Bowl rings they Wear a man and they put him in a safe do you Wear the block all. Yeah yeah. Well or my whole life to land at Buffalo's yeah I'm gonna way. Here in New England. We grow up around rodeo events in farms the way the you do down south so for some it's listening to this may not know anything about. Professional bull riding. Doesn't know anything about the velocity two or what would you say that person again to come to the DC you tomorrow night. I'm in the attic have lane and on and forty got a 16070. Pounds average relatable routers and then he had opposed average way it is arc detained attitude toward Barry countered. Think it'd be dead and many feel like. Drilled and journal on grass man vs both you don't get no better I guess so excited Lotta rhetoric that you like ray. That the people on the runner so. Strap you to the hood of my Ford Explorer. You know make it better but the bet that the well not to the events Maher and I itself. I hope to be able to go and check out the balls and really see how big they are up close because they're big even from the cheap seats. Maybe in the BM. Say MI out of beta. Well just I really appreciated that can't can't wait to see guys tomorrow night at the DCU center the PBR real time pain relief velocity to our good luck. All right thank you know you get that buckle and play the second half as well as you do the first and try it. It's just scary we both attended thirty until. Podcasts are always online. He's scheduled like WA AF dot com.