Paul "Fitzy" Fitzgerald - Big Loss At Gillette

Monday, November 14th

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Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And acknowledge. And on your schedule WA AF dot com oh and I use it. What's up man. Yeah that's my favorite cabbage so I'll is that because that's a that's been here every time picked up here forget enthusiasm on the giant adult dog that hopefully get my day. Well that I mean listen. There was an it was at least the good football game right. Now whether it was a it was a great football game that the that the things like now we I'll have to play the role of gracious loser like. But I would believe that goes on a bike. That's like the next day like when you're so hot and over like you literally feel like in the construction crew in your faith and you just wanna. Bombing chart at the same time and people like. It's great idea right now by the Ellen that's. Now cock are you believe what a spouse was just saying this proves. That the NFL is scripted and that's the case about the way that game was supposed to go out just to keep everybody interest in me get the ratings up. I'll either present about this so many conspiracy. Theories floating around right now because god forbid patriots can't ever just broke one. Admit that at bat like Brady had an imperfect game or that somebody came in and played better or that like our defense has made a microwave new salad cream. Yeah but why not. That situation that he's a little bit of invite other defensive coordinator of the standing on the sideline yelling. They're equally important out of solid defense all possible. All right now the thing to see it. I'll like I'd like I mean like my least favorite reality show to watch on TV is who want to be an advocate patriots quarterback hit every week at the end result. The corners are I mean short of Malcolm Butler who even. I don't know he can say Malcolm Butler is having an having a great year back but. Short of Malcolm Butler that did the the secondary stuff and I don't know is it too early to start talking about Jamie Collins and and that being a bad move. Yeah I get that now courses not to where we were kids and grown technical support a lot it's probably took that. Good for us a real quick question I'd probably just I want you guys are obviously a great litmus test her out what is the what is not an appropriate. Last night somebody sweeter when Brady was trying to sneak it in there that horrendous series of called that led the pages. Not getting in on that I lacked drive somebody created I love when Brady CNN and that I replied yeah we'll bring you more and didn't that's. Hope. That is. Oh it's too soon. Well how many listen I bet you gotta go back but. How many I mean it's tough to find a bunch of times that those guys have four downs on the two in and then on the one and they aren't able to punch it and I mean that's. He had to go pretty far back about the. We haven't done all all the facts are what Attila at the last week after it. With a live eight I'm thinking you know aside this is the following interview was bipartisan so he's. Acted like it felt like after last week in the shop in the pride that everyone then and all the nonsense that's gone on. Let off all Mac pick everything up at the I'm aware that in the upside down right now I mean that's like an administrative things might be adorable cat community. Well so of course every metric is thrown out they'd sit coming up abide that usually away and like what it agent like a 10000. And everything and whenever they talk more than 23 point and especially when it sounded calm and yet the outcome then. It perfect poetic justice because. Now they get that day. We I don't want it should. A lot of bad it. A ball. These terrible I swear to god. I I can't I just can't understand why Belichick in particular like guys before the game I have a couple things I wanna show you. One of the Celtics with it came from the other night into the about the tactic in Green Bay defensive highlight certain is that they. I've got that the defense would hope that last night. About the fact that doesn't bubbling pot when he and they could signal first thing in the corner of these outlets pet and nine defensive back. I admit that the deal would. Now I think there's there can be some concern about the defense and I think that I I would I would agree with you all well. I think that game may have been a symbol read you a magic Seattle is if they continued. The template like that I think they can get back there. Yeah I mean about Russell welcome back to Brussels opened it like when he's healthy when he ran I mean like. That he utility he's got all those different sort of like Tom Brady voodoo sex magic that is gonna right now too like he might that is all right how's Guerrero. They wouldn't hurt they wake up every ninety minutes. Like the stretch into work out it needs that he can recuperate. I wake up every ninety minutes in a pool of my ounce level like happy and stake of that to be treated I think they lose. In ruffled by. But we'll look at about mocking I was on the TV like get so bad at one point with the fact defense. Say that shadow like Marky Mark they're not there there's usually look wolf bird and it did not Democrat but that I think it won't like it. That we need yeah. I thought it yeah. Yeah IQ they're considering that the agencies and from the deep water horizon last night note. That he had Oakmont shut out. How they do how they do the concussion protocol on drunken Noelle if he's normal time and that it's got one and well good. Yeah. They've taken other sideline crock you feel that. And. In maybe. With another date in I picnic fun yeah. I was an unbelievable. That there were some great hall. That it heats so was I mean that the thing that this scene what what's so troubling about Seattle part of all of it at that once those. They keep getting getting that probably solidified that date is Maleeva played together at the same time try to calm the legion of boom. And ground felt all of that boom I'm at it Lott cited. You know everything that those guys diplomat at the in particular which days of this. Does that do it and engaging each other on the final play of the game I mean that's a legal they just played really really really hard nosed football and you know what would you gotta be that came to make the mistake in my development fumble after a nine yard first down or over the middle like they. Let those things that's great Brady throwing an interception that was like that terrible quality through Super Bowl 46. Yeah Baghdad. I've with a lot of it was actually as well here's what he was bleeding and do it. Match. Fred. It's. And I got a these days I wake up it's like I don't know what the may give anything. God I didn't does Monday morning after the fact glued to the work. I would almost rather wake up and have my grandmother founded achieved the number one search in my viewpoint that haven't you that they can't let them. I would say that. I will say that Bennett absolutely threw a couple of those guys around like child's play last night which is I mean great to say. I'll that's why it and that's what the fact that. The patriot offense is based on you know gave you know. Played against your weaknesses and also they have all that built in redundancy of settlements cover very certain should have Abdullah would rocket Eric. Like out etiquette that they're just start shopping guys around him becoming the static cover on the field do not live but they were the perfect mismatches Seattle as well as his. Things just started getting weird at some point and by the time they showed Pete Carroll. Human gum on the sidelines for the 57 I'm in the world like I think I'd actually rather be stuck behind nine old ladies paying back its Stop & Shop or like. An Al where all motivation old Peyton Manning Papa John's commercial dock but I read it that is the Indy. Is Kara it as it is Pete Carroll possibly having that much fun or is that a whole thing and back. If it is even nicest man in and footballers is that an act. Exactly not thinking that exactly is evident that much well I mean like he's like it would be if these sick. And he's like any any off potentially energizing off happy. And he always seems to have a fresh piece the dominant out he always talks so like pomp and gagging you that the Super Bowl forty it was like. Our guys that was a good one you know freed up so everyone like olive oil up with a Little League coach Jeff that I want to do you know apart after that. Madonna and I've already dedicated out of bed and think where bring it up M rated quite a lot of big scalp like I've got to get back love me. And I had a twelve. Here's the Texas says don't worry this is how it feels in Cleveland every Monday and that's true that is you have so we'll talk. I rightly deserve a lot of waited it out like it that element of above review this keep everything in check. Dimension of the patriotic you know you think it can't go. All the way through everything like you know like a hot night they're fully evident experiment laid back. Back to that but the idiots these crazy Alec this year and first place with. Kansas City it would Oakland and you know we got a game coming up when. Denver which is just a complete now also. Packed you know what actually they got a tip and does though is that played by it is Brady's compound. They have not no they'll work I'll out you know so that everyone you can give obviously it will be nice to each other keep common rating out of GF liar right. All right Leo yeah there is there's that scene from funny