Pats Chat - Max Lane

Friday, April 21st

Former New England Patriot, Max Lane calls in to chat with the morning crew and talk about a fundraiser comming up to benifit his football program. 


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Get Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule that's WA AF dot com. And I will tell you this an old and dear friend of this program is called this morning on the Framingham Ford studio line no one will cellular Ford for less. It is my honor to welcome former New England patriot Max lane into the. And Mac man yeah. Maxi what's on our embody what's happening Max. All of this. Driver around them well prior to boarding you know. Well. I gotta say some things. I value carried I don't know if you know you you guys know this or not but Max helps out a little when it comes to a high school football and does some coaching love and Max he sent me a text about an event that is coming up to raise money for her football program right. Yeah our our football program appear resort self the Butler cabin area comedy night and giggled while they sit. Think go to nobody else yeah. Now polls close at Corvel pour more yeah. Whether Clark Lenny is going to be their mind it was talk or other media. Very good not a break Jerry you know nobody wants them and letting it you know. Almost a Mexican city so people can still out there. Secret of miles or you know longer watch in. Oh loss to the other guy out. I have a vote. LP was asked him the other day and I you know I don't know the answer let's talk Cinco De Mayo is always on the same day if you're asking me that. How do that in that Picasso Max how to people get tickets for this event. Go online at www. Where dot com slash Parker or George sound football. From now full. That that's where you can go to your piece sicker. You know there's a limit what she gets there his artwork that he also. That's a hundred if they do it up right there. Yeah I beg elicits a great that's a great spot for comedy it's a wide open room it's it's it's a great great opportunity to raise some money now some are yeah las. So then people may not be connected it to ourselves director sort of base 06 of the bio you know your well brokered are. We'll have some laughs you know what go. What division is at Georgetown high school maps. Oh lord. Six division one Macs and yeah did you want a it's what he would be Natalie four up there for me what are we learn oil export you know I look citizen deserves a little plug late that night. I'm not saying let's and I you know with some some you know some programs have the luxury of being in division two and winning a state championship and earned nine in the commonwealth and others about. Have not achieved that but Maxwell viewer to have home. We view at the Helm of affairs and serial I'm sure he'll be there right buddy. Yeah. What were away and we got back and got back in the playoffs last year you know we're we're we're a rising up and coming. Soon to be emerging programs yeah. Well listen it is always great to hear from mule and so we we miss having you come in everyone's soleil and and feel free anytime here in the area stop and say hello Max line RIR. Enjoy it doesn't do it does sit here as. Your party girl. But it sure isn't that a great event yet what the whole entire marathon and it's oh well don't look here remember. Let that Max I saw you were there when you're there with your daughter. Yeah yeah. I was trying to act like it is no you learn about the war coming captain honestly cap the honest but if doc and Max is that I know you agree with this that's the greatest day. To be out in the city don't you think. I mean you know it it was a different experience for me this year and I I'm a world that are partaking in the adult beverages site. But it would still vote you know all of them are just a great atmosphere. Yeah out of a lot of what they are great outlet passer out of that apple will. But ordered perfect spot or watch it. Such as this notice is industrials they'd and that there was an marathon that is happening is the so I couldn't figure Burma. Yes my dad died acts the well listen I have a great weekend and the event is coming up on signal the mile. Which is once again amazingly on May fifth zero but he denied some of Maxi thank you. Aren't they cute I assume that's former New England patriot Max lane.