Opinions Under the Influence - Sunday Funday!

Monday, September 10th

Assistant Producer Mark hits the streets of Southie to talk about the First Sunday of the NFL Season with a couple "that other chicks"!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now it's time for you. Don't let all of his son and play. Opinions under the influence. Like I. I offer opinions under the influence and of course the enviable duty. Of collecting audio on Sunday's fun day. It is the responsibility. Of our assistant producer mark and you were out yesterday during the game or after the game after the game glad to be doing it where where did you go yesterday. I think it ominous start calling it the golden triangle because a lot of gold and idea there yes yeah. Yeah I pack. I. Here in the south yes thousands out the light the little like you know yet the link in and then you get stacked. One down he's six it's nice those perfect storm. So yes it is ladies yes it is sad. And though you've got some opinions under the influence. Who do we wanna start this morning okay so today Greg Ireland with quality over quantity yeah we have one do low. It's now Miley in crystal. My Lee and crystal yeah. And actually the way it happened was I was interviewing people and Miley as you want and buy music rat me I've been accidents radium and mr. America. Yeah and I. Let's we're gonna meet in the air for ousted there intro. Helium. I have many Miley. GAAP revenue and asked me and crest now Miami because I ever knew in Matt how did you set a date it. It at that and that we wake up so I though her. And mind you I'm like ten. These Dan Collins in the barn kids first is now on our main. Let alone the bar for the ages in huge Boston because fans like a big part of one of ten point three yet. And a one of those seven point me up Miley here like when then point. The buck and patriots. It's worth they. Thankfully. Yes news Boston ma am not a lot of yes yes okay. So what are you and oh yes they aren't athletes so they get a little crazy so. I tried to get them to stay on focus yeah about opinions but as a C laity to keep dragging me into their love life they are a lot of talking on a blog about guys yeah I'd use it on opinions there. I was able to again. I try to do you know whole week the book on tap it didn't content at one yeah I just was like OK guys Bernie and shoes right guys that we got Bernie Hughes got the talent of of everybody burning their Nike that's right yeah that's because ground. What do you think people burning their Nike. Close. I did there at that. Why you bring in night clothes that we found very aggressive. Don't Barney I'm sorry. It. I thought I Nike clothes and you are so I think you're sweet you're not. No I can't we even have her bring my. Only thing that aren't in the picture of my ex boyfriend and. Policy that ago. Obviously. Experience. Romance Lance I have to look at him. What are you asking that doesn't try to ask some questions her frank crystal. Unsolicited is trying to tell needed they had a meet to movement in the bar and the but I'm gonna help in the moment humane against the debt and the bouncer help them out in loses great victory so this sort of a setup but let's is that crystals. Version of the story. About it and asked because he comes of any last strap them. Doll Patrick stopped it was that had talked about is over a million offense that's it meets you movements are. Was that a guy with a black guy that that in and and I don't believe the little guy out. Or are done so crystal so proud of what happened in the bouncer and how this all went down. Thought I did was asked Miley her side of the story my house is at what happened. This is my voice and so on Miley what happens say some guy a touch too in the bought ten times. And I'm not. I'm not I am not at him and I mean he can. Why. Can't fund them. I've seen him on. Technology shaky like five that I'm too. Yeah I mean it. I think this man has the look inside this house. Yeah I'm gonna try to cut it well. And parents don't it as so many guys because it's plastic it's Miami crystal are really audits. I DRI. AA at that time. Lot of confidence I see so the man had a pool inside his now writes so apparently it was okay. That he did and I and it's got Aaron I'm right or something like I have yet and it's yeah I don't and as is as hard as I tried to continue from there things got a little off the rails you know that was does best is like you do Lanka but that was good contrast you know the way they both sought that activity in the bar was much different. It's probably yeah. I see it they didn't pick him. And and a slew of DOS downed. Down the street there somewhere never to be heard from actually act on the way out beats me that they were late for rushers on a dinner oh. Home Paula fan yeah I don't. I don't know this I'm not a if that is that is that yes I got out Al. Couple girls who are probably having a rough morning I would assume. I opinions under the LO and it's also my 31 birthday today unlike my cares I am I asks how can bring the 800. Happy and be happy birthday to yourself. I think you need. Let's see everybody wants though they ran into Ernie I don't think that was Ernie knows that. Anxiety on Sunday and I don't think so it's good for the.