Old School Game Show - Kids Today!

Wednesday, September 27th

Hosts of the Old School Game Show make their triumphant return and deliver a taste of their unique brand of sleazy, seventies-style shenanigans. Meanwhile, everyone in the studio has a tiny aneurism at the ignorance of today's youth. Fun for all ages!

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. The old. Game show also games shows live interactive theater critics out there with all the pageantry and analog style. Of the 1970s television game show combining elements of pub trivia variety specials love variety specials that video shorts dance numbers. And comedy sketches producing a completely unique trivia experience that test players pop culture. Acumen. Guys please welcome back to the studio. The people behind the best live interactive game show out there and honorary holders of the first people to swear on the Matty index show. Well this is an. We you guys that you guys hold to play two special places that are hard because. It's the first time we ever had to use the dumb but then of course you the first game ship that was in the studio now. The first one to return as well. So that was so I was a classic moment. It was a five seconds into the Internet I think the. Did this level where you didn't waste any time. And just got played Ellen. Yeah that's right yet of the layout good out there are growing our mother ever gonna. But that's you know what. What I thought was so great about that whole experience and everything you guys do is it's raw and it's a real of the aides to TV used to be to me. Dangerous like. Like things are dangerous now like you know being an untrained. Ghost specialist. Up on an island in Canada where you may or may not return right Matty thank you pay yeah. All are back in the seventies. When TV was unpredictable when used to have people come out would bags over their head and do stand up comedy. When you had women in whipped cream bikinis dancing when you didn't know how drunk or how high are on what drugs your and analysts and game show a lot of users are physically. Beckett accurately describes a 70% of the olds who gained 2 episodes and I am. It is danger I mean you know I broke in broke Manila suburb you know I I I believe what you break your nose fonts and ended on a monitor I have an almost died on stage and a broken rib you know you really shows are you know. Hi impact site or that's not they were the read a lot of the Toronto market and if you notice yeah. I gave shows where the original X games yeah I guess it's like yes right game show contestant is that he actually rebalance it. If I break every bone in my body eagle people style before he write my skinny microphone I'm not doing it right dies true story right. Before there was jackass we had good ol' fashioned game shows. By that gradually just had to be almost die. He could be just working my thought that was the first showed them where we met right there you know back. And on its in. House and on its site. I am legitimate real high wire act minds the wires oh. Finally and at any anti whatsoever all right so I'm a huge obviously consumer of seventies variety shows game shows X that are. If it's there you know gong show match in my own several volumes of each on dvd kids out of the only stuff that I should go back and put into a dvd player and watch because. You can't get enough and on TV but what. Inspired you guys to start this. So the inspiration team one party has most tonight is do you win day was to a party and once the game night. And I just went crazy with people loved it Munich and they mustache had a name tags and and I have a much friends are musicians and poets to this lines and that was five years ago along the way I've met up with my country right here right away that it. So it's not a party at your house if Brenda. Manny stays current and if I'm wrong but normally whenever we like all go to a party and it's in somebody's cramped quarters and there's smokes and drinks and whatnot. We all come up with terrible ideas like sketches songs like let's have a gym then let's write a screenplay and we never followed through on yet this was a rare exception yeah we did it and you were looking at. How and half a decade later you guys have a successful live interactive old school traditional. And marriage apparently in mathematics saint nick if I may all the things you mentioned about the show which are true it's fun it's dangerous it's can't be a throwback. I would add a little bit of sexiness to because you. You're good looking you're good looking guy with the saudis portal that's been Geneen Geneen night shade is is ravishing so. Not right here. Don't burn less mixed and I know we've done our last ride and we have an encrypted and nine. It. It. On the hub is not a solid gold answers to these guys wanted to we should have seen a burlesque dance while we Euro Vegas guys we thought we did it was a form. A little less soft and warm up. With the primary put money into the fire and yeah new single CNET and nick insisted it is rather burlesque is supposed to use your imagination is an art to it we saw the kind that had neither the balance. I headed back. Sure support single moms. Guys did you know texture on the ninety's and won a seven tech news text line informs us that. Bob Barker actually once had his ribs fractured being hugged by a giant woman they go. Only once that's what surprises me dangerous business hi I now all right so here's tentative. We're actually gonna play Manny I think is to be found we're gonna play a little old school game show here but because. We have harpoon fest tickets to giveaway this hour as well. What we're gonna do is this they've offered up. For our two contestants. Here on the mat in a condition of old school games your tickets to see their show. On October 14 at the Somerville theatre in Davis Square is and I like to buy tickets right now you can go to old school game show. Dot com so both contestants. We'll get tickets to the show and the winner will actually get to. VIP Vick you know that stands were. VoIP yes it's very important very immense OK and zone to do you tell apartments October fest that their immense pint there is a pint of Beers at the I like it. At our put October fest. Friday at Apple's own brewery OK so here we go ordered it was gonna pick two random contestant from the Framingham Ford's studio line. Perhaps Judy would you care out of would you pick our first contestant please right there. All right and ginnies pressed a button numbers six. Shane welcome to Matty and Nick's old school game show showdown how are you friend. Shane Shane come back. Is she and welcome and welcome to Mac index old school game show showdown how right now. I could tell you got great great great OK so here's the deal. We're gonna give you a little old school game show trivia run down here you've got thirty seconds to get as many questions right. As possible okay you gonna be given a category really it's thirty seconds get as many Reggie can then we're gonna hit you against somebody else you've already won yourself. Two tickets to the old school game show on October 14. You may not. But you may or may not also get the grand prize which is of course to VIP tickets are put October fest this Friday so are you read Jane. Oh OK still has let's get the clock he regards. A little explains and under category here right now we're gonna play I need a hero of course for this lightning around or skipping in the before playing Washington lightning round we're gonna give you. The name of an action movie and you can tell us the jacked actor or objectors who called industry who starred in the film it's just that easy. Are you ready that we already saying are you ready. Winger. No idea that the vast matrix. Matrix under the act under siege. Note. A lawyer. He knew why did I did assassination. Plot blood sport. Did wedge. Out gladiator. There we go I think and that's why all of that time like hey 02 rules why the dragon might as we get one in the Pentagon. A chance you know honestly while Shane Odyssey that I'm Manny losing his mind yeah and I saw our. Came out saying what just compound did you grow up bond. Although the man I would entertain I would and a guy may be now who knows why are you on the spot if you didn't know those. My soul hearts we get a get get another movie American Dad! now saying he had and he's doing what we do you what did not happen. You know what I need change to go to your. On October 14 to so we can start learning because obviously. He is hurt and our Jayne hold on 12 body elected goats that machine Korda you I appreciate that change shame all all of second okay about it. You're out. Signal I'm not I'm not hold a lot of hope for today's youth are ever gonna go to Judy would do next pleased select our next contestant. And we have Oral Roberts from bill wreck how are you Robert. The line. Robert. Robert on once going twice it's all right we're gonna go at line one now it's actually in the. Cash and Barbara well national doughnut is your last name bridges. I wish I got a lot of we'll there's a hack and Sosa right. I Nash you. Turn your radio down you have to get more than. Question right to win. The VIP tickets are put October fest this Friday chain has shamed himself in the entirety of Boston. In the in the metro Boston area. One question right so what Tom's gonna have the questions for you this time what does is a category two this category is screaming for vengeance on one million did you on metal lead singer. He is used until the end. The most popular band and while OK listen you got to just get to ride in UN are protesting if so are you ready. Nash. A limited it still the early. 010. David Limbaugh. Of Baghdad and as I genes that Pinault. Rob how. In the studio not kept up that. Madonna is that that we it will take it out axle loads. Up under the as a let me tell my sacked. So much about Ozzy Osbourne. Outline of what that has died he's now an act. He died about Zach I don't Jack eight seconds out this deal. You know and repackage this incident. Street there's it's been a lot about it pays him. All right yeah. I've got five yeah I okay Nash you are the lucky winner of a pair of VIP tickets to harpoon October fest at the heart member this Friday September 29 I have to say they'll honestly. I am thinking about treating these tickets like they are Indianapolis Colts tickets and I'm pissed off veteran and lighting them on fired upon it on the front line. Tell this reform smash. You Nash let's sound it. Warren they are notified us that it's not an excuse you have. Yeah Iran on Daria I will a do much about what they they get what you studied. Yeah I've you'd better come up to the stage for a live broadcast. Friday and I'm a slap you still have a slaps you are and I'll do what are you doing all right Jayne hold the line. We're gonna make sure with a Q a with the old school games should take its chain hold the line OK and national the line somebody hold my beer please Al Micah what happened. Good it was Hillary but they got. Right now on an eye on now they've both got hung up on so that's great. How little. I don't even you know I don't know deserves anything's chip. All right most importantly stay isn't mad and I will be coming to old school game show we tried to give you some good contestants we tried to pump the crowd up. Unfortunately well welcome to our audience guys eight we down at eight. They're young they're young they were too younger guys yourselves and the incidence Nash went down he was so bad even let down Crosby stills young. It you have. To come up with a better yeah I Soledad. All right so thank you very much for playing Nash thank you very much for playing James. And once again this is where can they go see old school game show at the Somerville theatre and Davis Square when it again. And go to old school game show dot com to get to its right that's right go see that Halloween hell raiser thank you to update you Judy and thank you everyone for being. This audience opens on.