Offended 1 Percenters - Solar Panel Rage

Wednesday, December 6th

There are some offended 1 percenters in the town of Beverly where their neighbors have a rotating solar panel!


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Hill Man Morning Show on. Yeah I always. And yes so hey ash dust off a pistol while offended one per center in Beverly oh yes I've. Some one per centers in Beverly are very upset about what a neighbor did this but if this thing went up in your cul-de-sac I don't think he'd be happy with things yes he would this thing is huge I would sit up he is not Ron was a key guy it's here ridiculous I'm not so this is what these people that. They put twenty solar panels. On eight hole in there for you art and Aaron rotates notes that put them on the roof gap. They put it on the pole and her rotate to followed the saga in their front and it looks more rain is it their property yep it's them it's you have to have is that it yet to your property affects everyone else's property values crying out they never mow their lawn snarling land suited for Jeannette high on our front I don't believe they don't need a permit for. Looking it up just now bad ever really need a permit to put up for an antenna. So I don't know why they didn't because if this was this that if this was shed that took up this same footprint I'm pretty sure they need a permit for well I wonder why the local. Building inspector hard though hasn't come out and you know. You know I try to change some. You know make some output maintenance improvements on a set of stairs in the in ocean park united heart go out there love lost his mind. Historic districts are in these building inspectors they have nothing to do absolutely nothing to. But last hardworking people's. But anyway we should not enough about all on an accident I don't have that it was yeah about my own personal situation that we hear from ten downing who is one of the woman's neighbors okay. I'm upset with the neighbor. Put that stuff dot dish out hey look unedited in its its totally. Unfit for residential neighborhood. Pharma. Were you out but we're not endear houses smells like hearing is yet forecasts and guards Ansar Allah and your wife Hillary is side yeah house so I know but that would make it big again they're the ones in debate Derek cried. You know on your card unit costs me money in my house. But you know gash you in your house is there's holes in the walls doors or off. I am going suit tweet a link. To this on mine. I'm my Twitter feed because you may wanna take a look at this it's not really the weight Daniels describing it. Like the people have high tension back powers that this stretch greatly surprised it is not that this little help us. It's now on eighteen dead Dayton guessing is this for us it's sort. Little boy he advantage of renewable energy just you're just be and so do on our roads aliens in land reforms it gives packet dead and three cent to near resorted yeah absolutely. I'm the eyes close. I I am going to if you who will. Standby for just a moment. I am going to. Tweet. A link it to this. Please stand by them most of that shows tweeting. On his social platform. Okay that's all we did that legally that I like and despite being good topic actually. If what what what is what is the neighbor have. On their property. That drives you absolutely. Daddy their presence is that an old man word paddy you know what's might be good topic you can text on the tech needs text line which is 97107. Hello Bobby. Throughout the morning. Would you out I'm that offer was on the news last night of people polled all the right permit. It is everything neighbors oh they do and then not being that Beverly. Yet they've got a fight changed the law on this point on like it may have. The. It is eaten on the premium Ford's studio line with upbeat and our guys quote appeared out what's going money then. All of our inspectors I gotta give we'll be back. That the interior mill worker for quite some years yes and anyway or birdie here. In setting record profits above a contractor ever get paid for. All these homeowners trying to do to prevent. You wouldn't believe. What you thought you owner. You know I voted inferred all about our remote president without. Wired out. Now and I'm I'm sure. That's sort behind inspectors to the beard so people who are right but the problem is that. It ends up costing way more sensibly people who are exempted bigger. I know that letter of terrorism there I'm sure that there are some great building inspectors who are out there listening right now now here's somebody whose neighbors have chickens all over the place and I'm. In that neighborhood and you should have to be at a farm. A farm's own it they're gonna have that animals running all over your property popular pat. Accelerates these days subject yeah chickens when you get the free range bags Greg right now right now I have to have eggs for breakfast LOA Tim. Very good gold what's up to go all I'd be neighbors would drive you battery. I wouldn't hold it. We had lost so she remembered grubs but putting part is now the gloves should put out another hour. Go to another heart beat this server your article written agreement in talks. When I walk on the east parts don't hold them into the rocks all like a you can relaxed good ball gets better. The rocks are credible only should put shake slower. June waters it ought worse. That she's the rodent that we should get water. And then this year achieved target some portal site in the future. Well obscure reference from a text there when. Carmela Soprano is trying to build respect counts yeah. I put fifty grand enough to contract an excellent excellent skiers sopranos and up until late bad and what's up. The bad guys they didn't let up that. Hey look I'm well by any any part stretch my my I grew up a lot of the master electrician and solar energy providers installer. And he also. Are trying to tell them it's not in the execution look not decide or. You know I understand you're in about the besides an awful lot like again on as far as calico inspectors that they come out. They only had to get account. For a better inspection for the pole itself. And then an electrical inspector had to come out the other part. If people are gonna complain about people trying to go green. Ever gonna go to eyesore but we're you know not sound corny to save the planet and worked or what can you do that every. Yeah green people and I try to argue for a tough thing and I try to make an argument for renewable energy. Now you call. This person hasn't neighbor. Who sold the rights to a sign on their front off line for a local business. And so they have the big sign like an advertisement sign on the board of many buildings. And that ultra right people demand money that's that it. What's it for Kansas they would it's frozen club and that they probably don't want it they're probably afraid of neighbor on neighbor violence or even mode G violence today yesterday if they mention what it says let's yeah I mean. The neighbor neighbor set the others in the tree thing cast I'd cause a lot of brawls you know when the guy has. A tree in morning yards that's an attempt yeah I'm the matches free 45 branches command eerie. Yeah. Well in the house and into my house seat of the day that was the most ridiculous color of yellow. It could only have been done for site use now it is like seeing on the little island they like that's their house unanimously and it just me as well you know it's not it's snore or whatever hamburger and race car on blocks prepared well a lot of notes on the porch. And a lot of towns have. I still hasn't ordinance against. I junked cars so easy in your yard so they call the cops all the time on people have a car bomb blocks in the media art of the rules are solid play old. Those Rory draw over who were here his whole world so it shouldn't problem law or six you know want to box hello Patrick. And actually called no right now you guys say what do you think the odds are that in the complaint try some absolutely butt ugly car it neat I'm. Now under cart chairman and of course your thumbs down so yes yes all right well get going out in Beverly. Neighbors are upset. That these people have put a solar. Farm when he colonists. Is so rotating solar panel of panels in their front united nets causing a lot of problems.