The North End Pizza Showdown w/ The Hillman Morning show

Wednesday, July 25th

the hillman Morning Show invade Matty and Nick, and they brought ten of the best pizza joints in the North End and 5 judges. Who will be victorious and who will be left in a pizza coma? Find out here!

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Legal opinions to read seven W fans podcasts are always on. On your schedule at WAA asked. Thirty seconds to Mars. On AM the only station that really rocks. And now it's time. For the first annual. North and greatest slice of pizza pie. Challenge. Slash. The latest and greatest wine taste test. On the hill man show at the hill and showed the afternoon but you broke welcoming us to use. Beyond that everybody's everybody's here doing Ellis here LB's here. I believe that Danielle was last at bat because no news here toward Japan or whatever time it is happening. Instruments. I'm getting credit for crush crush crush cheerleader PU like Greg. And shoes shoes here and I think you've been against I've been a lot of instability and my friend showed up actually before it. I believe now me I was as well as I alleys and and that's normal you know where. And yes you love don't get that wouldn't get too confident yeah. It's radio where it where work acquaintances I'm. Though Melissa yeah great for people that are shaking their alarm clock or look at their Iowa right now and saying. We say all the time is it right now I don't understand ya Greg's on the afternoon today over sleep. Could you set the table and state for everybody of course thank you for so. During the fight against Starbucks in the north than than we were able to meet the man who led the charge is name's Damian and the Pala. Andy's a fantastic north and guy we had him on the show. And we were talking in the course of talking about it. You know running Starbucks that sound like they did. We started talking about where the best beats it was in the north then of course you know were focused an awful lot on the show in the morning on the court. We wanted to try to put together on our next line food taste test counts and we've already done Bart pizza so appropriate to do north and beats right. So. And thank you for the leftovers by the way that day the ammo temperate now Imus I honest to god room temperature bar pizza. May be better than Ottmar pizza counts the best to us so grocers in my Lynnwood Cape Cod so. So com we couldn't do it in the morning because none of the pizza that people get up early in the morning how do you say that he. Ill he or the pizza you'll always nice that the name of the cooking your grandma would always trying to foist on you on December 24 and you're like rabbi it tastes like foot and Sam Boca. Although that they they. One of those you know. So those are not torture devices. You're first OK I just address one thing please how awkward is it in the studio. Yeah CNN and Danielle now. They're failed romance when I don't you honestly you honestly need a pizza wheel to cut potentially out around I mean it's so awkward between united and looking at least now I doubt act although I will say this. Yes and I just wanna leave this out their for the audience for council discussed it in the morning because it pizza cut as addictive yes. But. Stay and it's here now your first time seeing him in the studio arms in the since the breakup now like whenever connection your not to make any. And you have. You have done your make up to the ninths your hair and you're all dressed up looks you are thinking you are not exactly and you. I really view I have never seen you ever looked like this at the radio station and I think I mean nick way. I deserved yeah what I guy I can't. Rolen have bet 4 AM I doing this did not waking up at 230 I think you that you basically came in here he listens no never rests and its air. Everybody right yeah look at look at LB I think is that he doesn't wake up looking like the third villain and that maximum. You can't be blonde highlights it is there in the markets right kid champ that's right get awesome Deborah takes a day out you can't spell legendary without leg day bro I don't know. So all bomb anyway well that's a that is a secondary plot to this whole thing ya rules and our mom so. I would I would say that perhaps the best thing to do is maybe bring the union in right now one yes and have him. Tell us who's here from from the north that patient you'll recognize him he's one of the seventeen guys in the hallway I don't hate that I. There aren't many guys hold and pepperoni in the hallway at the U 620 and also unlock. Let me a critters are celebrity judge Kayla Cummings is here from naked and afraid. She's having again and she is as she always is which comes in his she's afraid she's naked yet but yeah unprecedented and made. Damian how why. I'm doing really well thank you and I thought I was great. Sarah you are a local hero and a chant yes you are what we're getting stomach some absolutely out here in theory you're favorite all in favor of that really not a I don't need a Starbucks in the north and I wanna small bitter coffee. Serve to be in the hands of somebody who just finished a cigarette is gonna light in otherwise I'm a little lemon rind around the edge of it at all lemon line that's. That's not a time enough to cut. That's like a lion in the glare and a moment. That's next don't live in the beer guy guy you can doubts Andy fight it all the script isn't that so we have here today. All want to profit what do you think it went equitably connect it to about your refrigerate up to protect every woman and an island wells and one what's what's the what's ours is yours here and take whatever you want and never award will be sent. I'm so who's here today. So we have and as those we have identical for an all we have squat to grow we of the college. We have been event though we have been called though we have policy he saw with the status should Lorena. Green is gonna say Arenas. That I don't like it places into all that we have a lot of great pizza now do you have a favorite or are you not gonna read I tell you depending on when I'm craving. I I go to each and every one of these places OK guys the more I meant it depends how fast they need the pizza yeah one Neapolitan. Two I want like Boston Italian American style. Well at 21 in public opinion pieces now in game on the moon in Venus when asked like four. For those of us who don't get a chance of making it into the north and too often to get our pride because they've got families to attend to after just get local thing or maybe go to for Tutsis. What are the hallmarks of great north and pizza. I mean. I mean I understand so when it is in the visa finally match in the chain that customers now. Hey effort to bring that up as the father of two machines was criminality from them on that say yes. So you know the status and data square at least moderately small mole on us as a welcome. She would have been a gratuities I mean once it became Pepsi Cola's company's it's changed Iraq. And a what was the is that yeah. That ball north and slice. Well he got beat him right out of the oven nice and audit table so first of all the atmosphere. This is not to echo pizza. So did Pete is gonna be a little hurt from having the travel and sitting in boxes and steaming. So it's not going to be like crispy and you know like when it comes up but. Personally to be an amount that was one of them on them as the first. You want all the action mean hand mystery every day's Boston and these people up and down and it is like nowhere in the city. Suppliers down you don't mean physically that they had been taken down just Neiman they're walking Zoellick the president once in awhile and if they don't call suggests. That. I don't socialism that's the main thing and the other thing too is up. All these pizza places you know again it's like the beats are all that's the other thing so do you have a guy is getting paid. It's. You know just as a job to make pizzas stored in maybe our. You know whatever you know you're not what did you guys love your job right now and so what you have today's you have a bunch of people. That takes pride in what they do and they love their restaurants. These guys have beats our goalie they prayed they have a passion for pizza so they make a living don't want it but they also love it. Let's look at the titles like Somalia AA or make passes to Johnson who take pride in their craft has the ingredients this is why we need to keep the north and as it is authentic local and keep the chains out of this is why I cannot wait to dig into the pizzas right. Granted if you've ever heard this before but now we're up against the clock so don't do this we'll bring. We'll bring our celebrity and and listener judges and yes there and then will bring Pete say he'll lay him I think that right it would bring will bring pizza you'll be paid. 11 pizza illegally or just -- OK we'll bring all them and yet and we'll start takes some pizza right now played tuner commercials where we're doing. Pay the bills real quick please tune in and let's do right back my job well. It's the great north and pizza contest with a Hill Man Morning Show did you know these guys you know they take their pizza very seriously. Better bring your cold Beers or else the next topic that's going to be on your pizza as a smack some things just aren't words joking about. Here's Matty admit card WA AF. They did all eyes button for your right to pizza party here on AF the only state found that Maria Iraq's. And this afternoon by Iraq's I mean the only show that gives you. A pizza contests this is like this show in my dreams Greg it's very exciting let me ask you now. You are talking about Sicilian. Yeah. And you like edge Hewlett corner piece of the Sicilian style pizza correct I feel like everybody has to have their call slice. And that's mine at the corners slice of Sicilian and nice cheese slice. Fixes everything. You don't go for the middle sleep wants them all yeah well. Where else it'll throw us out flat irons Titanic here I can't leave. Are cutting in the quarters because of my time little hands right and you also need a hot dog with organized. And oh yeah yeah and elites at the long way you know. I don't. Yeah yeah dogs along the I want an odd and weird kid and. And you know held February 2 some suppose and even playing field yeah I was just talking a Damian for everybody that's listening it's never been to the north standard bearer he goes there. You know we're dissent. When you you you point out. What pizza wins whatever it is not a bad pizza here today and just say that yeah but when you go to a place in north and just to first first time at its first time just sort of especially Pete generated a lot especially feet. I mean it is we we got that we got about and almost ten and nor then. And big delays here in a 98 or nine here OK and let's. Let's bring wanna start you wanna start march tournament yeah let's meet everybody now Matty the way this has got to work also is we're gonna meet the pits say oh okay so the the these genius pizza proprietors these Somali gaze of the pie in the sauce. There actually got to come and talk about why there isn't so great why there's is go right it's a blind taste tests okay. And so where I'm gonna take two bites I'm not gonna go Portnoy on here I'm not gonna I don't I don't I'm not everybody knows the rules we try to deport an icon that told me wanted to use them the other national would have been writing goes he goes that on us completely completed is on our market is beautiful people on that please I'm right so many amen to take two bites and have won by 31 by for me is supposed to help figure out. Mehdi it literally looks like everyone in the Paul Sorvino spam they just made. Yeah. And grabbing a veto family unit that was really the name the gentleman's name who'd do this Starbucks thing they need damion dating and asked him how many times he's called the person in a phone Booth and said some form of there's nothing we could do that is so public Marion and a phone Booth and that does not that we could go on you have bad bad thing. I I got that thing. He actually walked in the only delivers thing and I'm in unmarked suit your eye and I and is the north then got us. All right let's get the way I'm so she was the microphone let's meet who's up first Augustine Augustine and where you representing the Alley baker okay the key to you with a for its pizzeria or in Boston and the best beats are reimbursed we will be different that we did about what what year. 190797. Great grand parents Joseph and Hannity open the first pizzeria on corporate freedom not then and we've been going wrong harassment that was three great molasses blood if there was right there with the effort that if you added that they set arrived in the police arrived and was earlier today I started my morning show the next year's night nineteen LA. Guard yeah. All right so he'll what's the key to to a slice. Does this loss models loss doesn't want it and adult. They tell me a secret about the science. Room that idea is that they are available at that let me I don't know. Nobody credit they have to go about this I thought. I've been told the women out at me and don't eat out dogs. And I now my advise us as good as is routine comes up boutique. And you aren't so sure I'm in cars forgot that guy and that's what. We would love may compete I think the breaking ball may compete to resume put you'll love and two anybody can put thoughts and keys would go but really a lot like you want to eat easily a mega like you wanna eat it and that's that you guys still under OK we've I'm okay good night who got all. John Guccione Lorena pizzeria and you'd rather. The group you know we get the coaches here again if there is these fans are signals a new bride oh you brought million rather I had William the yeah. What did you bring with you here. We just got voted out best pizza at the Boston piece of passable 2018. Nice and I sent a cap and T you know what is the key to a great slice in the north that. You know it is he it is this loss in ago. In the yelled into the outing the other out of it Evan makes a big difference okay does do you like it when it's an old Evan that's been used a lot is still gets up to be you know season Brighton. You know. The right way to come from the sound. Greg like as a place I used to like to go to in Brooklyn. Where they actually had the stones if it heats up to 950 degrees takes three days to call them and abet the clean it once a year brought all the stones in from Sicily he said I swear. This particular rock cooks at the best way when I mix it when that water. You can't it's on by that on the present does but it's like a terror wide make in the line of France I hate myself for use that but need. They are athletic but New York's socks so that I know exactly what I said yes yes yes of course all right I'm who got over here and we're now. But opera and a cakewalk pro in the north and yet not being Barbara. Okay and TU what's the keel greats combine evicting Saddam dole for the month amendment to do all of them. And in golden mix of everything you know. I think there's we need him more can you talk a little beaten and keep on. Today yeah I like this that there's a model undated yeah. And look like yes could be the best you can for a moment and end up from the vehicles. Yeah that's nice is he's got a fresh can you say fresh nice busily in just a little sooner or you know. That again make eye contact and that's it. Yeah I mean think. I hey Ben. I'm busy yeah. I really got over here now Bobby Edward you know and I'm represent an equal formal okay ante room. It can meet first and foremost you have that passion to make a good pizza. Second of all in need to equal formal we have the only would fight were brick oven in the more than a Boston. Me and I have to say this 25 years ago we had a number will permit nation come right from Naples. And he built our of them brick by brick recently that makes a big big difference or not you sir. Anybody like in there again the anybody who we can't have that we get ready. He's our yield was one was from Naples in the other guys from Rome recently here so that's why that's really key index turn. Yeah Nathan at least you can you can you can make. Everyone pretty much as users to see him our journal tomato okay but you have to have passion. And that's that's pretty much. The key to make it good I'm good now we'll therapies. Now I think I think Greg was actually asking him any of your rivals ended up in your. At 9 o'clock am disgusted on the way over here but I they have penalty wasn't marked and William Wright speech freedom and moderate pace from Maria's it's a ball turn now we have pizza want. But yeah. Does yeah defend attack that killed. I would watch the Atlanta I would the only Allen Pete does give us a notice when it's gonna start it's okay we can get that vehicle we reached out of course it was. Yeah the tradition and it's the best place to go I mean especially now sometimes the masses outside and walking around. I and we do wells who else via. Much room green is a case in the north it's a streak that got out on the group's first into the pizzeria I'm obviously not BP tell me but then again it. This is an Alley and I believe that services a lot has a lot that he would it by. Since do we have in Italy from Naples as well yeah he won the first consume me the first possibly to fast. And six analysts at best being the best product that we have I'm just gonna let them happen have a good time. Awesome. And a pregnant doctor remind us wanting case here in the car listening of course this is humans latest blind taste test this is the great north and Pete to challenge. Many nick with the ailment show in of course he'd like to and and please go to FaceBook dot com slash. WA AF rocks. We are live right now all your devices or alive on FaceBook and go to the instead Graham's and the others to see pictures of all the pizza which company's board game to get that for its part. We have done more to me as Joseph Bono I have not an event those. And Bangkok on Hanover street in the very town about a little love from Davis. 62 I thought everybody else at him Leo love in Christ pizza. Great size great deal and great love and it's. Not me asking if you weren't gonna get pizza in the north. Low is there a type of pizza that you would go to like the like are pizza for instance you know like my kids like repeat that who's so it gets back yeah. A little better plus. I mean they gotta I gotta go with the Greeks right now adding that needs to happen and it's a great. Town pizza the classic crass than the daughter looks like the mother who looked like out of I ran I there's so much so much aren't hair and then you worry at the Russian went after the TP path yet. That's great and we are seeing an early game and I were talking like you know when it comes to like pizza it's like. It's like your favorite egg roll it's like sex it's like Tom Brady games when it's at their worst they're still the capsule. That is not bad. Number I game and as though bad pizza we can't follow up Pete is a really good and I bail appease that these different hunt got the different at different love and we wanna find out don't wanna taste every single one yeah. We SBA's Clark I just have one question how does one or pizza. What is it it do you do you just use the tap water dogs in the rest tried do you do. You know nobody. It's like Poland springs right. Oh let's not. I thought it's so you guys up because you know LB goes to Flint, Michigan. Yeah. Right though. We have time to meet fired judges there Ocalan issue that's so we have a panel listener judges and we have. Our celebrity Jack thank you gentlemen gaelic Cummings is here. Naked and afraid and you're here or there you gotta fix that might. It's great little note about the heart beats Italy passed or they're the last gentleman you spoke to. Mine so he's my dark horse you wanna line why every other guy wore a T shirt representing their brain and yes he came in in and under armour shirt it takes a lot of confidence and I can't. Not my brand I'll rock someone else's son. Now Kayla you did ops that are needed are lobster roll out yeah camera out amazing on and are you I assume that he didn't in the north and for pizza before I actually haven't OK and not science and get an unbiased opinion the outlook biased opinion is that from some easy is the eating bugs yet I. I. So you let's meet of course are legendary listener guest has a small piece here. And north that you or your last time your pizza pizza is your favorite summit between Japanese and right telling me that happens ball is not ago. I know I was Ozzie and Harriet out of autos. Guys ago a European and then Pete's or had you ever I've never had. Speed. North and eat our pizza I well I like I'm Barry a fad and that was really like pond about an Arab I favorite tree I know I am very excited. Ambitious here there's what about your body feel bundle that pizza I got one place in mind that I'm very biased to won't reveal -- one on one that's already in yet okay we'll see you might even the food is passable if you even realize that it may start with an essay in May and with any. A guy. I. And I know this is one of our special. Listener judges right here you guys of course your celebrity judge pizza smoke. In the afternoons we have pizza joke pizza. And Lesnar fan of the show. I.'s local comedian and he only does beat the jokes looks at what he's a local comedian who only does who only has pizza yet people have described not a cheesy. Slice to me you. Yeah okay. Okay. If because that was an organ grinder on gondola. No matter how the only means the only play it's a place where is that where you're gigs are decrying this it's this is I got out funny from the big. I do I do before him at two pizza restaurants but they are not in the running. It'll only be doing but there are relied Italians led by a Bol the one yeah. And Emmett Till I don't wanna keep the same way but I know the attack and if I do it Alina I light could be threatened so I have mixed martial arts. Kimbo Slice as my bodyguard. Cook. Britney's really needs to get out. Any really an apology there good. I don't get most places that I can make this the idea eyes and then finally we. Food I don't. The. You had done our high pitched ran. And Jeff are you I'd I'd like. And beat. I you know I am slave necessary in. East I think you're which it today. So we got judges we got pizza. We got everybody from the north bend it's crammed into the whole entire radio station nearly acting out you know we get we get every week big new elements out. We will do two in the welcome back to thirty and pizza that go right spots in the welcome back iron and got a dollar arts or take a break and and when we come back. Anybody who has lactose intolerant should turn on the radio yeah. It is hotter then north then pizza parlor right now in the studios here at W laugh. That's because the Hill Man Morning Show has joined us in studio. For the latest blind taste test the first annual north and pizza challenged. Are we ready yet. Judges yeah we've got the entire crew here LB is having a blast he's awake at five which is huge I want to thank Damian the bolivars. And. Our job is they Hill Man Morning Show ambassador to annoyed than those confirmed injuries in senate hearings results that. How you apply for the job it is only one guy he's got a real careful about how I've yet to act carefully carefully. I'm live look like a question from. OK can he get Jeff a microphone because she thinks he's it's only half. Afternoons I'd suggest. Yet now. Suggest that that is that is. Eight to smile it's a good thing we gotta get rolling on here with us have a lot of north and pizza in the studio that asked the Eden spoke excel. Let's bring over sliced number one. And giving to the judges and I get a few thoughts from them on that and then right on the heels of that we will bring sliced. From cell. Slight number one now being consumed. And I would say that this is what you call that Sicilian style classic. Sicilian and pie it's got the nice thick crust ya buttery edge crispy exterior. Very cheesy yeah. Very very satisfying but that that's a Friday night pizza bite to me right it's not something that you don't you know I don't wanna eat a lot of it and and I and then go to him now I mean I get your radio show with them for a similar system. I think Claudia did you what your favor counselors. Great Britain the most money on. Okay that's an Internet. None at. All flexible like pilot to my parents you know to emote it seems that you more interested in consuming alcohol excited than eating pizza. It's orange juice I'll put. Beneficiary in the nation for a while you're able to balance that cup on your middle finger so tell us that I've been working on for thirteen years that I. I'd love her so much annoy you fell Thursday as I got it done it thoughts on flights one from pizzas Milpitas LaGuardia. The. Me and I want I don't remember knowledgeable congress. That's solid seven units seven I'd be issuing a lot of guys under the golden days I'll give it about a six point 36 don't know what is the. They should do not hold the counter against these fine gentlemen and their crap all I know there are and Joseph Joseph you know like pizza. You must be weird deal. Yeah okay. But the good joke I get hesitant at and so yeah him on the attack are definitely good in the afternoon in the morning late and the men some of the and start at 5 o'clock. Somebody give exact score daddy gotta do you know yeah and her mom and all I'm sorry I'm how can have. And I know I never forget about even. Kayla Cummings from naked and afraid what what are you giving it and images I sat seven a guy scores and bonds drives their number one from the north that. Let's bring flight number two hair right it and afraid to place number two now grab most of our listeners this is a completely different. This is like real thin. And it looks that the these are really really really good now Greg this this has the looks okay this as the nice blotches of the fresh mozzarella right. You've got the actual pieces of like a fresh bays and he's always got so when you think like that classic late Neapolitan pizza. You think. Gore may got a smile it's got the scorched crest probably was in the oven I bet. 22 and a half minutes idea beautiful yeah. That's looking pretty let's get some scores from our panel of listener and celebrity judges and pizza smoke what are you giving sliced number tale. I made an. And eight so that the that. You have that better than sliced number one okay visually I consolidate them a solid what what does what does it what does it love the diesel a must for all you suck soccer pervades OK I pizza joke once again this pizza is great there's not much room. And got took the lead. Segment I've given it and. That generously Jamey Karr on this bombshell. Nobody got high pitched voice Jeff. I'll fly in Iowa doesn't regards judge aren't really thirty here comes flight number one K. And time hey I'm sorry I. Yeah I think back and he knew that I city today I am begging apologized. Please tell us what you know it's given me an 8001. The last summit OK and I and the other night scores pretty good precise number to argue that slice. Number three nights this looks to me like traditional. Old school in north and you know bodies that audience close your eyes. And imagine what does a cheese slice of pizza look like. There's a good chance this the closest thing to actually liken him OG almost it's Oprah yeah yeah apps that has yet I would start. Kayla Cummings from Nagin. And I mean they yeah right and I and I haven't even though by I can. Went and a sex you're gonna that a sick now 6%. To OK what about McCain and competes. Let's well I mean anything about it stand out or not and now. But like mark I'd like that they use on. That's one gotten hope hope hope like if it's not like envoy. And not the worst of the Americas in that are. That's a matter fact iron it's. Well it's it's. A guy and obviously got this is a pizza that you bring home to the boys and apartment I give it holds a solid Gary Carter era I am so at home and start with Kayla affairs the harassment of native rage he. Love these. Guys. Carry out our image and because I love him. More I mean I like these are more like puns than they are jokes are part of it maybe should repeat that pot. As opposed the team the GOP. And a. Got a record edit and we've two ways our disease climax of the schools if you politically. Yeah I'll roughly 700 and cattle and Todd your cholesterol or nursing duties. My of the law seven and is high democratic development and much higher than my. Did you. I'd pizza you know arguments are pretty good at it and yet another time and when he got Jeff. And in. All. Of our. I you know you all bitten anyway you know you want oil to not be like uh oh I don't like it's you know listen I know there was that study in the Atlantic this week they came out and said. No more worried about. Ball fat milk achieves whatever else that's OK it's not gonna affect the quality of life so. No more drain in the oil no more worried about that she's on the pizza. You know after all laws and is wanna mention one thing which is that ought because these guys agreed to do this in the middle of everything that they're doing over in the north and this pizza was made two and a half hours ago right yeah yeah yeah right. So just as you as you're watching on FaceBook alive you're looking through random and well dressed. Just understand that these guys made at the north and and it takes more time I get around. Fixed. Partially take more time to get from the north and to brighten. That it does it again have made it to Mandela got Brunei Canada. Business apps are right go ahead. And we're gonna have to hold off on the next let's momentarily because we gotta give away a little bit of money. Listen to. Thousand dollar how there is on WA yeah. Yeah yeah. Art so art director pizza party with my fourth figured benevolence but it is time for the thousand dollar Holler. Texaco word doll. 0272881. To enter for a chance to win 1000 dollars message and data rate studio like Texaco where Donald Gregg as in. I can I volunteer sentence our news dog has something issue I had. Yeah Dana it was very awkward when I found out that stand ordered a replica sex doll that looks like I mean. I'd like to say that the parts are all anatomically correct. The apparently. Apparently used big bodied brown yeah. So candidate right now. I have never I I've never wanted to join you in the search for jesus' underwear more and I like. Once again technical Edward doll to seven to anyone right now your next code word will be announced probably by the time we get this slice number seven. I'll Matty is there an oak island house of pizza where you can go to that country. On the critics well signal that the pointing out how the last ten hours is a granola bar craft services I'm gonna find it looking at all the pictures of Pete's on line about dying out and so really I mean there's there's an abundance and overwhelming abundance of pizza and it. Nobody would know LB where candidate to kick it pizza. Boston pizza is the national pizza what you want about it. Official pizza chain meant I had a light like America here in Vancouver. When you get downtown you know under the bridge you get. You know they have all the craft Beers they may be great pizza as the you know. If it's it's it's interrogate Kansas copies America we're just like twenty years later. Well but I have a warm LB shirt here of ultimately execs just lights yeah us and our heads. Well I don't feel bad that you just put on a hundred pounds and you're getting your ass and yeah its doors. I'm I. Shall we proceeded we got to little song actions dispersed not all of those who another government under our flights at the winner winner of the the hosts and you know we're not judges that we didn't what I'm gonna get their. Of course. It's fascinating guy if he can and bring it some pizza and worthless. And don't for the effort and a yeah. I would again it's worthless whore like yeah okay now okay let's get the reviews on flights for. Pizza smoke where you get what he gets sliced or. Shares are old garbage that don't just stare at it was eight Angeles now. Yeah. And you came out that I regret might straight out of the gate like that was a ten. Minute. Just how these trees in the oil in the red and everything does it. Our current account more upbeat smile. Okay you're gonna donate okay bad and it peace day and Greg healing and it's mainly account tweeted me instantly my David. I. I know I'm over the top of the agenda at play yeah I may have. Okay I have a 99. And what about you Kayla coming into this and I got to seven that place or we got room for flights five are sliced them a you know there comes flights five we may have a clubhouse leader halfway prepared and you know I really yesterday and now. You know Greg you mentioned the orange shoes I was thinking earlier I find it strange the only OJ in the building is linked. I got on the airplane that he thought bit of that OJ would this would. Oh well. Twist this around and I wanna put an African over your drinking. You don't have all the old deal. That's quote captain Leo yeah. That's disprove me an idea of the. Anybody seen my religion. No not at all. The road dog yeah I didn't show the road and all. My new tune will hit the hall. The whole shuffle yellow I. It's. A at the road at the hall Shelton the opponent. I iPods vibrant now what do we go edwards' future right now. I tried sized number four it's though this thought as iTunes or OK yeah nine north and pizza places that are represented in here today. Broad line food pace past challenge in the afternoon which it's great to be here what he got consistent. Miles yeah not too. Lacking a little bit in the savory OK and they've really not sweet enough I don't mind when there's a little fight for dominance between the seats they. Six units expected to. I think this vote. I'm not and now. And she sobbed. Okay. I'm sorry you were born without to discuss his. I can't let Cummings what you gonna give it. I'm gonna go the six as well you're giving us that was make all these pizzas summit that it lacked that there's some kind of hot. Yeah yeah. I don't know what I'm out of the day. I'm sure we will not bring Jay bell pretty out Nazis march through little bit. Out single. Funding for that I celebrate your entire catalog and it will be the unions may now. Did I battled and I go yeah. I hate it I just got I think the bigger per ride of the fear is nothing to do. There's nothing we can do now I would go to L I was a solid six like Nicholas record magistrates and that's kind of where Padilla answered on this one and I do pineapple slice. Room. Yeah it's. OK so closely with me about myself and I'd like. A I can't make. And cedar shoe bull. She get there and I'd sell. It as I don't get that I. There are five or five north analyzes and art north and slices in five north and pizzeria is in and we're trying to figure out where the best slice of pizza in the north and is it will be back and continue on and get the bottom. AC DC it was my. Knocks off the razors edge one of my favorite out and the soundtrack of my final year in high school there Friday at the only state in the really rocks. We are emitted. Oh man show in the afternoon would Matty in nick blind taste test challenges of course the north and pizza party. Five slices and now approximately five to go Greg Kraft. And I mean this is an age old questions so we talked earlier we talk show about Goldman and walking around. Beautiful summer night beautiful afternoon Saturday whatever. This is an age old question of where you look at the very best speeds in the north and then we started talking about this. On our show with our friend beaming in the policy is officials have an ambassador at home in morning show and so he's got ten of the very best. From the north and in here today. And everybody is five slices deep. Daily Al what are you eating right now I don't know you know I don't and period but he like the fashion freshman in Olney and I like that of I don't see some people like kids you know we've motorcades like they get activity enough. I'm real nice there. Right. Well I mean I Sardinia the right or toilet prom babies don't bounce. And and Oklahoma. It's funny yeah. Days. I. Stevens has Saxony. In other ways is like forty babies about. It one of the yeah. I. It almost charged with child endangerment yeah. What he does the world a service he throws 101000 does is into an app that night and I went and again. Portly guys what a classy radio show I could got a. Couple slices to go. We're gonna continue to adjust we hear one more look at it like to also remind everybody that this portion. The Hillman and Matty and nick north and pizza challenges brought to you by our good friends at the cove music all. In Worcester if you wanna go see a great show if you want the goats lies in the North End. Rock concert equivalent make your way down to the cold music on western that the cold music call. Dot com and now please resume gentleman with the slices. It's like six was like regular fare reviews here on slight it's like that respects it a case like the respect from pizza smoke when he got pizza smoke our listeners judge saying. Seven and one why us. I mean Alex it's a good slice it really is but. Definitely in my. Top ten times in one place properly. At. Its proportion OK I need Ortiz when he got fish I'm a sucker for that nasal and you had mozzarella quality on solid. That joke. You fix a broken pizza. And it'll be eight. I'm I'm. I don't know. I'm gonna give his pizza at the end I think that now let's that if you're if you know now pizza joke is a standup comedian who only does jokes about Heath. We're happy to smoke our show as beats that you guys compete. I usually I don't. I Utley guy. And nine and it I didn't need any additives you know soft fabric chasing guys who went smoothly and the full of the press you know that cuts. It was great and Kayla coming from the give and afraid I I seriously you know out. 77 yen it's. All right so have to slice number seven OK and being highly satisfied that's let's over there in one spot so that of arsenic can pocket time and again forests while the beat to beat the living mental problem now with its. Remain on in and again and somewhat FEMA means a new moon. Apple who coaching and coaching and game feel that in the kitchen out and I'm fully again with the apple in the squad and when there's. Little balls of it's trends and album he can translate that young Mattie and I haven't we that you preach. She just sit check out oak island Kerr spoke on Tuesday night's last. Sky and. They haven't found Jack and an Italian. I think. Alex you what number one rated cable she'll go and we act in its license like seven. You know one more before the break site now book Ari I'm I'm seeing right there I'm seeing Greg now. Lot little mix of the cheese in the tomatoes and tomatoes are picking up a little bit of that orange color they get a physics and nice like nasal good for the ability to. Nice hold ability in the boys seem to be into that. Let's make way pizza smoke would you please give us your score slice seven I'd say it probably about me. Yeah probably about an eight. Yes excellent that's forfeits the way to ten like I said I'll do it again I'm a sucker for the days login to consolidate again in my face the days off and I also likely pace smoke days yeah. I want haven't chart exactly summer made with calls some distant convection India some with the that would fire which is nice to pizza joke. I ran out of pizza jokes from Kabul what's my a couple of my favorite fish. Swedish. I give us I get this that and you didn't unlike my radio show he'll be here all week. Another ten wow unbelievable. I had an hazel shooting is anchored this piece is pretty good. Number when give it a seven. I don't know how. And yeah him him reminding you I. Totally. On deuce and I am so got three left OK and then we'll determine once and for all or. About slice of pizza in the north that is absolutely and if you guys want to leave a generic radio voice mail talk about the pizza party or may be put in your own pizza suggestions. Give position out 61777954541. To come back. More pizza party fits it later on sports and so much more giddy up. Thanks Joseph what do you call what that's slicing it and that would be make it a segue coming out of the rocks on I'd be talking about the fact that the Hill Man Morning Show is joined Matt in nick. Here on WA have for the first ever north and pizza challenge. Greg of course on the show has a blind taste test from now. Every now and then got them out of the bar pizza challenge not the great restaurant bread bowl challenge yes and now of course would do well north then. I don't really did lobster rule on block one who won a lot stroll by the is the by the rob art done rob RK yeah we young ladies dance yeah it's yeah now lobster rolls though cut also factor into our sort of equation here where. Pizza. Good Chinese food Tom Brady games execs that are lobster rolls to no matter how bad you may think they are they're still pretty great there's no passion and sacks. I mean yeah you keep saying now well. That's why am. I the how is hoping is right there. Mary she's not exactly now that I'm not I'm married I get pizza a lot more than everything else. I don't love you honey yeah at least twice a yeah actually they're both tested me and says you can't prove that there. Given that China now yeah. Carry on. So we are seven slices in great yeah we are seven pies in we've got three to go down. And then our judges of course we've got this we've got a package Jeff we get pizza opened the smoke now now he's who who's doing a free and it's a grand video by making his pizza actually tock like it's not a series play out. Wow that maturity level you should listen to many nick in the afternoon and that's that's. The beverages their flow in the temperatures at least forty degrees hotter in here and you know that's definitely candidates in this idea that we can't answer artists yet it literally the mayflower with pizza yeah I don't wanna I do before we introduce the next wise guys wanna thank everybody from the north and came up. Crown car. So I'm pro all of these guys they take so much pride and they put so much passion and their pizza. And their places and so get there before heard before winter arrives and it's great to win and do but it's it's a great place to be in the summer pretty can't spell pride without pie that's the answer to the north and what I got slate they. Like say it was able all right Erica table eating slice it as we speak we're gonna look at some numbers and let's get from pizzas well personally. It you're getting at what an ADR name there's what you've got solid football pizza that you would wanna watch out while watch them I give the money you get that and say OK I. And this pizza and him all the other EU official. Pizza jokes can't beat. Jeff just the number please go comedy. The number six XIA and Kayla Cummings what you got an eight and holidays I'm consolidate from Kayla on ice are novices like in the interim I just took a bite of an auxiliary specialties like in the hallway. Yeah like I just went down it goes pepper oil. How it goes by yeah. Yeah. Not the name is this is new album. It's hot it's hot guy I don't drop like a tie reversed it and they throw in practically. See why you've got to be salons. If you guys want. I sliced them in nine and McKay coming through naked and prayers leverage you know not to come. We're gonna come back on all eyes with it's it's. We. That's an X yeah. And there goes the first review Greg that actually almost had to Steen and now she is Jessica. These people won't be able to eat pizza for another five or six weeks ahead. And the funny thing is she's sick and BP's cut to half way around the world someone in Syria is seeing the exact same thing right now. And I and somewhere there's someone as sick of having sex definitely got a cast yeah yeah right. It's never bought it and if I out. Are putting up finish. I give this a solid. I Soledad I'm. And it's six pizza smoked I can't believe I broke up a deal that. I know about this one some advice on vacation that ultimately. Now. Reliance on. You have a blog regularly drive night. And I guess people. But he you know letting the clock. So I give this is seven now Saturday night. I seven KO. That it is and who aren't I pick our battles like this is bittersweet I don't. I don't. Meant little. Pizza they welcome it welcome again I'm gonna have to be you know how can I. Now I suggest an excellent Greg is the final slices passed out yes that great. Boston staked it challenge all. And I. This guy stays and I both know that flow Ramos woodland floor of the new bridge I don't know their. It's. I. I mean I think that's the great thing to. That's a great thing everyone and I'm so glad Damien that you came in today and helped engineer is because when it comes to a slice in the north then everyone's got a favorite. There's no losers though really with steak tips you ask a New England where is your favorite place to sit down. Have a doesn't know there's a new bridge seven gonna say from bonds this week we could do it would have wanted to go to the boards either opposite the gardener done Quincy yeah tips yeah and Maria are there for so it I will do that I. We gotta get flight number ten in here. And let's go to pizza smoke is inhaling her final slice of the yeah. Final size the progress probably about the final legitimately looks like she ran for marathon disbarred. Depending. On what you got. Seven I'm not only did Arnie varieties that I remembered tan. Will suite with the diesel. And this this also last week I love it department and I attacked I. Best rental like Danielle every inch of the east peace to all day had been perfect from the Barack Obama. I have got to throw a lot of tough critic yeah. I had a call from my thought they should. You list girls that he that he bad ass beat it but Ari getting it apparently at. If I admit that I. All right we there's no protest march outside I'm I student. Why does everyone not on an I guy I'm assuming that if necessary to produce that doctors have beaten matter yeah. Dutch Amish guys saved my life and she's at that. Heat. Out and this urgent good like get out of this and and I I Kayla. Consolidate. A solid. Night and ate itself the closest place that is has been consumed. In the meantime the mathematically. Could it determine the winner and you about a minute as we get. Like and we entitlement spot yeah. Army route to its business this can give you a minute like he did after the whether it's time. Good anyways this is way too comfortable the back we can't replicate the back of the Hyundai Elantra and you're just gonna go ahead and and we rolled them elected. Now that you would did you wash. In sales footprints of the ugly joke if you did not highlighted there always pick of the draft and the Sicilian by the steam on you which I loved it there and I smell it every day and I I don't know I don't know I'm. I finally lets players on in the look come back with the winner OK the players aren't welcome back again. I try. The great north and pizza challenge here I'm Matt in neck with the entirety of the Hill Man Morning Show crow and I'm about to go live on the Matty and neck in degree impede of course we're live also on W FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks. We got everyone here got LB Mike Hsu the hill man himself. Danielle still is grimy. And of course the finest pit CEO Lee and all the north and gentlemen thank you so much yeah. Thank you. Want to thank all of these guys from the north and we're given up an afternoon coming over here Brighton and bringing amazing pizza and it was all bad apple their ominous I would guys we're all winners and we're off that. I don't know how many five case from the pocket and don't want Friday night are you telling my time's going to be twelve minutes live longer than it was going to be an eternal loaded I don't know. And did exactly as well as the carbo load the page he sport and I. And. So they don't have the results. And I have a quick results yeah yeah I looked at that sort of give a couple quick thanks will be brief just three quick things first what Greg. Thank you for showing us how it's done. Not hosting I mean how did your producer. I can go into a Danielle. You know I'd like to thank you were were speaking Italian with him awful. And finally Damien I don't wanna trouble. Yeah yeah. Enough trouble out there. Comment I wanna make sure that all of these guys now that Daniel's the one who's making them yeah. Any issues I can't think they get out if they get out there we are there's three cars running outside all their crowds why don't so. All right so you took all those scores tabulating all the scores and based on the average. We can go 321 yeah. And again. There is it's it's really knows typical for the judges offered gala at the poker bracelets it's it was really close by it was very. Very pistol to the sound. So third place that I. Okay eagle Ford and announcements are. See your nation's flag on. Hey I'm yeah. Larry got now this is getting dramatic what's number 22 place is one of them. All right what it's itself. This is an. When it comes through our winner. We have the kind we have with our and I kind of earth we think we have a hard for me was kind of birds play okay. Don't count ally. They've been in in the. I support for. Well I don't know you know we're minutes ago to two buys into one pint leaves we're gonna have to go to it's like to know nothing. I thought of it and wow I thought. It's obvious that I got an app that left they're here is how to lead that's a good call and Matty plays golf yeah. But yeah I mean unbelievable a man very very possibly very very close. Yeah you guys thank you so much for being here they're really Gregg did the point totals between the tie for third and first place. This like honestly as thin as the presumed on this beautiful slice of the. And I was go to the north David you wanna have a great deeds yes go to north we'll launch out out I. Well. Dog wasn't about to a good guy yeah. A lot of Butler north and Boston from the door that's it will be a group beetle to play. Lifelong resident and then cost little to no good Boston food tour at the nose bleed if via that's Hanover street yeah. You'll be there you know it's good for him. I strongly suggest you be there absent suggest I think you're thanks. We go yet to show Greg. Thank you so much for coming in battle on clause that and today the listener response from FaceBook on the tax line we got to do more combinations like this macho cross overs and maybe it'll either be a wing contest to the state to challenge we can do that next let's slot one and for late 2019. Can I colonial MS episode definitely gonna game back out these things for me okay pleased we'll. I place guys. Not it's up well all I want it Electric's. Well engaged here are just tuning in irrigation came in a few minutes ago on your wonder what the hell's going on our. What would the not too many inaccurate may have the only station that really rocks. Our thanks again to everyone that participated from the nor. Then and of course Damian. And I am Greg and Danielle and LB and humanity ever when it came in from the morning show for the crossover event of the year. The wine taste test the north and pizza challenge LB is out making his way through the studio for one last go around. Grabbing key is maybe a slice for the road LB jab at a time. Yeah he had borrowed. But what I just sitting here like it's an honor that you allow us to invade your space. Our faces never been better. There now and and by the way your group is really tight yeah. I don't know. Felonies and what to what we experience in here today Matty can't be replicated. But I actually like to hear. I'd love to hear your take on things why don't we get a recap from outside the studio sort of listener perspective because he had the laid back during that. Let's bring that is a little bit it is what we my only hot flash Matty is revered here student. For a hot flash it's. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashy kind of feel all the way down upon us ready and it will cover it here's your. On WA AF. This not left right divide the ten mile fun run. Everybody who eats ten slices of pizza on the air and calls it contents. Goes on at ten mile fun run and joy airs tomorrow morning and you may just see me or the Hillman. Jog in those pounds off today. So Matty. I'd love to hear what you had the thing that we you know which which your thoughts were about. The pizza party that we had here how how chaotic was that how delicious did it make you wanna get pizza did it make you wanna. Go crazy when we were taken well I mean seven. First of all blast and I don't wanna take umbrage with I'll be routed the gate but LB have a reverse the honor is hours everyone knows Hill Man Morning Show as the goat so you guys gracing us in your presence. Saves us and we thank you. It was thanks cared the most is gone. Casey Morris. The most Italian thing I've ever heard it was like. You know if you took goodfellas mixed in some Bronx tale through in dom de Louisiana and Italian buffet it's still somehow. Less Italian than that I just heard there are a little to move a little moonstruck. And and and I also wanna say pizza joke. Sounds awful familiar to me I noticed I know who Pete is joke is don't on out of it from ever on but I know it's LaMont price yup. How can I help kids in the house yeah its a joke speaking of giant. What are the one and only which had given that we should give him his due yes this is our pal of course married Avery so that is how okay. Our working men and New England mr. Abbas himself. Matty we thought because Hillman had. There single core tricky here there was a day should the Cyprus which you know is like a full Hillman listener party. We needed to have somebody represent for us so Russa has been great to us and now we can over the idea of in plain pizza joke. Now that met analysts' average over the levee nix them producing ability that now exists and I wanted cheesy. Dated jokes and east of my first show you an easy thing if it was well I think we have brain that we have to bring out the big punts yeah exactly so. So are so we're gonna be -- going to be an expert Lothian at pizza I'm going to be late black and salvage tool is restaurant they pizzeria invalid and opens Friday night and of course Colombian man today if in that Saturday night at the Hilton but next we gotta be invaded and luckily the values and at the last fat had dropped for a week I don't know if there will be calling a Colin at if from a yeah doubted that will Collins if we have any of that and the good sports probably. Dynamite get gay games of that suites were took action Maggie you know we've had a chance to crossover with the snowman before but. Judging by the feedback on FaceBook and there was ownership in the text line 97 when a seven. People were into it and I think that's sort of the sweet spot where you bring. The best of both shows. You know like that we get the food knowledge we got the local expertise Greg's got all the connections. Danielle brings the right amount of sweetened soured sassy. And of course whatever doesn't get a you can dispute LB will look at it was it was fantastic schooled my only critique would be you know that just. I've been that excited for food reveals Yoko promise to create three scenes from nine and a half weeks. And to have end up as a high seems somehow unsatisfying to me is there a way we can take those two pizzas and do something that can we come up with a winners just gonna be time for a truth be told though tough man that was it was tough match that was a no loser everybody was a winner kind of deal I'm just super excited that. You said UN for the nine and a half weeks reference and just say. Yoko has made you look differently at sticks of butter ever since you guys played last tango in pairs together some other. Yeah another tasteful and timely rappers here that are added this show and it is part of our as part of our tasteless just read exactly what made the joke. The I didn't get it up made that joke if art is part of our tasteless jokes reparation. About a give you some free money right now. Here's that code words you need to text in for your chance to. All right time now for the final thousand dollar caller of the day and I'd like Freda text in the code word theme. 272881. To enter for a chance to win 1000 dollars. Message and data rates do indeed replied Texaco where it seemed that Matt. The theme of today's crossover was. Tenacious. Text themed THE ME right now at a 72881. You're next code word will be announced tomorrow morning. On the next installment of the Hill Man Morning Show. I love this town thank you Pete that show great job buddy Dave Russa David Remnick jacket I didn't do everywhere. The food fighters.