No One To Hump Day - Julie Nashawaty

Wednesday, February 14th

For no one to hump day we welcome Julie Nashawaty who is the creator of an app, Aste, that is trying to help you date safer. She made the app after almost getting in a serious relationship with a bank robber!

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. It's no wonder hump day on Valentine's Day here on the Hill Man Morning Show ends. Our intent this morning is to help you out if you're somebody who is on the dating scene. And you're not necessarily. Finding the people that you wanna find out there and things are tough for you you have no one the hump today. And Julius here I don't say how or say your last that national money OK Julie created this out. Because she almost ended up in a serious relationship. With a bank robber switch which LB said. Would actually be a good thing because you have cash available. Tough times and yes and so it would ski mask of debt and banks these. Yeah show plus the yeah. Yeah I do more than that they're adding your bit of an outside is yeah so listen so tell me about dating this guy. And and then tell me about the out at me through the actual story I didn't actually on the first day am I had been dating all these different people there on line about stuff you need a month tender or like yeah I'll elegantly whatever it Kiki and at this particular one and out he Q but now that you know wish we denied due diligence on this one. Those of the first name and phone and hammer I looked him up and islands. The headline wig wearing bank robber finally rest. And I says. I. That chair and. That I offended and out of that is due any night I'm. A you do anything to eat off them like yeah it's off. Did go out on the day definitely dodging the bullet and and it is tied to bank robber. Alleged like good people say landslides. That Canseco eagle out if I'm if I'm found an incident like you be saying if I'm not convicted. He kind of saying like let's athlete drink and done that now you know now. That's the only go on dates like at restaurants that are near banks intensity throughout the and a usually an act now. The biggest is getting married union of papers and all that's really does that bring out suddenly can I see chivalry chivalry is not a. General I dedication. Now when when you go on a date with him any and he's paying his bills have like blue dye. I got a tech. So you decided that you were gonna create this app. Because because people are meeting on Tinder. And others cite you you've been on every site writes. And you only know like what the person looks like and what they're. When they went Italian yeah so I created a service that as a compliment to all the dating sites that if you meet someone on any of these sites. You're gonna have a first name and phone number and then you come to us and with just that we can tell you literally everything about their online presence and you people act like I'm the creep when I try to do this is right now as I look at it this is right here now here's your vice president and a. Yeah. And appear on some awesome I mean Spencer Levin finding catfish married people last week there and the guy is funny on. I just had to go find meeting page asking for 40000 dollars because his wife did that just left him. And he was homeless and permanently in second mighty for me and I'm like here's a finally page please in 90 am. I mean like yeah I mean. So you fine let out of plastics. I mean like domestic abuse or use of foul any of those people working for the White House Carroll era. Looks like domestic assault. I'm OAA people who are married and were married. Yeah just it if the whole gamut I mean arrests. Do you guys bankruptcy isn't Nina link and then you know you go to that the good deed of there Alison and you see it there's still on their what their life from like every five other meetings that. Right public it's I don't line now. It does so yeah. Yeah it was some. In me and I mean it's about quantity you know and and and not the one quality. Try you know I come at some point. Some chicks gonna say yeah I don't hear you're married now members have anything new Michael. I'm Nicole and going to the net today how does one because a lot of women are text and think it's mostly women although guys probably I absolutely guys use it there. How they how they get the service and how much is constantly get asked if he'd oh in the survey of thirty dollars with attorney for returner okay actually hired humanity Allen as people search buyers. Where you put into someone's name and then an algorithm run than they do you plan blah blah. You actually higher human. Person in the doesn't that's cool honor a woman whose texting and says it's basically like car fax from yeah. That's basically this date that's a and how do you end up like if people using burner phones or things like that like how do you end up tracking garner further happened a lot of times men aren't Smart enough to use them women aren't there Scotty and I thought there's OK somebody down is taxing in and asking if there watching the pound the sounds exactly like throughout this yeah. He had that that pressure you almost I heard some of that you were almost down and it's not out. So what percentage. Would you say. Of I'll just use women. Who have met a guy on line whether it's OK cupid or planning affair ashore and he did it hinder or any of those apps. What percentage. Find out something from you that deters them from dating. Fifty that fifty a lot of precipitously rushed back ends like no red flags there is now an out there now which also doesn't mean that there is not something wrong with. And I also don't see a date or don't date because you know media until late. A rock collection that he there are they don't weird. So that that your rally goat got Adam. The F 50% of people actually there's something there that there's a small red flag or make red flag. Are right well for many was. If fur us it's no wonder hump day and there are a lot of people who are very happy today but there are also a lot of people who are doing what you were dealing. And our child I mean the dating apps. The hook up apps that dating web sites that tell people meet each other now yeah and so you don't know anything about them unless you go and use here your app. You know if you don't use my just do your due diligence yourself flagrant Ed you need to protect yourself out there there's so many horror stories. The crimes are getting words that founded the crime reported every three hours. From the use dating apple really yeah I have gone down a rabbit hole these statistics that blow my mind and I know this question how. How many how many. Blue beating out and I liked. They're good. Dating sites how many are there. I think there is at these and what I saw something with over 101000. Because they're so easy adjusted to turn on a button and all the sudden you have an app for about class concern now for our. You know whatever your in dale passed I was so I mean it. I guess that's that's that's Bob knows that amateur that's real I don't know I get an at the same time or. All the people these CME's apps are on the necks out on an accent on the next absent there all the familiar races across everybody's. On all these apps students and. Now I have to ask because all of the men who listened to the show or texting it in cash and do you have some in the hunt did you meet somebody because they don't want me to snap jag do they want and what's what what what's here I am thing I all you are I. No matter how you're nice and I do very clear that. And because I gave up mice that generally act which had been holding away from these people for alana entirely aerial I've I'm aware going to be we are live right now ones that I. It. I'm so I I'll share that on snapshot and I'm doubles 05 but it's the words double hero right. Andrea number five. All right. And that I mean the good thing is I. I was gonna say if the bad thing but really the good thing is he'll know anybody who wants today you'll you'll know everything about them the second that they interact with pretty much X. There was this one guy that he tried to be at night I don't know generally fine you don't hear all the highly run news service. And a filing graduate date and right before I was like except for the day as a blunt as you are you say you Ernie thank there is one thing now blank and I think Lindsay goes I'm open marriage. How. Can I am. Yourself in the third. Yeah yeah yeah is there by yourself police he waited until the last minute now to bring that up and I and acting out of my cat food and currently our that it was like an illness I've an important question do you have. Do you have a name and phone number on the rose delivery guy. I have been named. I and many. The kind of yeah because Daniel got a delivery of four does yeah raises the Pentagon and on the guy who was reason I'm Melissa there. Now that it has an event not a red flag that's the important that the fourth delivery of roses in the last three weeks in like my little. Is not a musical and we needed your background check yeah. Right now aren't well. Good job a great job audio being good luck finding somebody of the hump day on your hand and arm can gradually as somebody went to high school with the text and said congratulations. Six that you and I ain't happy Valentine's Day.