The Newest Patriots Hall Of Fame Inductee - Matt Light

Thursday, May 17th

Our pal former Patriots Offensive Lineman, 3 time Super Bowl Champion and now the latest inductee into the Patriots Hall of Fame Matt Light calls into the show... Moustache!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Only saw the pinned on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And joining us right now. On the Framingham boards studio line Framingham board metro west commercial truck headquarters if it is the next induct the into the patriots hall of fame are very good friend and longtime contributor to this program. Former New England Patriots offensive lineman Matt Light good morning and congratulations. Well thank you very much here and and I appreciate that meant that. It's been it's been an interesting point four hours. And I have asserted that. You know looking back on my career and kind of reflecting a little bit beard. Then we we had a lot of fun doing what we did we a lot of fun on your show and I wouldn't trade in your bit for 12. End of the Columbia recognize. Just. It out we makes me think about all the guys who I've played well there are deserving of this honor you I'll probably more so than myself for sure. But. It's truly an honor. You know could be among you know so many teammates of mine the Kevin walks in the Thai laws in the Bruschi and you know Troy brown and will impact can. And it and it could be alongside those guys are Indian recognized in this way meant at its very humble. How do they inform you about something like this is there some kind of a telegram more media. I got tackled may not invitation that are riser how does that happen. Well. Apparently on. On Tuesday. I AM we we had a leadership conference that we do we had kids in from Bridgewater. Well from. From brought there in Fall River New Bedford and and actually toward brow there are speaking in the emirates a leadership conference and I had my cell phone you know basically turned bought those in your focus undo what you do and I missed the call for mr. Graff than. You don't appear that that that's a good thing to have happen but. I did let's go to him yesterday out in the middle of the woods the most basic games. Connected us on the flow and and you know you let me know there. You know the standard and it exploded near an end you know we we reminisced about some the early days and where and when we first met each other and caucuses and it was special moment animated. Again it's it's hard for meter took to see myself. You know as. As some Ambien recognize in this restaurant you know I've always been an and always will be a team player from the true sense of you know it's. You know from reclaiming got to football it was all about the French ships the camaraderie group around but we go out and and and completing a mission and then. And then having success on the field and I never really out it felt like you know I belong like I was always. You know trying to prove that that it you know what worked what they're saying neither of those were. You know all the effort they put in the media and you know it's kind of surreal moment you know I I I I definitely didn't play the game of football. I'll be wanting to reach you know certain levels of recognition I really want you know make my coach is proud of me make my teammates. You know proud of my effort and go to do what I do you know him so you know this is this is very special to promote family man I mean. I can't tell you how cool was still. You know I have my mom and dad excited about coming out of it might you know on my parents of sacrifice so much in. Seen me through so many different you know moments in my life and and then their form in my sister and her entire tribal seven kids that my brother wall coming out there just it's going to be very. It's going to be a very also moment. Was it. When you were talking when mr. Kraft about when you first arrived here what was that like what what what what what was it like at that time and what was it like for you know arrives. Here ads as a patriot. What they're just saying that I mean that it it just went back aren't you know. I would almost surely the kid they had no clue I mean that was clueless to the NFL. My jet they I would that the neon tech this. OK that flight that was my watering hole I Purdue. And I mean a week we have the piano on the piano bar was completely rule it out. At all Margaret didn't cost me let me read a paper some about you know after the man dying so. You know. What we're all in there and on draft day I mean I'll never took its opulent than what you're going from one juror to another I have no idea what this guy's talking about. You know and then enemy come and go to New England Patriots on my I have promoted that event of another country like I never even. An agreement on the Miette never I've heard that the New England I'd I didn't know any I've never seen and have a game in my life I know that sounds. So stupid (%expletive) and then the way it really did that mean. Yeah you recorded a little bit more first I didn't grow up in my love playing in the game and and so you know like out here you know its first a member of the on the East Coast. You know first time ever received also vote blown away like those you know just this checking everything out and the inning that these offices at one. Awesome place I believe him you know secret elevator Richard Seymour. And the last thing I knew about Richard Seymour was that they came back 48 point down Abydos. In the Outback Bowl or play them you know my my my senior year in our junior year. And so on so they're within a week or so greater then. It's uncomfortable awkward person. You don't feel greater you can see the whole downtown Boston promote I am. He's you there and introduces a certain that we could meet Byron. They had this meals on wheels group there and get to meet there may talk more about the community in this the other and all we want to two ghost they had the the very high end in zone motel on route one. I. And I mean think about that when news when Scott Pioli told you you're coming here at the play you're coming here. To protect Drew Bledsoe. And so you probably had no idea at that point who Tom Brady was correct. You know I did I didn't and an and I mean we played in the Big Ten to get it right I mean. Again but it was my ignorance to you know really these and now I looked okay it was a guy bought in there you know who together but he played against a man never really. You know built into it like it and some way to get help mean. Yeah you know what I became a real fan of the game in the history here and you know what it was or the PA here. You know just because I met the guy that came out of the locker room I mean. I mean we we head especially in the early years we had some really. Some really amazing individuals. That there's probably a lot of people. Kobe the recall being on the lost or in some ways. The guys that you don't really make big game in short order a lot on in the culture now locker room and everything else was pretty amazing man like oh. Well I mean look what we spoke with a guy that I would you know off is that there were selected from via. You know the other selection committee for you know this this whole flame a mean Mike Vrabel. And in what he did I mean I know he'll manage you've been around him enough to noted. You would never wanna strike. Al what it might or you'd never want to get an apple won't walk. I mean he had an amazing ability to air you'd down in the funniest most. You know amazing way possible also. And he was a guy that he'd argued the coach you know the player. He was the guy that would give bill our economy you know don't say something in the backcourt the only guy that you know is. You know and go to compartment with a Peru and it was eight and you know Roman Phifer and in those you know could balky and all the old school guys do it. You know like are there America and a good any and that and the thing is a two day. You get all these guys become enemy from the date they were born. All they see as the greatness of our old chicken gradient the system and and I don't know that it's possible to really have that kind of culture anymore it's a pretty intimidating place that it is but I. You know we protect there will be made him and Eric so much fun playing. An organization even though distrustful. You know helping those kind of atmosphere and you know there was a lot of good medicine and then things but in other big crater. A level great as. Yeah or do. Our guest is Matt Light and the former New England patriot has been announced as the next induct the into the patriots hall of fame who is a matter who's the person. Who has had the most effect on you. When it comes to football in in your entire tenure and. You know at the top one mean. I eat your gonna go back in the early years and and I I would say in my early years it was too for not number one my father. Followed their reports or you know he suffered from polio girl about. Severe polio are conditioned into one of these medical mirror miracles and mysteries then. And you know so he eat he wasn't a sports guy we never watched any sport grown up. But you know I. Got to the point where you don't really get in the full ball. And I started well that your soul great and Peewee football Ohio and and my dad would just tell me they don't know nothing about like what the normal coach would say he would talk about Larry he's an engineer and he talked about leverage and and the psychological game and and I think that really. That really set the tone for how I looked at it game of football so. And he never put CNET rebel push me and you know he would have already dead who would scream and yell from the bleachers and all that kind of stuff. But he had an effect Communist and an early age you know the competence I think there was. A big oil looking edit and then when I got the cowards. That they any hope was my offensive line coach yesterday and was the head coach recruiter for a while. But he was he put a brother and father the same time and he really instilled in me your whole different level of competence and how I approach the game and and and an aggressive side that. You know you really and police so you know we we love edit principal Ayman. You know you don't talk about bringing the body backward put up on the wall and you know we we name it. Love that stuff a minute that's why they beat him enemy knows it is many street art by myself then. On any given day as well outside that or so. Altogether could affect him and look. Much and we bought it says. I'm looking to do that people that push here and then demand a lot from your but also you respect you know. Dante Scarnecchia. And and Indians if you know people talk about and everybody understand look like without him and with him but because it approached the game is. It's so unique and it's it's it's a real I mean he he isn't that they're in his job away. Well if it if if anybody could hire like they beat the number one imported an organization. Who are you able to. If you had to a gain a single game that is that is your favorite game misses and when the patriot. Did that you know got to sell so many great moments and and I don't remember what I can remember a play call you know it's only. You know that those little things that you know part of my job I didn't focus on a boat. I do have asserted. Any time that we I don't look at all. I can remember every moment of it and in doubt its true. Was added at the height of his. Idiocy. When we played them. And it was Thanksgiving game. And political game for me because I was gonna go home and on my former Ohio talent or by mid air or their fame members and there. They're quite the end of the rainbow right they're a little we have a bye week two weeks so. I may have thought for the game anyway him and we get in that game in this guy's just pulled out all the stops all the little dirty tricks and you know all those that he doesn't work out on the goal line and an you've done some Logan you know some African we're talking about it don't let scrimmage and we're one of Plavix off the right tackle right so work. Region and so what that meant you do you're passing caught him and talk a mock up agreement you know won't walk a little trouble usually we called it a little shorter right. So we get on top putters do and I mean it turns into an all out war and and then to work you know work or going and I find myself on how remote and try to choking. You know walk covered up and there's people kicking me in Logan parole and people often. You ought not let Goldman could you kind of want state grappled in great night and they're coming out a pile with the helmet. And you mean a civil shade of purple and you know above all love and I doubt we got cute. You know fifteen times in the back in is about to hang on for dear life I don't tell the clear across the field all the argument didn't get it checked at them like this is the course. But a real. Don't get the speed up but the thing because because then you're really don't know the blocking out Pia. But more on try to ruin the game like myself but we that was probably highlighted premiere of all I'd like. What about the was it what's the name of that was. Crowder that Miami. The memory like a full on punch out it was the it was it was like a quarterback or something. He was Hugo linebacker crew. I have been talking all game and Russ Hochstein. Come there we just scored collect the forty score and he still can't shut up. And I look across the line and he not even on the field all blocked a point or game he would literally told the god became man and could. Do the job that you are supposed to do to get off the field. I'll watch and although some might. And we're sitting ducks a minute did that play at the dumbest play football. But what good could this tradition and we we you know Walt we do to get up go to Milan forward and they have a five guys getting one person on the look at a lot of agreement. You know Austria but nobody could they come in here are a dirty little rough apparently didn't get that memo. And if you got completely could ever come from meat but he's right next to me and I just jump back in. You know pop the helmet off Freeman we are gonna edit I remember that much so I can get a dreadlocks. Walker where. You are worried it I don't know. I sport why. Are there. Well well our Carol it's if it it's it's 30 it's it's a well deserved honor and I think patriots fans everywhere yesterday when they heard the news. Well like you know what nobody deserves that now more than Matt Light does so we could not be happier for you we could not be proud there. I know that I'm sure the year considering you're probably looking back at people who have been there if since the beginning. As far as who is going to induct you. And I certainly would. Would be available for the for the honor the if that crossed your mind. Yet so just Fleming how's that working on in the speech whatever it. Am I. I know you do a fine job and in Lipton mean something that we started. Or low or something. You guys put on the map in terms of you know out of them the most passionate right yes yes I I feel like I'm gonna have to write a final. Averse to that I mean that they just feel compelled to do so given at this point in my life. I think you you share outstanding and hear it live down there. Maybe maybe we'll do like a little pre party thing it splits Ville how balloon down there and how do you play alive on. The September 29 is is that day right September 29. It'd yet mr. let me know that you know this to the tenth anniversary of all page or place them. You know at this special time that I believe first order for living members of all the 27. Our inductees and you know it it'll be having to do to be surrounded with those guys him and to be a part that the date for the Miami game. Which will be a big game you know for the pats and you know obviously again. I never saw myself with a guy who do you recognize this way and it for the fans who you know just. Just embracing the they're an outsider you know weird you know was quite do it. Talks too much and there's always promoting you know something with a foundation and all that I really appreciate those who have you know just gone above and beyond to you know make me feel home here this is all of them. And give me a platform to work from him and support for the way they haven't spent this little mate that. You must just out. Well listen up all of automotive real that a mosque that's all flame war code and history we got Tom so it Burt Reynolds and now apparently media. Remember they're immortal words of my good friend Johnny Cash good to your mother go to your brother at all or template that's asked. There. How. Lights. Always try and not talking so tired thanks for pets I heard through periods that line on the Hill Man Morning Show.