Netflix & Will - The Notebook

Tuesday, August 21st

Wanderson tries to cater to the ladies in this week's edition of Netflix & Will! Will one of them win it? Listen in!

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Legal opinions to read seven W fans podcasts are always on. On your schedule at WAA asked. I would play the classic films of our lives. Food emotion pathos and passion. But not when our own emotionally flat lined associate producer will gets a hold of them did it ever occurred to you what would happen if I had failed to live up to my responsibilities. To my Netflix and chill when you can Netflix and well. You're playing tonight for a thirty seconds of airtime. Shut up whatever you want it's very expensive airtime here we ran out of prizes. And Evans on here well in all honesty and by the way evidence from promotions that Mike is on the sounds it. Evans from promotions is actually working the Jimmy Fund telethon which. Will be joining tomorrow morning from my volunteer shifts from 68 am. Well what Matty what time did you gaffe that there were times your shift tomorrow malicious. Jimmy Fund Tel plus what sent out. Ginny found remove them that's not people like like you being out thirty cents to get toppings on your screen but have as is that. Helping the children who runs. Netflix or will kids. A a bit. That we do come from and your chance to win right now Jennifer inning one of course we don't know that Netflix. Is it movie channel with many moves on wheels producer with no emotion and insert himself into films if you can guess the film correctly you win will power you. I'm Bruno you now neither nick Norah I know what the film is so we're playing along which yeah they're going in blind today. Let's go to Timothy lol. I did yeah oh yeah. I. Steve you can name the film timid a year ago. You can come with me towards yes my who won't be with me we opened fearless. Conditions and it's there. Are you saying you want to break it off until it was still goes when it. Are you breaking up with me and asked can I see please don't do us. Timothy and guess I think that the death I've again let. I actually incredibly hot air without ought to be got to search items nine months ago and I mean that's I mean we're we're playing it don't let everyone else hears it. Indian Alston. OK buddy. And this is yet guesses after hearing that clip pretty needy here again. Air partly I think finally just guests and I was gonna guess is that correct. All I got I got it right wow. So listen again and don't like that what's like computer right now. Actors we have in common with me to war. Yes I'm whom I deal with me or open fearless. Conditions and it's there. Are you saying you want to break it off the table with him goes later. Are you breaking up with me I asked him I see please don't do list. And he guesses and in Austin. More now. I'd but it's a JP and Townsend JP I know it's. I got a gap okay. Crappy movie ever well. Bet. What they're. And I hit it right you're actually right. You're right and you might be right to April debut without knowing it. That this is not the crap movie ever stick like though it sounds odd chick. The dude eastern and answer yeah knock them do movies here. No. Use. That he and bill ripped up and he gets it with that was actually a lot of yeah. Well I'm sorry but everybody decided to go ahead that was funny yeah even ten items. That we wanna show great. If you're just happy with the joke. James. James welcome to the showed yet any guesses. Yes. I think it's that simple life playbook. It's. Great gas see that's a good guess your your corrective a great guests Mehdi. Have you seen that movie and I've had several people tell me and I know you can't really watch it because it's Philly movie and they of the bills and super ball blah blah yeah. People tell me that upon re watched in review highly overrated I don't know like I sought to scattered was very bipolar phew well. I'm loving funny said it was kind of yeah crazy it was as if air over the place and I mean I thought that was intentional I saw because a movie about that and about their try to capture that and I was descriptive even. A little loops you know thing. Correct Caitlin. I Keylon. Are you I might get night pat I'm being sexist but because your woman I'm gonna guess you gonna get this right. Now. I can't. That the notebook of course my daddy's favorite movie well on Blu-ray laser does VHS I made birdie or the other. What I do Caitlin is once ARIAD grounding videos the ice cream cookie dough ice can have a good cry and watched the notebook. You know. Yeah it the Caitlin their radio shows yours for the next thirty seconds. Don't curse but you can plug shout out anything you want. Am. Well. I'm gonna study perspective marketing and what they're on what I'm. Little did you know the in this day and and let the subject and I said. Which is. The audio dot net. Taylor well. I'm. Awesome way to go girl who graduation rate you complaint yet I've run movie that you completeness and yeah. Quite well right. Hamas and I'm all the right doctrine of the studio. By many many. Like your I think.