Netflix & Will - The Devil's Advocate

Tuesday, August 28th

Wanderson takes on yet another iconic Al Pacino performance in this week's edition of Netflix & Will!

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We can't Virginians 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. The classic films of our lives. Full Libby motion pesos and passion. But not when our own emotionally flat lined associate producer will get sold of them did it ever occurred to you what would happen if Mike hill's live up to my responsibilities. YA Netflix and chill when you can Netflix and will. I really hope Boston casting assistant. These shows because they are just missing out on a jam and well Anderson. You're new to show Willie Anderson associate producer hello well we'll take your calls a couple days or weeks and now we realize that he has no. Emotional ability to promote any sort of most at all so he inserts himself into. Dramatic scenes in film history and if you can guess the movie. You win. That's how it works you guys' skin tone crying now and nice and true. Yeah I was gonna say your little jet Euro peeked out today. I'm I'm not use this if you could just sort of like. Assume the role of maybe stay in your lane that's why I'm most comfortable I'll turn the answer I think. So let's play that any further do you make NT airs in Mexico party. And let's go to. Courtney in Norwood. Oh Courtney. And fantastic. Hope all's well out there and Norwood shout out to retired. Captain of the nor fire department my cousins. Medal of valor winner rob Henry. The great north fire department. So you know how we play we play. Clip. We'll hasn't serves up to if you gives you moments ago. That's your only. This as far as I'm concerned let's say it's still look. Florida us thing what is that. Excuse me and you might lose some needs here. Never looked jury didn't have a woman yeah that you know what you're missing. You're missing that I. There's this beautiful girl just me or do you ways from Sunday. Think they know what that is I'm not sure. Court any guesses. That bury. Or it is tough it is tough. You'll hear one more time we'll give Joseph one more time actor. As the movie actors you. We're done she's walking through that. She's trying to walk. She turns. He looked at me. Not the Trojan armistice after little old me she has this look on her case how they held that that happened. On the hand of Mona Lisa's here I'm surprised they don't see me coming that's what. Your I notice that a big now I know yeah drive that was the clue right now I noticed I've Carty and he gets. I. Link diet I don't. A shout abuse dear tiger drives thanks for trying it's a lot it's it's a hard game let's go to Ryan in Mansfield Ryan any guesses based on what you heard. Oddly. Loren let's look there's only one film we pick one Vilma will as I given that second clip again. If you cats here only. This as far as I'm concerned we'll say it's still look. That's Florida it's. What is. Excuse me ma'am you might lose underneath your. Middle didn't have a woman athlete you know what you're missing. You're missing that I. There's this beautiful protests and forty ways from Sunday. He guesses right. And there are you know you're. Given again is incorrect. I can see why he went there because there back actor crossed my mind as well right. In my on the right page with that actor. Okay one I think it's actually it has to do too is that correct yeah (%expletive) yeah assigned high time we got it. Let's go to him. Tim you know the film. You know our guys that's our that's okay. We'll give out Marion experts are given that second clip against is can you execute it was like all right Mary and I experts hello do you need the second part. I'd be OK I listened carefully. And remember. Picture someone delivering this with great force and dare I say and over the top performance. Not the trojans aren't just your little of me she has this look on her case how that felt that that happened. On the hand when movies says quote all. We'll go read it. Ellis is not a bad gas goodfellas not a bad guess incorrect I would take more guests on the other side. That the attacks line is nailing it once again. First person get it right we get back you win. Here Netflix and will lose text line is nail the put the dreaming of fort studio line not so hot let's go to David Boyle since Dave do you know the film. About double that who say it's the devil's advocate. Let's see. If PRI. Will cede. If your car act he is he said is that the devil's advocate a ditty Dillard toys. On whether it is this beautiful girl just. Forty waste something where I doubt she's walking into the bath she's trying to walk she turns. She loves it's me not to children not just little old me just his left and things like how to Helen. Yeah. Yeah day Crown Royal then I will see you back stage. At the mag by salute show Friday September 14. At the cabinet yet. You're ready. You're it was a rock and roll. Sort all right rather hang allowed details that's how winning is done a good job well Anderson I'm Simone who are used through the month while European chino is power radio is I could do this whole segment on you know. Let's label you don't you want and that yes. Since the magic well that could be neck. The beginning. Of Alpa chino basically doing out the genome being completely over the top. That well that before he not see that that was after he I believe that he's the one that he went he started east. It's very and it's early access another Netflix and Willem that's right. We heated in magnificent history it's been going on so long now I mean it's such likens go to the wall of the the wild movie magic that you've. Laid out for us is seals that by consumers out of them yeah. No it was sort of like it's Starwood Dick Tracy was to get an Oscar nomination for and then he was too huge for his own good incentive woman and won an Oscar. And it just kept going up and then that's when he reversed gears or Donnie Brasco and brought respected Alpa chino the actor. You gonna guess what the two rotten tomatoes audience score verses. You know of the critics score was on devil's advocate nominee to live critics score 53% audience score. 89% Y party. Damn close nick Stephens did not look did not cheat the critics gave it 66%. How it actually was certified for him and ended the audience liked it much more almost 80% 79%. At should be up in the nineties or you can hold temperature movies were almost most. Now I'm all these nice little. Oh well I'll well. That's not agreed to any chicken farms sandwich and I open it up and support to read others and and I drinking and I and I and I enjoy it with Micah. I cherry Vanilla Coke that's terrible but you know what that's my kind of terrible. That's like over the top terrible Craig T. Nelson. At the time of my wife's death I was brooding miss secretary I don't iPod so I think that should be. What's the name I'm feeling she. You know new development Morgan Freeman is god thing. Old Morgan Freeman and got a multi followed yeah me too it's. Got to check and I thought well I blasted thing.