Netflix & Will - Boondock Saints

Tuesday, August 7th

Wanderson's still sitting on his high horse after stumping the listeners last week. Will he continue his success this time around?

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We can't Indians 37 W fans podcasts are always on him. I'm your schedule and WA AF dot com. The classic films of our lives. For Libby motion pesos and passion. But not when our own emotionally flat lined associate producer will get sold of them did it ever occurred to you what would happen if they don't live up to my responsibilities. Why Netflix and chill when you can Netflix and will. I'd buy now you know the rules are associate producer. Will Anderson. Has. No motive abilities at all so he inserts himself into famous iconic movie scenes if you can guess the film. You win hello will let's talent isn't. It's it is actually an amazing gift you have to really try to remote and not be able to do it it's done. Will that the other will you will couple wills here. Battle it's funny one gets attention for being amazingly a motive. And you will get attention for having zero emotions that's what's this then last week we got me mixed though we'll will noon in all gal Ali did tell you that how accidentally I tried to get human podcasts but I accidentally text it will again. And I think hey man I really want hum my pod cast for. Does it really that's the first time I've ever heard and seen as well appreciate it as painful honored once again we have a great cross section of New England on the Framingham fort studio line if you'd like to play. 6179311. Half we got Kingston Gasol shore we got Rhode Rhode Island we've got nor sure. We've got southern New Hampshire so let's dive right into it and start on the cell show the Skoda with Nathaniel and Kingston alone Nathaniel. Shall we oh boy sound bears so you know the rules let's do it here comes the clip. The great Willie Anderson associate producer has insert himself into an iconic scene can you guess the movie if I had. I killed you can't you'd tricky bitch. I thought it'd bring closure to our relationship. You killed my. Your wives. Here and wives. Your what ditch shoot myself in the head you can tell me what that cat's name is. You know it's amazing that Daniels this is it. I the more he tries to emote the more Debian is I've tried to work regiment direct Demi I like literally that's him trying to emote when he just talks regulars not that bad. We tries to act it's. Wonderfully horrible. When was also record at 11 o'clock last night his notes we were up late I'm offended you know the film. Now I have no idea that analytical area yeah I know you events thank you try again neat let's go to Dave in Woonsocket. Hello David. Hello who won here again do you think you know the moves. Are red or not saying let's see if you're correct. You has boon docks things. You killed life. You're one. I. Yeah. Well it's correct yeah the from a wall socket system on Rondo karma I'm Soledad congratulations David Wells done blue dot at thing saints maybe. Are you love that movie right. All right I know it. How would you like echoes see you just won tickets WA AF presents ghost at block Wang theatre Friday December 14 they are yours my frank congratulations way to go. You name of the movie you've got a penalty shout outs David Chu won. I'm but it up our land now. I'd buy it if you think it's a welcome back to him from and so I think it ought couldn't shouted out Mya my dad despite my dad's dog to Walt thanks for the caps Brock. Great next year will 71 if nobody gets is they don't deserve to live in Massachusetts exactly yeah movies classic but like I haven't seen on movie in a long time right that's the thing is that you you might know it but you remember the individual lines with will's performance I get drawn into that it's almost a good new movie we'll David David you're in Woonsocket, Rhode Island and as a uniting in Massachusetts is still got a right. All right that's avoid this particular set I did not come at the did you think of a set out. Not just out so one. Keolalai they've got to take information rather seen go to that show look shocked yet. Will great job again do. You're acting prowess is it's not my high horse from last week you should pay the onus on people news dump people last week or. People who see deep Lucy partially as a everywhere he has a history of yes the summer sharks man. No no question I was brown nosing and yet he works he would mention that moved here. He's on your days of brown has nuclear weapons. That the wheels together we don't into a market creek there's little in the way below my all of us.