Nerd Report - Two Princes Cut out of The Last Jedi

Tuesday, February 13th

Mike Hsu catches us up on the latest news in the nerd world! The two English Princes filmed scenes to appear as Stormtroopers in The Last Jedi, but we're ultimately cut out because they are too tall!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. Pin on your schedule that's WA AF dot com. We're vulnerable or heard. All right time there at their record this week with the OG WA AF married Mike Hsu old. What are we discussing what's this breaking myriad news the. If you heard during the in the production the last Jana. Principally inspiration and they're big fans don't borrow and apparently again them a couple of storm troopers suits not suited to be in a scene in the movie. Can't help parents out there they were on the set I Daniel Craig did in the last one you know and so they show up at the premiere in London. And then they tell them all love. Scenes in the movie. So they were left the cutting room floor down. It is now a salt I was we'll correct line. Everybody knows storm troopers have to be exactly five feet eleven inches. That is if that that is the imperial standard there you can. Set to buy Nokia. On an income. By the the moments your Q you're kidding me that it's called jingle for a template. OK you can clone and the first storm troopers 511 you have to be five feet eleven inches tall so you're kidding me they -- cut them out yes it by the way the this is this is the future king of vigilant. And his brother right. They bottom out because they were to haul to beat the B storm troopers. As it's somebody would notice I guess that nerves would notice you know first of all people like me would notice that probably walk out of theater right. That's the trooper is five around that storm debris is six foot one out. So the storm troopers are 511. That's the that's the standard hot patch cannot be taller than feed or how I wanna guidance is special ops that are from that path there LB that only the power of these special ops in the royal family of England as insignificant. Next to the power of the force. That it's a reference that you bill. Okay. There's dogs have been. I. Yeah I was I I thought I was them actually when they were. Escorting captains days mom break you know that's seen pose. Following categories on the elevator and I thought that was them in the background apparently now apparently. They're seeing a sham table you know you gotta follow imperial rules at the height shaming and and it seems to me like did this somebody ought to be concerned that their bullying. Harry it's him it's more like everybody gets a across the purified a lot but it's. It's his attacks Suze several techsters winners bothered that I started this 512. You can use knowledge. Yes it's 512 would be realized gymnastics while her name I mean thirteen enamored toddler. Sixty marched through six it. Ira is now I'll be they go human element development that's why they saint. It's very important distinction between when he 22 months not like my it'll make its almost you. Yeah you don't have kids you don't have to give us the month mile them. We don't know I don't know what your kids supposed to be doing thirteen months vs fifteen scene in just like he turned a year old in November. The Texas as a dorm storm troopers also have. The worst shots in the galaxy they never hit anything and do. Because they're clone it's like inbreeding and did you get your eyes get close together. A here's a finally texas' hold the phone you're telling me I could administer storm trooper all this time female by the way. These guys at the end of that that she says female by the way. Our rights though that two princes cutouts. Left on the cutting the employer you know they were too tall to be storm troopers. And unfortunately they weren't able I want column in advance either could not would show up for the premiere it actually you wanted to figure they're going to be and it so my tongue. We had to and we need to cut a couple of scenes because in fact some consistency and continuing issues though it. You can scan just testing these talking. Let's see here the number of coffee on BI 6179311. Day out that is the Framingham foot studio line. Today's weather it is going to be study in the temperature is that going to be thirty yourself. I love college xmas is that the movers specific corrections and like information. I love you guys well I guess I just know he's like let's start like new order of storm troopers of the Elvis and then the other guy in the cloning elected sought. I'm the new order storm troopers that are not clones they can be any height is right for your information right but it can't be tolerant invader everybody and every man in America knows that polo Bryant. Perry. A those who like that you had to be either or either Star Wars or Star Trek into Europe both the Star Trek. You're beautiful and historic church in your in Bissau was. While lone Star Trek but I do follow Star Wars is. Well life would. Learn and make your body. I'll stick with I'm the lactic yes. Now is there is an incredible weight requirement on the storm troopers while you get a message Greg apparently. I don't there's not a I know there's not hunts are who spent tens but is there if it's pretty incredible weight requirement. When it comes this little brazile close to see the sort who were. Stretches out the 38 and is used to be held islands and that's when he how it yes when you went the extra plastic shields card that covers a month muffin top. Hello Alex. Hey let's go to our guys what's up Alex. I just got a might you currently around a dollar award yes. I don't troopers were flown there actually in order and AM tired so yeah that went out there. The leader in the clone wars that worked so EDS earned a clone or are they were cloned and I called. We'll five foot eleven standard was so nice I. Well it's gone Ortega who played with 590. Yeah. I have to listen pollutants. I have my czar receive and I started shooting guard. I I was scrolling through. Through TV and that movie was are part of the clones are were reform Turner's worth less tonight. Where the glass you know dog or. Brazilians amounts are clones of their exactly the same. Ship that was on the one of the really bad ones that got discovered why have so many issues in technology if you're scrolling through your publication had. There's nothing else. Anyway yeah her daddy. Beat wealth. Hello hey Jack. Eric Eric. Let's. Hey I don't like you're on welcome you look quote super eight the last. Yeah we're secrecy. Well enough safer in a parking in a firm yes. Here also ahead there are different than you really sick series so what. This is the head storm trooper and afternoon on an editor there egos are very fragile as a sit every final are very vulnerable and the Bahamas for that movie. That. As always a Star Wars is fantasy. Star Trek is reality. I. I think for an airline Gregg when you want to tweet something or her use any. Event that easy girl meet in human disappointed Albion have until start and Elena. Not really know upload photos and well texted thanks day that that they mean that date that Paxson thinks there's the gotcha moment why. Well because I mentioned that the two princes are not in this Star Wars movies. And a little bit of.