Nation of Pussies - Violent Emojis

Wednesday, December 6th

Today's nation of pussies report, it's being discussed that people can be charged with a crime by sending violent emojis. At one point and time you had to make contact with someone in order to be charged with assault!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. It is they're talking about charging people of the crime if they use violent mode tees up. The nation opposes report I did it does because. I heard I was panel like Edison ridiculous if you look at some of the cases. Where they set precedents but I can bring doubled them for you actually does seem kind of legit stop it when they're in the context of the practice stop no stop with scarcely a and them or what so what if you send the fire remote Deere T we threatening to light somebody's house on fire. Where where they don't we're really talking about doing this all over the place here in the US overseas where where here in the United States Spartanburg, South Carolina all you can barely beat case. Two defendants who had previously attacked a victim. One of them sent a text message to the victim what violent the mode you did they use they use the this to him OG then the anointing a mode and then the ambulance a moment. Powell now is the pointing a mode seek easier poke somebody's eye out that way is that oil violet so that's bombed out what about it like the running man MOG like I'm gonna run amok run all over your ass whack away at pizza among OG ominous. Yeah it was a hot pizza you're gonna department rules or you're out you're gonna burn the roof for your mouth have you read this this is the most ridiculous I mean it doesn't surprise me. Everybody all communication. Is now left to him OG and Paxton. There's no it's yeah in order to threaten somebody's life is no way to actually physically top of themselves. That's seems ludicrous to me. There was also a case in New Zealand. Where Amy and had sent a message to his ex via FaceBook messenger. And had said you are going to acting get a followed by an airplane in ninety what they don't won't be a threat as he was going to be flyover they are Hollywood's cricket cup over the so they concluded that the message and the moto G generally conveyed to the defendant that the defendant was coming to get his ex partner and he was sentenced to eight months in jail on a charge of stalking imagine if you have to it's. Lane who this guy the year in the hole we did in in prison and that your guy. The reason you're there is because he used the violent mode she would texting somebody. Oh all right well you can leave a hell male voice mail message on this or eyes and any others topic. What kind of a threat is the hung out to emotional attack attacks there was that time I mean Greg our plants how creepy is that taxed. That's how creepy is that you can text any time. I'm the tech needs staffing excellence text line which is 9717. So. Texas any time during this morning show lord tomorrow morning show our Friday show by the way on the show tomorrow morning. 730. It will be still five low and I wolf. Share with you who would be the violence. In my OG crimes that have been called in are locked in to the home town. Security force of yours truly that is still five though. 730 and we'll go inside the work female brain tomorrow at 750. On Friday show. Bull we'll have the the greatest nerd auction in the history of Bernard auctions and we will also it's not a replica of the is that a replica of the Star Trek vehicle leader on being the enterprise the and simplicity of one of the literature on this implies that Iraq is that what you OK I bridges got trees in the I was in the grave would object parent basket you're gonna be buried that yes Sawyer also on Friday Hillman hello. And I'm guessing that maybe it will be Danny Amendola and below will join us in about seven or so on Friday show Lloyd Bob. A radio guys let's. Got a comment on the and Koji bing or. A crime yes. I saw great yeah I work in law enforcement and everyone always trying to. You know catch up the technology in terms court case and I think it is almost sounds stupid it's pretty Smart. All in on those issues that we can actually you know amber and those guys that you remote back to and put them away keep my street. Well they let me ask is it because a more geez the basic clearest substitute for. Her verbiage right. I just communication to any or communications is Smart back on record in court history as you know B. Actual communication. Well I mean can you you're crazy if you do get charged with this can you just used you used in a mode G lawyer in in court heard you have the hotter at the time out they stuck. Yeah briefcase tie guy can be used him I you have to get an actual real. Lawyer this is Dylan hello Dylan. Morning morning Crue lot and you show. What's up thank you for welcoming us to our show and may I say best wishes to you and yours that this most joyous time of year Dolan. And you are well all the woody calling about. I have an obscure reference for values saying increase of America back after the other moved to do any yes yes the movie the movie quality. That is seen as their oxygen move all share the love regular dude think about something and it brings it ought. How today no we were talking a little while ago. About the fact that General Motors is going to introduce. Shopping in your car all you have to do is is. Purchase green and you'll be able to shop while driving and so I was talking about pretty soon that point actually mayor to be here. Americans will not have to physically move at all to do anything.