Nation Of Pussies Report - Suspended For A Family Outing

Tuesday, March 20th

Today's Nation of Pussies Report is about a kid who was suspended from school for Snapchatting pictures of a trip to the gun range with his family!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. All right I wanna get through the nation of policies report because I think some of you will be as bothered as I was about this this morning there are. Some high school students. Who have been suspended. Them. Four are going to the gun range with their family and snapped chatting about it a private and Raines was there Campbell yes so there obviously a threat. The whole entire school community. And must be removed immediately. So a photo circulated and snapped at one of the kids not too high school students in this and we have been. Suspended big where there was little Lacey township New Jersey okay and they've been suspended. Over this can't chat photo now one of the students took a photo with four rifles. The magazines and gun bag arrange bank. And it said. Fun day at the range. Not under negotiate a place up or anything like that just. Fun day at the range. Of people posted photos just like that with no repercussions. However. So much of a screen shot. That's screen shot then made the rounds among all the other students. And high school officials were made aware of it. The school has a policy. Banning weapons possession. So both students received a I eve day equal in school suspension. Wait wait they can't possess a gun and in their personal life that's is that if you're saying is hit it's I guess and I defend the exact length has just all ridiculous yeah. I'm well this is a ridiculous story and everybody if they're if he can't own something that you personal property here we're talking personal property that's particulates. It doesn't fit the agenda. Of the administration. And the teachers you know that mr. scheer wrote. That's all students must fall in line with the political agenda. Of the teachers that's how it works the rule states that students could be suspended for up to a year if they are quote. Reported to be in possession of a weapon of any type. For any reason or purpose on or off school grounds on quote. That seems that they are on camera or off fully paint brush so you can't go you can't even go to a gun range we figured we'd your parents with your adult supervised. Its. Without being without beings spend. He's learned gun safety and learn how to properly handle gun he this this kid's doing it by the rules poll of World War I would soaps Soviet goes hunting with his dad and uncle and they take yourself after they issued a block with their rifles. Suspended suspended him freer by first concern was was he snapped Jennings while he was shooting that it is not because that's. That's great but. Still that's. Hears that vaccine I'll address this text message in ninths eliminate taxes says I am tired of you. Who isn't I am patent you should meet my family they're really tired I think I am tired of you blaming this. On teachers and the administration. Have you met. Parents will listen I'm not. Trying to paint. Everyone within a broad of Russia Selby was a just deluding. So however I get alarmed when I see. Videos. That surface. That are exposed to surface. Teachers and administrators and schools. Suggesting how important it is. That teachers. Make sure that every child participates. In aid. A protest walk out I don't think that is the I don't think that is the obligation or the function. Of the teacher and it QB pushing their own. Political agenda on. Our young minds I don't believe it's like. And if you remember. The day after the election. When young priest still locked in the school. And day teachers said that she felt the same. That morning she felt on the morning after September 11 and I said. Definitely meant he felt the same after you stupid election. That you felt after 3000 Americans plus were killed like so I don't believe that that's. Where that's not the obligation of this of the school administration in my opinion below James. Got a very good let's. I didn't like this. Good lord brought under a lot of big truck and the can you imagine if Hillary was in there right now. We take its bad now I could even imagine. Yeah I mean here's attacks from a bleeding heart liberal teacher. By the way Texas as bleeding heart liberal teacher here and even I think the policy is absurd. Got a tickets can be suspended for going to a gun range with the apparent. By the way one now one local gun and his advocacy group had pointed out that. You know this is a very broad definition also there's no specific definition of weapons so the school district could sit could consider it like off for a weapon this step out. Yeah and Kandel I I consider it a complete necessity at all. Always have a port equipment just the case says some kind of a meal ops I. Let's see here is a Texas says 774 Texas as Greg. You paint all of us liberals with a broad brush and you blame us for every. Come on now what did you do you please share that rural area in the school I've ever imagine. My sign could be suspended for a year if if there was we took a picture of us hunting in northern Canada. And that that's that's that's a joke. As of 50 wait Texas says are I'm a teacher and I totally agree with you Greg but. I can tell you that the Macintosh. Syndrome. Which is the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Is very real. In our schools. And our hard working students come from hard working parents. And are entitled students come from and title parents so like imagine I can imagine that stroke below jog. Today I don't guys what's up. This bit like me get my blood oil and I'm not. You what side you got a John you got you got your phone cut out so it's making your blood boil and what. I'm not even though yeah know exactly. Oh yeah are orchestrated you know first a lot of vitally that you can't usual right he yelled to bear arms accurately. Let's say you know hypothetically. Get all the alone. They're all in Beijing he defends the cardinal and fire on these noted that the hero on the news business schools built them. And right yes under and I don't win here uneventful and that's. I mean. It's I'd I cannot believe I was bothered yesterday by the news story that we spoke about. Where a student was suspended from school for not participating. In the walk out. But to me. This is worse I mean if you're on your own time. With your family. Out big gun range. And you get suspended from school for that would go what good is that doing anybody and it quickly what is that doing this it says let how is that. I mean because somebody goes to a gun range doesn't mean that they automatically. Have a blood thirst for shooting up school the next the next day at a expertly OJ. What's up Jay what's going on. So my question is that. What if you are a boy scout and you are assuring our country. Because I got my merit badge and both of those things. What do users are perfect for this yeah yeah yeah yeah. See this is Bob on the premium for its studio line what's up Bob. Good role model. Or is so luckily we're. It there. You could. Four this is our own goal. Although our local also important to all who was. All in all the well as. You sort of formal role model Moore who. They have them in school what they're doing it not. Law it is also cool what would say that I don't know about also about all of this is you look so far. Arnold that's about what people want aren't you also put it in who is hit list if you yes or. Although that would social justice school. I look a lot of all over. Cool well this cooling off nothing to do with the outside outside the pool everybody's a everybody's. Wolf we have a lot of what they feel safe there. Well you just heard it bill Bobby used to be a free country used to be you could go. And do what you wanted to do if you were a kid at home and if that ended up being that as LB indicated. They yell and some parts of the country may be more so than here you have. Kids who go out go hunting with their dad or go hunting with their right with their model where it used to be able to do that. They what they would like to know what they would like to do is to make. That's impossible for a student to do you know I and that's what the school is diet. Not only with the suspension. But with this rule that they have the cannot possessed weapons at all as a as a student at their school you know and apparently. He can't even use one pentagon Braintree gets suspended on the opposite end of the spectrum in Pennsylvania and get an extra day off. On Thanksgiving break because that's the start of deer hunting song really right out of business. I think you know like the rest. Western. This is people of Steve. And it looks over some. Well not about it teaches in the administration. Overstepped their boundaries last week when they had to walk out some. We didn't help from the principal. That thing back during the day they let. Great students go to Mike putted it great classroom. Talk about the walk out. Talk about what happened at it the question in every shot my wife and I because white child pocket the money trial. But the fellow. You know I think that question we don't know what that it be great note that doesn't know and the action that or that the up. The website they eat. What is the one with the others waited. They see it are cop in public firefighter when he purchased at a queens you're totally opened a web site date is tied cop. It as it is a blue are content with what could be gently into that web site capital it has Krejci back that. It really insist that it is illegal what right field goals he allowed to do today. I was that I always thank cubicle I was told yesterday about. A parent whose child. Did not I won't name the town I want to get anybody in trouble cause it's actually I think it's going to be ongoing legal issue at hand. Child did not want to participate in the in the one note and was. Essentially bullied. Guy. An administrator. Over the decision that they made not not the participant in Spain and once the parents got involved the the situation changed with regard. To how it was being all off cooler humid understood. But to me that's just not any. In any way shape or form. What you're what you're supposed to be doing is both the beam. You know molding mindset. To be open and to be a team to be willing to accept all kinds of ideals and to be able. How discussions about. Differing differing opinions and you know on the track and my position and to make decisions and the be suspended because you went through a gun range and your family is that seems to me. Absolutely ludicrous looked at. Good morning everybody what's up to. Question. Myself that import goes so does he were to try and earning oracle shooting. But of course go to America you'd be suspended. Yes yes there and it's got some good under that pool yes yes. I mean. It's it's really. They it's it's unfortunate and it it makes you it makes you to think about where where we are right now although Josh. They re going to look let's just say. There was blood do looking at the media do it. What I worry walker. Well yes good people down and MS walker. Actually Brody family and everybody great people down there. Absolute and I thought. What is that do that comment on the gun thing it's like. But it didn't do it got brains. You know public you're going. Who's played great spirit and flake. I think learning how to shoot is. And actually. Important skill so our like. I don't think this Saturday well that Merrill site. Well I mean if you. Look at wanna build these idols in life. Swayze yeah. When they took that when the rough skis started that parachuting and the middle of the school day. And they took to the woods. What would they like what would have happened to America if they weren't able. Defend themselves Graham and I write about Clinton did acquire I am I right about that yes. You're right it is funny because they're teachable moments in you know if that's what you do was apparent. Yeah you know I took you know might if I put myself behind the real in my truck. Petty years old. People would loser GD minds about what he's doing 55 miles an article one. And marry him and and he got taught how to drive he got pot. Our hand signals he got caught the flags to stop lie acquired pass let somebody pass. And now I've got me year old that I know how to drive. Car that only you drive in your condition over there due back for a little bit nuts and a bit nervous about that yeah I don't want. A handgun outside and I'm not about it's spots mentioning I don't know that I read Jeff Gordon finished second here Jeff Gordon. It.