NASCAR Live - December 5, 2017

Tuesday, December 5th

Kurt Busch, Chris Buescher, John Hunter Nemechek and others join Mike Bagley at Stocks for Tots on this edition of NASCAR Live!!!


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The following is a reduction of the motor racing network and the voice of NASCAR. Everybody but again. Sort. The motor racing network presents. NASCAR allowed Kurt Busch leads at Daytona 500 he's never won before they come off former series champion. Cable and expand that day we got lucky that I play all that hard work and a board. Plus HR and everybody put in this. Ford Fusion is in Daytona Victory Lane NASCAR live is brought to you by Hercules tired. Right on hour's break from stocks for talks in Morrisville North Carolina. Here is your host Mike Bagley. Thank you Fred Armstrong. Good evening everybody welcome divorce the North Carolina we are at stops for spots. A yearly tradition that the racing industry. Comes together for and there's a lot of young men and women out there that capitalize hello everybody Mike Bagley the up Mari Cruz here with you live in mores bill. And a lot of folks congregate let's get right to it first on the stage and having a an opportunity to visit with a first is Kurt Busch Stewart Haas racing around. And doing great it's great to see this event come together again and everybody's support all throughout the industry drivers owners sponsors. Legends. Radio host TV goes it's really neat to see everybody come and volunteer their time for their costs. The mainstay since 1989. And it is quite the it is quite the effort and the undertaking when you go to. When you go to events like this. What drives you to go what do you enjoy most about an event like this we're doing here tonight. In all honesty you're seeing the people walk through the door and they have the same passion. And compassion. That I have for being here tonight I mean Doug Yates just walked in my choice Don Miller's been hosting this for years. The names come pouring in and everybody here for the same reason as to give back to the community and make an impact in a nice way for the hollowed. This season so you verdict you do a lot of that that what you do it and and your efforts. And it's good that to see you in your your come pot praise there in the in the garage do that. What gets to use light like what what tugs at your heart strings were obviously here for. For kids in child abuse prevention tonight but what are some of the efforts that really get to you and motivate you wanna become. In all honesty is like the military groups that I meet all throughout the country. The different people those that are. Orchestrating the events and the backbone of the reason for doing these types of events comes from the people's heart. And Don Miller has been producing this event for years. And as you get to know the people. You learn why they're really involved in why they're trying to make this difference and why they're applying the deference to local communities so. Let's military bases that have been through or like last week we're in Vegas for the banquet and got to do big event with Vegas strong and a concert. With all different types of celebrities and an accident talent giving back to the community. It's fun to at the end of the day here that you're making a difference because they get strong. I heard it's up to fifteen million hole in their donations since 1 October. And they have to shut it down. That's how I look to be part of results that are making a difference and such as. It's neat to be here my hometown. Mourners filled now with the racing community right after I just left my hometown of Las Vegas. You know you were giving up big strong and bring up Las Vegas. You obviously used to live there. And have had a chance to go back we were watching I was watching television on that on that horrible night. When I saw what was happening down at Mandalay bay and and I had a chance to visit with some locals out there while we were in town for the awards ceremony. And it's amazing how when something's so horrid and horrific like that happens. How a community can rally together. And not necessarily a community with inside the city limits. It's a community of humanity and it was great to see all the NASCAR drivers chime in what were your thoughts when you went back there knowing what you know happened that at Mandalay bay on that night. By it was great to see the the drivers from Vegas get togethers drivers your biggest dot com and pitched as Was gonna match with ever. We generated throughout certain timeline and how happy do a charity go Kart event. Now race against kids up for most of the night and we raised 40000. In one night racing go carts it's amazing that the community in Vegas. What I love so much about it was to watch. All the different people from around the world. Followed from people from around our country who have. Turned to Vegas as better place to live or their home town where they came from generations ago. All came together the cultures of the people all came together. And really pull the other strong and that's what I was really proud of and that the fact their vehicle and everybody from different parts of the world through this event. Had a chance to back away from the racing season we've been to the awards ceremony we get ready go to Christmas. What are Samir takeaways about what you and Tony Gibson and his team were able to it would put out there IVF he won the Daytona 500. Your 500 champion. How was the year how would you sum up the year for us. I'm at it started off cute to be back with Ford and to have it Doug Yates engine at Daytona I knew go and then we were poised for success. And it it turned out beautiful down there in Daytona. Obvious the season underway lead back that up with a top ten in Atlanta I'm like all right this is going to be one of those those years. We rolled to the West Coast we're ahead Vegas Phoenix and California Speedway and I think. The total of three races we've earned the points. For his three great yes I know we are cursed under cook and all Nader's Smith some over heating things. And then we miss that at the Fontana again where we almost won the race two years ago. Is that I was like whoa it really put us back on our heels and we knew we had a long season in front of us and I really thought this year. We've worked harder from our hearts than any other year before. Knowing that the direction with Ford. And how we need to get settled in quicker with our aerodynamic balance was going to be a challenge and I look forward doing good things we turned a corner almost one. The southern 500 we've we've been really good and all star race which was back in May ranked in the southern 500 in September. And in the playoffs started and we just kind of fell four and we didn't have what we thought we needed. Hands disappointment and Tony Gibson was disappointed to. And at the end of the day those fun to go to Vegas and celebrate with true acts and those furniture row guys sounds fantastic accomplishment for them. And I got to pick up the the move. Problem solver of the race award for Tony Gibson. And that the symbolic value within picking up the mood it's have problems over the race means he's usually dig in the driver out of a hole. So that was thought you know let this expert accent is exactly how the season wit and Tony Gibson deserves the credit. I talked to a lot of your race fans. A lot talked to a lot of your fans out there and there are some that obviously need to be talked off alleged right now when we mentioned 2018 and you've answered these questions a lot about your future in and things of that nature. The ought I had a race may come at me in Vegas to say I just don't understand. They say B Stewart Haas says they want him he wants to be there what's the problem what's the hold up. You say you're on affected by this is like God's gonna work itself out there others that aren't as confident what's the latest update how is this process going in and what are you. Everything will work out and it will work out with everything. For me it's about respect and I think we're really close on that I've got great partners with monster energy. They've got my back and what we've been doing together the last six years. I'm in the same thing goes for with fort getting back together with them. I'm now with 67 years in with a forward group and those of the two most important. Groups I've worked with over my years with the family atmosphere and I think Stewart Haas is seeing that now on the way that all these contracts are coming together yourself. I don't think anybody should be stressed and they should be an announcement coming soon. And as just a matter respect and I was looking more Avaya. A contract that that had good. What you would called incentives. To race well to get. Those achievements done and to get paid for those those are things that we all three sport you're gonna go around the snowball derby and win my my little brother did. You know you're going to raise that 101000 dollars those types of things that I wanted to make sure that were part of the contract. When you take a look around before that you know I'm I'm I'm curious future here it's like you're a veteran in this sport and your veteran in this series when you take a look around and you see. I call it an evolution we've got a lot of young drivers coming in. And you know Carl Edwards stepping away Tony Stewart Jeff Gordon Matt Ken says Danica Patrick. Big names in the sport moving on. What do you think about that what are. What are some of the thoughts that go through your mind because I mean you're not too far behind some of those guys that have already left you're trying to obviously. If things worked out what do you make of this evolution in the middle of right now. I have to make a joke about it and one way it's that that tram that's at the airport where you stand on that moving walkway and soon you stand on it. And you get about halfway down you look back you're like oh now this road is taking me. To this point over here on the end and you don't get off that road once you get on him mentally I am so focused to continue to. Point blank kickass and who get trophies and go out there and race hard and that's what's in my DNA out here from getting paid or not I'm going after the trophy. That's what I wanted to do and you have these young guys coming in of course don't wanna stay in there beat those guys because I feel like this is an opportunity. For the veterans to run well against a new crop of drivers that are coming in but. Change always happens people say this people say that the owners of unionized in the small way to be in charge more so than ever have before. And at the end of the day it's up to me to do the things that Mike Helton talks about. And that is to be a janitor. Janitorial effect of this was my duty. To create this platform for the next generation to come in. And to achieve success within that forum. And that's what I'm continuing to try to do is to hold my ground as a champion has a better and and give back to the racing community Lama on this latter part of my career. We wish it investigate everything worked out before the scene in Daytona thanks stopped bottle I have some fun capsule is going to be great at killing the fans are all gathering in thanks again for hosting just everybody for shown up this is really a nice stocks for tots event. That's Kurt Busch more coming up on NASCAR live. Your last bettors are proving tough to perform in temperatures of 140 degrees and forty below zero because when you can start an extreme conditions you can start an everyday conditions like running late for work. A broken alarm should creepy part huge punish. Your last proven tough and only god knows. And right now by leaderless gold or platinum battery and receive between five dollar spending bill gets hurt by mail limit one's. Introducing the Wrangler performance series. A collection of jeans and pants between the new comfort collects waste and for weight flex technology that moves with team. It's the flexibility you need to get more out of every day and type in the year unrealized potential. See where more range of motion takes you. Wrangler performance series. Less restrictions. More living. We're live at stocks for talks in Morrisville North Carolina and this is NASCAR live on the motor racing network the voice of NASCAR. Are you greetings to help children. Get about the serious medical conditions so they can just be a key. It's a victory junction which is the dream of late racetrack when Adam Kennedy wanted to build him up and concentrate on. And I feel. Victory junction kids enjoy sizzle. Horseback ride swimming fishing and medically safe environment only no clause to hamper. What do you say Richard Petty this news. Learn more at victory junction dot org. So what is your favorite drivers really big game. We'll tell you each weekday on gas card today that day getting married has been incredible I. Which I have. Figured all this out sooner we get the latest news from the sport any opinions of NASCAR's biggest stars changing order Ford will open up some opportunities and possibilities and some just here potential for the team that's NASCAR today that day. We gave up a motor racing network. From the NASCAR technical institute in Morrisville North Carolina. This is NASCAR lie. Now back to your host Mike Bagley. We welcome you back to NASCAR live at stops for tots it is since 1989. A staple and a tradition in the offseason that the community gets together that NASCAR community. And does great work for some very deserving folks joining us now Roush Yates engines Doug Yates and how Soria. Don't get this great beer tonight what a great event and this proud to be part of this great NASCAR community in. The things that you TR doing here with John Dotson and now they're biased elites really special night. It is say it is a mainstay we look forward to come into the NASCAR technical institute every year. Would afford to visiting with the great folks like yourself there's a lot of love out there for you in the Yates family has the family don't. Yet son you know us we missed my dad yeah of course he needs a reason while we're here but we're also celebrate his life honoring him and to start carrying on. My mom you know daughter couple times today she's she's had to learn a lot about race and and I engines. Because those are conversation have a my dad but I she's doing great and I have my daughter Sophia here with me tonight so. Their families on great we have incredible fame cleaning crew but here it's we're gonna carry on. And of course we're talking about Robert Gates NASCAR hall of Famer longtime crew chief engine builder car owner. We lost our earlier this year you talk about you know legacy and heritage. It's always been about speed with the gates folks how are things in the speed department here's U and it's an off season. You know it's you know this Tommy era aren't doing it because what's the catch your breath and get a we can without a race certainly about the Daytona 500 men and getting ready for that race or race it my dad love to instill that passion. Of when in the Daytona 500 with me and everybody Roush Yates at four performance so much to solve Kurt Busch had the defending champion happier talk NC and we're looking forward get back to Daytona for speed weeks and and get governor winning you know got a lot of work to do to prepare for. Presidents for the long season had but it always starts with the biggest race of the year's Daytona which is something that I get excited to talk him. But well it's funny you mention her when he was up here he he mentioned that Doug gates at his horse power. He's not the only one to do this he did it sitting in that very chair that you're in right now whenever he says that him and other folks say that they referenced you in your horsepower. A smile comes across the face eyes light up what's it like being able to provide a solution to so many race teams a winning one at that. It some you know Kurtz a great guy and we. For some Martina was in 2004 when what we've had our program again I would Jack Roush of form Roush Yates engines and we want all went on to win the championship back here in essence I was at last seemed to support one that Kurt Busch is especially after four. For performance and Roush Yates engines put. To be able to win the Daytona 500 was lots of guys in Davie Allison was the first 1992 with my bets guard down here. Mac Kansas to win. To win the Daytona 500 with a wood Brothers and Trevor Payne and and and doing Modano and Penske and you know it's just you know there's a lot of so many special memories for that race. And that racetrack for me in my family in. You know assists it's it's an honor to race there and I really feel that way the passion about and the France family loves it here B when people talk about their racetrack and the Daytona 500 and and how special this but it is something that everybody across states understands how awkward is that work hard for. And and just just to be have a shot to get on a winner race gets excited. You know it gets me excited as well to me there's no place on earth like Daytona I mean it is it is our biggest event and a lot of work and a lot of effort goes into that and there's nothing like. You know going to Daytona when others are shoveling snow in word you know either either putting on a park and depending on separate buy it or not or putting some suntan lotion on. And and Daytona is just. It's just that's it's so hard to describe what is it like for you when you put that suitcase in the car and you drive to the plane that you land in Daytona. What what goes through your head. Every hand so it's you know spin. Has been part of growing up my childhood you know that's in the summertime back before you go to Daytona five federal we had to go to school. You know our summer vacation was going Daytona you know and had a week off. Somewhere between there and you would devastate the weaken my dad told us that was our vacation and I and our member women. When when. Richard Petty won its two owners when their that was my dad's engine Ronald Reagan was there Bobby Allison and all that so. So that part but when you load up would get a speed weeks and the excitement is building for that you've worked all year long. It's like going back to school for the first time you see all your friends have been away for summer break. And you Gatorade today a lot of open and compete for the biggest race the biggest trophy in NASCAR and it's just it's hard to describe people like sentenced to summoning memories down I mean recent test out there. You know every winner we've got to learn test for three or four days and we spent so much Tom that are happening now and it is really like a second home. You've won races. You won championships is there anything you lose an engine builder had yet to accomplish such elected. That's you know it's always about an experience you know you always want to win the next championship and I was really proud of our effort this year and then have two cars. Bracket while skiing Kevin Harvick competing frontier tip. And homestead Miami speedway it was something special but I think for us it's it's really about when that next cup championship and asked NASA mission and something we've got to. Keep working hard to get ourselves position and do it. You know we're fortunate you know you speak about racing and we you know we're fortunate we have work to afford it go back to what Bob when they're fifty years after. They won in 1966. Was something really special with a Ford GT and for Edsel Ford that Ford family. We've we've you know through forward. Motor company we've been able accomplished classical things. Lot of people been talking about Toyota what they've been able to do this year lot of buzz about Chevy going to the Camaro in 2018. What are some of the discussions and the meetings like about how four can get up there and and and be a force to be reckoned with we can we count. And you know great teams have pretty honest open discussions about our what do we have these when these things you know and it's and it's tough because we compete every weekend if you don't win you gotta come back to shop and figure out what would he need to do better. So we just need to get every area a little bit better you get. And is better in the body's been there and just keep working and you know Ford has some new things Cummins. Down on the bit for next year we got big in and you know I'd I'd like but I saw Kevin Harvick in the year I was pretty sight going also because it was when the four car. Kevin passed through externally outside Texas united at pentagon hopes inner. Are our shot at winning was really lifted but those guys are really strong and all said they deserve. A big panel back Dave Wilson is gassing Andy graves that they've all been a great job and aren't tricks and Barney Visser and those gas in Colorado just call turn. You know what a special group. And they got to give credit where credit's due those guys did an awesome. Yup it's here it's it's gonna by having holidays to you game makers and thank thank you investigates of Roush Yates engines joining us. Come up more from stocks for top tier and forceful North Carolina. Race fans do you have an old car motorcycle voter RB just taking up space. What that vehicle was good news by donating it to the NASCAR foundation. Your donated vehicle will help kids and how racy communities live happier healthier lives simply call 84 for NASCAR and ninth. More vehicles will be told an auction you've got a tax deduction and the NASCAR foundation gets the proceeds. Again to donate please call eight full sport NASCAR now. You're Smart you got your own trucking business making it happen. What if I told you there's a place online where you could connect with other Smart owner operators just like to get. It's an online community called teen runs. Where people share advice on track maintenance feel safe and healthy habits on the road and so much more faults make your business more profitable. And it's all free. His team run Smart dot com today to check it out you'll be glad he did teen run Smart dot com brought to you by freight liner tracks. We're live at stocks for tots in Morrisville North Carolina and this is NASCAR live on the motor racing network the voice of NASCAR. Why sport for the one true reality entertainment where a single dramatic moment had become prime. In NASCAR motor racing network live broadcast elevate your senses for the sights sounds and struggles to. He played the racetrack Danica Patrick took a break. I side. On the power of radios to the imagination of the listener to tune in for the motor racing network. Visit MRN dot com for an affiliate listed your local area. MRN dot com. Your online destination for all things NASCAR looking for the latest NASCAR news MRN dot com. NASCAR stands for fantasy racing MRN dot com opinion pieces from award winning motor sports writers MRN dot com. Rescheduled series standings and photos Ameren dot com. Live free streaming of audio and video podcast that you can't miss MRN dot com. Stay up to date would all things NASCAR MRN dot com. From the NASCAR technical institute in Morrisville North Carolina. This is NASCAR live. Now back to your host Mike Bagley. We our lives here at stocks were taught so legislating your Tuesday night without coming up next week on NASCAR live. We're gonna give an on court presentation to the road to the cup you heard it. Friday night actually Thursday night at the win in Las Vegas the prelude to the monster energy NASCAR cup series awards ceremony. We'll give you an encore. Performance of batter an encore play of that if you will. Coming up next week on NASCAR live also. Biden's a business we want to address first of all our thoughts and prayers go out to a couple of sets of folks first of all jacking from. Was involved in a horrific accident this past weekend pretty banged up he's in the hospital. But we hear that making some progress our thoughts are going up obviously Jack and that one that hit close to home our very own Dan Hubbard. Lost his mother yesterday or thoughts and prayers with the Ingram family and also with our internal family here and a Moran and Hubbard family as well. And that we have you take some time and include them in your prayers as well as we continue on here. It's stocks were taught that bring in Chris pusher JTG. Already racing Howard and yet it just hang in afternoon sun Smart dresses always. An excellent show news this this turnout is pretty impressive so nice to that be would get in a have a coming out here year to year end up being a part of it's amazing when they call. Not many people say no that's a call that all of us when we get to be a part of it yeah it's it's tons of people with tons of and so every cent of drivers. Out on the personalities out here just be able to come out here in you do everything for stock for tots for a good cause and you know for other people they come from from all over the country just for this advantage really neat. 2070. That is done that so we're glad it's over learned a lot it was good year. And the grand scheme things we you know little bit of a slow start. Got some things ironed out throughout the seasons of both stuff that we felt like we need to work on you really excited for next year. As well you know the seventeenth season you always learn in united together lies racetracks and Sonoma. More than their twice at this point you know it's you know something that and I too nervous qualifying effort of the season to slip up at I don't know acting. Lucky against but it. In overall a decent season we we had some really good good eyes and you know a few too many was that that we don't want talk about it too much but. Learn a lot it's good could be it would ahead in the 28 team with with a game plan we got a lot of changes to the off season. Shops a little bit slow right now but I I guarantee it didn't really pick up in in a big way. Well everybody taking some deserve time off obviously coming up through December and the holidays and the like you know our sport is unique. You know we used to be able to test say some wanted to test and now obviously we had a a formal testing program. I know there's a big organizational test coming up in Las Vegas in early January. But being that you don't have the opportunity to get on the racetrack and and test test test and and get into the shop and and work on things that go try them out at the track. Really you've got to kind of wait until the racing season begins. At what point do you know yet headed down the right path or perhaps maybe 8080 to change course how long how long does it take to realize that well. Unfortunately Daytona doesn't tell you anything that's a you can throw those first two weeks out the window. You go to Phoenix and you feel it's been tough racetrack for me in general. In every series that run their so I don't dyke comic is judged for her program at that racetrack but you know as we get through that West Coast swing. You have win as a whole other animal with a with a group there but. You give it five you know seven races you know pretty good idea where you're at what you need to work on and if if what you did in the offseason was a step in the right direction I feel like south. I won't take too long and he canceled and you can't ever stop you can ever get complacent with where you're at weight down through the offseason you're always learning. There's always wind tunnel time there's always data coming in from different sim from different people. You know trying to get the best product summary fair can it possibly can we have some. Awesome awesome news with the with the money eighteen Camaro. For up for next season two really good looking car really excited about that. You know its first update for for the Chevrolet for handful of years now so. But to get things come and down. We rated program run. I was gonna ask you about that lot of savvy folks have been in hot pursuit. Of other makes on the racetrack it's been no. There's been no hiding that there's been no disguising that that you know the the blue oval at the bow ties have been trying to keep pace with the Toyota's. What do you think the move to the cut Merrill's gonna do in 2018 is that. Is that at performance boost that you anticipate will help bridge that gap that seemed to be larger there at the end of the year. You know destroy a visual aspect. You have to say yes. You know again until we really get that on track time with it we can't give you a good answer but I definitely think it's a step in the right direction just. Looking at it you know looking at the other manufactures in you know what we're trying to get after it in game. Everything looks like you stepped right corrections a more aggressive looking car which is awesome four for the fans have for us just from you know. Pleasing to the as the as it is they looked. You know go to C the Camaro getting a muscle car back in the top level of of our sport that's pretty neat. You know it's it's a good move and everything that we've seen so that's going to be a really good thing. And once again contract in really feel that will have a better understanding and you're trying to find team from there but you wind tunnel time can only tell you so much right. Straight line testing right it's. Clean air one car. Tryon trying to get it you know through the tunnel and see which you can harvest until you get on track in your thrown in the corner you're side by side or. Unfortunately for five wives some of these places and fortunately for me that's. Up front runner but. Photo think you know we'll have a little bit done is that it to get a run any sewer rat before that you go. What are Christmas is like in the bush or house. There. There small it's let's canonize we gather. It's about this to taxes. You'll see not my family down Austin area now news. Loose out. Three and a half hours and and ended in our recovering ground so it's they say. That it is it's nice it's. Last season wearing T shirts outside. On mount Christmas Day. I anticipate that we might have the same thing but it's small group like Emmitt to younger sisters once coming home from college. The other one will be be working on and off throughout the Christmas holiday but. That is nice to get to see everybody again we don't have. Much downtime through season is usually only two off we can this past year this was have a strange deal but. It didn't get much time with with everybody and you know with the market it's hard for them that come a lot of races but. That was stricken one or two different ones every year and trying to experience and so my pants exit in the Martinsville this season while. The second one because they want to see some different even though they got their money's worth that they did. And then. You know that money's worth. Went towards coats and jackets in did. Hot chocolate so. Mark of Saldana hot chocolate for what I'm assuming is pro the first time. But I thought it other than hot dogs for hot chocolate you thought not the case does not look at a public of economic hardly any time soon but. But I enjoyed it in the car it was great it is like sixty degrees inside ought to be skate you guys and they like that they. Which it can abide absolutely thank you appreciate have fun and don't agility in Daytona simply point Chris butcher JTG. Dow party racing joining us. Of course drives the number 37 car sharing the driving responsibilities at AJ on Monday here. Over at JTG. Coming up or from stocks for tots they're filing and autographs being signed it. It's a grand old time here more so so glad you're spending your Tuesday night without us. In racing there is no greater feeling there is no greater history. There is no greater tradition that that Daytona 500. And this February 18. There is no greater place to be as the great American race celebrates its sixtieth running. Last year sold out so there was no greater time than now to guarantee your seats join us for the history making sixtieth running of the Daytona five. February 18. Guarantee you received at 1800 this shop or Daytona 500 dot com. Drug cantor and NASCAR USA is giving one lucky listener a trip to the 2018 Daytona 500. We'll tell you the country music artists to perform and a driver who won the Daytona 500. You tell us what year it happened if the Daytona 503 Y log on Ameren dot com for. What flash has started USA review it fit the entries like the deep tailspin for tickets for the Daytona 500 call 1800 pick shop or visit Daytona 500 dot. Well we're live at stocks for tots and Morrisville North Carolina and this is NASCAR live on the motor racing network the voice of NASCAR. Motor racing network has always been your source for motors. Were discovered when you couldn't be at the track now never miss another minute about breathtaking coverage. Would be no more NF available on your iPhone or android device this free app delivers all the latest news. Locates nearby Seymour is stationed. Stream your favorite programs and if you're hope alive cup practice and qualifying action. Search him or any App Store or on Google it's the motor racing network at your fingertips and it's available for free right now. When the smoke settles the entertainment never stops it's supposed to be and fun on race weekends your favorite NASCAR personality isn't everyday superhero that's. But when they leave the racetrack they're just like everyone out so I've killed myself or Steve balance with the my professional life I'm Cindy Armstrong joining. Vienna daily journey as we discussed their hot topics. And engaging personalities. Of NASCAR nation majors world of racing quick updates on the motor racing network. From the NASCAR technical institute in Morrisville North Carolina. This is NASCAR live. Now back to your host Mike Bagley. Burn all along here on this Tuesday night here in forceful North Carolina we've already visited with Chris butcher Kurt Busch Doug gates. Let's talk old NASCAR Camping World truck series with John how many reject coverage on hundred and get an area known fantastic you know fantastic impound about it. I am it's their flame glass there's a lot of people here for a great cause. And I think the essence I don't even know what you're uses for me coming here I remember coming here would that is just a little kitten. Simon gives your cards with him we've backed candidates have. It's deathly fund to grow up and see the same people each and every years and one and it supports Oxford tops your very humble. Young man you're very humble race car driver but when you go from a situation where you were tagging along with that. To now almost that is tagging along with you. What is that transition like to be on one side of things and now be on some on the toll difference up well I've always been college's kids now I think it's. Starting to turn the point where it's hate your job hunters that. That's kind of going here one day so it's definitely cool to be able to come out here and him tag along with me inside tagged along with him that. He's not retired yet that's for series still active and he still has that desire and drive just like he did way back in the day you have an awesome situation because there are a lot of young men your rage. Listening to this very radio program or. How fair that is a part of the NASCAR fan them that would love to spend every weekend at the racetrack but spend every weekend with dad what's it like. Having that relationship with your father being without hanging out of the race track in race trucks or cars or everyone race it's definitely special now. And growing up. When I was trying to Nelson legacy cars and quarter midget some go carts and kind of progressing through during the super late models that lives outrunning cap and extended B and and pretty much anything he could drive on the weekend so he wasn't there for most viruses most of our phone calls were either over face timer. On the phone just talking and texting during practice sessions. So it was really really cool for him to be able says. And tended to have that father son you know now. And being able to go to the racetrack together spend this much time as we can together after a shot. He's definitely taught me a lot he's been great boss dad mentor and I advisor pretty much everything that you can ask for one he's he's been really get to mean. I can't thank him for everything he's done for me back and deftly that that father son bond is very very special. 2017. Which take away what are Wear something to think about what to think of this past races. Probably should have been that final four homestead where one spot short. At Phoenix on make an enemy must win situation which kind of states that. Overall. I'd have to say it was a decent here for our. Our an income motorsports scene. It was up and down here rollercoaster year for sure we had really fast trucks each and every weekend it. We had quite a few mechanical failures we we have. Some hard learning on the Mayan as a driver. Had to have to learn some stuff the hard way that overall I say it was a pretty decent year making it says there around six on listening into the final four happened to win some. Have been some really get grounds I just wish we can put the whole season again. The amazing thing about you your race team in your story is this is a story that involves. Pleading and it involves asking an an involves trying to get folks to invest in the race team. What do you think about your success and when he seventeenth and the message that sends to somebody out there that wants to invest in a race to a race winning rate and. Yeah. During the middle of the year we did know we're going to be able to finish a year we didn't have enough sponsorship been and of sponsorship. They get from Daytona until about middle of July and clean it up. That the last two races that we said that we are gonna get to you before we were gonna have to call it quits his view of the funding situation we ended up winning back to back so. That was really really special is kind of a relief after the start of the year that we have. You bet feel like our team can win when we go to the racetrack. We we've run up front we finish second quite a few times which. His first loser. Definitely felt good about our equipment and I feel like this your equipment has been better than. There has been in years past. Definitely creepy guys I feel like was vetted and and the communication was better at the skills were better and everything was fallen into place we just didn't put it together and as a team wins we needed. 2008 team. I think to look at. Pretty good pretty dead hopefully we'll have some here to announce some he says with a smile I hit it in the next week yourself. I'm looking forward if that's when he team getting kicked off Kalish we're star race and right now so. And first I can't talk about it right now on what the plans are and really looking forward to world what's going to be happening in the near future. Still race for the Stanley. And I believe if you actually go on my social media page we just threw out another teaser tonight. That. Hi Alex you decide comes on the idea. We'll be working folks find that you can go on my answer payments for your page FaceBook page at JH Nina Jenkins or on my handles. And some actually getting taken out except I think you appreciate it from. John hotter David Jack. All I he had to stand and up here in the last season that's when he seventeenth season. In the NASCAR Camping World truck series at of course we will stay tuned able wait to see what's next for John Connor. In 2018. More coming up from Morrisville Sam Hornish junior. In the on deck circle here as read it to you live in morsel North Carolina. Race fans. Visit Camping World concorde for convenient one stop shopping on Al Gore thestreet top rated RVs and quality service client RB and enroll in the good Sammy Lee loyalty program. Hopefully incidents done that over 2000 dollars. Browse over 101000 Camping World products and accessories in America's largest RV dealer network. Was shot to talk manufactured for fiscal. He's got a newborn Ford Motor coach Winnebago and anymore America's number one RV dealer has something for everyone. You could Camping World until a court today TV was reporting the open disclaimers. It's not fair host of America's failed at Harding NASCAR USA. Is everywhere. We didn't get the NASCAR racing who you are. The hottest hit the country music. The motor racing network woody won't include NASCAR news and hammer and hit supporters please vote the father taught. We'll have pictures and I'm like you can't get anywhere else will be here in weekend for Nat guard US that. We're live at stocks for tots in Morrisville North Carolina and this is NASCAR live on the motor racing network the voice of NASCAR. FaceBook and Twitter MR and is there following are on social media for. For all the latest happenings from the track and in NASCAR breaking news video photo a lot of races and shows stacks of Indian envoy. Marlins FaceBook and Twitter. Citywide to countryside. What ever you drive wherever you go. Hercules tires has the value selection and industry leading war team to get you there. No matter where the road takes you. To learn more visit Hercules tired dot com. Hercules tires right and our strength. Went adrift and map out MRI and stations along your route. Hillary and on your local stations to an end. From the NASCAR technical institute in Morrisville the Carolina. This is NASCAR line. Now back to your host Mike Bagley. Welcome back to stocks stocks for tots that is Mike Bagley here in the M barring crew. In Morrisville North Carolina joined by Sam Hornish junior without Sam. Oh not too much just. Enjoying being out of the car for a little while it drove down from Ohio today. It rained from Columbus, Ohio. Only here so. It's kind of a little bit longer Davis I think that's. I got a 500 miles into the there's some good with that so how far how many miles is it from Ohio and where you live in Ohio and here. In more and yet the kids went every drive back and fort they get all excited and recovered from here we get our act and how my congratulations were fifteen minutes from being halfway when we hit yeah. Where it's it's about 540 miles. It's the distance but. It means a lot to me what's you know nearly thirty years of what Don Miller and everybody here's been doing because if they're working on. Don called me couple weeks ago he was I don't know if you know witnesses for the kids so. You know I love getting opportunities to talk with him enough. Obviously be out here tonight to see a lot of lessons in sport and it's hockey guys well. Last time we saw you here homestead Miami speedway in. Had some so it's good times there and even in the car a little bit this year. A lot of folks mission whats is the what's the status of the Sam Hornish junior racing career right now. I don't have any idea right now. Dumb waiting to figure out what's gonna happen for next year. Normally my phone doesn't ring until probably the second or third week of December once everything settles down people start Karen. Figured out you know where they are what they have all been. You know what kind of races there are going to be open I think that when you look at some of the truck teams you know shut down and things like that movement around. When I thought that I was gonna get more races because of the cup drivers not being able to do certain dates. With the way those things worked out it it may take away from the ability for me to get the car but. Regardless. You are I'm looking forward to hopefully get himself than. Populated at least run a limited schedule. On the scene gradual whole lot of listening to. People talk about racing or I watched racing where more than I I get to drive enable it I still enjoy it. You know looking back at homestead. You know. Just a great weekend as far as not only for for mean team Penske being able to win the owner's championship but I think the rules work to see all the each series play out the way that they did you know lots of good stories that there are lots of good racing and so I was excited about that and you know being a fan it's harder than being in the car a lot of times because like. He ought to have a favorite driver so it has picked like you know. Who'd like. What I wanna see win. Better than some other guys right you know it was in it's pretty interesting argue OK being at the bill in guy you are you okay being that. Limited schedule god or. If if the right opportunity came calling you would consider a full time move back into the race car. You know if we lived in and morsel still full time I would say that I would be working really hard to get a full time job but since we're not. You know both my. Wife's family and my family are from Ohio ten we grew up ten miles apart from each other so. Her sister her mom and dad. My mom and dad my Brothers and sisters and just the rest of the family and it's all in that area within half an hour or so who you know it just. That draws its back with the kids wanting them to be close to their grandparents when they're young and to have those interactions with the cousins and things like that. Kind of trumps the wanting to or getting to do what I wanna do. And I know how hard it is to I I tried it for. For four and a half years to be a stock car driver living in Ohio community to North Carolina and it doesn't work very well. I do know that. You know when put in a car and not getting right into on a restart that you know we finished second second first and extended series this year. So I I know that's. You know I still can get the job done even on a limited schedule and I know how much fun I have beating according to a good race car. And I've got a little bits fall by the fact that. I get to go into a lot of things with my kids on the weekends I get into it watching races once a while I get to get in the car a lot that are in two run well. So it's kinda like the best of both worlds right now I know that I get a lot of support my fans that tell me man we really wish that you are there more often. In some ways I've I wish I was put in a lot of ways I'm glad. And I'm excited about being able to spend time with my kids while they're little and still want to spend time with that stuff. That's okay yeah that's key because at some point time they're gonna have their own lives you know and it's rapidly approaching with 96 in the three year old. You know my my girls do competitive stance since their first year doing that right you know they've they've got school Leo they've got all these things going on and I'm like man. How are you. Nine and six and you have more social life and excited about sums it up but there was only if there was only two things around my agenda that was Racine and whatever else I had to do so that I could go racing so trying to get my school work on that stuff so yeah I just. You know I I kinda drill bit and as a sheltered child you know. I mean I got to travel all over the world you know racing go carts and other kinds of cars and just really have enjoyed. The public and I would say that. You know I I wouldn't have traded it for anything there's things that I would do differently for sure. And probably the biggest one would be that when I made that initial jump in the stock cars that I would have moved to Charlotte Morse malaria full time. I believe that that would help now a lot of things that I would price them before time in the my belief well we leveling these over the racetrack we appreciate it stop and by the might be in a part of this and we'll four to see the abstract the 28 teams are and I appreciated I love hearing you guys in the morning and you're reviewed each other all that stuff one of these days I'll I'll have to call in. Says that like them bomb bomb you know from from Minnesota or something like that see if IKEA in particular that you don't throw something out about run and it's restrictor plate is on a I move he had some great patience you know it's the fifth with some people but is it it is it is hilarious. You know. Listen to fans and you even listen to the races and just all that stuff that you get to this little bit as a driver I grew up. Being a fan first and foremost so it's kind of like being a kid again appreciate combine art thank you Sam Hornish junior Johnny gets more coming up from stocks for tots. It. Are you in the concrete construction waste industry are repair bills starting to pile up as your current knicks are adults or. Always trucks start the show it's age before you make that plunged consider an alternative to find new move the house we TT second generation program is the complete. For punishment other existing. Without the hefty price tag that comes whether to extend the life of your current front today and give yourself an economical turned. For more information visit LB dot com. Barbara over forty years. Drug cantor and NASCAR USA is giving one lucky listener a trip to the 2018 Daytona 500. We'll tell you the country music artists to perform and a driver who won the Daytona 500. You tell us what year it happened at the Daytona 503. Y log on Ameren dot com. What flash NASCAR USA would you answer the countryside for details and for tickets for the Daytona 500 call 1800 pitch up or visit Daytona 500 dot. We're live at stocks for talks in Morrisville North Carolina. And this is NASCAR live on the motor racing network the voice of NASCAR. M Orleans where. Loosening the greatest races in NASCAR history Richard Petty company outside of it apart from their latest. Victoria's ME ST. Thursdays at 1 PM eastern on MRN dot com. On Ameren dot com. When the smoke settles the entertainment never stops all you know Stanley's blown race weekends your favorite NASCAR personality isn't everyday superhero type snowplows you will plant we'll when they leave. To the racetrack. There's just like everyone else we just have to find the value package that connects. New generation of fans senses the Armstrong. Join me on a daily journey as we just does not hot topics engaging personalities. Of NASCAR nation midyear it's world of racing quick updates on the motor racing network. From the NASCAR technical institute in Morrisville North Carolina. This is NASCAR alive. Now back to your host Mike Bagley. Thank you so much for joining us here live from Morrisville North Carolina. As we are joined by the legendary executive director of the NASCAR hall of fame and lead pit reporter for motor racing network Winston Kelley with a WR bank. Legend there is a nice way of saying oh but that's okay we use yes. Great view Ursula people there on realize it's an idea than this it's like a reunion. You know cica has like which mock body nobody beat you don't get to see every day. It's a fantastic. And those and we got to get scratched the surface we've already heard from. Kurt Busch Sam Hornish junior got Ryan Newman here got Bobby the bodies in the house. We've got to a lot of the newer drivers that race and the Camping World truck series and in the KN pro series east and west this is a great opportunity to come together when we start the show I talked about it that the community comes together. Not just on the map not just in more on the surrounding areas but the NASCAR community and all you need to do is one phone call and you're here. Yeah and and anti and Don Moehler and everybody's been so much for this community and like you sit somebody gives you call you this things on the calendar Avery you're you're 11100 C people. You see some of the same fans every year in the and you see some new fans and is just a great way. To have a kick off the holidays and get get back to the community and Don has been doing so much for some years it's just a pleasure to be here glad to have him aren't you. So Juan speaking of the holidays and what holiday wise is going on of the natural. Well we've got our holidays at the hall but there's a lot of activities and got a nice recap front of the NASCAR hall thank. We'll do to breakfast with Santa December of the 68 December the 23. This week we've got a lot of NASCAR banquet we got the Camping World truck series Kennedy banquet that's on Thursday army you know not Saturday night. Then we got the wheel and all American series and all the touring series of folks. From Oliver North American Europe that are going to be here but that banquet and then December the 26 the day after Christmas. We do what we call and deck the hall. You come and ask Carl thank you remember you come in for free you buy a ticket you comment you get to help us un decorate the hall and you'd get an item. That one of the race teams has donated to assume that we have on the trees. It could be anything from some sheet metal to a sign had those type of things that great activity brilliant. And then it's all labor costs. One of the few ideas. These days are about people can come up with that this is going to be our eighth annual lax and we started. In 2002 in and then we're gonna crank up the induction ceremony activities in January. More coming up here at Morrisville and stocks were not says we are in the stretch run of NASCAR live here for this to. Tuesday night. Her last bettors are proving tough to performer temperatures of 140 degrees and forty below zero because when you can start an extreme conditions you can start an everyday conditions like running late for work. A broken alarm. Creepy person to punish. It's proven tough and only god knows. And right now by you during last gold or platinum battery and receive between five dollar spending bill Gephardt by mail limit one's. Introducing Wrangler outdoors. Pants and shirts to keep you dry and comfortable in all conditions. Featuring quick drying water repellent fabric and you PF protection. Wrangler outdoor insurers you're ready for wherever the day takes. Whether it's a walk in the city bird trek in the wilderness. Wrangler outdoor clothing with every day versatility and outdoor credibility. From the NASCAR technical institute in Morrisville North Carolina. This is NASCAR lie. Now back to your host Mike back. Welcome back to. With the NASCAR technical institute. Spending time with Winston Kelley motor racing network and the NASCAR hall of fame with she's talked a moment ago. About. A lot of banquet activity this weekend and giving a truck series in the miniseries on Saturday night we talk about the touring series. Then we've got the NT series the Euro series that he Mexico's series. All these young race car drivers coming in and well older race car drivers like that's got to be a big thrill to be in the ballroom. That we told the NASCAR hall of fame induction ceremony it. And one of the things they really enjoyed we have all of their cars whether it's dictated series that we would modified seed to win them all Americans use we have their cars. In the great hall of the NASCAR hall thank. All week and then we got our Wheeler hall at champions exhibit. That every champion from the east touring series of national series there name goes into it to exploit in the NASCAR hall thanks so they'll comment. On Thursday night they'll steal they're name often get to see it pictures made with the sum up like that Kobe is the number of them but there's other guys you know this the first time they've been in and we have a private dinner they would just champions of the week. And then getting to have the dinner the crown ballroom right adjacent to the NASCAR hall of fame where we do the induction ceremony. It's a really big deal for them but it's a big deal for us that's the foundation. Of NASCAR. And that's kind of our grassroots and whether somebody has been around a while like that be. For one of the up and coming gas you know like Todd Gillman and William Barron has come through there is a NN pro series west and it's a big deal to them but it's a big deal to us to have the past and the present marched together. Appreciate you stopping by as always and back at the what's it supposed to take you out to attend going on NASCAR hall not compensated happy holidays to everybody thank you Winston Winston Kelley motor racing network. And the executive director. Other NASCAR hall of fame it's such a fast hour when we come to the NASCAR. The NASCAR technical institute for stocks for tots or time it's just about up here for 2017. But. Do yourself a favor go to stops for tots dot com. And even though you aren't here. You can be a part of things as well thanks to everybody for stopping bottom line again next week. We're gonna run an encore presentation of the road to the cup you heard that Thursday night at the NASCAR awards ceremony in Las Vegas. So sit back relax and enjoy that our thanks to Jeff Hauser rich call Brett. Doug Watson and those that let assistants here. In Morrisville I'm Mike badly for the rest of the emirate group thank you so much for joining us again next week it's the road the cup and we got a whole lot more special. Planned for you coming up here before we shot the season down. For 2070. Checkered flag in the air our time is up this week and I always lines that we don't you saw everybody in network studios in Concord, North Carolina. And Daytona Beach sport and was brought to you by Hercules tires. Right on our story. Today's broadcast was produced by original. Remember to visit MR and dot com to get all of the latest NASCAR news and information NASCAR live this produced under and exclusive license with the NASCAR. Any use of the counter descriptions contained in this broadcast. Plus he would you express written permission of NASCAR and the motor racing network.