NASCAR Hall of Fame inductee Ron Hornaday

Thursday, January 18th

The 2018 Class is set to be inducted January 19 in Charlotte. Today, we focus on the four time truck champ


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NASCAR hall of fame class of 2018 is set to be inducted this week. Red Byron Ken Squier race every hand and Robert Gates will be officially and a total home. As will one other today we highlight the fourth time truck champ Ron Hornaday. I'm when he came just as contracts. On the motor racing network. Calling all admirers of the king regular that in the FD. Pontiac he had no place for you celebrate the life and career of NASCAR's all time win leader Richard Petty it came back and wait they need. From the legend behind the king's famous brown took thrills and spills at the hall of Famer had over the planning at all. It's Richard Petty truth to royalty and it's available for free to download on iTunes and MR IN dot com. Victory junction was generation driver Adam Kennedy's dream and he worked toward building a camp for children with serious medical. Concentrate on fire and now your illness or disease. When he died tragically his family and friends around NASCAR made sure that dream came true. Today victory junction music camp that provides a life changing experiences and children deal. Disabilities and all I know it's the camp and help us serve more chilled by visiting victory junction dot org. I know. Good run advantage. It's official Kevin Harvick will win tonight the Lucas Oil went fifty it's also official that Ron Hornaday has won his fourth. NASCAR Camping World truck series championship. Nobody has more truck titles and Ron Hornaday junior. The second generation driver from Palmdale California. Also leads the way in top five in top ten finishes but seven time cup champion Jimmie Johnson says stats don't tell the whole story. I've moved in they would let me about it stay there for six months tell run on the wanted to Charlie writes found a home that night before and it's like goodbye. And Bob offers now so they've been. And an amazing to me into many others in the sport not just drivers and their officials walking up and down pit road that evolved. Booked at his home. Crew members from from all over the place brought touch based source or not only Sudanese and on the track but some things off the track on the track. Hornaday produce some of NASCAR's most memorable moments. Richard Petty Bobby Allison and now Ron Hornaday winners of I have consecutive races in a row they're NASCAR careers after breaking through for his maiden victory just a few weeks ago Ron Hornaday sports tracker is for the second timing. It is NASCAR Busch Series career winningest driver in series history takes home a win here at The Milwaukee Mile. I'm a big celebration ensues for the man who today turns 51 years of age. They won't we have the president challenged 100. It thousand dollars this Ron Hornaday has one don't want hundredth NASCAR craftsman truck series. Former cup champion Kevin Harvick is another top driver who spent time on Hornaday scouts on the way to stardom. He says there are few who can match the impact Hornaday has on NASCAR. Guys got fortunately chips came along with the start of the series changed. The complexion of the sport strokes or one of the icons of our sport Dale Earnhardt started truck series hasn't chassis shop the the race and all the regional played all series that you know every short track and cross country and didn't have a drive for me it you know the history that Ron and I have together from a personal stamp. It's just neat to see the motor racing network salutes 2018. NASCAR hall of fame inductees. Ron Hornaday junior this is contracts for Thursday January 18. Join us Friday night at eight for live coverage of the NASCAR hall of fame induction ceremony from Charlotte. I'm what he came in Concord, North Carolina.