Nancy Know It All - Showing Up the Bride?

Tuesday, May 22nd

A Bride-to-be is worried one of her bridesmaids will look better than her and show her up at her wedding! What should she do Nancy??

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Solid lines and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com and she knows every day. It was more it. It's time to ask Nancy you know. Her name is being well and she knows everything and if you just wait a couple of seconds she'll tell you yeah I again and again and again that she knows everything and here is. An email. That I received. Last week looking for a little bit of advice from Nancy. I am 36 years old and getting married next month well congratulations. My sister in law who is 24. Showed me the dress she is going to Wear last night. And it is the tightest. Most inappropriate. Thing for a wedding hate this Jimenez happens. I feel like I need that help her. That she cannot Wear this stress to my wedding and I have invested an awful lot in this. And don't want her embarrassing. May rates. Your thoughts on this. Act in you have to tread lightly where it's an analog but. If it's outrageous because she's clearly just trying to show up the bride. You have women that go to weddings that do this is LA you know it's like Kelly can pour of weddings on the office. And they show up wearing a white dress with big dazzled. Sequined beautiful this sort of act gonna confuse me for the pride kick. You. I don't know respect for the bride is ever it's your day you felt like you look nice. I think for the most part people know when they're gonna Wear something that's either wildly inappropriate or will gap at like gain a ton of attention which it sounds like this particular dress. Is gonna do yacht. This happened. Actually we is. The royal wedding. And the best friends of princess Meghann her. Whose name is Jessica mall Rooney question to. And she did she wore this dress and did a football middle and walked up the stairs the and they're saying. That she actually hold key now this is so cool you you women are to each other that she actually pull. People that she was buying this. Specific dress because there are but look so good and there and that she was going to Wear it specifically at the wedding took pole. A pit which would be taking away right. Taking away the attention from her best friend. The bride and the next gala Marco Erica. Did Markel even had to we're like this dowdy. Elaine boat next thing because they couldn't jazz are up too much as everybody was already questionable matters like it did dump her wedding dress down there are so plain here's a 301. Text that says. Too bad brides Villa he should hit the gym a little bit more laughs and there was that that's Maryland it's. I mean are again. Don't. A lot of people when you have an opportunity. To move forward like. She wants to Wear the dress because he's gonna be a smoke and the place is full of other billionaire. People. Like guys write so strong Lazio's I think there's got to shut this is her shot she's like okay so far where the smoke showed dress. Then there's going to be some other billionaire. Morning something that's gonna we only I'm going to be set for life. Didn't do we clarifying. It. Sister in law is it did husband to be sister doesn't I don't have why doesn't that we don't know nation generic and as they say that that also plays into is that it's. If it's the husband to bees sister. This could be. A little no one's ever gonna be enough my brother global mob and all real little. I never thought yeah. Think about where where elation she is with a bright it's on the bright side and it's like no big conflicted comedy don't but if it's if it's on the green room inside that makes even more sketchy it. Here's a text that says is so if you find address the love for a wedding and you look good and it you can't Wear it because the dry grass feels bad about it now. We're at somewhere else. That's not only. The worst mark. Supposed to show up in a chance I would argue well the club I don't know what I again everybody gets dressed up for winning you don't you don't buy the level of dress up the OLD. That's just because yeah healing. It's not yes and there is wearing a wedding dress it's as tight as any host is being catty she. Megan was wearing I'd at a wedding dress it was probably worth. 175000. Dollars so no matter is when anybody else ward of the wedding hasn't chair it's Harkin and leaving holes so. This text says you never show. The if I ever. Did Steelers only wireless is not a huge guy out. What I know you we will always appear racquet had a good so yeah. You go to all wearing. And look. The EU wake up in the morning your arm going in my veterans warning from one to make sure we'll part crap you don't have to look like crappy you don't want to upstage the bright you don't wanna go where something that outrageously shall we that you know is in together a lot of attention. You can look perfectly put together and beautiful and elegant. Without. Bowling or I however. Would like to thank. Was all my heart's. Jessica mall Rooney for doing just that. And Schilling I'm Megan Markel and that amazing bluegrass all right well I think we have the we got the word from Nancy Nolan all. Tellers. Somebody teller that she's the pick different drafts and it's not. Jews do revealing.