Nancy Know It All - Sexy Sales Vacation

Tuesday, March 13th

On this week’s Nancy Know It All, we have a member of the pharmaceutical community who is concerned that one of his sales people might be going on a sexy vacation with one of her clients. Listen to hear what Nancy says about this.


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com so she knows every day. Super attractive pictures of this morning. And to ask Nancy no it. That's. All right. I email. At the end of the week last week from a guy who listens to the show who of course as always during Nancy Nolan all wanted to remain anonymous but. I'll read it verbatim for you. I am a pharmaceutical. Rep for a local company and yesterday. My co worker who is 829. Year old woman. Told me randomly that she was going to Florida this weekend to escape the weather. As we discussed it further. She mentioned that she was going with the eight client. Alarms it. As they started to discuss it whether it sounded to me like it was something that was wildly inappropriate. And that we do have a policy here work with regard to still accepting gifts. I'm wondering if Nancy no it all things that. Art art to inform. My sales manager about fifth and it has a mile away in a room. B now is it possible that she just has the very generous. Not client who is that's a bonus topping the eyes the whole. Cleared out of out of a well in these larger. Well and there was no salespeople since the beginning of sales and herself with clients. Though it is it not possible that that they're going as platonic friends the Florida to get away from the winter storm it and I alien and its highly. But you don't think I wouldn't get in all of the care. Kennedy you you have no way to prove that anything untoward is going on and then you're just gonna look like you know. Arsenic eight Ambien and what are thought she'd ever conference has not recovered and then just gonna say finally you're jealous that she's young and she's doing well and whatever it might be. I think that there are other kind of crafty ways that you could. Hint that there might be something appropriate going on mid conversation if you want to purchase a passive aggressive manner heat and let something slip in front of someone and they like. I'm Irish I got to Florida last week how firm mechanical edge devices the could you Eminem grant that I wouldn't I wouldn't you know I wouldn't have to sit. Now the boss just yet it's kind of unfair for him. Because he can't go away with the the dug this though doctors won't make the female doctors about the taken away on a trip to Florida and defaulted on and they're he says a man so the so he should not your advice is not too informed the sales manager. But maybe in the about it so it can't about it a little bit when she gets back in the meeting like point out that she hasn't and then and ask her who she went to Florida withers the committee she posts on social and she and we went into the script and the hard work here outset the water cooler really. Why it is so I can't believe you don't fly at the same time as the little from northeast to bison back cheering them pretty they blew you guys seen in the same better align the. Jay is yet. Did you ever insignia and did you think Tia and begun a chaplain muted than him. The 781. Texas says I don't know if you know or not. But these pharma reps are all smoke cinema. Yeah I. I have all the offensive women that I now actually reduce that have worked in the pharma sales industry Dave Altman should attractive. Here's the Texas says maybe they are discussing sales performance on the debate such. Maybe that's where there may be that is obtained yeah.