Nancy Know It All - Lying to Your Boss for a Friend?

Wednesday, March 21st

A listener writes in that she has befriended a co worker recently, and he asks her to cover for him to their boss so he can go watch his son play baseball. She is uncomfortable doing it, how should she handle the situation? Lets ask Danielle aka Nancy Know it all!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com that she knows every day. And to ask Nancy you know. Yeah. Austria's willingness to enter Iran and you hear every day on this program and she uses accompli and uttered though it all just ask yourself. Here's the email area. And it's you know all this week and leader able to help this listener out. I'm 831 year old woman. And I work closely with the 47 year old got. We had become pretty close in a work friendship way. His son. Made the high school baseball team this year. And he has recently. Been sneaking out of work early to go to games. He asked me. That cover for him and lie to our boss about where he actually it is. I do like him but I'm not sure that I should be lying. To me management. On his behalf yeah. What does Nancy no would all say about this just let him know they're not comfortable doing it say you know were were were friends and beyond I was happy to help young in the beginning I just I can't. You're gonna keep legal worker LA you know this is gonna possibly effect my. Work relationship with a our super riser slash Boston shot. Some of another outlet other couple come up with something else not get that mouth feel it and not me I'm not not the one I'm not a Wanda. I mean this is happened to. Everybody in the room with regard to LB getting out of here right at 959 when my elbow not covering up for you anymore and Ali's. I don't you have to use your parents are united here. Executives know exactly yet again they know exactly what time we leave while an all time slightly and I can assure itself it is in selfish selfish on his. She apparently when you get when she gets fired and and she makes it's hard to pit put food on the table you know it's one thing to Eric you know little weight YE you know once once a month I get it but it will ask her if the sun as. Baseball everyday then that's it you know I Dusty Baker run. And yet to see a photo. And as of and. Here's the Texas that identifiable way that Texas says just cover for the guy wealthy. Mean that's like five like if you limited time thing and that apple had no problem but if it's if it's a couple times a week. That there's going statistically speaking there's going to be a point at which someone asks you where Bobbitt yeah but yeah. Dazzled in a you know Hildegard words. Around the same age. The game are not really elect an alleged playing alternate the days of cutting someone a fever or break. At risk to yourself. But they bite you your boss wouldn't send you down the river and fighter you. And I'm back in the day back in the day when the barter system you do me a favor all do you a favor the Basel. You'll do to blossom favorite yeah Basel do you a favor and everybody gets along great those days are over he thinks you back there or you don't get moderate. You think about you know like they did the depression the police are under you know guy. You you know back in the day. I mean I had a great story and I am aiming we don't know where we're literally you know it was my first training camp via and we were literally lost to me went up to Tobin Bridge when they have decrees he circled by the Matt. Police station there on store drive yes and we went around and we went up this happened next what are we went up what we went up to Tobin the wrong way. A Boston police officers doctors can he was coming into Boston we are going the wrong way. And he's like what's that after for you guys in order where we're three kids from Canada via going. Who were trying to get back you know argue that where we've where you are going training camp hotel once. And he literally. Turn this around or just back around the circle took as a direct wearing drove us all the way. Out today at the hotel now is that I don't get it to happen today. If that ever today that guys that police officer would be fired and his family be screwed. You know I mean I you know I a and I understand it don't get me wrong and you know I don't want you lose a year year incoming in yeah. A text or wants to know if this guy is it troopers I don't know. I. Don't. Think he's salary and on an overtime. And it is I don't know this techsters saying that winner I guess there must be it baseball. There's school. Baseball game sevens. But maybe it's. At least for practice making them in his nickname is of me when there's only a month. Left of school to scrap and when they third base all of that school. I mean I. I. Here's a tax that says LB's right that was a good story but a was there are sarcasm font yeah. I am. Admittedly it he's and the text lines down. At the problem if somebody says what elbow it's excellent that. I again I mean I think above all they don't think about. Bars that would like UN underage and not even more able occurred yet along nowadays they're not doing it because they're not losing their liquor license because everybody checks on a mayor Rudy rats everybody out. The 978 Texas says how in the world is Al Bundy story over there relevant to help out he's. The relevancy is that police officer was willing to put his career has soured her on line to get us to a hotel. Number one Boston PD cruisers aren't allowed to go to sought this right OK so I am the guy a where his ass on the line and one of somebody you know now days there have been screen shots on cell phones with the BP. 95 north. There is seeing what what they're after is going aren't and then it gets sent to his boss and he gets his ass suspended and loses. Four weeks is salary but you know I think she shouldn't cover for the guy yes you know to China clean that up for advertisers agree with you understand you know did you meet you she can't put her family's well being on the line these days because everybody is our. You know Nancy known well. Here's 617. Texas says the guy is obviously not going to baseball he's cheating on his wife yeah. Josh yeah out of skies and way more trouble that was on the segments that it is this is in below in the. And we don't guys what's up the odds that if there are a lot of little lady. Or are you going to watch all the practices and are altered date set off days. Yeah it is they're saying that practices. Practices got under way on Monday so maybe goes maybe he's that guy may be the hurdle. He's the heart of who goes and watches practice and come on junior asked. Not that great job on the suicide of staff general you know can you work our junior swing a little burst. And I guess it has a full week mentioned everything in the garage is for ms. Kunin a thirteen to do branch.