Nancy Know It All - Call the IRS on the Neighbors?

Tuesday, February 13th

Danielle is our resident know it all here at WAAF. A listener writes in about her husband possibly calling the IRS to report their neighbors, Nancy know it all weighs in!


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Yeah Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more knowledge online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com she knows every day. Super attractive pictures of this morning. It's time to ask Nancy no. Well. You heard or know everything and from time time. You may experience a situation in life. In which you don't know how to act and that's a Nancy no solace force she will tell you exactly you should act so. I got this email I will read it verbatim. On Saturday night. My husband and I attended a party at our neighbor's house after a school fund raiser. During a conversation with the wife. She told me that they are only able to afford their home. Because her husband is a roofer. And it's a mostly cash business and so he doesn't declare most of what he may access and I talked to my husband about this afterwards when we got home. And he wants to call the IR ask about them that's him. I think that this is gonna potentially cost the problem is this neighborhood. What does Nancy no it all thing that we should do. 09 your own business. Fred I didn't say you know like he keep you if it never works out at this only people who do this between people in the restaurant industry. You know people little their own businesses people skim off the top left and it caught on their own dot by the way let. Can't he can't do it in the restaurant industry and markets everybody uses credit credit cards speaking speaking for France. But the day yes but there are people you're saying in these in these cash businesses and they just don't pay their fair share. Shake out eventually that usually winds up happening. If your someone who wants to point the thing it you know as the glass house thing. If you want a point the finger at somebody else you there may DN sure all your receipts or Norton and it's like the people complain about me out explains the exec mark. You know. I just signalled that now using its blink here it's like Bob it is lower red lights on and off she's like go back to the camera on now we can check the dash cam I I I. I get it about her accuser paying taxes and he's not as of now that it. Probably time you rolled out a Stop & Shop without taken that case the water out from underneath the car and input created self checkout. And they're great marriage. Right so you don't you Crimea looking at Q and you don't have an obligation. To do let's Dryden and the that the federal authorities that these people are the cooler deal of public currently handle okay in Switzerland and some rain suit is probably have. The probable a lot bigger tax situations happening out there and kind. He'd probably be hard pressed improvement. God forbid it if things that have some weird side business. And the guy actually does declare world is grouping money but that when I tell you that they have a swingers club. With a forty dollar admission and you go now formally kick out of. It is that tax. That says. Thanks for the party. Now I'm going to go call via her house. Yeah I guess they really enjoyed. I guess there really injured party and it's a much they're gonna market the map the arrest him his wildly don't get involved and Aslan. Now an answer on offense and do not yet.