Music Monday - The Greatest Riffs of All Time

Monday, December 4th

It's Music Monday and Matty & Nick talk the greatest guitar riffs of all time!

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We lost Indians 37. It's always. Schedule Kelly asked. I Nixon we unveil our lists. Let's do it all right who should start wanna go or go when he to pony too gonna start and and why did you take joining us IK is joining us we are breaking it up by decade. And we've eliminated certain banned certain mega bands like AC DC Led Zeppelin Rolling Stones Metallica and The Beatles just because you wanted to dig a little bit deeper cuts are we go 60s708090s. And then something from. After the 2000 meant giving up logic you're gonna force not 8060 I went I was gonna go stones of course there was that the tremors I wanna go a little bit deeper. I just don't thinking anymore iconic the next. And it just carried picket the other came through in the head very close to that she. She did pull iconic it's a building block fundamental. Great right. Anybody I don't ever turn up. It never goes on nick. Now it's your turn to give us doing the best I could to not. Just lean incredibly if not heavily are entirely on The Rolling Stones and AC DC my two favorite rock band by far. I decided to reach all right I got my geek on of the 1960s. And you're gonna hear it you're gonna think about god and then I needed to sit on a per second like Alabama like greatness look I'm at six six said that I need to sit out for a second thank you John if you grab that. This was impossible. This what this one was impossible I mean just yeah I mean this is the sixty's mrs. Well it's it's it's everything. And. Well. We for the guitar and our guys just. You know what. Said and done that yeah heavy hard rock brands that you know originality and years to 55 years of James Bond. At the cinema particularly movies and pop culture and that's internationally. As everybody knows this and knows this this beat it this could be up there and goat. Top five. Movie themes let alone nice sixties melodies and rips it speaks to feeling and invokes a feeling it's perfect great call. Are we move on to the seventies now. I picked again there's so many great stones songs under in the seventies on and on but I won't win a little bit deeper now at local. And for those views that listen to this shell you know we have a segment we do call throwback Thursdays. And I picked this rift. For the music men of throwback Thursdays because I love it's so much so this is my pick for the seventies hit its is. 2000 cars a house party came up. Love that we have just making it tied us. That's a little moments right here that I picture it fat guy in the studio playing around and hit that ball like oh my god yeah. All that's it that's the stuff and yeah. And now this is okay. If you're going to be if you're gonna be naked. If you're gonna be looking for our random reads at a completely random reads but occur Boller surprise. I got Jenna and I'm gonna go right down your classic rock boulevard ring that's one. We let top five selling bands of all time. I'd be curious to hear this is an everybody's top five. In their catalog their favorites of this band I mean how do you hear this and not think seventies. All that is your thumbs. That's agree it's just the killer news. It's Eagles radio here and that's the problem is that halftime classic rock really. It's an awesome song ended the. So great it's great wow this is undeniable right stuff if it becomes a great day for a reason minute I mean it could. Right there's truth behind every cliche overplayed because it was so great. You know and means to him good not great rift right now are to the eighties. Again so many at could've gone with the. And that's where Matt let's remind him remembered re qualified that. We did our best not to include Guns 'N Roses Metallica AI DC a little deeper. The stones The Beatles zeppelin like that's easy. This one is kind of like I am I indulge myself personally. You know just because I love this one's all well well well why would you pick not a suddenly start had. Well I just I don't care I just whenever I hear this it it is the eighties and is out I could to a list of ten. Springsteen riffs from the eighties or somebody just do that but I'm whenever I hear this riff I just think this sounds like. So well produced like how to use. A telecast here and just get that sound it's just. Can't afford afford. I should be coming up tonight on sixteen K. We'll put. Hey man. I don't know what. I'd like this time I don't know what it is about John who started that rip. Do it again. It's slates that presented him from growing on me I think I've kind of emotionally walked away on John he's gonna where's yeah you know there. Yet to OK he did that too long lost. There's a John Cougar John Cougar Mellencamp. And an iron in just a little app so I was in the back going crazy because the Fed's you know small town John Cougar and Mike. No that's not it like it's John Mellencamp and it took me probably about ten minutes. The figure out that it was just are dead and also say really quick this is in this era I'm your microphone no but this. This right here. Yeah right it's. Not great giant is very rare exercises is yeah. All right we're gonna fall. Down the seventies all I could take a civilian different places do but I'm gonna stay on point I mean accidents of this radio show refuses to do on a regular basis and try to keep moving. I here's my choice for the 1980s young Stanley. You hear it here on the station unfortunately. The person who gave it to us is no longer with us it's on the first album that I ever bought by myself for CD about on a solvable if and the opening notes they just get here and if you're not charity drive and Tony five miles an hour faster by the time these first couple notes that ship there's something wrong make. Love up and up another spot. And you'll notice. It's consistently put me. This single note melodies. Catching hi I'm doing. Canceled his appearance on the show. I was close to actually going hair metal wood my eighties Joyce do. I don't think one digression here you're ready for what was going to be in my hair metal for them a 1980s yeah. Rolled it. Still intact and in all of terrible Joey did feel blah I. Of course they're terrible choice they came Brevard. Tonight viewers. Ninety's. Ninety's. I again I could have just on my top five of despair and addictive fun grocers. But I had to pick one from them it's my black crows it's an observation. In the 1990s. You introduced. This in this has become one in my. Grab yourself and by the way. Rarely throw yourselves away. Chances you're showing that 99 these whatsoever. I'm not a no name or better in the ninety's I mean it was announced in chains wood. Again. There's a lot that haven't been able jail that delay I'm gonna choose one from the nineteen. Go. Do love my god. A god I will reveal Nixon IDs Joyce weigh in. Nick you now there are already here is the best part rated. Hollywood pick of cover up. I yeah. With a man Doug. That's always teasing guys. Moved just don't. By the way in hell yeah. Rock on guys great show as Irish are Beers or shower Beers right back at you a lot of nominees nick as we're about to unveil. Our final category for 2000 and after. We went 6090s. To review mine was sixties kinks all they all of the night and Nikki had. The James Bond team. Seven need IJ Gaza know them and house party and look at life in the fast lane by the Eagles eighties Mellencamp small town nick you had run it down a dream ninety's black crowes sometimes salvation. I couldn't help but I got thunder struck that's all right. And now and by the way these lists you understand people there are literally. Thousands of songs you can choose from it's impossible to pick one. We try to pick the ones that moved us understood beamer out of got your catch perhaps cat scratch fever. Or whatever it is you like. But you know time of music is subjective of course it is I mean look it's this gets people actually follow him to listeners rap and you believe. There's Grammy dot com boy. OK so neck without further ado open. Current 2000 and after. So this what I had actually had one that I was gonna do. And then in the Mistress Carrie Segui it was just carry commend her music director I remembered the song popped into my head and I own mind. And I think it's a little early to call somebody a classic risk. If there's just in 2000 Ricky I've fits within the last forty years. Okay. And but but this one this one this comes from O two and oh my god this one moves me. Picked up. And another ticket. Like your Tom pay another Jimmy Joseph a lot of great artists. The latest guitar. Did you hear sounds commodity right. Are there. This guy. But that's always great to everything and great. That's five points or. Together. Anybody. Are you ready I know you gotta go on. All right. I teased it earlier with the little piece of prerecorded audio shared by the little on kinda saves the strangers. Things team wanna walk currency line everyone knows and loves that because it's a great homage it's called back I sick. And naymick originality. All right you ready let's give you that I'm confident coming at you once again I covers and more fun to do it that way from having ours is. Raise me implicated Josh Groban area. Yeah. Have you ever dessert I know I have in big glitch mob its sounds like straightening who have been jumps and version of seven nation. Please call Janice. I mean seven notice. Good choice. Good choice. Thanks yeah. The thing about this one is that. Tonight good stuff and everybody around the world if he's that bad yeah I think Jack Black had any idea that he was basically writing. The ultimate stadium and them. No in fact he's talked about that before it if I remember the story correctly he was literally fiddling around and it was a lost it was it was something he had dismissed. And almost in one record saw he was like this just. Little relieved thing arrow really yeah it was that throw I still have no idea on the seven nation army is why they Heather who they wanna fight why that was another when they came from the guy who won this is one of the things that's I says that's a Atlantis tried not to hit. The microphone. It was right there are clear today as on glowing ring on it once the microphone that's Erica. Yeah let's go to the very divorced and. All these men holding Phil what do you have my friend. Our beer here orders do. Tom well good note I don't know. But they are. We are inevitable and yeah we are virtually bet. But in the event. That it should note. All built it exactly where dog and I understand they could go. Now it's available to bring down when you go to the store well done fail a good call because if you are gonna say like a James Bond theme is iconic. My god that banjo from deliverance and it's a good thing. It's indeed Joseph anytime you're talking about oh. Anything else well there really adds it's what you do night notes to all takes. Let's go to Ozzie mark. Not Ozzie Paul Ozzie Markota body. You out there it yeah. I didn't look at it and say what cycle people rules that you are clear Isabel that is true. I felt it and I don't want it bad why and try and think mobile angle. And it's cold and my big guy that they will fight again. Are you didn't get that. One of our wanna record Syria was no foreign that's just what not to do I thought our audit on Tuesday I will check it out that you Ozzie mark. Are sour foster's. The closing blows I'm going through Howell who can't see it sounds familiar it.