Monsterland Monday's - UFO's at the Cape & Matty's Drunken Arguments with Children

Monday, August 21st

UFO and Monster hunter, Ronny LeBlanc, stops by the 'Matty & Nick' show to discuss about the latest sightings of UFO's and Matty's supernatural experiences down at the Cape. 

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. The book. Is monster land the author running the blanket comes in. One Monday every month and we do month slam Mondays with running the bike Ronnie welcome to the program and agree to hear is always bring a lot of laughter and studio and ideas about the date up that you brought mr. I will we missed you missed the audience it's we've got a lot of warm welcomes back and now we appreciate that so I'm. Power has. Life there. In the land of monsters. Then flipping quiet its president and Sarkozy it's our that particular vacate you know we'll be back and it faults. The clips and you have a podcast yes yeah I just wants the months went podcasts. And five episodes are up on FaceBook you two minutes in the on iTunes gift to big time guests and Arab like nick read burned anyone isn't that world he's a big guys on each and aliens all the time yet written forty books and Irish unit yeah. So I was on vacation. NIC NG this what was supposed to give a private message between us. And you stab in the back Arkansas hit a stated. I thought I could trust you bet that we got exchange in little political point paint the picture bogeyed the next little ghost messages to each other. Let me paint the picture below is to foot. I'm on the beach now this is my modest programs this is my sister's car. 'cause we know when you they're looking at the start you tend to talk about steps. And I was inviting. All weeklong telepathically you opposed to appear knicks haven't dying to see if my old life. So throughout the week I was doing that and nothing was happening is you're shooting star or five or six of them throughout the week. And also my sister we're all out on the seawall. On the beach. And my oldest sister Jane you called him and most what is that and sick medical buddy right there. And this huge orange it look like in the shape of a contorted. Orange slice it was like. Weirdly shaped kind of curbed like an ax almost right on the water line bright orange. And I'm Mike and clout a cloud passed through it of us well and I stood for economic what which what is it on the water line on the horizon a huge. I'm like what is that such a figure out our start filming. And then everybody starts tell me it's the mall and I might know it's good that I thought it was moving. So I shouldn't do this read a look at. To tell me what you got live hoping you would get the video right then that night. On text and as I was ready you are realized that well well here's here's the video first. He's happy. Yeah you. Yeah. Hulk movie. Theater here he's moving. On to hire people I. I. I was a little joke about telling me that you zoom in and I am not. Whatever that sent I don't know maybe when value it didn't really instills you. Okay. So it doesn't want to play NASA cannot leave it there gentlemen I need yeah largest. Clear is how we knew was there really the only I don't know why it was like that it doesn't sound like that when we loaded well. What you hear is me. And then the American bar that thought it was moving but is really just I was holding my camera and it's definitely not going to design and little children going no it's not right it's it should. But I my heart was pounding. Wit why did you get so. There's huge anomalous orange object misshapen object right on the water and I've never seen like. Now it is uncertain note was there frigate like night and I. Oh what does it blows it all really. What does it was. All boast no. Well I knew them both there as well up. If I'm right oh well I find out I found out once there was Whitman yes wasn't. Oh blows note it was not a vote created because it was it was so misshapen and weird it it was there was movement. But it was it was it was made a little something that's been there every single life. Something that actually is so here that it's Duckett our orbit. But the video if you look at the video in the video as he would do it just has that it does he not your every reason why the air force won't take any your calls. To me from my phone I might swear sort of positive for. What happened to look at that thing that I'll never listened to me yep yep it's not look at them look at. Or does that. That's like half the moon and looks like it was as it looks like it uninhabitable planet that. But what is on the waterfront in the orbit of a larger one and reflects. And nearby stars and raised in light. Looks like the moon. Well I freaked my free Ronnie what they thought I had Ronnie will believe anything you even he's like at this. This is whether that's is a little kids like no no it's not. It's not gonna work and that I'm some real work on that sound old on the stock to mark on the framing him for studio line mark your alimony and neck. Possibly. We'll have an idea what they're saying is yes. It would it will inflame the Tiki torch. Darn well I'll be topical reference thanks for the car he was talking about the of course via. Terrible and who cares what you. White trash idiots. Right. It. All that more on Matty and neck which is the show we're on right now there's. So ready to go to. False sightings or are you and. I don't know what they know we're not just. This. Move was in this guy. And you know thought it was a US well. I did it it looked it looked even the people who were yelling he had been the moon for the first thirty seconds and like what is. The most there was a time where I ever was Whitney and then as the clouds are part it became even the moon. Just a onetime thing I thought I'd tie you up well I've freaked out. That's never been there. That's that's yeah I know the parents peeling away from the between. Turkey Mick moonshine over here was trying to say that. Round and although there was the other night I was driving home is like a week and a half ago or so. And Ronnie I'm sentenced to me well I said mr. Wright didn't put it this line O line. Okay what it was it was like chem trail. But but I'd never seen it. It made it it looked he looked funky thank you know it was it was invert it was a vertical there was vertical in the skies a small camp chair of the two things repent almost the to smoke trails or whatever were curved. And people started slowing down password Ottawa is he's on 95 and south towards Rhode Island. And horse won't see the look and it was hanging vertically in the air and it appeared to be kind of shining the. It looked like yeah. I. Vegas where investors and it. More. It I pulled over it. A couple of them are doing well import spam when I use so I'm used to the last fall like hey you wanna come to Boston do radio show the blockade and failed to point out. It basically my job was to comfort you and tell you everything was going to be art as you slowly just went crazy. I'm from the Chris Robinson glass burglars water sharing and that if the storm. You. It was Ronnie. You say yeah. It now this year's sending these messages and you the reality is Ronnie yeah. You just did that. A parent. I don't I just. Thought we would talk we used to sport I will see you up focus Ronnie had a got his podcast with his cat's name. David angles David angles easy things all the time yes photo evidence video evidence he's at one of those tractors deal Tim furlong sister than what you little UFO on the prairie. He's proven the case. Yeah he's retired now as I now know is it a haven of creepy your and we knew in the first as an. Series let out what he's had insane experience but he's got. Evidence like that the photos and videos that he has on unbelievable. Now at. How is he acquired to give this. These photos is at so he is in the middle of nowhere has a camp now and upstate new York and this'll happen in their little leaf. They follow him wherever he goes like he moved to this area part year and a half ago. And he literally has the ships above him flying over shoots video here adds. Unbelievable. Picture of a big foot you could see the sale of this thing. Under aunts and unreal now nick before you lash out he believes and he's and I'm starting to come to this can't do. That the UFO phenomenon. Well it's not advocating it come to just factual that a lot of these incidents happen at same time he's a believer that the UFO phenomenon is absolutely. Tied to the bigfoot that he has picked to stop bitten. He has pictures where you can he believes you can actually see aria bigfoot is a craft correct like what are. There's there's it's gonna be on part through the pocket and yet they put as the concierge of the hotel. And the house. They put the park ranger I mean this is this a bit can't wanna get a clue or on horses running must be regretting giving medicine and yeah. Every day I was organized sound. Can be complex. Story I was I was bothered the next day watching it because I've beaten him slurring. It reflects that you. And at one point while out. Easy this just did tonight in Rhode Island is losing a good man now works in radio on Boston's scared children off a beach and accused the mode of being a flying aircraft. This it tonight and more cautionary tales of having four double Aggies were dead there. At oil when I go what in the ultimate Cameron I'm holding the Carolina and I'm following elect. That's just a movie that has slurred and I point out I go look you just see them moving and Amylin is huge opportunity here and be airmen and but that's not on my I wasn't acts. Me and. Really did you tell the moon that you've been you know he's became apparent. 978 Ronnie says check out escape pierce mansion a gardener at audio proof that they're gross surreal. Overall I'd like to hear that I've heard about that course. We I dote on Ethier earlier Ronnie you you said. That. This and been kind of slow recently been and is there like. A season. Or is it like a time of year when you see. More things at the call when there are more alien visits more extraterrestrial contact you know more. Usually tied would you like. Honestly to the moon right and he's given him. You can talk to police officer details when a full moons out there. Out on calls nonstop there in it's kind of like around that those type of times that wreck you see more of that stuff. I mean like nighttime is when the crazy in my opinion it's dark and these are regular stuff from people go to good night that light is I would think that maybe you wouldn't be winter or to be fall when it's. All are throughout summer to what do people do this is what's the what are they typically. Absurd or an almost behaviors of the summer. Well when you see one thing is swift in the fall when the leaves and are off. When people do and hiking to have a lot of sightings because there's nothing more visibility yes and that's city see where people finally tracks in the snow things like that some. Well nick was taking a shower rear radios I saw your Arenas. All I was able to clean up that audio a little bit ago this is me thinking aside you follow on vacation it's. Our children. Max it's going sideways out. I'm going options you'll see them having. It's a good thing. No suicide risk. The kids are all hammered. What did you think clips of the mood. Because you wave of Miller Lite. Our best hope and I loss of and it's. Yeah lost it. Does. You realize that sure couldn't create huge. Arguing it would kids telling them that there's a flying object that this guy. It will post. There's there were unharmed but at this they're attacks throughout 7107 tech these next line decades stepping excellence rights and from the seventh seventh floor goodnight moon must be at terrifying moment.