Monsterland Mondays and the Stiz Quiz

Monday, July 10th

It's getting spooky, a breeze of cool wind enters the station, the studio lights begin flickering...and it's Ronny LeBlanc stopping by for another 'Monsterland' Monday! The guys talk about the latest UFO encounters, discovering Aliens in Peru to Kesha seeing flying objects in Joshua Park, CA. At the end of the segment, Stiz quizzes listeners for a chance to win FREE Warp Tour tickets...find out who wins!

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. So August into the show you know that like week two or something in our first month that we had a month still an author Ronnie in the blank on who wrote a fascinating book which I had read. What happened was actually have never told the story on the air week nick and I got this gig we came in and there was a bunch of books. And our old office. The office they're gonna give us. And there's kind of left behind these old books and one of them was your book must some because you would I think I'm in the morning so don't point the ratio and so I grabbed it and just read it at night. Because I'm you know as you now know I mean that's stuff you chip and then I realized oh my god is a local guy is a local story I hadn't read as much I don't know dishonest Omaha it's all here. And then at you on the show has so much fun as we have on the first Monday of each month we do little muscle M Mondays with running a blank so Roddick then we're gonna talk and how many stories. So many stories to go over that have broke since you've been on last. And including celebrities. Who have claimed sightings will also get into a stunning find in Peru which could be the proof. That people like us have a waiting is a wild we'll talk without a second but let's talk celebrity first Rob Lowe. Has a new show coming out on any call below files. And it's him and his two sons traveling the country to explore infamous unsolved mysteries here's a little sound of the trailer. Since I was little boy English clubs who can legends scary mysteries and when I had voice of my own. It's. Amber's re still going to search. For SaaS squad. Yeah. This work and find those answers together. That day has come. OK so. That's the trailer. And ironically. That's Moody Blues is and it it is OK so if anyone follows this type of stuff you know. The Moody Blues claimed they were abducted by aliens the whole band the entire banner we knew that neck nuts also John Lennon. Said that he saw you a phone actually sketched it. And they later subs were found in his book he drew a whole pictures of any mention the song. It's days like these somebody donated is likely strange days is it any mention UFO's. You know seeing you up close so he's another celebrity musician. And Rob Lowe now. Add him to list he claims he saw a bigfoot yes and yes like the they did nine episodes so the last episode is going to be. His reveal with his experience that this wood eight was what they call Mike on this area now so they don't would blogger you if they do so we'll see how many laws could. Rob low round if rob Lowe's could rob Lowe's. Please get out of student I just I I and I stress I don't. How I would rather have amidst this agreement I'm. Bonnie Todd. Cannot be encouraged by these two it's hard not to enact I just can't and I can't I can't even begin I thought Ellis why that money is started to say you know legislation the entire audiences from his Omaha out of commodities slipped through I don't. I know you are talking about Lackey. I misspoke that was blue oyster cult I'm sorry what he knew what Jeff Lewis I'm mix up my seventies. Atmosphere it rog but it I apologize. But point being Moody Blues claim they were abducted by aliens and cash out now. Tests as the newest musician to say she'd been influenced by these things whenever our. But like one of the stories is a song called spaceship and I was and Joshua Tree. Totally so where yeah okay let me practice and as a totally sober Sally just lady in the desert again and I look at this guy. And there's a bunch of spaceships I swear I thought there were like. Five to seven and I don't know why didn't like tried to take a picture guys I looked at a sitting iiroc. I was like well what in the hell is that they went away and then they came back. And then I was like about the fires on a mountain. So they go another celebrity do you think Ronnie in your expertise do you think that celebrities. Seeing these things could you and I both believe you're liable to a paranormal experiences. Someone like nick is more of a skeptic he's open to a pretty skeptical stay is skeptic. Do you think celebrities seeing these things in claiming they've seen these things. Helps or hurts the costs I think it helps because most artists musicians are kind of the voice. Right of the people. And it's interesting that a lot of musicians and artists have had some weird connection to them your foes and things like that so I think. Our efforts just the outside the box kind of thinking that creative thinker that they're able to tap and about Wright of I think they're kind of being used if this is gonna go in that direction to kind of help announces. OK so the million dollar follow up is. Are they seeing it because they're connecting creatively and they're more open minded or is it because. They make this stuff up and they wanna just chase the fame in the award amount get a little buzz. I'm sure there's a handful you know try to pull something offers no question has to be no question yeah. It's it's like issues cashier and after I had like I kept at it I think that's probably something funny the two would put the like of all the vessels to to take it would be KE dollar sign ha. There are also these guys throughout the history of this whole I think nick this is passing to Derrick guys who have claimed that they could conjure. Yes UFO's and they've done it on television. I'll Carmona until you premeditation and intent that they can there's been a three you guys as I can conjure you oppose and they've they've challenged local affiliate us. To go come on allowed me to the death and I'll show you and they dumping a pair of something appears. So what does that what does that way where that black people will be talking about this today as I'm. It's running Chris does that ranch called he said he if you look it up its EC ETI. Ranch and it's in either Oregon or Washington but there's a spot that they go. Of those at the foot of mount Adams and and they can. The name of the amount but. They see ships coming in and out and I guide just this weekend they had an event out there and he's a radio host out in LA they're taken all these pictures of the mountain. Well there's a series of photos of one of them is actually looks like a door had opened up the top of the mountain like there's like an entrance where these things are coming in and out of them and so this just came out last night so we're apart hear more about the stuff pop into your that is assassinated if you do a search you you know any sort of combination of man conjure you a follow on local news or something you'll see there's been a couple of yes guys and they say like I can talk to themselves to people claim to have psychic connections with whatever you oppose our weather there. Actual aliases of plans whether it's us from the future whatever they say they can call upon them they'll shop and I've done it on camera and amazing yes. Aaron Rodgers also says he cellular phone on the tax I didn't know that. Go ahead nick you don't want yes finally I've had multiple big footing counters in this lifetime 774. Believes that perhaps aliens or alien information is why JFK was sent our people I know that that's how does that conspiracy young up. JFK and being taken out because every loss he wanted to reveal the truth about stimulants yes stay woke. You guys do realizes that crime to spread all of this in the end I nonsense out by the way listen very carefully to what we're talking about in this muscle segment because. Later in the 6 o'clock hour. We're gonna quiz you on what we talked about. We got two pairs of tickets where they go instead is. To the listener. You know and there are McConnell all you like the jets so yeah yeah. I have. Or do I think in Smart to try and Natalie what happened we literally have it up. Studio and I mean grave from how dry when there isn't going to award tour which is in unbelievable. Who is he where they regardless of the listener just. Now let me with a nasty things yeah look out of the Grail in the bulk of growth on his lip does that put. Might evolve as growth have to gag. Are sucked the ball with growth that fills our eyes you know which you get any other unbelievably we have some breaking. Breaking this just happened breaking news in the text out of body alien surprise. Our breaking news sounder this is unbelievable five away. Believe it or not my girlfriend and I saw a group of bigfoot its last weekend in Worcester. It was about 2 AM and Kelley square and I'll be there wearing miniskirts. Theater that was again right away that it has its big feet it's not big foot OK here we go. In Peru. A mummified elongated skull was found. Which people believe could prove the existence of aliens the strangely shaped head. Almost as long as it's body. Has three long skeletal fingers. Was curled up in a sitting type of position I was an embryonic position. And they are testing it now and don't know what the hell this thing is there are some people claiming it's a hoax of some kind. Here's a little sound from the find once the scientists arrived the body is revealed and they get to analyze it for the first time. We brought it out put will pull them out of the box. It was stunned silence first. He was prepared mommy. Decisive moves he's come on it was 160. Seconds. Respect need MySpace has been short. So it means that these posts person who was walking as we do. I was able to move tense. As we have. We as long clicks. So proportion of the body wasn't really seemed to pull out. So Ronnie tell us where. This was found and why that's significant. Yes of this was found in Peru by the NASCAR lines which is an area that an. It's you can only see these petroglyphs from the sky like a hummingbird and things like that site. They Jamie my son who's a Mexican and an investigative journalist is the one that was working on this. He's kind of tied to some concert controversy and some other things. But it is really interesting this can be pretty cool it looks like a mummy. And humanoid type creature that stuff when you ago. Alien yes on reduce our video and it's stunning three long fingers cycles claw like fingers at what the hell is it looks. Honestly once it finally emerges from its like. Cook who owned or like in utero mummified position and it stands separate it looks like the quintessential. We now elliptical phase giant eyes long fingered alien I don't lie down and let now. Again senior skip teco over here somebody definitely had that mommy cast made in buried. Hash tag jokes. We will see about this one yeah chant we running bail it looks pretty clean like yeah right why it's not like distressed. Yes I agree that raises some alarms possibility. But it's fasting video and fascinating story and now this finding in Peru on the giant headed skeleton. Mummy with three elongated. Creepy fingers. That people say may be the proof that people were waiting for I always tend to be a little and you know mean become a believer but I'm skeptical they find. Type of stuff but I look at this picture and I don't know man it's that alienate dial up along the it's pretty compelling. Nest yeah I don't ask airlines and has the greatest documentary for. On acknowledged that we will do it value at this hour or yes pretty compelling. What is is that nowadays documentaries that you know common watched super high and you watch after three double IP is because so you golfing Steven Greer yes yeah. Yeah and he is he's because another interesting character to people's say that is tied to the military analysts on move. Interest and okay so the story that had me believing in the past month that I wanted to sort of table for. Your next appearance. Was when. Anonymous and I think we actually have auditorium this message they released to via Twitter yes weeks ago yes anonymous the world's premier hacking group. I'm not sure exactly how you get says label that like is there hacker rating service yes okay. Yeah that I guess there are I guess they have the highest rating on Yelp it they're called hack and I sexy sponsoring the next weather. They are the great 'cause they monitor pack similar to relax not that was back in the box anyway. So. Anonymous says that NASA has been holding on to information about alien life and extraterrestrial contact that's are things that. Extraterrestrial contact for a long time. And they've intimate as such this year even ends and government hearings in their got a may be released here's the audio NASA mankind is about to discover extraterrestrial. Life. This was stated by the spokesman of the national aeronautics and space administration and during one of the last hearings of the committee for science space and technology of the United States. Are you ready for disclosure officially mankind has already made contact with aliens and not just little micro organism floating around inside a massive alien notion. And advanced space faring civilizations. That's right that's exactly now that's playing poker in Vegas. So if if this is true. And NASA is holding on to all this information do you think it'll be shocking or are we just can be mad at the government about. I think built a little bit of ball threat because they're gonna think one you're going to be okay this is real revenue does gimme some serious panic. And then three of the people gonna still be why were you lying to us this whole time right is even more distrust. Wouldn't vote to what depth do you think they know and I have been employing a deploying the techno personal Missouri I'm gonna have a massive I told you so party on your front line. I'm an average bouncy house you know fed up big meal that I Diana. Told you so intelligence there's a pine trees so Ed development etc. senator from the back I go contact going ironic not I just find it interest statement is what recently came out right win. President trump and talk about Mars now that's how so. Something at the something's Bruin for sure. I think we have. And pence saying that we're gonna launch this initiative to a colonized marvel gonna get our ass to get your ass tomorrow's date it is really hands organ in your demise and aroused. It may be he's mean you know what it was maybe pencil may be defense's wife allowed him to watch the martian the other night. Yeah maybe it is not and is entering the Iowa is now they can grow potatoes there honey they really can't. Look up Michael wanted to tell you about talking up to it is. I'm sorry beard do a search for how many times the ISS shut off its feet it's a little rise over the last. What even two years stood at about five I'd say a three night stay minimum fifty. Definitely times so something and now. Well I had the I'll that was ad problem a back up feed the ideology this was a link to write down why something anomalous starts to creep in a frame people bring got and they shut it down. It's unbelievable if those space junk why would why would they do that while they're at it down. There's got oh why don't Islamic jars have a right now a high I don't know why a bit. Plus I'm still in the theme all right if you're listening closely to feed and I'm hungry and you give me another thing to our months of lamb Monday last. Couple segments if you're listening closely. Call now. The Framingham boards studio line 6179311. A half. And you can blazed his quiz based on what we just talked about. You're listening carefully and taking notes. And you could win a pair tickets to vans warped tour Dick's Kennedy Center we have to bear to give aways so call now 617931. One and a half. We will do missed his quiz based on among stone Miami Monday it's time for all our office. I. Are you listening closely to monster land Monday then you have your chance of an apparent tickets to vans warped towards very simple I only get you on the phone in the framing import studio alliance is gonna ask your question. If you get it right you win here we go let's start with the. How low public hero Matty and nick how are you Pablo. Sort of cure nobody knew where you calling from. Go to pro bowler TrueCrypt I'll there's a lot to like about lol Pablo. Airpwn devaluing. Bob public that nothing. I come odd problem listen closely to the question okay. Every. I Pablo so when playing rob Lowe's new TV show trailer. Matty accidentally said the band playing was the Moody Blues. He was wrong what was the actual band name. And. Rob Lowe good rob vote nobody blows could rubble. How well while I Iowa. But our players that Pablo GAAP Pablo you bet you you got it wrong what you're listening because he did do that still is to do that. Can we get a copy your book and we absolutely all right to probably you wanna copy of monster land about writing a blank do you hang on OK we're take your information our body. Thank you are my body and that represents the best thing to happen in Lowell this month. And the news. Let's talk to mark mark you're with Matty and nick on this monster land Monday still is quiz. Hello mark. All right mark that we use I think a pitch mark can I present to reestablish that that mark and I said humanize members of the UK about. Are gonna win and nobody got a minimizing your question here comes our market we got. Oh when playing rob Lowe's new TV show trailer Matty accidentally said the band playing was Moody Blues. He was wrong per usual what was the actual band. Or. Our pro life is going to be finish line and you wanna there's just a man's war toward expertise in her hang on OK we gonna take information market graduation rate OK hang on. I got a triple. And all the prescription. Isn't all bought tickets we have another pair so we have a second question to stay on the framing import studio line if you're holding let's go to boys jammed up let's go to Keith. Keith your island Matty and nick how are you keep. Aren't great guys. That's not our energy needs keyed. I. Deedrick from. I'll call from Minnesota that got Greg Baird go to pitch and yeah you're in Minnesota. Law idea right now. How soon. Well about a week how are you listening to us on the app out lit me on via well it was you guys. All meant well first of all keep on it is say thank you so much and if anyone else would like to you can text ATP to 97107. Get a copy of our apps today. Number two. Keith you are doing exactly what I wish I was doing right now which was lake station in Minnesota there is no better way to spend the summer. In Wisconsin gone out to Scotty in soda and just chill a bottle like you have a lot of Google forming. Well you know I love that covers any under the spotlight right now but I got fourteen more rigor that's. Giddy up I keep your rock. Unless I we always talk about you know people listening. On the apt yup but it's really cool we get someone actually doing in the participating in the show justice listening to those or I donor stance is we don't do we have. Or want to say in the war toy is this Wednesday right so yeah in Minnesota. And. One friendly have to pick them up here. Not a problem aren't from Pittsburgh man yeah I mean I'm sorry I think he's under there anyway all over I understand throughout the idea that. All right if you if you guys can win causing give this on the Burke the dirty bar actor and pretty firm but they do have to pick them up here at the station okay. Problem IRA here is the question from says listen carefully all right keep my man we were talking about an alien that was found earlier in the show where was dead aliens found. Hurl. Yeah. I just like the beverage sound better dead blue. And keep their awesome and I hope you catch tons of fish. Love it and I hope whatever friend you send the show enjoys do not hang up should take your information okay brother. Char Beers keep. Thank. He has won a pair of tickets to vans warped tour the expertise center on Wednesday July 12 congratulations to both are winners see if you listen carefully you can win in heaven.