Monsterland Monday - UFO's & The Smiley Face Killer

Monday, June 5th

Author Ronny LeBlanc stops by for his monthly 'Monsterland' Monday segment! The boys talked UFO's and The Smiley Face killer!

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. The name of the book is monster land. Encounters a few of those big foot and orange boards the author Ronnie a blank he comes in the first Monday of the month and we call months slam Monday. You know how it is who has shall we honey so on air lie to get to not much time but we will get through a lot of paranormal you have those stories let's start with. The space industry CEO Robert Bigelow who appeared on sixty minutes recently. And that sound was quite compelling because we have this guy who's a huge real estate mogul. And founder of space habitat company Bigelow aerospace who has a deal wit NASA saying the following. It means for the kind of conversation. You don't ordinary half with an accomplished CEO. Do you really even AM I absolutely consciousness tolerance to it. Do you also believe that UFO is had come to earth there has been and is an existing presence any team presses ever spent millions and millions upon spent more. As an individual or anybody else United States has ever spent on this subject is it risky for years. So running. You get to hire a guy like that dealing that NASA same old. Now Adelaide I believe they Carty here which we've heard that phrase before now we've talked about race than. What do you think. The general public thinks knee do you think it makes a difference with the general public here's a guy like that saying they're here I think as opposed to an idiot like me. Well I think with with him saying it on sixty minutes no less is huge yes so a lot of the researches in the community they're all excited about this because they feel like it's a step forward. Towards disclosure. And Robert Bigelow is an interest in character he. Yeah. Funded move on and he has a special deal with themselves move funds mutual UFO network huge database. While world's largest organization but if anyone we all get together for the marches They'll deficit oh okay. But. Yes so he. Has some kind of deal that if there is a crash. Of you for retrieval he has the rights to the technology. While and also he used to own skin walker ranch in Utah which is this insane. Property it's his know about it is ski in the locker skin moderate so supposedly there's portals on this ranch that takes you to other dimensions and the things that would commodities that portals. People would call them skin Walker's right. Who so non non marinated in there give glory all presidential I don't know Dunning at the bunny ranch. I don't doubt that. And the ups and walker all right we'll and then I wanna ask you about the smiley face killer running which we talked about the record before that there's too quick documentaries. I wanna talk about nimble will do some business and combatant or smiley face again but there's a documentary. Coming out called missing 411. And it's a documentary that chronicles the disappearances. Of children in state parks. Which is very interesting because you wrote your book months of land in great part about let mr. state forest right arm these took place. In the wilds of North America in this documentary looks freaking amazing you'll taste of the trailer. I don't keep score there. I was visiting my parents who have battered Oregon and so I settled there's your brother and his ability put around the barn. Back to find him. He doesn't. According to war against Steve please me. There are 41 missing children in Oregon it's unknown what happens people okay Iran and flank. Our Arab Muslim what is happening in our state forest. There's some crazy stuff going on David Levy's who is the one behind this documentary he wrote about five different books called missing 411. And it's all about disappearances. Of people in our national force. It's crazy. The stuff is we'll keep you up at night when you start reading some of these stories little kids disappearing. On this seems to be some certain patterns with all of this there. Some kids are are on flight three days they searched the area they come back it's already been groomed in these kids are showed up with their clothes. Piled next to them some of them are lives of ma dead and he's an ex cop and he's really passionate about these disappearances and that. He's really trying to bring this to light because no one's really talking about. These people that are missing still has its limits just a force at any cases like this there have been. Missing people. Talk of one in the book going back in the fifties. There was also girls that. Was founded monster land but. She was gone missing for a year but they found out there was some kind of foul play or she can blow to Eden but. There's stories like this like all around the country in just reach out you have kids. These stories will keep yet. But now it's it's raising it makes you think just for a second disorder draw a parallel to the conversation we had earlier we Jeff corner from WRKO. About. The smiley face killer or the alleged potential smiley face killer if you missed that conversation. You can head over to WA AF dot com we'll have that conversation podcasts so you can tune in check that out. We were talking earlier like is it the responsibility of the police force now even though they may or may not. Have hard evidence to say something if the government. Had information. That in certain parks there have been some disappearances that they cannot attribute. Should they be saying something the same way that people around here want the police to maybe start saying something about being careful around cars and neighborhood outlets on Friday nights that there could be a serial killer. We knew we were just talking about this new. Documentary coming out. Missing 411 base in the books about state forests. Kids missing from state forced the the kind of inference I think would be that something mysterious is going on now via. Some sort cult. Cult or something. And then earlier at 3 o'clock hour we were talking about this smiley face killer. Which if you weren't joining us at 3 o'clock hour we had. Jeff cooter from the coroner report our sister station WRKO who I overheard saying on his show that he it's. Poke into actual law enforcement officials off the record who told him that day indeed believe. That there is something to the smiley face killer here in Boston and we were reading about it off the air here's what's compelling to. Is that these cases we're going on in the midwest. And there's actually a book already written I know I think Greg had a woman on who's working on. But there was a book RD written about the midwest smiley face killer is written in the ninety's we just found same thing men in their twenties. Going to bars ending up in water Stanley saying no way they kill themselves now. Did this start happening here and it bore the marks potentially of that and that's why people associated or named it after that or do we think. That may be. Someone uprooted and carried their menacing ways eastward they do say that serial killers will will. Laid dormant for awhile and pick up again so could be copycat it could be the same people we don't know I know that smiley face came from. Two detectives New York who noticed that around some of these bodies was a graffiti the smiley face that house started so Ronnie. Could just be UFO. Duffel. You know might guts tell me that this is a woman. I'm. Are all lying like a woman scorned we're talk and you know off the air about what. You know who could lure. A guy. Out you know to the water whatever maybe it's. Maybe it's a woman who knows. I would not surprise me in the least if there isn't some sort of malicious. You know nefarious bait and switch going on here where somebody. Thinks they're getting drawn out. Of the environment they're in for one thing right and then. Brought into some sort of trap how they all end up staggering into the water and how there's video of this that none of us are seeing is beyond me. They'll be something like attack like. The lead the unfortunate terrorist incident in London the B the car that sped up with the guy that was on PCP in Times Square and somehow by the day's end. That videos on TMZ multiple angle right right but now we can't see. Stuff like this they could potentially either put out a fire. A social media and anxiety fire in the Boston area. Or by keeping it they could be technically enraging it right. Question yeah. If god forbid we don't want it to happen of course one more button one more male in his twenties and a body water boss and he asked to do something right and hash to space. I mean by. At this I mean I I don't know I guess what you want now water released on and talk about it but I mean. We're already up there I mean where up to like thirty you know so. And what was done 31 through what 45. Out in the midwest oh well yeah it's Indiana ninety's of the I think it's at 45 or something in the midwest said the same same MO. Seeing them. But still is a big difference now is that people like crooner and now honest and come in morning our top talk about an audio that's why yeah one more body might be it tipping point it's like way to say that's been written about. True on these sites it's been talked about on news programs. Time and time again you'll catch a story. And one of you know globe or whatever and it will say you know local team goes missing local man by missing. And I everytime I say watch it everybody watch he's gonna be found in and water shares asks a month to month later. And we're talking far away like one of the cases we've been talking about his brother in law called in earlier Zachary mar when he was at the bell in hand right from heart just went out for a cigarette didn't bring his jacket now this is the middle of December. He goes out for a smoker to leave his jacket inside Texas buddies that are inside and that's made about the while let me end. On can you can you come come in and get me back and they go while he's gone. Now this was that the Bellingham and Daniel hall he's found in the low in the water layover by the by the guardian. Like just you know far far away so it's like weird to stay with them as the sun doesn't add up that's exactly.