Monsterland Monday with Ronny LeBlanc - The Mystery of Roswell

Monday, April 17th

Our Paranormal expert and Author of Monsterland, Ronnie LeBlanc is back in studio to talk all things paranormal including the mystery behind the mystery behind what was discovered in Roswell, New Mexico!

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We talked Indians 37. Podcasts are always online and on your schedule and WA AF. Welcome Enron who blurted. I she's out there is not a modest careers to run the show so if you never heard running the show were running wrote a book called monster land. And it details all the paranormal activity it's specifically in the let mr. state forest but the book covers. Massachusetts history New England history at the paranormal and the shocking amount of cases of UFO sightings bigfoot sightings and everything like that I'm nick is a bit skeptic. I'm a completely run out a couple paranormal experiences in my life. So that's kind of the breakdown of what's going on studios is is completes skeptic and he's almost he's almost no I'm very interested in it but yes I am did you call him a bit of a skeptic. No you are not a skeptic this. Kinda open to some other show you things you go well we'll moon like you don't that's just a year earlier I was talking is amended and along plate that's just that's just the do you do do you belittle my experience is do you think my right to you know me I'm pretty sad and egged do you think it demons dole Matty smacks down there are no. That three that through a demon possessed three children and a movie theater years ago. To take Mattie stone and call people and say swear words and take that went about my god starter Michael Stearns saw the kid. Not soldier probably projector left on the White House. How about on oak island to Bernal it's personal balance and for what was an earthquake and yet there was just look at whether or you shuffle bull. Anxious war. So if you have a question for running a paranormal questioner experience recent experience or any questions or storage and calls the framing imports studio line 6179311. AM it's always when you're here on a but I wanted to get it there's a few stories that have. Come out just in the few weeks since you've been on the show last time yeah the last monster land Monday moved. And one is a huge anniversary of a major crash in America the other is the disappearance of acute in Brazil. Witches capturing the attention of the world now prison but before we get into those he even showed me that there was a pygmy video a little guy ran into the Indonesian jungle out before we get to those stories this just came today from maximum. NASA. Has announced their might indeed be in your life for our solar system based on. Our Hubble telescope and Cassini spacecraft so these findings show that the planet and so a lot of us. Which I think it's so rude of Saturn necks of the planet burrito. And a lot of support. So delicious which you can do worse that none that. All day thank you and make it and a lot of is actually. That's actually European for salad it's a mood and of Saturn night. And they been studying this for awhile it has an icy white shell nick around noon iceberg coalition estimates a lot of Angela and I. Yeah. There's chemical activity under the shall but not a lot and hoosiers shall value this same type of chemical activity it is important to life on earth. Which suggests there may be aliens or some kind of life living there now they've been studying it for awhile. And with this recent discovery NASA confirms that there are what they call Hydro thermal vents in the oceans on Enceladus which is important. Goes on earth it's the same type events found deep deep oceans. That opera food and warm too weird you know those weird creatures down in the ocean so they're saying that if those things are there. That they could keep animals here alive on earth in the oceans they probably keep animals alive and oceans. On that moon as well right so. Ronnie what's the. Pretty wild stuff I mean I think we're getting closer to. You know them proving that there's other life that's out there just one of those things. There's. You know eleven I think fourteen miles deep below is this. IC you know ocean. And so they're planning on setting the the Cassini probe you know they discovered this back in 2005. And the Cassini probe was pretty much almost done and it's gonna be crashing down and and its base but they're planning on sending. This is the Jet Propulsion Laboratory they're gonna send a fleet of robots. Specifically geared towards crawling over and cutting into the fix surfaces of ice somebody such as it's allowed us. So these robots that help tools too like heat the prongs to melt the ice strolled down. And buzz saws power through tough blocks and catapults instead might many probes out for more samples so. The maritime and I think they're gonna start showing that there is potential for life out there. If you build it. Now age group can stop with the Steelers are there early to put him on this like that like sounds awful means is that he had no it does sound kind of crappy job on this might run camps are gonna go under the Micah makes it sounds terrible to me that's talked to. Heather while we wait for Romney's. Mike to get fixed Heather you know at Matty nick and running a blank carried here. No Heather Heather Heather. Is Heather using run as Mike she might be a no we lost and no not at all do you see it. Well there's Ronnie gets way better Heather. So rotations you know she's probably on its not a lot of difference you have to FC wild style classic and so on and so on us. They're messing with our sound and they don't want us to broadcast this before the man hold us down. Heather if you their call back him up and figure our little buttons push their. So we you think Ronnie potentially we are close to disclosure. I've you know they've been talking about this for a long time and it's just inching and inching forwards to this one of those you know. Those stories and think they're getting closer to. Question from 978 on the needs text line tech needs staffing excellence. 978 Watson oh. Why you're so convinced. That the footprints you found east of the footprints you found in your book that you. And why you think. They weren't human I live about a mile away from where he was I've never seen anything suspect what was it about those prints running well I was a friend that found them. And I went. The cast these things but. We Qassam one of them but that of the biggest thing they weren't huge by any means there may be eleven inches long Pacman. But the fact that there is a six foot. Gap between each stride and were in a straight line. The fact there's a history in the area. And other you know sightings and encounters them things like that again they could be human but. Looking at them and having a Ph.D. actually analyze the cast and it's showing that there's a mid partial break which is seriously. That was just what were they can basically. And their foot more than we can now there's all these different elements that kind of lead into the full things dynamic that's very well could be that case but. When I saw those things with The Herald back my neck stood up I mean it was just. Racism. Yes suspects. Let's try had there are buttons pushed is the little ones Heather you're out Matty and neck and running in a blank on a monster man Monday. Odd that target diets. I had ever did that started and that is a fascinating part. All right guys. Yeah and the total believer that my grandmother told story that eager out in the lock me in Oklahoma which has I try to date as biting. And I are Massachusetts. Did you guys do they worked at and that required I angle and did you talk to a doctor about their about a friend. You know we did didn't have a chance that I am friends of Mel germ but we have a chance actually show them the print. There is sightings and you know this cast from all over in this is definitely smaller. Cast footprint and some of the ones are found that are just enormously 1819 inches long. You look at these things new kind of doubt if they're real because they're so big. But it's something that's Oka says yeah. Zero chance. This summer weather. Balloon. I think he's second Heather have you ever had any paranormal experience. Yeah tell me about. That agency. When my grandma die in this and that recent well but I think they're manner of and I'm. She would sit in my rocking here legroom and I and that that he would ask I don't know that it is he. As a way of like dealing with it everything I've that I've never had anything really cool my mom and grandmother all Cherokee and there. Really tight and not have stopped. Yeah yeah that's beautiful thank you very much Newton nick probably doesn't believe you but I do. Felt yeah I mean it could invent you know the angry but it was it was a neat experience for me. That's awesome and the thank you. That's great now usually when somebody's. Mother grandmothers sitting in Iraqi chair talking to them they've just murdered Janet Leonid shower slick little. Heather thank you for listening and I think that is beautiful drive. I just looked up the Wichita mountains in Oklahoma and when you do like. The Google searching all gill yes I've been like something and then see how Google fills that in for you yes which atop mountain. Bigfoot sighting does come out yeah well that she's not the only one obviously know Arden are you running man you've searched enough that you'd actually skewed because that's our. I apparently that's a big bigfoot sighting of the Wichita mountains of Oklahoma. So Ronnie let's get into a little bit about Bruno Borges yeah 24 years old. And if you don't know the story this is a fascinating story that's now getting worldwide attention this is this Celtics are recruit playing in Europe that there got a bit over the next year. Is this the son of the famous curmudgeon Boston sportswriter Pernod borders yes. With him that Ron Borges says yes. Okay well I'm curious to know please explain on Bruno gorges. Oh when we have tickets to giveaway to Bruins tickets yeah. I don't know whether America. It puts it just Bruno throughout the very good pay and health and had a couple of minutes. I refuse to. Highlander got it all writing you a note about that I know that's why so I guess there's so banged up on defense Bruno Borges is actually gonna play alongside chart tonight. Unbelievable well they got to find them first because this gives an alien enthusiast out of Brazil. His room. Is covered. In all kinds of weird writings have the group protect right young's off satanic groups and ID gloom and not the army's got his big statue of lots of room the first philosophers to say that there was. Possible ET's Gerald Giordano Bruno. And we are correlation right so suddenly this kid has just disappear Rania tells about the so he's psychology student. 25 years old. His parents take off for like 24 days. And basically he's telling his friends he has this kind of concert this idea that's gonna help humanity he writes fourteen books that are written in code. He locks himself from the room for like 24 days apparently in 2.2 days tediously set this thing up as a video on YouTube you can check it out but it looks like an art exhibit has all this cryptic stuff. On the floor. He had a scope to make a statue of Giordano Bruno who's this. You know fifteen hundreds. Philosopher and basically he was one of the first at such stars are all connected to different planets that right potential which Castro life. There's of gaining the creepy caning of Borges. With an alien. Night and he disappears as parents come back he's gone his sister said he locked himself and that would come out to eat they would go back. He left a deciphered it cannot understand the books are written in code. But people believe he was taken away either by the government or you fall. And meet the what I look at this it's a seems to be some kind of a marketing ploy. Either floor of the books of some kind of something good something because it looks like an art exhibit when you see this. You know the video newsroom is on Malia while the amount of writing in journals this kid has that are in perfect condition numbered the walls to ya tons of writing all over them. It seems unbelievable but he is missing and no one could find him you can tell those parents aren't acting right I'm aware talk about that and more Brent we see you wanna hold Hanna we see you wanna we see you guys on hold. On the framing import studio I will get your calls but right now we gotta give way these Bruins tickets. And we'll be back with running a blank on the other side of this to talk about Bruno. Also the pygmy man and some more you have flow and bigfoot tock on the smarts land Monday but right now if you wanna go see the Bruins. And then a playoff hockey text the word puck. He used CK two and 97107. Within the next ten minutes to enter to win two tickets to see the Bruins play off. In game for the garden on Wednesday standard data in message rates well. Right back with. Months of land Monday running blank. If he a lot of weight and Murrow awareness day gas tax. That is that I models have don't know what it's unlocked and land on the way to ranil blank seeing in the talking big foot and alien. Students. Vegas. Well. Let's talk. To Brent who's been waiting on line to talk to running a blank bread two year old Mattie nick Ronnie and beef now fired stints. With. I'll where the ball I'd like to just sale at ethnic. And I like that the look at things scientifically. With that being said the most compelling evidence I've ever keen for you look close. Would win all the army needs our airport majors and brigadier general came forward and start talking about how you a full a UFO it would appear above on missile silo and sometimes. Yeah and it literally would train all the energy out of out of you know almost all of them you know the nuclear. You know warhead and it was just absolutely fascinating in these people went before congress yeah specified as. Are you know and if they went forward with this because of their. Air Force's you know no legal or policy date could have lost hundreds of thousands adult intentions. And in their Stanley this straight so the fact that they went forward this was incredible. Incredible. Absolute brat. You're right I know saying you're right in and add them to the list of really. Highly credible. People in at the highest levels of government. And and politicians. Who have come on said that this is a real thing we have them on radar we don't know what they are. But they are something they're not nothing as we always say she raised a good point Brent. So I was just wondering if you had had heard anymore about this. Ronnie in I know you're talking about where there was I think to have like eleven. Different missiles they can't shut down one by one. And they had seen the you know crafts coming over and there was another jump and that was actually filming them. The rockets going up and actually saw you fall comment. And blasts. The the warhead he could see like this a shot like a laser shot hit the warhead. 123 times and takes off and disable the thing but then also the silos of you know the missiles inside and the ground. And down I mean it's it's for I always rings missed an ounce of Iraq lose them Forrest was rentals from fort until you have forest that was a nuclear facility that's right at the time no one knew that that would they're holding regular warheads there between bases in Europe. Texas called Brent talk about that instant real quick that was a. That's that famous movie where the robot comes down from planet to planet earth right now and any like I don't want you all to be battling it takes like a giant metaphor right. Like world not supposed to go to war each other run tell the actual story so far as is its Hulu or something like how the day the earth stood still. So was in 1980. There's about three days that they had craft that were coming over the two twin bases. And bent waters was not also knows about waters incidents. And one of the military police officers actually is steeple plume who's from one monster masks amazing coincidence and basically one of the crafts. Landed it was a triangular craft landed in rumbles from forced. Offers a hall went out there and basically was recording. On a voice recorder. There are hieroglyphics along the craft it left and impairment write yeah rental and three different and prince they took cast of that. Answer here is the military was involved of this thing and is also talks about time travel with this whole thing too which is pretty wide and you can hear that you can you can look up online and hear the actual and he and a very high ranking US military official on the thing going on. Just craft and they don't know as you can tell they're scared Ashley assists and it's an incredible story it's like the almost I think it was in England right the young British Raza exactly what they call the British Roswell gonna talk more Roswell a second let's go to Matt real quick Matt Iran Matty and nick. I have Brothers are Beers. So I would have paranormal experiences. What my father a couple of years ago and my. Other visited my son and bred there in January. And we were outside playing and use question. Little gizmos around. And like ground no win you start he looked up. What you're talking to someone and none mower or too old not sixty. God Matt Paul London time. One more time without please. My son on it but they looked out at this guy is what you're started my brother religious past. Last year and the Muller push towards them about sixty there's no wind it was on flat ground. That's awesome while I loved that thank you Matt thank you gonna call nick you could've should've drawn to the kids broke apart. Or. We. Have. Follow her on eleven year end this gets months Matty and then.