Monday's Putt - Great British Opening

Monday, July 24th

A brand new segment, just for Matty, 'Monday's Put'! Nick and Stiz give Matty a hard time, rubbing the word 'Golf' all in his face, discussing the latest British Open. Can Matty last without saying the word 'Golf'? Find out on 'Monday's Put'.

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Our guests are always. You schedule WAS. And with mr. Carey doing there. Well and see speaking of and I seamlessly into the show somebody. With some lovely purple haired just came near like a beacon of broadcast light. And a speaker of truth. MC did you hear the same thing I did a couple minutes and so many offenses and and I hear you guys lapped up and then I heard Matt exactly what I. I like Newton and I was like Matty talking about skydiving that was actually me it's fun. Yeah yeah what do you LB ID's new Matty and maybe well it's national to kill today so you can have a gimme a pastor there enough. And then all of a sudden I heard Manny say the word golf. And I was like. Me crazy but I wasn't allowed to say the word golf and the most useless waste of acreage on this plan. And it's below. I. Hooked. And I know I wanted to ask you what it is based on where. Mr. Blake. Hey. Snitches get stitches are. The I believe the spear of the bat and Josh the one who made the bad. Called and said this day if I occasionally. I think EME three strikes correctly occasionally slip opposite the word that's OK I can get a Mulligan aromatic and who. But it might hog I need a mommy talking about it for her. Periods of time. Oh I'm. Not just he. All of it's not just thought I play I played blank top flight. I played golf over the weekend it was so nice to go play golf and they just not be surrounded by a swarm. Of golf talk golf and Allison Matt analysis all the whole. Everybody's got they're being you know in like you've got skydiving. That's three point yours and this is just wrecked by myself and I love their gear and I love everything about it I wanna talk about all the time I released and I are now I'll. Well thank you very much time is diminished in crazy now I mean I don't special tequila it day by your turncoat traitor but are crazy at her. I. Yeah if you're. Benedict Carey over the Internet. Known to the salon just threw me run don't get cancer I'm willing to lose easily right under the blank cart or. Yeah. And that of the bus he meant golf can now I know it's she is the wind it could to bring it and it hasn't stopped. Why do you think he's gotten his poor wife that's why they can't have relations anymore she got tired of all the golf euphemisms like his volleys. Arsenic in the best had. Well I that's too so let's just let the record show we now have fifteen shows until we take our show wide vacation. Fifteen shows toll taking a week off together you have fifteen. Fourteen and three quarters shows to go where you can't say the word golf you can't talk about golf thank you very much mr. carries marking up on the board. That's to stress while. Two weeks into a better three to go and you only have you know Mulligan left. If you had to not talk about patriots football what's going on right now hold on a diminished. If you had thank you Kerry if there work or if they were thank you Kerry for nothing. If there was force Super Bowls them. And you couldn't talk about patriots football yup. On the weeks of the force of rebels that's attempting to me now this audience is very well aware of everything that we talk about and I'm sure the number of times. I have mentioned Tom Brady and the patriots. Pails in comparison to the number of times I'm just saying you have mentioned Dustin Johnson that's already been a disaster future. And the rest speaking of which would I don't watch it's I don't want you to stumble. Any further now with a all the shows ago right considering what happened this weekend. The big British Open I thought yeah does all your tennis here did don't don't stepping into it okay with what you know what. Wanted to leave it to the real professionals in the room. And now a chance for a couple that tour professionals to talk shots share links and discuss drives and drive time. Is gonna do he's got a hero's story. Before we preach hatred now about to become this huge. This is Monday's pucks with you can steal so I pulled. It your all. No no doubt we're not going to pay the not doing this segment will Monday's. No I love well a lot that would and hello it had a nice ring to write it's sounds familiar yet it has a life of its own right off the time in Monday's. Where that sued true golf aficionados. Nick Stephens and Stanley's is grimy. It together it is have a little chat about golf and what a British Open. And I got them found nick from. Jordan's by and soda and hot enough. Your house. What jordans jordans B I'll speak. So yes I don't. Think it's not an eyebrow employees so we got some other than that crap at the forward Tina. We got some sound on on Jordan's feet yet he's feet okay yeah yesterday one of his many great putts in what was an epic comeback. In his first British Open champion Dario. Due to. And now golf now. Now. Okay. All fifteen sink back. Now he really made a bomb for eagle at fifteen you know now he did and I have an hour as though is Orioles and I was fortunate to I have I know it's not. As most of the audience I'm sure they'd probably rather hear us all Fletcher golf commentary yes also a lot Matt kitchen played well all yeah pitcher good literature yet to sign Manhattan I know he's not he was not he was really eaten up yesterday athletic on the kitchen. And I can Leo kitchen on fourteen. The plot nerves by F. And yeah today there was a tough one because you know the kitchen inspire. Were partners yesterday they were to death playmates plates like listening studies. Other sports stations to talk what is this is Drogba where does it still is an eyewear the older men in blazers. McCall man blazes are just or just for providing the public's just a couple of guys hanging out talk our golf and this you know this is Monday is what it's just. Some that a lot of people you know compare inspired to yet I Ali. These are not I comparing him to woods what's what's your eye on and I don't know it seem that's a little hot. A key for me I mean he's Tony three's they'd looks day's a different guy different body different swing a pretty major championships joining Jack Nicholson as the only one. That by age 23 to have three majors is pretty significant death I would I was saying nobody damning. Most people still think Jack Nicholson's the greatest golfer all my god he's way he adds I think I don't at all move down thought god I brain can do everything and I think. There's nothing I can't do is Jack Nicholson. The greatest golfer of all time. Right. So I mean lesson are so everyone to the states and so on every every why isn't it here's the question I think I'd like to put out to you as a fan stand you know out and maybe mental giants will will see an Ottawa I've only gotten any further hot water listeners as well. Why is everybody so always in such a rush. To crown somebody the next something you know CF Kobe is the new MJ death you know because so and so -- the new LeBron this guys that knew Brady's pocket why does Jordan's beat have to be the new Tiger Woods why can't Jordan speed just beat Jordan speak I think it's just the spirit of competitiveness you know on I mean I'll knock on Yahoo! is looking for a new and then number one a new Tiger Woods right you Kobe Bryant we can't be an original thinker anymore we have to always associate somebody with something that we're familiar with. If we had been careful are you sure I'm here rap star bright up and coming stairs careful and everything he did it. When you look at the numbers of his record sales everything everything he's accomplished. The only people. That keep coming up in that conversation are Eminem. And Jaycee and so the Oliver is ever done this this is Eminem and Jay-Z Eminem and JC you would say at that point this rapper is an SO. Yeah right yeah that's going on I talked about it and didn't get drunk yeah does it very create I was laid out that Iran that I can Alec now that I came out I think you are confident contrast that was can you tell this that. Also did did Rory. And nickel Roy played all my I'm leaving again I'll leave a movie this so Rory. Yes right and Rory Mickelson Mickelson and Rory. I even got an early ethnic. Yeah I can keep Jack and Jack Nicholson's the greatest golfer of all time right Keyser yeah totally if I briefed it is an immensely tall that was awkward quiet comeback for speech yesterday at the British Open in. Is that the end of the majors for the rest of the year. One for yes two Pernod. If is there that the I don't know mobile figured out later I guess we'll have to will will resume. Woes of next week on Mondays.