Monday's Mutt - Lucy & Penny

Monday, July 17th

Every Monday we bring in a dog from a local rescue group that is in need of a "Furr-ever" Home. This week we meet Lucy and Penny. Both are about 6 months old. Lucy is a pyrenees shepard mix and Penny is a greyhound, dane, lab mix. Both are very friendly and laid back looking for the right home! For more information on these two visit Pawfect Life Rescue at!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I can't send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Looking for a very new friend hey guys cereals dogs what they Hill Man Morning Show help you would about the role and what about the it's kinda neat Monday's much. God speed. Fun W. I am trying to get pictures of Monday's months there's two of them and they're too cute. Little puppies. And too cute little gamblers by the way also yeah. How are you ladies. And how are you guys are sisters yeah. I don't think you're weird I'm general. I'm tempted to spend the whole segment on YouTube and it's really. Really about the docs. It's about the dog's eyes so what are your names so I'm Julie totally off the effort and I and Jennifer and what's the name of this shelter of the rescue off life rescue pop affect life rescue like that and it and who are these two. So today we have Lucy Lucy is a six month old. Pyrenees. Shepherdstown met and then we have penny who is. Greyhound. Dean. Mo I'll bring that thing off Osama they're news standing here what are they six months or so he's about six models he asked and their names again I'm sorry. Penny Lucy penny and Lucy I am right now. The only two in the grand pictures. Both. Penny and Lucy. What kind of nodded they want it did do they wanted to die adopted together they'd like best friends are to make it doesn't matter again it doesn't matter that both Mississippi yeah and they just for. Now I'm an entity like requirements on the home's other than their loving homes and there I mean today. Does that carry. Love kids OK even loved to have a family with kids. Loose heat doesn't matter they love other dogs they love people just really good pops of some who want to spend time training women. And exercising them in just right now they're they're of their perfect rated. Family darts repair we ire. We are FaceBook alive right now so so you can check these two out. And they seem to base its well yeah. Says there's you can check out the dogs and it is there. On FaceBook you get different winds and what are those two there's so stinking cute and I love puppies. I love art isn't it do you puppies get adopted quicker than than older docs. I'm a lot of people wanted help on severity house train. What we spent a lot of time us training Crete training working on loosely locking and so a lot of the dogs are pretty. In pretty good shape by the time people adopt them from earth do they like to run I'm a runner on and off no matter and I. My diet can only be rounds was enough yeah. Listen flattery will get you everywhere let me tell you if you precious little. All right so I'm. Well let's regretted that might have currency's rate in their says she does all of this out of her own home relay Alan Johnson felt. That she puts a lot of art in each in. Just a year in that's an awesome aren't well if they want the if anybody wants to adopt either one of these. What have they definitely had what's the process like. So basically just apply online net topic life rescue dot org got any increase you can email Juliette topic life rescue dot org. And you just the plight processor application we invite you out to meet the dots and see if it's a good. It's awesome while we're at these amazing people who listen to this show and have adopted five. Of the Mondays months so far. So so hopefully you'll at number six and number seven here are these are automatic hand on Maddux. They're so cute. So cute. All right well thanks guys thanks and hello yeah the to a deal or you either want to view available for adoption and I see it any definite bad. That it did just that IRA I. And great guys. I say it is 739. Here on the Hill Man Morning Show that's Monday's mock. Daniels. Heartwarming segments in which we try to find homes for ever homes. Bird dogs every Monday and show penniless his picks are out on the Mondays on mr. Graham account in at Monday's month and the linked to the pocket like rescue website is in our bio and animals gonna showed pictures on the WA AF. FaceBook page hostile.