Monday's Mutt - Jake

Monday, October 23rd

Every Monday we bring in a dog from a local rescue group that is in need of a Forever Home. Today we meet Jake a very chill King Corso. If you're interested in more information on Jake contact the King Corso Rescue at!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Looking for a very new friend hey guys thrill thumbs up what they Hill Man Morning Show help you what about the goals were about to. It's time didn't need Monday's much. God speed. On W. But from what they've not this week. And. This guy. Jake what a beautiful die might what's your it and I'm Scott Scott and the name of your money Corso rescue okay. The tells a little bit about Jake who is looking for a home. Particular about. Four years old Bob by the way we are FaceBook alive right now if you would like to see Jake experience awesome look at Jake Mohawk yeah now there. You have to mix. Now he is a pure panic course though wow so colors blue yeah pray when a beautiful very very small. Yeah very and it's. He's. But twenty or so pounds smaller. He was found in Michigan. Owner dropped him and his brother off on some small Ireland because he didn't want them anymore. I had done his brother what is opted. EU. Was adopted. And now he is back and rescue. I do me for about two month yeah. He's a wonderful dog he's crate trained yeah yeah we you'll rip anything out look at home. Would you like to be in a more quieter home okay traveling animal or dog immunity you know are getting younger dog would be okay yeah he's not. You know my two dogs if they lived together. But the you know and they're not really friends if LA interacting among that's what it's my place of put charity just about stubble yeah. It got pretty. The trade at pretty high in him. A shield bags in the wind is Giuliani you know. That it has more land early yeah. Well you know he's really good on the leash yeah. Pretty quiet. Nodes rule except in the car. Which Larry rare that a serial I can't say that and this happens I thought that. My walls were covered. I like yelling at. All right well how does a family. Single. Potential blog owner go about adopting Jake. You'd goat to panic Corso rescue dot org okay. And fill out application. OK. My email address if you look you know the local wanna meet him yeah. If we can put it on the poster some yeah yeah yeah we'll put a contact me you know Coca anatomy grade okay. I'm there is Monday's much instead of Seoul put it will put there. With a picture right it's just Mondays Mondays much of Monday no other male dogs. Am OK I am. And the sales this is like guessing a single couple's dream right here that. Rank exact single guy's dream who aren't the day you know some yard time he's tired he wants to sleep when he's beautiful hill. Well look out for the mailman of course. Yeah it's a house that that's the male person I mean that's the non specific is mail delivery at. That all right that's Jake that's money's my thanks for bringing me here and hope and yes. Daniels said we're when the while almost 23 when he went for 23 or twenty force though. Totally was adopted out to. So are you terribly and yes and gently as adopted by bio listeners. That's one of our previous adopters awesome all the stuff like lots of calls good. And after jitters series amazing get that checked Jake you can take a look at Monday smut instead.