Monday's Mutt - Della

Monday, March 13th

First Installment of Monday's Mutt! Our new segment where Danielle and the rest of the show try to find a home for a shelter dog! Della, a hound mix, was our first dog to visit the studio!

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Oh great now I miss Kobe will be. That dog in this studio Imus go below are taking keynote writer is it's 717. Here on the Monday Hill Man Morning Show and time for us. To begin being l.s new segment which is called Monday's mock. An homage to the great Jack Williams who was one of the greatest news anchors in this town ever. Who had Wednesday's child and help. A lot of kids get adopted in so Danielle. Is setting out this morning with Monday's mock her new segment in which we hope to find a home yeah. Four. They'll look a loving cute dog and today in the Al Gore wheat pool who we meeting this morning. This is Della bella was the last hope canine rescue she's a hound mix. She's been at last committed to her in January 2016. So she's been in Foster care for a little over a year. Waiting for her for ever home. By the way like everybody who listens to the show Della is yawning 903 Donna. The where where are alive and FaceBook is a good character or we are on FaceBook live. So you can check it dial out. And Amanda just Mandela just demand within them is here. From the shelter and you can tell everybody a little bit about bella. And thanks for coming in this way. Repression for Hannah yeah so we're actually Foster based rescue so there's no shelter no facility yeah and Adele actually visit the Foster home. He's actually had about three Foster homes in the times in the path and she is adopted once and was returns. And she doesn't is so great with kids so she's looking for an adult only home. Like Kathy then I'm making now. That's like an age old thing you know odds dogs and cats that are really really bad they don't they don't they're not ST CR. She meant you harm treatment when she was an Arkansas. She's jumping up now she wants to talk to them. Yeah. I tell them about me yeah. There. And shoots pretty awesome she's really laid back. Her Foster families describes her as the perfect on the perfect dog eat dog outside their own jobs Kobe might not go obviously as the perfect I have boy I picked up enough our dogs came behind Al. If you click on I. Just taking care it's gonna be she got to me and I White Sox aren't. White chest. Usually really describe it that way it's weird thing. You and actually part of a cruelty case so when we have Ridley got her issues really underweight you're only fined every other day he never went outside at all. On management of her arms treatment and was split right and so she's now trying to lose a couple pounds rate now he. Does little collection is dole couple extra pounds but look at her she's got around and around here like crazy. All right so. And when you found in the eighties when you guys do this how. It involves the process like what tell us a little bit about. So there is somebody listening right now who would like who has a great home for Della how to they go about this whole process what a what happens. So they go to I was say -- last hope canine dot toward its last hope letter Kahne number nine dot org did fill out an application. You know it step process so we go through to reference checks of that reference if they've ever had in the past five years. I'm a landlord reference if they live in apartments. And we also do home visits to make sure the home is not. Reporter's home ya ya yeah. Just safe yet it's not like a safe house and you're not getting her into a home like that we took her from she is trying away from the microphone. I shouldn't you be on your lineup men and as a dominant. That don't Leon I don't Leon. I and then. Those are Minnesotan talk a little bit about adoption costs because some people don't just like a bug but like as far as. You'll understand why a it's quote unquote expenses I had you know one million U getting getting her from Arkansas here. You know I think a lot at night stand that that the state and Massachusetts. Requires although it's coming from state to go through is at a forty hour or meeting Andrea Bernstein which is that a quarantine facility so in my class ethics. It's expensive gas. While in first of all who's making the money where a 100% on Iran so there's no human getting any money if anybody making money would be the dogs out. Yeah but that's that's especially in those caiso Dello was on her dog so automatically off the top. She costs. Between 40500 dollars down south to get harmed treatment. Her adoption fee and believe it's 42547. If I'm not exactly her. But this year charity. He's our cost of money right now to minute rescue for a year. So she's had we and our treatment. Every month then. Which adds that she went through the 48 hour quarantined hilly so she's well she's well over 12100 dollars and get vaccination in agony and care. She comes up funny she's been here he announced that she's had she's had two rounds you know two years were the vaccinations. Was she staying before she was pulled you guys you know I don't know but I often highly doubt and a lot at not ninth it's ten and another surgery yet term. Yes this is so much you know and how old pushing she's about four about four years so yeah and I guess is of course they don't. Some of birth certificates that I. Well I just shared another photo of Allah on mines the grand so you can check her out and if you would like give her home. She would love. Behind a loving home. Just probably. Not one with young kids ten million kids none of gadgets and no cats so all dogs either but she's good with the larger and. I don't have an cash anymore thanks enjoy the calm ran wild and over the let me know half an hour. Now here's here's somebody asking if they can document are you know well you're not you're not you're not available for adoption now. Well I don't know. I forget norm and now. And sell. It on about four years old were gassing. It and it's a people wanna you can you can see Dallas FaceBook live if you wanna see here you can see reminds Seagram but. She's a would you say hound demand doesn't sound and next hound mix and I as soon as she got here relate she was fun when the girls are waiting to bring her and. I want the kids they had everybody and she is Susan started scratching issue immediately flopped onto the ground and gave me her belly scratch of Philadelphia I'm actually played and I am morning she's. She's just a little much yeah and I had no idea why she's truly the well and hopefully after this morning she will end zone at them all right so if you want to adopt or go to the website which is the last hope canine dot org. Last hope canine done word yet. All right. Well I'm so glad you guys came and. Diana. I mean long months legit. On the content channel now. It now you get tested who watched the things that live NC Greg motion out of overdone Kobe's gonna be so mad Darren drove down. I'll you now don't tell me he's going to be like ER HD OB is going to be very various men and Larry Ellison on your home there's though. All right guys thank you very much and that is our new segment Monday's. Mocked and you'll see if we can get bella adopted in the NC weakened. Get the track records it's like the same as Jack Williams yeah you you've got like fifty or sixty doubt about that by the time we're done it to be amazing. All right. Here's the number coffee on beyond this morning calls on the premium fourth studio line which is 617931. One and how. Here's the 978 Texas says I'd like to hear more of Greg smooching that in a minute. It all done so well. Reflect reporting dog he. That's ethnic that's all we love you don't. Both see the ears their affiliate ears perk right up today. He's wicked time. Visit Texas is they'll probably smells food on your fingers yeah that's probably going to knock opponents say. Here's a vitally Texas says this segment is gonna kill me every week I have three dogs at home and I'm absolutely in love with the LO RE policy. And will update weathered delegates of the else's yes well and up and down us that I. And the residents to Graham for this film which is Monday's one yes all right okay so we'll preview. You know probably the weekend before Monday air Monday morning previewed dogs coming in. Will give you the link to the rescues website any pertinent information and you can follow up but then. Course of the first first step always just a felon and applications don't do that. Check in with the rescue they can answer any questions and they're super helpful I've been involved with last soaking nine herb. For years now I am myself and my for university. That you're worried I started shortly after Amanda did so that's Amanda Amanda a no way and the nightmare but I death sentence is not an onion and the second time she's done enough. We turn five on. On. Think Patrick is a huge apocalypse oh the rescued a thrill out of Austin market barrier oceans guys and when is just to give people a heads up because they know we have a lot of very terrible listeners in the audience. What is the date for the annual last so canine gallons October they. Kate putting your calendar so. That is one of them that's for me pretty much our biggest fundraising event I think. It's a great. It's a great night note. There's dinner there's live auctions as entertainment and it is as you know is busy near the end evening gown. So it's a great event if you of them are technicalities get tickets on the web sites when they're available. And that's you know one of the biggest ways in which rescues raise their money in order to be able TE you know they can't. Help the dogs without the money you can't pull a dog. From a bad situation unless you have the money to transported to get batted it satirist so that's how we kind of quote local wine coffers. So that you were able to do that kind of work in any any risk so and if anybody out there is involved with a rescue if you have a dog that's been. In Foster care shelter care for a link the amount of time might have some special needs like where Dell can be home a small children. Reach out to us Monday's much at WA AF dot com and we can chat hopefully you guys in here and be featured are awesome thanks guys.