Monday's Mutt - Bear

Monday, December 11th

Every Monday we bring in a dog from a local rescue group that is in need of a Forever Home. Today we meet Bear a fun and loving lab mix from the Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury. Bear is a great dog that will fit in in most home environments. Visit for more information on Bear!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Looking for a furry new friend hey guys. Drill logs out what they Hill Man Morning Show tell you what about people worried about. It's time didn't eat Monday's my. God speed. On W. I think we're about to be phased. Look a lot of what is the Monday's mocked and we're enemy bear. And you are. I am Michael. And the name of your shelter. Eric but he does it mean society in Sudbury and tell us a little bit about bear who is just a securities agreed. It's bears boy year old Aussie lab mix that came to it's frowned South Carolina. Wicked sweet Dodd. And is very lovable loves attention perfect family to it. I'm this month's Buick the there friendly argument there and right now is a great smile to him. You know full of energy. I'm exceptionally got lakers' now theories on the plane hanging out this year. Are. Okay I'm look at a home will did bared the best in its there are due on an active family your kids ages ten and and human definitely benefit from a lot of walks and today a lot of exercise to earn an energy. On some on the player opinion loves to play with toys out there on. And and it is skidded some guides index it isn't it on greatly he can be a little dogs elect did maybe initially be the only Patton send. At some obedience training for shared yeah that it says that parents are gaming area I know people a great. All right how does one and go about adopting bear. So if you're interested in there you can. Email Buddy Guy again add in for at buddy died in chest out or hired on to get more information on him me and you can killer treated stop by the shout their anytime during business hours citizen and is off. We'll take him out period a look at. All right and he's Osce lab mix yes or gets me is like an Aussie lab mix and carries a positive Saturday that he's awesome yeah. These social stinking cute. Yeah Omar god I'm very dark and come on home believe we that we dogs and adopt its opponent overreached it. I just got confirmation that Harbin the neo both definitely got its I think rep to 26 to three seminars are excellent so hopefully confined to home for bear and and Merry Christmas everybody around you guys this you guys in Merry Christmas and be nice to get pair home for Christmas. It's. Hard beard this this dog is insane ceases already know how is Anna. Zach happy experiment yeah Aaron very differently the confer fund to feed he's the doctor yeah.