M&N Hour 4 - Stabbing Tuna! 5/21/18

Monday, May 21st

In the final hour of today's show, listeners get to hear about an unfortunate cat in Do I Qualify?. Afterwards, you're GRV's are then played. Then at the end of the show, we find out it was an eventful weekend for assistant producer Wanderson!

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We can't Virginians 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. I don't know where. Of them idea nick experience. We are going to send you see Nick's words and we'll do I qualify. Next Monday. A week from today. Don't miss it as we occasionally played on Monday is. Try to do it every Monday and sometimes do your schedule missy our opera singer will be back a little. Rock opera house to be back next Monday when we're off because it's Memorial Day the Monday after. We're supposed to do today but I was. I was elated. We have a design you have the songs just aren't recorded them. For next next week. I'm certainly long weekend coming up we do. Us. Maybe you can have whoever fills in for us. Uh oh like your friend Parker. Aggies are. I'm kidding partner. We believe nonviolent prisoners probably probably Isaiah may be Isiah he's very Fulton. But for now. We have time to do now Estes was hurt down and make him a lot. It's the unpredictable game of chance and choice where you present your case as to why you should win I once got a Boehner at a funeral the like qualifying which is exactly why you won't unqualified because of my huge line. Or is it. This days do I love Bob quit Edison a pretty good job every and the intra bloc qualify. Brad you buy lots auto bus route one in Auburn if your credit Sox go to locks locks auto plus dot com that's blocks auto plus dot com RI. The text line 97107. Here WA AF is taken over. People are looking to see if they qualify for a number of unusual reasons. I can't stop giggling at the course name for the US open this past weekend. She knows that's coming up against that unit in the course name for the US open she had a cock. Do I call I have read alligator after. Low because it's golf related and it's very funny and juvenile and Joseph out hits all our guy. Cynic Coxnet food that's the trifecta right there that is the holy trinity for Matty and thing. Golf. Image your. Pretty fun yeah. All right. I seven I want to know do I qualify I volunteer to serve free beer at pumpkin drama Saturday for free admission. And I just stood there and drank all day behind my tap. While that's gaming the system and I just say that in public. Lit I was in the video of people. Can you fix your Mike clear your throat or both. Nick. I'm gonna say no to that Dexter. They already won three days a drink it you know what that's true. I remember the last time by the way I drank more than three years. I miss the days of just like going to what I show all for a Friday. And and we UK we have all we have a tiny they have. They did not the size of the flights I use. But let's go for any imports studio line with Stephanie from stone almost RC qualifies by the way framing important reminders metros commercial truck headquarters and called that number. Drive off by 6179311. Half yes stepping stone go ahead do you qualify. Quote I just left who gave Boca payment they cat peeing blood all over my house. They include gave. I haven't slept any employer. And I just need to cover everything. Why did you can't peeing. My energy. Like Gary. Oh OK I give them. It up a little off I seventy because that didn't hear about not being over dramatic and I like it Stephanie qualified. Eighth inning and then we can now. So just say he can let me hazard let me just let me just has it this thing. I'm gonna guess that we'll never hear the phrase he has a plug Yuri throw again. On this show Ali. I cat with a plug Geary ether have known him my kid had to get his Jiri for unplugged last week literally and now. I mean this is like every weeknight for Danielle on the points. So we've got plugged Lewis. We've got I don't know and I don't know if he does out and I'm thinking maybe shouldn't. You're got a 978 I just spent two weeks in Sao Paulo banging hot six. But qualify I have next. Many I'm gonna go ahead and say no to that one because you wanted to line like I should not be going to and exports and show. He should be going to get checked for every available as DD 100% no way that the US TD that is your rock stations are let's go to Scott New Hampshire also the framing imports realize Scott Reid got. Well I was in the navy about twenty years ago. About yet when years ago I asked if there. Back before the Internet so O'Leary port between deployments. You got to find a place that is fine but claimed the top of the mass about five level federal level above sea level. Import with a automatic in the mile island don't want to. Computer shell or baby patrol. Scott. I'd like to thank you for your service and congratulate you for being Arthur qualified and I got up act you. Healthy. Animals. My go wrong. Six three wants to now. I'm the only female that I know that couldn't have given. Any less than zero laughs about the royal wedding instead I move out Beers Saturday morning to lie cause I'll I love that. Love that Saturday morning royal wedding zero F giving beer drinker. All my love it do you have a sister and she into. Multiple marriages if we have one more before the break right here. All. The court held turn I was at the Helmand Cornel Ternium lots how to choose what he wanted nothing's stop listening. Now it's it was to the news that please keep listening you want a would you like corn hole lessons. You should give court analysts. Absolutely well someone says I love I think the black rose at the best band ever to our qualify you would of but I know it's. Pandering because you spelled throws CE RO WS and everyone knows every through croak they would know NCR OW do you ash. Don't know. Government we don't mean it occurred showed qualified sorry 774 because of Matty I'm a really hot line to Michael. Seven and four is our final club every now hotline happened here is we got his we got organist in the Leo we get back we've got. She and talking golf balls. We've got Don number two the plugs. Cat and we'll set again yep we. Scott the navy thank you for your cell service. I hope it's. Don't bring it out that great thrown 97 in the eighth inning number four we could not be royals are anti royal wedding gal. And finally a hot Blake. And we will spend to see who wins after seriously I wanted to ABC your voice. All right let's spin the wheel and find out who won these tickets. We've got. Golf jumper from the text line should a cock and golf balls. We've got Stephanie and her plugged. Into that. We've got Scott in the navy thank you for your self service who climbed up on layout option tower and took care of business. In the navy we've got number four. Don't care about the royals we can't be royals and number five. Hot blank. She's hot woman who has could be for other women yes. And the way. And who's a database that got its cat music what the first collar step and you qualified has a capital problem that the coincidence number two and it stopped. Oh my god don't miss on this film. The winds came upon who's number two Stephanie as I was saying look I. I'm not note the real take a picture that's did although it's something that we do this. I'll step many congratulations your bleeding cat. But I and it was with players as we play the song that's right at the video cap news yet. Posey zone. That's what it is. From justice god made me. Oh my god that's got to follow up on I'd seen that look in the day nine that please. I'm so sorry I'm face all of you are your current all right let's rock got a little bit and then your generic radio voice mail. Graduate Stephanie and her bleeding cat they are going to see Nick's words and at the Wilbur theatre. Sunday may 27 at 7 PM. Known for his work at Malibu is most wanted and I now pronounce you chuck and Larry and much much more. A great show at a great menu graduation Stephanie saris and cock and golf balls Scott in the navy. We can't be royals and hot blank try again that is do I qualify America's favorite new game and now. The G Arby's. Hey you've reached Matt in next generic radio voicemail. The place to tell us whatever is on your mind and please after the BC anything but generic. Stanton message now. But I do as this hour is by the fine folks at town fair tire there is nowhere else to go in this world. But town fair tire if you need a great deal on tires there the one there the only town fair tire. And then eight. 32 and yet. All right and our continuing coverage of the royal wedding continued this weekend as a noted that the police. I'll probably be royal honeymoon well it appears that kind of developed to a falling stock as they exist without them in order he has a kind word. And the message. I say OA news. Go into the room about him move files. That is on the spray. You enjoyed the Will Ferrell Molly Shannon. Improvised comedy styling slate and HBO senate post refund loved. It it was the only good part of the whole thing only reason we're watching it at all was watching them improbable. The great. Kristen Wiig came on as a parent male cowardly conservatives that the parent on the rock and she did a whole improbable thing Will Ferrell does pretty good at was. Osment good for HBO. For doing that Christ poking fun at it and and just and it was amazing it. Joke I was watching it was done based group that no net right well yoke those watching the actual what hasn't and I don't know what's I changed to will Farrell and and what's it doing analysts and thank you Molly Shannon and then it was over. And we turned back to the actual coverage and it was. Unbelievably. Just how hot spot and it talks about it yeah yeah great job. 944. And again. Good afternoon about it batted away. The Matty and thick so yeah. I'm in New York. Right now they directed the crap but it is unlikely to hear it are you hit the mornings and they really goes don't box that that they do. Calling it gold. You're out and it has a more probably. And the message I loved every part my favorite part was. You drop the director's request to audition. I know lie. At all there on the daily I got married didn't. Has the wealthy zip code in Rhode Island that you you won presented you're 1% status Iowa's that directors. Requests top odd. On the am center. Or 18 PM. It here but there. And that message loud and Yoko but hit the booms us live a little bit I'm concerned about the boom stick. In our last half an. Object or 38 PM. They've added that he's done in Newark city. Think the permanent that nickname for the AFLAC commercials but we're gonna go to their room and were not in the media on this erectile dysfunction medicine either Leno and those guys you you really can't tell you that a lot. And militant figure that we thought that they may be something different group not all washed up old haggard as a little after another thing. But they didn't act Ford didn't go that that if you applied. And now Hollywood film. Did listen to my favorite part of all of these is when somebody comes into the room makes their piece and then they just nut shots there's on the way out. He he he. Ordered that. Better get that in viewers. They've so much what now that I know what it is you have you'd think it did you do that. Couldn't block but let that. You didn't say it would be booed there and use. And as if by. That and the men and what trouble deuce back I think he'd be the stick the landing system and they get that commercial I know man I'm so sorry. That's weird so it was the first ever combo. Boehner med slash X laxative and today I gave held form at this morning. Why don't we always PM. Hey how open it was the third that OK okay. Kudos that in my opinion that about my feelings he won't I won't blow cool blooded as. And this message on it was difficult first not. Than there's we're here then. Can they posted. 5:50. PM. They're oh yeah I have to say called an attack that. But I thought. Yep well I'd. And then now and see. That's the type of incisive sports commentary. You ulcer and city. Those sports you know I guess this. Call load free game. He's bigger comeback though. He's looking like the Dave price we want it they did we'll see if he can continue that trend probably heard that he was getting taunted by astle Freddie fort night actually pitch in like the 31 million dollar man we dreamed he'd be. I don't 28 PM. Their own and that. Oh come on I don't call back unlike what you've got your commercial audition. Well below circle alert you met. Thank you to comment I generic pretty heavily man. Well well. If you would like to have taken that kind of fun the number to save in your little black book is 61777955545. Far actually guys we. You know I used to do a lot of commercial auditioning voice over in your city to no please no need to thank me for my service as I've got a lot of friends down there and come people recognize you. And I had them actually. I had somebody record. One of your auditions all my Adam Barrett today OK I know it's. You hear me do my thing this was for that Boehner laxative Medicare that you didn't get the part force there's a lot here excellent. He's. My little early Tony. There's an apparent good sex that makes me have to crap. That's all that pomp and Republican don't just. I thought I nailed it I mean. I do back I do back research on my character is. I'm not I'm truly immersive actor. Yeah completely immersed yourself right into that old ladies of them I mean I even changed my voice. Well. That's unfortunate. Ones but knowing the weather isn't when it. I'm always worried most about. No. And I are right. Nick Stephens meteorologists here are the six project of the weather brought to you by our good friends at Walt them test services. Traffic isn't the only thing that's crawling this spring. Boy. Matthew I am so sorry. Driving into the woods and it's growing this is that like said Panos that's. So bring in the pest control experts at all them past services to stop out those annoying pests visit Waltham services dot com today. 76. Degrees in the fair commonwealth right now we'll drop down to fifty on the overnight tomorrow not quite as warm possible showers. With a hives it. Turn this one out. AF plus the only state that really Iraq's wrapping up shop here. Come back in single all of us on late and a Monday. Afternoon. All right let's wrap up shop but nick we didn't get to everything. And some things left behind. And now the best of their arrested everything that's left the only. That he had mixed junk drawer are. Because everyone's got one. You're driving a beater. You can fix it up with Nader New England auto and truck recyclers. What a fine used parts dot com. And fix up. York. Beater with meter. So I know what did not we get to and we need to open up that joke. Artists Stanley was just. Somebody actually introduce somebody who lobbied. Or Massachusetts. To make the flo offered natter. Stays is same which of choice. The official sandwich of Massachusetts it Ab it's just needs to get put through it at this point now if I'm not mistaken it just needs to get put through. Here it is. 2004 masters legislators took preliminary steps towards making the flop from under the officials say Automask. A formal house and senate vote needs to be made in the bill in order to make it official. But it's actually it's house docket. Number 899. I was number 2868 to come up masters it's it's there they just actually need to vote on in the flat but not a I'd like to get political on the show. But I will fight. With every breath in my body to make this bill pass wit I feel like we should make this one of our cause celebs. Ab so Lou leaked like for example. We're gonna try to help clean upstairs is act yeah up and find him a new love now that he's back. He's in the dating pool it's an shall we say right now he's currently in the dead pool and more for a yeah. And he'll be the day people look we've thanks to games like. Everyone's favorite Tuesday. Good time movie game. Netflix and well we have elevated the profile of young well Anderson the way Anderson. And now he'll play a Matty to hear about his weekend what are what happened when Anderson. Well I mean him in a manner of someone. What load did did did your new high profile of of being the host of Netflix and we'll get to a little problem I think in my they'll war I guess who was stabbed and tuna not any other longshoreman. Well when. Follow plucked him and NATO what does happen that you re under pretenses Jackman. You're just got the Deadliest Catch just because you Staley games does doesn't mean you're guessing that could save more hideous than what you're what. Stab into it on the heat. Winners and Jimmy young lady and things go well. I mean I don't wanna kiss and tell. Why after you recite any movie quotes him. Not really actually artists. An anomaly in that note yes rather not yes we one has just sued you asleep on the sports. Actually I could see Agassi ago thinking your Europe laid off approach. As sexy you're literally the only sexual white noise machine I've ever seen before. You know I mean like at the antithesis of me bounding around trying to get your one liners like on your face all sweaty drunk like back in the daylight where wins as walks in Brunswick zone. Well shut up you had me at hello today. While right then sneak peak for tomorrow's exciting it and so a lot of Netflix and will now. I'm a girl doing it after all I'm just a girl standing in front of a boy. Asking him to love her. You know you know I think it's way easier than a kick to eat. I would hope that robot like Polly hunt the robot in rocky for. Next cats in the hoaxes. And who would who went from from. I would like Paulson. About little slice of the pie. We'll go back. Shared the load. Think you nick for having my back side. Right now I don't wanna huge staph infection. Well erection. I know all about studies. Unbelievable and we can't you worst actress entered thank you nick Stephens. Look out of forever thank just his Grammy yeah thank you to marine Brad for his scathing review. I know is positive notes sent to later I was roaring loud and he loved. While sticking he'd like to better than one which is incredible he did dead pool to leases run out go see a must see. Thank you will Anderson congratulations on a little. Tribal warfare. It's like on in my house until they hear that on McKee yeah I was. Really am not going to go round and tribal warfare. Willie Anderson. Tuna staffer. We'll do it again tomorrow unless I ran bigs until then be safe now let's anybody. Many in nick WA FC tomorrow.