M&N Hour 4 - Sneakin' It In 6/13/18

Wednesday, June 13th

In the entire final hour, The Alan Questions Project, your GRVs, and the Junk drawer. Charlie Wilde still presides!

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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. Way they think. It is Alan our a steamed associate producer. A young man who acts like an old man. And let's be honest Charlie's very strange but it also super Smart so we go to him he can peacocks these quizzes and what we do. This is the only game we play we don't have do with being basically you just replay for you. So without any further idea let's play. He's Smart and he's uniquely studious sending do creatively curious good night for me is a bottle rom and YouTube clip today capped a 65 year old man trapped in a twenty something year old body not sexual he dresses like a cross between an out of work college professor and at crocodile hunter writing and his show our mind is gonna put our minds to a task was it eight an alligator beat a robot or see this Superman it's time pretty Allen questions project. And Allen today do not disappoint wearing cargo shorts pants White Sox and addresses indeed. Fantastic is a Clark's these are all purpose yeah and our partners say they're going from the Internet to your bedroom at the old folks home as what they're all purpose more coach. Clarks are fine American cheese is on call thing and I don't and their offices they're right around the corner here and wall exactly I'm preemptively striking for the for the six out comic book questions and ethnic here it excuse me that got us puppies yes yes as am not a shredded corn. You're returning champion there were only to comment to questions this week. Oh my god. I'm let's go to. Tony in Marlboro. Hi Tony. Good man and I you've got me randomly picked me. I'm playing for you mall road Tony you got that hang on the line okay. And then we'll go to. Note that Tony. And a lot of things he's done and nick. Let's see let's go to. Pack I patent Clinton. There are good you've got nick okay. Short analyze he won last week's U looking good that sit pretty. And let's go to. Nor let's stick up north with some with us is here Dan and mauled and hello Dan. LLO charter students in my friend. I you have stooges. Did. All right followed a report due out there and I don't know. Well Billy hey we shouldn't have a wishing on Stanley happy birthday may fifth birthday directory now. And you don't want you are they gonna get everything you wish car I will ask you to win. Let's do a brother I have ego says you also I share a birthday with famous TV dad Tim the tool man Taylor really ha ha ha are are well because the theme for today was Father's Day coming up this weekend is famous fictional dads are on there we go out and another connection out to Tim Allen list is as he did time for cocaine just to my father found in fact he actually another connection you have to his characters used in a ton of time around tools I. As cool and yards and a surprisingly on four. Oh and and the vendetta he can ask yourself do people listen. And the answer is known. Not any more NATO all right let's go let's get go and so in talking about dads in the Simpsons episode stark raving dad homers committed to an insane asylum. And shares a room with a bricklayer from New Jersey who thinks he's what musicians. Was it eight prince be Michael Jackson or see Elvis Presley and stark raving dad. Homer was committed to an insane asylum and shared arrive. Or. What choice are era quicktime aprons B Michael Jackson see Elvis Presley. 32. Line pen down nice stop trying to cheat I was looking at Charlie on her son and daughter daughter help them. Come on we're far darker and now wants to win so badly need literally brings in his own life line area an area. Charlie we can put them off ourselves. I went being Michael Jackson good against Iowa and win a that's not right what action was the like it was at least a friend of Michael Jack yeah well someone's child someone's gonna win because I went seats are we at ABC. Still is happy birthday my. Wow amazing is that I have. It was yet again how some angry on her and basically. That's how it came that maverick Michael Jackson being on this interestingly enough it was supposed to be prince and he turned the script down and ran yeah. That really Michael Jackson's voice as he can get credit is that of course. Twenty years later the Simpsons get their revenge by filling principal pills. And next question the late but legendary Tom bonds we played famous father Howard Cunningham on happy days. What kind of business to Howard Cunningham run wasn't any hardware store. Be an auto parts store or CO butcher shop. Howard Cunningham. Leone hardware store and auto parts store or a butcher shop. This thank in 1980 India and dean. Did she is I don't know and you know I went the auto job on auto parts of its day. It's a hardware Serena I'd say it's hard guitar doors and it's so we're tied 11111. Why can't my goodness I'm leveled at plants are LA go Powell's right. This is Mattie had was that a cocaine problem when he was working with you seriously. OK let's respect that and how much fried improvement that's did it and which of the following Star Trek captains is not nor was ever father. Any captain Kirk be captain Cisco or seat captain Picard which of the following Star Trek captains is not nor was never a father. Any current. And I'm going Cisco I think there's so many children. On Cisco. Actually believes Cisco is a females in America would see your use Cisco was not a few men. I was jeez Karen sisco depressed or sad sight who has been. I don't tell them only what does my homework I would Cisco as well yes because that if I felt it was my have been mild the answer was card. And body and it's neat because it. I just at Cisco was a blessing so old I figured at some point he fired some sort of child yet a thing you didn't like kids I. I am here I sit next to me once it is it's hard to make kids in space when year. Touching guy parts exactly. What's number four. Rocky Balboa son rocky junior. Was a lawyer. Vienna insurance salesman. Or see an accountant. He was shaking his head and what was Rocky Balboa son ale lawyer dean insurance salesmen see an account. He worked with that. Penn's down. I went lawyer humanly could yes lucrative okay whatever he was he was insurance salesman there wouldn't be I would see. Accountant then Matty yeah. Colombian right. Tied up so we're 2021. Since you're out I think grad rocket time off items are items are on his birthday all right. All righty final question in married with children hapless father Al Bundy would constantly brag about his days on the pull Ky four high high school football team. His claim to fame was scoring how many touchdowns in a single game. Was it a three before. Or C five. How many touchdowns did Al Bundy score. In that fateful game on the poker night football team. 83 before C five. One injury. News. I'm on five I think it was five who had to be good yes I went for. Well in Iowa and 505. They'll brag about it ironically breathing answer. Polk high came up and trivia question last week. The poll Qaeda panthers' all that's right that's well two weeks that are without even knowing I'm via that is that is some synergy going on right there in the correct answer my friends. Peak for. You know toys this season general. Who had named pat. A lot pat in Clinton and click download. Where is that on four pack. Well you don't want my friend nick won four U congratulations you. I've won a four pack of tickets to the 4018 NH RA New England nationals when he eighteen and eight are in New England nationals last Halloween and I redneck started zero July 68 congratulations rather. Right angle I mean take information and I go I good job again my friend nick congratulations and welcome at Hubert they suck it you lost. You know work you call you talked into the box. And we played them. Hey you've reached Matt in mixed generic radio voice mail. The place to tell us whatever is on your mind and pleased after the. Thank you message now. Rajiv by stone and Ford now hiring a full time certified automotive technician 7500. Dollar signing bonus ms. stone for dot com for details or. Stop by 2 o'clock. 12:34. PM et Baghdad there and that message. And I. At least somebody went out of their way to get it is something inside headache and nourish it and it was that era girl from the left you now. Why why it what did you do you know I don't Matty goes on it's called displacement. He takes out his frustrations on other matters on you Stanley I think he should take it anymore you wreck. We need 14 PM. Did anybody but if you're into that well. Your check card. Look what did we didn't produce that would bite of the old white rapper. If I would do I would thing and it would still like what. And if that didn't Brooks that's as Shawshank. And I think Ron had to come here via I well. He is our program 306. PM. Yeah it's about going to put it I let him put that we definitely we definitely is on the trot. Welcome back it's been fun. And that message when Rebecca. The song listen under fair. Use. This to you is that when he kind PM. So badly we've got. Lleyton Beverly would be in great hands on now. And then now that's true. Shouldn't go spot near aged students it's bad manners I don't want to liven things when effects but it did a nice speech. Earlier have any impact ground cover the it should have you weren't listening. You were listening another hallmark of your maturity or 34 PM. You know. As they try to do that and then there is a good job against it in the Pacific independent test there. They actually brought in via my that the Pope brought forth and I get by buddy. And that he referring to answer grim picture. That's on the Matty nick WAF. In mr. Graham feed and let me just take all. Luck and that's just yet whoever did that not with him a tactic that's our boy Tim that you avoid boom saws and he he signed that your holdings says all man escaped from a birthday who wants to grab a pickle slash. I. To me. 39 PM. Appointment and that fact. If you didn't want. And political. Natalie you walked down the equity of friends and people look at that that in a mental thing you can even edit here it says. Oh. And the message here and sign your teacher of the week. Seven referenced. Here year 502. PM. They have. Does. What he had artwork go. And then that now why how come you know and you know it enough to Colin White getting GFY me. You did lash out the audience a little bit. And lies at last. He did that point one finger at them which meant four point better than. You just grew you know what just happened you screw them. Five 37 PM. We'll put you that you being goodness thank you drowning in them that we. Did they thought we. And let them. And then brought it all throw them shady airway. And and you do attack mean that that's I think it's what was Eminem's we call eight mile eight mile. Is the dapper rapper that I'll wrap like on 38 PM. Outlaw yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah back in all. I didn't want to and blue that guy. It's. Got. And that message I feel like the G in our quotient is more than failed. On this program and the other programs here you might take to the GR vita complaint about GNR when we've obviously played them at least twice. Fine I'll just do my Axl again. One around now and now own. Time is down rules. PM. OK so aren't playing I thought that was and the morning low you have nothing important that it. Asking that they were not at all happy and numb whatever it is quite and have a great birthday and important as if I the FY. Oh wow. Those are yeah. Now we're UN line at my extra speed when you Pedro at the message or not actually on and she did to prepare WiMax is going to be listening to like Alanis Morissette you can definitely. I you think gained update thank you at after. All angry and crying and wanting you back you're not gonna take her back she had a chance. How can still uses acts be listening to Alanis Morissette when she's going to be so busy. And well. And in the locker room cool it's like yeah. The it's there it's. Happened. And oh yeah and Erica I wouldn't you. Well. You don't. And I haven't gotten it down but as I bet it's bad. On the net well and she's got more talent. She's I mean she has got pipes actually can say the now as wicked as Zoe dasher now you know she's you know are out was precious like that is all we know that where she gets their power from. And. Among her ample longs yes there are ample. Do you see love object. Can you comment on generic pretty heavily yeah. Well. Charlie and I admit I took back in the day in 97 fired fired on the spot. All right rabbit a job soon here on the program. But don't you go anywhere because. You probably do junk drawers and stuff we didn't get to you can help us with that open house used to. Hulu. But. Wu. When he swoon need. In the Mac Obama's government don't sing Whitney. One little they get to see area. The division they hit that's not the literally yeah. Your body and it's bad ice. I'm really that other thing we're at it that close that I was the worst harmony there. I'm sorry and vote I didn't but I can't say. Michelle from the villain. You won it used to take it. So. And now that I made it might I think really I have. I doubt there are going to be our act. I'm elated that it. He loves the YouTube doesn't need that you let it out and did he make you think and all these years planned for you he actually asked have you seen them before. Has not. All ma. Autism act so it's really hit it fat side that. Yoko and I saw them a couple of years ago and they came around for the house. The toward the sons of innocent story and it is. A I mean news could have been ninety and I feel good story so I've got thought I'd let you talk. Thank you Michelle congratulations okay have a great night air time by an error upon god. And if the amendments bones. That's gonna go on down memory lane. And we gave the tickets to day. And I'll tell and a. And books when his grip and it sponsor. And it's months. And it's. There's. ORK and pay every home as unique. That's why or can relies in the latest science to get rid of that I do it teenage girl is it Arkin dot com today. Orkut pest control down to a science thing. Now learns. Its own business. Slow background music. Just random. Saga new. You why you play you play November rain why. What does that have had its days day five. And it. Don't know with the dollar and take your present certain. Press another button. 65 the fair commonwealth partly cloudy drop down to sixty on the overnight. Partly cloudy caddie give us tomorrow. Yang and an eight yeah. Doesn't that drummer from vegetarian items golf. Diddy real swear I'm all about when back in the day. Rock and I interviewed him I get hit great stories. I bought and stiffed it every six stop writing in the list of five think confuse the sponsors. I. Amazon. Unhappy birthday thank you sir. Some guests coming up on this program a bite queued to putting your little calendar. Out tomorrow Alonso Bolden. Comedian bottom right. Along the vote and you would be a familiar with him if you listen to the top rated podcast every week NPR's wait wait don't tell me familiar. Frequent comedian you'll be headline left Boston's weekend I said pulled into ousting him and won Wimbledon Anquan Anquan Anquan Bolden. This is not the football player. The comedian. Adam do you even Matty and nick who's that is not. The football this is not different and also a week from today when he comes and I'll say hi and on. A week from today a huge show what is shaping up to be huge week from this very day of the twentieth Wednesday we've got mean Steven Wright. In the 5 o'clock hour. And then Michael Devlin from white snake the basis. Background vocals vocalist songwriter. I'm he's in town white snake and forward he's gonna play a little music for us on men have been waiting for guests like him. Guys are there because otherwise it would know that's foreigner. Well he's a jukebox here through that is true. So yeah that's going to be a lot of fun. And everything and go to ask him in the stupid man. And there was something else to hearing and I can't remember one or all. Well anyway we got that. So does that. It is a lot going on you know there is man. We had a lot today going on and yet still a hundred things. We really have time for jumper. We don't. No I here's Julie text though I'll actually get and I respect. The best of their arrested everything that's laughed again only. That he admits junk drawer. Because everyone's got one. You're driving a beater you fixed it up with the leader to visit our friends at neater JC in the boys hotel Matty and nicks and you. New England auto and tractor recycling. They do it all at neater. Fix it up maybe except in the oh all. Is what Nader. I musical text that just came into your displaying kgo. Just about music festival in Tennessee last night psyches elephant in a bar with 700 people was nuts ain't no rest for the wicked first time I saw that band nick was on. Later would jewels Holland which is alive music show that I love my DVR all the episodes and I I've actually discover a lot of new musical that show. And I saw them and they sort of band it's a show where bands perform in the round and it's a BBC show that ladies by an outside to be alive. And these bands performing around his all different types of artist you know could be Paul McCartney and edit the camera swings over it's like an African vocal bands like it's just. A wide array of different type of music why don't we get equal shows you'll. You're it is out of city I think it's licensing I think it's because it's so expensive for the musicians to play music. The songs to I get her own songs and I guess because even that his lawyer now we have the worst detentions yet we have lawyers in its power and guns like all right but. But you're probably right to a and W think this should be good because that one song in the next note anyway cage elephant in this episode was kind of sleepy episode. And they can I did that song is is. Years ago sighed and Jess iris but all these guys. All he was there are just they were just lit up the whole place they were new at the time in the news talent. These guys do sums. So. Yemen and editing your jokes or nick got so much in the territory would have to be its own polls show that just. Tune into the after show on. One on nine point three. WGF wide Willamette and iron to the four hours of show we couldn't fit into the four hours reduced it I couldn't give a (%expletive) car. US open baby start tomorrow morning. We were working on getting Matt parziale Colin the Brockton firefighter he's so jammed up of course US open we can't blame will talk to next week after he's done SCANA. Get a insider behind the rope what it was like to play with those guys the US open this guy's right from Brockton firefighters local hero played the masters this year now playing at the US open. Testicle story so we which matched the best he can win this thing. Never known him to win the US open maybe the amazing. Happy birthday since. Whatever basis I you think being out may. Thank you ask how after. I have and I literally sometimes I sometimes they just say to myself in this show while I really was sent to the blue pill. I'm trying to get lead role. You have deepens this. I can literally hear the wheels of feminism grinding backwards. And the vessel that's dead inside. Is that is just so much pickle. That is here. It did get right. While. Because I'm with young cops one time. Sniffing annexed yeah more different go write a new thing. Look up down mass. Vote out and get it ready. You'll prime my meat out of my dead cold hands. Good Sig do we say it. We can't get at worst if we showed after. Thank you nick Stephens what kind of her. Thank you Allan it. The Allen questions project to another bag job. Thank you rusty a guest Matt and the great Charlie wild radio legend committed ten. And Charlie 170 joke on serious from time to time. And thank you and happy birthday goes to our own. Stanley Bruno AKA stick his Grammy rapper extraordinaire bomb we've all man about town Renaissance man I couldn't give a (%expletive) acog. That's from investment. All right. We'll do it again tomorrow let's North Korea's biggest then they're gonna he knew you guys may come Denning who. Hope for the best. Stay sick god bless their bodies the MR.