M&N Hour 4 - Rooting Against William Wallace 4/24/18

Tuesday, April 24th

We start off the last hour of the show with another round of Netflix & Will, where caller Mike wins a pair of Red Sox tickets. There's also a first time for something in this segment, so listen to see what it is! Later, we find some much needed hate towards Nick in your GRV's!  Finally, we take a trip to the junk drawer once again!


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We can't Virginians 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. The classic films of our lives. Full of emotion pesos and passion. But not when our own emotionally flat lined associate producer will gets a hold of them did it ever occurred to you what would happen if I don't live up to my responsibilities. Why Netflix and chill when you can Netflix and will. Welcome back the studio will. The antithesis of Academy Award winning performance our own willingness and intro never gets old well. Guess now. Well you're the only person who when he walks into the room the lights dim on their own you've literally suck the electricity. It's true as the power I have. If you like that you're like a sad X man. So if you haven't played the game before. Will take take classic. Movie scene usually it by delivered by a amazing actor with great energy and does his best to recreate that energy. And of course it's always a complete flat line. And you try to guess what film it is let's start with Mike in West Roxbury hello Mike. So our Beers my friend so well there we're gonna day's play a little bit. Of Wales interpretation. Of this classic iconic. Monologue from a classic film if you can guess it. You go to the Red Sox humid. It it's news. Will you fight. Against that no we will run and we will live right by and you meet run and you live at least a wild. And dying in your bed so many years from now would you be willing to treat all of this. From this date to that for one chance. Mike from west rocks there it that it that it. Com. Is big worry side. Is it brave heart lets see here. Let's see if you're correct. It happens. So brave for you right. OK okay. It's. And I. No left. Police declined. And dying in advance. Ideas and now. When you say well that's a moment. In numbers tonight but one shot. Tonight. The democratic. It. There whether I. Didn't even need the whole Colette well done Mike from west rocks very good job what a great movie that is on. Man Mel Gibson might might not might be on every guys he may not be a good graces but that film he's ever leave eight. Cause they waiting at the best part of mine that Saddam is a bills this is will interpret all of my effort day side area. To give that again the ending. Just one chance to come back here and tell our enemies. That they may take our lives but they'll never take our freed. He's really trying might do I swear I feel it literally. It great. Might create. You can see the Red Sox. So hang on the line okay brother will tell you how I. I congratulations reed. Wow man talk about give me a reason to root against William Wallace you know it's funny nick on a sweet we did that. For film thing on Twitter we posted a four favorite films get films it was Ike easily film struck hash tag film struck for easily. And had to fight not to report for Mel Gibson films as much for where did. Honest to god says a lot about you mean ushered likes that's what a great. Filmmaker out directory is I mean despite all the weapon in Braveheart or it every guy's top fifty I would or yellow and I was gonna say -- are out on the right with the other team signs. And outside it's fun but to put signs I don't know if people are suing the wrong. Time away loved that movie signs that while of course it's late dictator an epic yet or speak to state plus aliens. And of course spirit animal but for the misogyny and the blatant racism and cinematic greatness Mel Gibson create. As a hero wait where was. Where was Braveheart. In the imovie 100 the podcasters that we presented last summer for BS 11 remembered but Braveheart I mean that in a top 25 right Saturday. It mattered I mean we may need. I still think we should revisit Dag this summer we should do a year removed out as the guy movie 100 stand up everybody. Put him redo it. Let's just spearheads five guys therefore he's coverage visited movie is a top 100 Willie Anderson great job and letting you plug Willie Anderson for doing as of a social media and I read. Acting classes. They just freedom of creed. Don't like I think about all of us were professors George H. W. Bush is a lucky man today Russian. Talk about how do they do that is that people that are together without bond no. Now he was rushed to hospital the day after day after funeral happens all the time yeah I didn't know where did needle didn't buy it. The X now mr. yeah I was still win this. How ally gone to the hospital how much better he is a much better. Anyway I was in my athletic placed on the listening you hear about that a lot like that's crazy that that did that if the will to live that is I will he literally it was like. His will his wife left like they took that journey together she had to do on. Fortunately bow out first and then I'm done is like I'm good do the tone of the union goons there's all the way here I thought you are going to be. Do you have any idea how many wall babies you're gonna be making at that retirement this Florida this is going to be Matty Matty Reed. You're just. Radio voice mails a coming up in seconds nick has some breaking news before that. I've got some breaking phone news on talking and real quick here nick who's on the line is this. Tony Tony the nerd. Hey. It was I don't Tony leaves until about. The movie. Over and asked did you text and wing. All the and I think we didn't play her body that it. Blog yes well. Let let it fade out as you are going to game 75 for. Color. Luke did you our next line the same way that the roads that lead that did Anderson call and will get three goals a game five. It we did you benefit. I don't regret early on their terrorist tired. Tony you predict a victory we've bring into the game body. I'll go play my best friend Ryan awesome video has me hoping guys had a blast it was a favorite would have you got the free tickets it. It was a favor Tony the nerds the Milbury. Take a little photo and post it sailed out Matty and nick can see you have a great time the game makes our night okay brother. Well I have a great time there we go on the nerd one. Congratulations to him and give some breaking sports news just moments ago. Posted to the IG. From the account. Act gras. It is a picture. Of one Rob Gronkowski. Now to be nine year veteran of the National Football League playing the tide in position. When your New England Patriots number 87 in the play books. Number one and your hearts stopped working and picture. I met with coach today informed him I'll be back for the 2018 season with the pats. I have been working out staying in shape and feel great looking forward to another championship run. Hash tag bands. I'll make her dance. Them wouldn't answer make their diet thing banned the maker Bayer still bans mean like money ban yeah. When you men like lawmaker dale but it's bans a maker dance not the maker of car. Do you would you prefer a piper rocking chair or me play I'm happy. Fastest speaker who abolish all of the Jewelers. Hey you've reached met in mixed generic radio voice mail. The place to tell us what ever on your mind and pleased after the. Well documented now your voicemails to Matty and nick are sponsored by Patrick motors. One you do business with the Patrick family you'd do better Monday looks. We didn't do PM. Little bit. Let mom whether DF wise but I got nothing negative about them. He's a great guy here didn't even equipment and that by literally. Let Madden. You really. Portland so you can go get up and let them. And then method. Or. And all sure the hell storm has come a mile away I think you've friend and I did you beauty. London would lead me to him. And then he and then back at it. Calling them all there and wouldn't you know that we are out there and then I. And now. This is backfired. Horribly. I say the same thing to my wife every night before bed that money went looking to him so. So many and those who have verbally abused like redheaded stepchildren from fifteen months and look at the planet and look at the opponent to time been crying and that all of that they knew. Do and by the way I won't let people talk bad about lucky to have a stable if I would have an up or doesn't have to be great if you believe that in the envelope here climatic and that there. And that message is what are so different so all right so I get. So I was criticized for QB going deuce level sought because in my little. Elimination diet is that as we refer to it in the in the now which but that you still. So I only one victory but you couldn't even escape criticism that it what have you done he supported me in a community of why it's. London links when he thinks. Who am. You know when you were right yeah these multiple. Record petrol bought a beard there about. In Vietnam at our men and hopeless at you do little filled out I've got with a hat look what happened to grow a second half off. Where does that come from. And doesn't have Holland notes first record. Gross that in a couple of dozen in the first day on. Monday looks. 9 PM nick bureaucratic that it had been that. At this. Aren't helped me. London reported business. He's written regret that it had been wounded men in that you'd actually take that one from GRB to drop the now. Don't let you all again. Have demanded in the true elected and I had cramped. Better that it hit that he would panic if that's been about it and I was down there was blood my underwear. Under that rule. It's like it before if the tree falls in the forest known as there. That it actually happened and if we just don't respond to that Francis. Or Rudy who am. When Europe that little boy wouldn't have gotten so good at that gluten. And that message on the phone quality act. I. Think yeah that's that's gonna go up there that's gonna go out there with Iraq that radio last. You know at that solid. That laughter in my eyes it reminds me of the I'm Wilson it's on Phil Collins song mama Genesis and act. That's mama. Know. From. Me or 0:7. PM. It hit him. Don't know how we went there. And look at it and without that. Took off a lot this particular one. Do you don't know. But it can't remember who won both. And the message all right so we'd be nothing without each other but most importantly together we'd be lost without status. OK. Fair enough. And you know you like balance of what I completely agree on one of them stands. For 0:9. PM. One hour and it through a hole Norwood thought. Maddon can I stop and within believable here why. Oh and now that you're here I bought one coming out with the wrong plan. Of outlaw and a black. All pulled over. And I really can't wait for littered the black box. Okay. I. Horrible hole is a lock your car around the block across town 33 straight lines to get to the spot book. Hope for Rick it's completely worth it my age you. Collar. Well done and do not think that both Matty and that we're not thinking of these expand job to all wheel racing to. And any of the first orders message. But table story were I was playing golf from a mother and you'll fall for us. Knowing what happened. And Goran Suton. Yeah. No they're in there. Bone saw all of the volume low red headed that ought to stop talking about are doing with all the yeah why do men. He might have to like start. You have to hire like a brand management company or like. You know some PR people to like rebuild the image BSE pledges who owns PR that I. The red if it's your little red headed step back and we'll take. Finally says mother by Genesis got the reference thank you for. This next one with the heart they need to understand. Ozzie Paul but he would honor roll and maybe it'll always immensely lands. Is aware that there. Then your movement and YouTube that way. Although when Bob if that was the report soon. Definitely my mom dressed up as watching Janice. Or operatives who have. Is aware that there. Another move that you would be employed and won't let alone in Bombay if they wouldn't report concludes that. Bill could. Now I live. The guy I raising them what I've employed the technology from that kid's job on thing in MIT ethernet supercomputer does not understand Ozzie well for. 7 PM. The net is here we got everybody then you have been have been got mad though. And that. This message note and I was waiting for them come back passing noted Gardner. Came after me considering that while Gardner. Would certainly have no seat at my table I wouldn't even let rotten in the house I think don't his wedge right in between Gardner Kenneth. Rotten firm Gartner. That the derby that it triangle. On 0:2 PM hey nick either. I don't come back into left. Sad part is that many of them come from you on this. Did you actually would have won and is now that I do oh look at this UConn coach lute. Brooklyn. All what will it can't block a six birdie you like your music after that I. Three stammer is that as sick burn a measure condolences convoluted is for never. And nick and keeps coming out generic pretty boy man. Welcome. 812 did manage his preference Holland notes and Phil Collins and three minutes. We checked yes indeed it. All right we are too. Wrap up shop. We got some cool stuff that John draw though this show was so jam packed with all the giving we did. Meaning get to a couple awesome things which we will do just that is. Yeah. Our ice wrapping things up here on Matty in next and where would you be without a last check of the weather probably where you are. But now you're smarter. This what did you brought to you by our friends at climate zone. 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Gordon Hayward warming up on the parquet of the TD garden. Almost. The bullet that was a straight called guest at the Bulldog himself. Mac it's not dribbling on the court right now Celtics just tweeted that the bold it. Is on the loose tip is in five minutes and ahead minutes he's ready to go by use finish up many naked in a sound. Tell someone else to bid those kids and put the bag as you've got to Celtics in a watch party gone this is my west world double gang a robot you're talking too much for your life your flesh robot Matty. A law. Way can I just say real quick. I have dined here are your top bush robot but I want your opinion on this and I watched the season to. Premier west world show that I love ya when I watch together last season. It's too long in between these seasons because we watch it and it was just like your. Half the time you go now was he that what happened in the process but this is no ordinary season you can watch you could watch a refresher on YouTube I'm sure somebody has done a super cut we should you know need to know that. I understand. This that this is the problem with a show like this this is why this show bothers me I'm not a huge fan. I sat through cup three episodes of the first season and it just didn't I'll give anything three episodes. This did not. Catch my interest at all I found it to melancholy about it too morose I found it to vacant and it's not because it's taken because the funny thing is. It is all about the battle for what is and what is not a soul but it felt so this to me and there's too much exposition for the love of god too many details. There's a lot her script no doubt. And there is a little bit of I'm optimistic view inhumanity and end all that but I love I love the fuss is about Anthony Hopkins is great. Those one on scenes are great but this is just he spent half the season premiere trying to remember who did what they like a year go for God's sake today pacing. I gonna slow pace. The bedroom. It's true. Next please. It's. People mostly. All the a lot of. Dad won in L news. In less than a day. That's the official trailer for venom which drops. This October. To which I know you say oh cool another comic book movie what's venom. What I feel inside of me for the student. In this case what I stated your general direction in this case of venom. Is the it was like the evil suit that Spiderman war like the black suit that landed from outer space and externally game suit in incredible powers of may well add to that sort of spun it off and made it. A movie. In and of itself now. So Tom Hart and Tom hardy just plays his duty it's infected by this outer space. And right now Tobin what is it what do I tell them here to open your evening DJ I'm getting all this comic. Geek dinner and aliens embryos that test you among them based on them I've been and becomes. That's a BO which it was a black suit him extra powers and I don't. Despite hours and you know I can't I'm tackling days. As you guys if you'd have no idea that nobody. That I have Todd MacFarlane its first appearance event like that it's it's I mean a lot to get this and you often as once the party you can read. But migrations and whatnot will. You know what spoiler. And there's no Spider-Man in this movie but it looks pretty dead and Tom Marty's panels. You want those two minutes you look back which April wrote this. Read. You talk about. For me. So silly and in my immune from the I like I never nice salty pad. What we. There. Sweden. They got. The man pulled up some things are your thoughts. I'm Casey Affleck for Peta yeah. You've never had to have emerge out of before. You're just yet we are sexual punching bag. Could use it. Worst at this entered. Thank you nick Stephens. Look on the forever and it used his Grammy. If you Tobin for the nerd update. You think you will Anderson for another edition of Netflix will. Thank you all responses to us via town fair tire for the guaranteed lowest price on tires. Go to town fair tire. Because nobody beats and nobody beats town fair tire nobody that's been well steps. We'll do it again tomorrow on this North Korea because to then be sick let's everybody Matty and I am Boston the only states. It really rocks successfully reach you guys that you see so.