M&N Hour 4 - Playing the Straight Guy 4/23/18

Monday, April 23rd

We start off the final hour of today's show with a round of Matty & Nick's Rock Opera! The callers can't quite seem to nail the songs this round. Your GRV's are then played, where it's relaized that no one seems to hate Nick. The guys then try to change this. Finally, we take a trip to the good ol' junk drawer!


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We can't Virginians 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. This experience. Tell me. Are you experienced. We brought you back town fair tire. You need tires town fair tire has the largest like tired the guaranteed lowest price coming up right now. We'll play. Rock opera for Red Sox tickets at 620. We'll play the best of your generic radio voice mails. We will wrap up the show as we talked to him. Sing it off if you haven't listened to our final break I've heard from multiple people I realize this is anecdotal. But multiple people have told me. Both in the business and outside the business both in my personal life outside personally. That their favorite break we do as our very final group. That is the most loose. It's the most ridiculous. It's the funniest so if you don't listen to many nick late you're done with work that maybe throws on the app for something by the way which you can do. By going to radio dot com and downloading nasty official new home WA AF. On that last break is always we sing along with play drops it's always a great one. Do we mean when we play that drops to our host and want to drive it Murphy's yet or have bowed out junk drawer thanks meter SO. Sir it's 650 thereabouts. I just love it too also the show's over soared extra gleeful. Nick what a final check of the weather. Yeah. And. What maturities. You just hit me right in my treats but well. Again if you that that Red Sox call now is couple lines open still 6179311. AF your chance when Red Sox tickets. This final hour we all adore forecast especially in the sponsored by our good friends at Walgreens. You know spring is in the air and so are your allergies visit Walgreens today for brands like user to act which work fast and stay strong. Walgreens trusted since 1901 its color brown. I don't understand it's called Walgreens and wal grounds that. What kind of prescriptions can you get at Walt Burger's even get a prescription for burger and. Sixty degrees outside right now 42 would love for the night tomorrow. Sunny and sixty say I let's do it. And now it's time to elevate the discourse as we take you to the opera. It's Mehdi a mixed rock opera with our dynamic diva miss Z. Let's start when Michael Hudson Michael. Welcome to the program are you my friend. Us yeah shower Beers so things are well and hung in Rogers. The rules are simple misses he will sing a song it's an iconic rock song. Noticed you real tip though you're playing a lot of home. What he'll have to do she changed the phrasing. Another we're she doesn't sing it as the tune is missing that operatic Leigh it probably at the run to the lyrics in your head to get to what the song it just the tip. And here we go what song is this Michael. Yeah loses its way YouTube and it's built. And why he and that's the way you do. Six and. Michael you know that song. Partner. You. I'm sorry Michael that's incorrect I'm sorry thank reply. Actually forgot to have them be the law it's well okay sure I guess I'm still confused myself so. You don't you know it. Do you live and work your bro. On this go to polygraph change in the mouth she's amazing attitude let's go to polygraph topology know that song by any chance to hear that. I know I hit it there I think union bill on if you want to another one shirt OK you know by the way she said the name of the sun in that. In that clip that acts said the names he sure did take another crack at it. When he again. You know what I got more. Yeah and you loans and that's the way you do. Are. And the wind that's the way you do. Six. Well and rap groups. Money and I'm saying no I'm sorry. Because. That's not the tasks like no that's like missed pronouncing something. On wheel of fortune. I'll go at what that actually used hero destroyers and a icons are actually that's wrong it's Achilles the song is money for nothing but straights all my god signs money Tennessee Texas forgot to have him be be titled food games but they still again. Let's go to Rick in Worcester O Rick. No they go to. Oh Tony paid only tolerate so let the car and Tony didn't get the email. I was swept out man I'm right then I doubt it note that crowded in the black guy that I. Admired seven crowd in Saudi. Rick Rick in I was do you hang on I just at the I meant to hit for hit a bird on it for so Tony and rent them. Apologies. You know the rules Hugo. She can guess what song this is listened carefully. Jonas. Our guys I know. Don't believe expect it to hit any Isla right now actually did aim at him on the spot is a miserable places and it asks are we. So I probably did yeah I shall Beers tonight who would help them luckily Rick now. This. Like to plan let's go to Rick in Worcester who meant to hit that button I'm sorry Rick it was during there. Yet but I AM I know that and then the government. I don't I don't think maybe is. Going. On and we didn't mean robotic. You're divided and are you hang on. Rick from policy of qualified. Fantastic. That's how you do we gotta you gotta like sound the lyrics out finished the lyric and you'll get. Because these are very iconic we're not picking. Re air deep cuts or anything like that iconic songs so we've had dire straits nick. We've had the cars yeah. Okay dire straits in the cars so we've got to feel. Is this was the theme of today on the music fat nick listened to in between zebra cakes in the eighties you. Clubs. Closed there's agreement and is between bands let's go to Tom in north Providence for a third and final time in north Providence hello welcome Michelle. Oh. Man so for Red Sox tickets you know the rules she'll sing a song operatic Lee if you can guess which iconic rock song this is you are qualified every guy. On it right away one point oh. I love that gas sorry. I'm sorry. I can only name on the on the Boeing assumption. The one from. The school yet I saw that aren't necessarily on the go to Alison north bend over Allison I you can steal this you need to listen to again. I now last. Allison you ignorant slut. Do you know Allison could have issues. Relax thousands of the great bird what you guys stated Bruce slots and personnel references and so are we only have ripped from Worcester so Jauron. From Worcester. Doesn't get this wouldn't. Rick wins John one more try you ready. Very listen carefully it's a very famous songs iconic. C yeah. The. CNET dreams of running away. John. All right Joey. I don't know do you have the artists. Sean I'm sorry that's the iconic Bon Jovi. Gene gene into. Angle away does that help go Johnny know too obvious. Too obvious so Rick from Worcester. Home on one of the Red Sox ripped. Oh yeah I would already are. I have more like a rock opera winner now for a bonus do you know what. The theme of that was we had dire straits the cars and Bon Jovi. Why were those three bands picked. Report. Strict because it until they think about what's in Cleveland. I don't all of Dana and I and I have. I still has the better it's that you got the bonus so you're going to see the Red Sox Friday April 27 hang on the line. You have one and that is how winning is done my friend with rock opera. All right get it off your chest. The generic radio voice mail line. Hey you've reached Matt in next generic radio voice mail. The place to tell us whatever is on your mind and please after the deep be anything but generic. Documented now reminded check out AF on FaceBook dot FaceBook dot com slash AF rocks and like us now. And also like to thank our fantastic axle sponsor the generic radio voice mail. Patrick motors Patrick motors. Is a wonderful country company here in this country of America a bottle out hey you know. Hello everybody. Is sponsored by Patrick motors. When you do business with the Patrick family you do better to me Rudy and yeah. Yeah. And I'm. No it won't know it won't. That amazing audio picnic taken Iraqi on the road with me. Are you to where talking dog talking dog. The rules yeah you can take into America's got. Talent that small dogs stupid pet tracks like Letterman incident and that was such a great segment. Which is stupid human tricks right here in studio. No we're doing everything. Three to set and you guys that got it done in touch you know. The room you know that I fact that I just had to watch it to have you tried. I can't I just in. And their. Things I've Jesus. That's so please fill me. 27 PM. In the end the important layer and got a big bet he would admit tonight. We looked around and the power of the Montreal. So you put the standout those may be the thing to take account the excitement that would have no link you to call me back here. Wounded men kissing Lewis. Montreal Expos got on. News but I'd do him. The magnetic byte for our colleagues in the blue and no not it is like only thought and the only important create. If so that is a Shih Tzu and a little so it's a sheep who. And he feeds his dogs seven point 8%. Alcohol I PA. And the dog wears hats jerseys. Matty we have officially found our littoral spirit animal or move him. The weather report that a little bit player bracket the blank. It that is. Who I thought hey this debt. The dig at your formally chemical written itself wasn't enough that he just told you where he could target sad part about the message actually from Steve's sponsor. And what they call felt diesel. While. Like me being NBA married right. Or we weren't you him. Then. All in all the good we've looked. In boot loop and apocalyptic. About. While Ozzie Paul coming a day here's why accompany a virtual all of the messages. I would. My not doing enough to pitch you guys off or something because I I I'm not kidding charities and he's he's okay that well somebody. Maybe yeah I know you know I know altar boy at I can't match. In my reputation B twos sterling. In this fare hub you do tend to play it straight. Yeah because I say I troll bright buy a Mac and when I signed up for this job the last thing that I thought I was gonna end up doing was. Signing of to plays straight man in his stead now I've been forced into the role. Of good cop because it. Before we can even find out what their name is you're already in there in the arraignment harassing them playing worse cop. 0:8 PM. Wow Madden minute that would really at the minute that I'll never get back in my life. I didn't go. Out. The message I. But my analogy of the it was beautiful week it cut up on the paths don't realize that there's something may be better waiting around the corner willing to. Stray from our normal routine. That's I do plan. I have it quite. Important that go right in the twilight but it would probably be written. Yeah. Are. At the guy. Albert. Don't think that had not read edit this you know this is becoming. And I don't want to feed the zoo animals. I held and charged in. This is becoming a Matty Monday where everyone is what you gonna do is no but now you're gonna think like OK so now I've got a double down for next Monday no element in the on our little blue ice storm. That is although a lot of thought wouldn't it about your dog hit rock bottom and I bring that have been. You wouldn't have a dog and make believe god. Bottom of the island. And it left his wife and Federer visited coast the Rockies very real few moments again keynesian he's been in studio. The point of the story wasn't about that I was about us. Now let a bow on slide 20 PM. Night and Monday. I don't block that. I don't. On the left right Jerry got at least one person just wanted to talk about something that were all gonna be tuned into. On the other side of the show which is the Bruins game which starts. At seven may start a little bit later because of engineered forces there was an incident earlier today in Toronto. With a runaway and some people were hurt some lost their lives so it may start a little bit later. Thoughts and prayers and people of Toronto about. The year ago there was some positive a little positive juice in the GRV there. On who he thinks yeah if you bought their truck keyword here at what you're a child. Cannot come back and include. All the way I see it all over eighteen is that it prudent thing I'll band. To go out well. The message. You know he should do is tomorrow since he comes by to do sports. You should play that format suit he has to says I even Boston let's do it now. Good point he'll play a right before sports in my cereal and completely level headed and and not overreact. I truly am. At the expense eight. The yeah if the outback and let it be better. Wouldn't that wouldn't let you know the so we do you look at them and those guys battling. And a message. Stinky people at Wal-Mart earth was that a really popular blog along time ago. And keep coming out generic immediately yeah. Well. Hey listen shower heads nick is feeling kind of down that you didn't rag on him so what you call right now. Six or 77795454. And let my good pal nick Stephens have and we'll play it tomorrow. Once again it's the nick Stephens line. 6177795454. I want to when he anti nick Stephens messages tomorrow. Welcome now. Rabbit up shop here let's see what we didn't get to nick or something. The best of their arrest and everything that's left you can only. That he had mixed junk drawer all. Because everyone's got one. Just stars brought you by the fine folks that meter New England auto and truck recycling driving a beater fix it up with neither. Visit meter today at find used parts dot com that's fine used parts. Dot com. Nick I mentioned earlier. Remember this smells like I hope Ron Larry if he's listening can come in the studio. I I must have been meeting or something but he posted this kind of I knew nothing about this he was giving kudos to Peter Wolf one of my fear I just always had a soft spot in my heart for Peter Wolf. I think he's an underrated performer. Lead or not I mean around here we love him and embrace him and I think nationally. On the genius of of his stage presence over those years the jig Al's been is a little bit lost to history somewhat. I'm I think they got lost somewhere down well done. So I just I just love the guy I think he's phenomenal and it and a great talent. And he popped up you know the other day it was national record store day. He surprised. A local record store. Let me see where this was Dido records in Newbury port he threw down a surprise performance. Little standup bass and electric guitar him literally standing I've seen video of it literally standing in the quarter of a record shop in new report. And he's a little bit of Saudi at the crowd single he's divorced going to buy records on record store day. They were going there to see him and they just oh my god as Peter will performing stock whoever happens to me why this happened to me. Whoa. You know pull yeah yeah. Yeah. And it's. You've got the the blue blue blue. You know OK look. It's. Hello. It's been nursing it along with a that's an old order. Rush classic homework that the jig out being used to do little blues duty so I mean what a cool thing that got me they connect. Here will also had a great little solo career again I think underrated. I forget what year it was. But he had this one tune 87 was an 87. I love this little song yet do what you can't come Missouri Memphis. Shot. Of this tune. Great tune. Make great I feel good Summers on. Come as you are Peter Wolf. I love the guy he's actually. He's actually playing locally in June let's get him in your stand Astride do yeah I can do weighing my. Bring 00 yes the Schubert yes. That's and I didn't think the wing and it is shock bottom center it Schubert right. Let's get in here maybe promote that I love that I would love to meet him a B site. Wouldn't be quite an you know when dealing with a Robson here I'd be very X and I'd undoubtedly are going to be like that Robinson I would definitely get fan boys if he isn't here. 'cause like it'll just from my childhood. I always loved him I just think he's a Boston. It's that oh and you know apart it is nick the night I turned 21. At the old gotten. I was I saw Springsteen with a tackler back in the old days any played till midnight at Brighton 057 on entry I turned 21 on the stroke of midnight. Springsteen kept planes that they want to settle down and keep playing any brought out Peter Wolf the needed midnight hour by Sam and Dave. Springsteen and Peter Wolf and I. Remember it was one of the great nights in my life and it's sort shot out pollen Quincy on Peter Wolf what say you pollen Quincy. Hey good evening yes shall they are different from my own perspective growing up. I conclude that you got to stand. Everything is much representative of blossom. As Aerosmith I saw 2000 people garden and these you know these inside story is that Joseph Perry was really. Friend of here wolf and you know even all this nonsense. But you know Steven Tyler came out on stage and danced with Jed got out there and stuff like as. But I consider it. This is did you write I don't understand it either I don't understand. What happened it's just went on to be always considered the G-8 thousand. It is much taking it one point even a little bit more after that live album you recorded in Detroit. Represent their velocity. Kick ass thank you Paul well set I think are underrated I think they didn't have the hits that harassment that obviously it's an obvious statement but and that some of it and Nate Harris with deservedly got them. More hits but man and Peter what was a front man and the way he performed nick onstage we moved around it was like Mick Jagger at a Boston Mick Jagger. I anyway I'm not a Peter Wolf watching your John tour. The end of the show. OK do we get. It to us and it's 5065. It was 702. I was gonna rear read story about. Somebody really wants to play Tiger Woods that movie. Lou. Let me get sick he would have you seen this story now I swear that I haven't now that. I will give you. I know guesses she into any James Edward what does that not not Edward James Hoff less than it was the actor from black ash. In Tunisia Anthony Anthony Edwards and now and Anthony Anderson out he loves on share. Doesn't look a thing like and not eat well today and Michael B Jordan that's two and a great guests although I can't wait to see him in Fahrenheit 451 HBO is going to be awesome every that book by the way now. What kind of forever guy. Acting or. Now. Yeah he's Osman. And that's actually a better get a during the so absurd now. Actress Paula Patton says she'd like to play tiger would let him biopic hold on a looker Paula Patton. That's right. Patton a notable actors who's been in films such as precious and Mission Impossible ghost protocol. She may be best known for being the ex wife of singer Robin thick side note. Also from co host of editor here she is incredibly attractive it is an absolutely. Gorges. Says the actress I don't see why a woman can't play a man and I think that he's an interesting character. Back when he was in his prime obviously he had his demons he was a conflicted person grated something's in yet had these flaws. He must of had to put on quite a facade it was probably hiding a lot of pain. Characters like that are very interesting to play. What say you world's biggest golf person. You like would you like to see I'd like actress play yes. Do you wanna see this tall because there be strong beautiful. Woman play. Your favorite athlete ever in a Biotech I'll tell you why. Because then. My near inappropriate. Attraction to golf and Tiger Woods be justified I would be confused anymore. Yeah great she's beautiful this is a little managed so I could see happening to him is he's Jack goes after takes dude did you see ghost protocol. The best action movies of the past decade the Mission Impossible movies she's. She can kickass. It's a weird thing but I'm I'm you imagine her playing. I haven't fine last thing I'm gonna do is say that yet they are yeah I started my character and our intro talk about stiff shaft. Some slam in my new infinity. Magic. He's trying to drive on the ballot check. Soon you walk all over your hands. They you guys want pizza. We have bloody nibbles wrong guys. So we smelling them. I've seen people smoke cigarettes after I thought this guy. Am I do recommend. Everyone just do elbows and bellies. And then you know feel good. And I think that was done all weekend. Right there in the old gastric means we get it he wished he showed Everett. Thank you nick Stephens found forever. Congratulations to our winner Red Sox tickets today. Playing rock opera thank you for the beautiful and talented miss seeing. Thank used his Grammy. Take you to Willie Anderson. Taking your calls that comes down tomorrow willingness to be back with an episode of Netflix and will. More chances to win. Thank you for playing alone calling out. And participating don't forget let nick Stephens have a tonight on the are being six or seven yeah 779. I have four or five or give it to me he says about. Yeah password you give it to him all right we'll do it again tomorrow let's Nokia because to events they say god bless him.