M&N Hour 4 - Made Up Game! 4-19-18

Thursday, April 19th

Before the guys leave for the day they play a game to give away tickets and then dive into the junk drawer!


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. Final hour. As done Matty and Mitt train rolls on. The long. Hard train driving into the tunnel. That is your ride home from. How many different. Random uncalled for unnecessary. Sexual metaphors do you think that he drops merchants to try to drive it on the Belichick. I've explained to you I turn the microphone and I to start talking. I don't know what's gonna come out. The best thing anybody who drives a radio show could possibly say whose audience they'd line up. Single file to say hello and in have to pay their respects sage advice long itself state. What can I can we actually have a least favorite drop in the shaft of her same thing as my shall long. At Salem can we get a much more time. That was opera great lineup single file to say alone in have to pay their respects they did a nice long themselves that they line. So you war. Look for the best deal of tires Mr. President how hot cocoa okay. I really follow what's your secret to hound fair diary. Ten advertisers the best prices and great free services town fair tire we just rocked out. This may ish and pumpkins. And what better time to play our game it's almost like we planned it. Yeah sometimes we get tickets to stuff at the last minute. So bad he had mixed scrambled to make up some random game based on the tickets they've just been handed if we were celebrating thinks that actually help you keep time we will be at the I'm so they're fast they're ready but are you. Murder. Yeah they're really very. Duck year probably. It's time for men he had picks random made up price ticket scrambled. A team thing. You're playing for tickets this yeah advance bashing pumpkins we just played at the TD garden Tuesday July 31 present about live nation. So let's play shall we as the man to. Scribe we get last minute tickets and have made up a game so all of our questions. Have to do with either nick. Smashing. War. Without either nick smashing. With I wanna use him second to nick with either smashing or. Pumpkins yes pat pat paragraph. Well oiled machine. All right let's go to Cheri should. And vice Jerry how are you there. I'm great thank carry out great so all these things have to do. Was smashing or pumpkins OK get it right you are qualified but which on hold is seeking to win this. OK here we go so the first. The question. Comes from. An iconic classic it's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown. During that special. They had tricks or treats all the kids get candy except. For Charlie Brown himself who gets washed in his sack is it a coal. Beat rocks or C a Jack relating fruit flies. Well listen I don't sorry can't here's what would love. That fact and they're knowingly fruit flies. Out out now I'm okay I think they. On the Internet out of. You are. Colonel I show you hang on the line okay you're about to die and on let's go to Craig. I cried and Craig were you from brother. Up. To make it straight out of there right nick. You have a question for Craig from cricket shared do. Craig since I've been so unknowingly preachy. Recent day going on my health care no drinking. Good foods. I've been eating a lot of raw nuts and seeds. Tell me friend what are no shell rock pumpkin seeds cult. Are they called day. As soon as. VP. Does or seeing. Palm penis. What are you know shell and raw pumpkin seeds called. Was doomed to repeat those are pumped peanuts. Are pretty. Pump penis. I. Yeah well I know it. Craig sorry. What was that nick. The he does still pick come concedes compete try again next time Craig let's go to Mike hello Mike. Product like where you from rather. Audit sought this. Audit O clock and I'm sorry Mike caucus conquered the fine town of Concord. Where are revolutionary fathers play a revolutionary war all you gays aren't. By Mike here we go. The next could prove who it is still ahead is an audio clue OK we bring down that music for second. And it's all you have to do is listen Mike can you name of this film and remember. Everything has to do with Smashing Pumpkins have ego named this film got a guy. Gave mine. All of this your media. Love. No ball. Wouldn't. I Maggie and good. Sorry and Mike do you know that film. I absolutely not I'm sorry might try again let's go to. John you wanna try and steal that one you know what that film was. I'd let it nor I would give you new and of course that was. Animal house animal house so she smashes the guitar classic all right nick go ahead give aren't new I've got another audio cues here Garrity. It is like yet here all right. Tell me the name of the iconic. Saturday Night Live character he's recent to the show much beloved. Whose theme music is this a. He's about like mister Rogers. Okay what character on Saturday Night Live to that music go. I could really terrible. Simon gives you one more time don't forget this game is either about smashing or pumpkins. So area here's the music what's your name again. John okay here again Ted. Any questions. Incident don't that it. Character or recent characters and lives super popular beloved actor on an actor. Yeah. As abides by again and now we have one more of the stripes on his Cheri Daniels. From my god shares lips are you like steal this girl. By Jim Jim hello Jim I get me ready. Sherry. Yeah. That. You know any chances in his previous questions. At no great all the first. Up couple you know animal house and surprise people and I don't know they'll have animal by Jim. Maybe or maybe if one of you wins Sherry urged him you can go each other is messing around. I hope that they've run up this summer like. As you might she might she woman smashing them it's meant I had to go finally. Which of the following GM. Is not. An actual definition of the word smash as defined in urban dictionary to our real. One is fake see if you can spot the fake definition. Sake match exactly. Hey picnic. Be fiddle fat laden or C happened that. A lot of our farm it's eight picnic. B fiddle Fallon or C happened that. Like tap and down day. I won't. I wanna say people I think it but certainly this week. A little bootsy. Are you. But Pat Williams the third and if you if you're smashing attack and that he had hidden it. It'll felling as what I say Yoko does around how she little battles my stuff that the man he'd be expression. All right well hey good news. Below Shia area. Did you are going to see this Smashing Pumpkins at TD garden Tuesday July 31 presented by live nation congratulations. A pair ticket are yours. And yet the best Jerry hang on the line. It's global it's not just about how much you work out everyday it's about how much work into every day zoomed so we. Click click pick up your phone and leave us aid there. Radio and it's now my. Click click who it is. And yeah. A little bad segue. And message. Hey you've reached met in them generic radio voice mail the plate to tell us whatever is on your mind and please after the deep be anything but generic. Documented now. When they. 707. PM. Hey dude but how would be your dad. Wanna be that then pick it up that this is who I mean. And without that without. This message is well and then yeah now the last world today in the don't discriminate ago gender dives. Please now June 26. To him. And it isn't going to. I did and didn't let that. And a man who bought hanging out and you know that I haven't been to rehab in month span. Exactly doesn't that. We couldn't do it and. And the message if you're just joining us the 3 o'clock hour we. And maybe series buzz going on. I would imagine. That's what that's in reference to or that person's at the dentist perhaps or with his wife who has device. Something but yeah we get a buzz and it was working. We can get rid of an instant magically at the right by and it went away. To me 25 PM. Okay dad dad dad and ordered by the I happen to know a little bit about elected by itself the problem. And not give my own Little League unlock the battle to block. Oh. What you said just so good everybody. Location of what might have been seven and we wouldn't be. Hole. A season and burn music. Dancer are you are body dance. Who's 46. To him. No matter again I'm glad he's given immediate and couldn't think if they have a little bump in the you expect band but we're. So they really don't give or the year where Billy couldn't so they don't want any broad government they can get maybe one of its own because they're going. And that I can't get that band. And that message well. One person's Smashing Pumpkins is another one's black. What is these ones persons Jerry Lewis is another person's Louis CK. Are items that we all have our different opinions and who I don't know I'm talking. So that was so he was doing a bad version of like. Grumpy old guy and you just dead. Bad white Obama. While Obama is to unit of the credit inadvertent Obama a man that's a great and our dogs they're great band have you ever seen them be and avert Obama as or rock. I don't think he sun Ian I'll buy vitamin C and I I'm if I'm proud that I'm on my life. I can't I do not what they're they're not all I'm back again and on no mom and I I wedeman cities. I thought about it I'm by the W. But it up a bit lack. And methods thanks dad I saw wedeman Steve from dough and working out at the new bounce fitness cross street today. Would he be doing coming in on the way from don't know workers right Jim sucks and go he said and and he said this gym socks to question that's true exercise less. Yeah I guess it's yeah it's all about relatives socket and when you're from. As someone just tax advocates of the Jeremy should be renamed click click buddhists. I grew 7 PM. Yet I don't expect that the block another bond wow that's like saying I'm sorry Sunday and have a paper. Wouldn't. You look at similar we all go all out there and Barack Obama. Now that it's still my favorite. And amen at what point will the a little say the left I don't want to cut grass at what point will the people who demand. This type of PC culture to the extreme. What will be enough for them it would that be enough that we can't have we would up eat eat same things and and and no one's in Everett any camera faced any sort of vs the losers or winners is no poor people to know rich people were all equal. We all eat the same thing we like the same thing and that'll make them happy gas. What you just described as what's known as utopia. Rice is an ideal. I remember him work Jack flack on the great Tenacious D O. There's little deals will talk parts in between songs and he's going off on a rant basically utopian vision. As he sighed in his character Bennett won't went about it highlighted a greater point he's going. And the kingdom building now. It's people want more people walled. Well I I'll do our governor to get back to a later you know and that raises a good point. How do you exe cute in any real sort of way. A perfect world in which nobody ever faced any adversity where kid never gets his feelings hurt from another kid it's just breeze it's gonna happen in fact I would argue. It's a necessity. To produce a child who's well routed grounded and is faced adversity can then move on and not say oh go to him radio meeting and act like a crying bits like I did it. Thank you coming on generic pretty heavily yeah. Well yeah. Resolve course in reference to the story we did earlier in the 5 o'clock hour about the kindergarten in the town Georgetown at Georgetown. It said they will no longer allowed children or rather they are just waiting children from call from naming best friends that having best friends is exclusionary. And does not Foster inclusive behavior it's called the and talk workshop preschool in Georgetown dumpster greatest. Little balls Maryland notes think the policy months stupidest thing I mean listen. We're faced. Am work here BM part of this show and see life so this one is stupidity. In my menos here on a daily basis that said. This is the dumbest thing I've heard a lot of time in it it it could be the tipping point 603 point out that his button up and there are two tees that were. 63 and imitating speeches he might be in new charity that's something we've been quite some time is says but by not doing. Knew where there's value to the new I'm. Not nude in its Newton. They do and. And lot of bark. He don't encourage Leo. We don't have made the animals what are you quit we never did that I know I'm on the waiting list for the what what's in the mad Russian I'm on the waiting list with a mad Russian. Apparently and a lot of people trying to get in there but I've been Antoine explains like. That the news. Famous people went there Courtney Cox they swear I guess people have gone there and famous people went there or famous people have gone there I can no I love a lot none of the medical mistakes all in all but the whole scene so I think because I. I'd seen someone say the other day on TV now the series and it was captain AOL toilet and goodbye and it. That's that will happen my birthday is always I saw. Yes yes this I have studying. Mean I saw I've seen like you do the apostrophe. Finally the great people. Based on my just seconds ago rant the group Bruce Springsteen. We singing music we left the same bands we lacked the same clue whom we've. Bobby gene integrate that with all the info that I wrote this next time. Another factory workers at an American government turned their back on the work commit. It. And. All right. Our our non specified. Gender or ethnic. Cleaning person is cleaning up the bar sweeping up. We're about to pulled aside and would put over to say close as we. Cause of the bar here on the back in Nick's show it's been great for hours you guys are blast. It finally talks controversy. Game which tickets we played a game. We had an awful start with a terrible buzz. But we came through we pulled through together and we major rattle the least hopefully somewhat enjoyable that's illegal here. Enemy can't act. As. Saying. VM and we'll do all that. There. I think now sponsors including town fair tire. The best deals on tires go to town fair tire nobody beats down they're tired nobody and our next sponsor. Who sponsors this part of the program. The best of their arrest did everything that last scare away. That he had mixed junk drawers are John. Because everyone's got 10 yes they're great folks. At a great American company right here in New England New England auto and truck recycling driving a beater you just fix it up with neater visit meter today. Gonna find used parts dot com that's find used parts dot com and fix up your whip. Kids like say that the god these days I don't know old wet now see right there. Earlier today we took that quiz on are you old are you feel in all yeah. When we took fellow quiz action they say the it was at 41 as when you're supposed to 41 is articulate are getting older right. I feel like the way that I just phrase that right there makes me sour note when you start calm things. The Twitter that the Spiderman despite. The kids are column it would use the phrase is that with the kids are calling it these days of your game you called. Stanley have some for the yeah I just I'm Robert and enjoy. Sure and. Today. In six months from today October 19 exactly six months the new Halloween movie will come out. In the whole start was just released today. And it looks graves seeing. John Carpenter involved. Jamie Lee Curtis. Stars and it. Danny McBride and ride the color also involved in this thing is gonna be crazy. Crazy crazy crazy that's why I think it looks crazy it's just that it's as close above his masculinity. Has seen it right I showed nick the mask looks. Unbelievable. He looks mean. You David Gordon Green oh my god yeah that the did the right who did it Pineapple Express yes it is. It is. Commencement speakers around some. Don't like an 896 months from today on six not your site that looks good balance good evening. Very what is it is it's it's it's a complete reboot. Like you're gonna redo the international what I from what I know all they are gonna kick off right after Halloween two was a pick up what's that got do you pick particularly picking up victim. Halloween one in Halloween too basically like they can go. Hello we can start right after a I. You're gonna yeah. Plus three Halloween. I Halloween. Only and Rick. All leverage level well below this is all excited and also observances take spin Halloween and I didn't notice it until they accident there. Did it all I think it was. If you look like Marvin asked fascinating guys I don't try to think that I know and it is Halloween. This could not do you see the nightmare before Halloween news news home Louie at home that's this is Halloween. A way to go 6030. Nick could that be true and are jumped or 978 is that only bringing news is that late breaking news. What Patrice. I don't know. Although let's. Oh my god. They can't be true assessment of from the source. Wait who's I don't know I was knocking maybe they have the answer. Yeah yeah all I get a second. Both died. I think it's true. Why. Birdie op plans and on your screen. On man. Don't I don't I got all I Autoliv here I guess I gotta protect the Jewish. Boeheim. You know I think you have an image of Jesus going into the it is true I am which he's Bergeron name. Not able to play. In the game today against. Against Toronto. They have. You say. A zone policy Joba Bobby. Of a body injury. And I aim day to day. But I would not be playing the game tonight thank you just don't. Why you came all the way down here just to let us now we. They would ever let you know that you sound an awful lot like food Brad Marchand. All. I've I was gonna start celebrating holidays can be concealed from. Well Rihanna went through Canadian you've argued together. I didn't mean Brad my son was coming to tell you that would allow an idea. Volume we love I would do this well I had the he took up the mess. Does well you say I have trouble with the English. And you know it'd be mis communication. I get confused sometimes. Hey Brad my soul. I'm telling you talk these guys are all packed cannot play because of about the injury he was celebrate them. Whose name. He was pounding his own chest after I won't rule and cracked his owns don't know I mean. Look I got an extra. Thanks guys good to see you can you open the story again I don't know how to get through and what. It's I guess borrowers story idea value on the open the door for to have when she. Well I have a. This oh my god I can even touch him. Executive who moved to support. I know my lucky. You have a bloody Nichols brought the eyes. Yeah. Tim does he was just misunderstood that Stevens. He said. And the world game. That would be amazing if she literally is like a meat charmer. The people's hot dog. I just put the fire out by collects in these next. Yeah there Hulu. Yeah yeah. Got a shock. Wish we can't get he wished he showed Everett last minute shower Biersch shout out to stand at the hatch and Oxford. Our rears our friends. Thank you nick Stephens what comment forever. And accused his Grammy that's the only thing I do either mean errors or sausage and then we thank you think you'd Johnson Dolan. Who also. Secured for us tomorrow. Bruins goaltender former Bruins goaltender Andrew great crop in the day which were gonna give way Bruins tickets at the Bruins bonanza tomorrow here on many nick on Friday while Lula. Who scored the trees marsh and or Brad Bergeron I'd like to thank. And again like to think Tom Bergeron coming in here. Last minute of that terrible news. He's Bergeron out. Upper body injury Watson today and I like that makes it that much more difficult for the bees who should be dropped the puck any minute now they can win without very heated night. Watch out all right join us for our Bruins celebration or I won't be a celebration anyway because of a beast tied series right coming back. We can handle that they lose write me a lot. Puckered starfish and Bruins nation. Slowly be a celebration of taking a commanding leader to BA outlets rally the troops and get ready for the next game at home. Correct. Just owns him and things are right let's move on and do it again tomorrow list North Korea because volunteer and be safe godless everybody I mean. I who'll. Older who have planet. Don't I don't.