M&N Hour 4 - Have A Good Weekend! 6-22-18

Friday, June 22nd

Before the guys head off for the first weekend of the summer, the guys go into the junk drawer and play your messages!

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WAA asked. It's he's made his way back. Video and heard we have some breaking news. Next we had Michelle McKeon he made his way back again so we'll talk to sport to them. Generic via voice of the people still have time to get a couple of missed is. I call now 6177795454. Leave us a message tells me doing this weekend and you want to weigh in on the Hanley Ramirez news. If you wanna weigh in on you gates. Or. Applegate as you think cute gay. Q can learn hello thank you to get those out of him. Some of the appointment. Own my own home. I was so are so good I have I have. What was the condition that we looked up like the fingers on the chalkboard outlaw made figures that suffered a name for as a scientific name for it certain sounds make you crazy I have that while people eating. Like right now when you're doing now I just wanna rock economist in hearing you eat watch Weaver. And medical breakthrough you if you leading cereal I believe there are people crunching popcorn movies. What's the word for oh intolerant Angel island is into all right it's yeah. I obviously brought salaries of the stooges specifically just wants me of that notion favorite it's. Good lord so Alex is. I'm not some regularly and that someone made a good point nick has. You were getting on stairs and I who who don't like cucumbers but a direct hit just six or seven you're getting on stairs and I. Now I don't like that of pickles or you know I'd been there are suddenly not go from pickles to getting on. There was something blow. Anyway. Nobody made a point like. By a light graves who don't like raisins or vice Versa I fit in that camp yes exactly so we Allen once they pick lettuce is different same the same way that you that. Tomato to motto we eats like this and that it's just so strange to me because like salary has system. Simple flavor cucumbers so muted enough. And also a great before I'd like not liking a great liking arrays or vice Versa just seems not. Hold my god I love traveling and cars I hate driving. Nick I I I hate to interrupt the flow. But we just did the Michelle McPhee we broke that we were the first ones in the city getter. You know what it by the way. And by the way other stations in town you want Michelle McPhee Naomi Ramirez may be maybe not that no story. You better credit you boys that Matty nick WAF five right. Course now. We have more breaking news though this I don't know what happened for a this came this comes from the Framingham fort studio line we have breaking news. But Ozzie pol Ozzie Paul was going on international breaking news. And boy have we don't. I hope you're well what's up. And that is that myself but it seems cease service. What's surfaced. Each step as. Oh you're seeing a beach therapist. They're placing dialogue. Let's speech therapist why did you commuter routes because that is is banned. And look. And then there. You haven't secured Matty. Lower EU's Powell at all it's it's Ozzie poets it's your it's your communication device I don't think it's the way you speak necessarily is as you know he's very hardens him because of that. The phone. We'll grow our find success there. The defense. That's ideally to have Ozzie Collins dude I would can monitor yeah yeah we have well studio is some sort Australian holiday or something coming in the region just by you coming in here we'll have some foster's warrior. Every day Idaho Minnesota and let. I didn't hear actually all. Not been this reward than your uncle you don't want. We'll hear. And the war. My question where they live. And eat it picked up from the student heard on them. Oh drilling down mr. Jim no announces in the media. I have some breaking news oh. Yeah about the what of. Thank doesn't follow through the thought of my favorite dynamic you know over his NOG caller for us it is like did I do I want is Tel fifteen. Institute now he has to it. Here's your old pal busy with a wicked this sports report what it defeats. And stuff. On WE EKID. Air two spots in my sports club and I'll do it again because this awesome. Called music on what do you wanna see an awesome show that's way ago we called music I'll dot com. I needed to commit less than I heard it thing with Michelle make fee. That HL PLA. That's fantastic reported that scoops O'Reilly. Mashed. Hanley could be involved in this big international sting with fentanyl hands on and we yeah. Owens is yet now they I was just gonna commit to make some jokes about Robin Williams is always draft pick in flat earth. I had you know let's nine out dead that's big that's a big deal you guys might. It may be like tenth place. Might and might never I'll miraculous that night he hit you watch out you know there's no way ahead on the can't be used. There's more breaking news right now but it's not fortunate to hold onto it but it involves our governor. Our really and his son. Well for Hilton. And so you finish Fortson and we'll we'll hit that all right well and you feel like it's inappropriate to talk about. Of like fled Ireland like all right I'm. Inhibit news media guide Charlie. The crowd and they go yeah what do we got here. I team this comes from Boston now CBS local I team chief investigative reporter Sharyl. Pin dock here has learned that governor Charlie bakers adult son Andrew has been accused of alleged sexual assault. Whoa. Shiites yeah that's going on right now just hasn't happened on I jetBlue flight you know what it is groped a delegates I'm telling you rather. You know what happens you get I'm one of those flights. You think it mile high club you have you know what then again I'm Tanya right now. All they. Indiscretions noticed misbehave get 30000 feet in the air. That would all of the join the mile high club we all think we need to get that little check mark next to my name on Twitter right. Not and you ever had negative than nips it got to be banned. They get a band the naps. Which ones that alcoholic drinks and what is being asked on follow. Know what nips. The O Paulo snacks that's what it is right unlimited snacks can't be a good day when. Good lord. Boy just commend you trying talk about the Red Sox even writing ends well blank tonight against the Mariners. You wanna maybe share some audio Tom Brady scene at the U2 show. But this by now it now display. I'm so glad he's getting his debut it's. I'll be doing that in just a few minutes literally sounds like a goat. Literally sounds like you go out I was at the stuff gone on. Rob Williams rob related to pick for the sellers last night Tony seventy time SEC defensive player of the year compared to the Andrei Jordan. It's it would carry easy things here at this flat six years ago he too waited out. At Los Angeles so obviously fits right in here perfectly. Welcome the Celtics nation gangrene eighteen on the way dialed up. And you know at last these audio that I needs grants. Give me the one the twentieth anniversary. Jordan. Want to go today one of them whenever it's favorable as one of the most famous shots in basketball history. I don't care there was a push off. Let this be a lesson. When you have a chance to go out on top. And you can avoid the U on the Washington with its port city Korea. Do it and on a high note its accuracy or go out every single my ya know that go up well. That's why yet nothing else to say have a nice weekend happy Sama DF line. Handley wolf wolf. About that now I have brought on echo all right listen and by the way out weigh on them both you're not allowed to enjoy it pickles if you don't like cucumbers. If you come. Within half mile of me with a razor talking about on tonight. Guy triangle if it's you view your Iraq's. U. That shot I regret what you talk about that fact I'd rate it. We downtown at what. What dreads you have dude it gives dude I have I have like my my my downstairs and looks like Stephon Gilmore and hangs out of the helmet. A lot of subtle ibizan. Mr. I think peeves are on the comeback or. Laura heroes. You may not quite cute robots but look crappy toddler can be a formidable full. We'll get to the integrity of voicemails real quick minute. Picnic picnic infant imports studio where a friend of the show Matty. Matty how or anybody Matty. Grounded out to be had already. Yeah boy. And talked about what is grunt grumpy bastard beer oil due to one's beard. Let's let that stop its early itchy scratchy. Yet what is more stress of the spin. It infects a son you know fantastic and I walked only be here. This is obviously a very logical question. Matty. Like to go freshly shaven some of us liked it just oval trim skated on some of us don't really in the downstairs area would be grumpy bastard beard oil work well home without. On the net of. Lily asks then yeah man man man beer related beard you know. It grumpy best western triangle I'll have a good read. Hey you've reached match in mixed generic radio voice mail. Tell us whatever is on your mind and please after the beep be anything but generic but I moved implemented now. Budget by stone forward now hiring a full time certified automotive technicians 7500 dollar signing bonus visits on Ford dot com for details or stop by to reply 405. PM. What got guys out if I don't doubt about my drop an acute dog bit a little bad apple would stuff. Are you can enjoy them leisure time Wikipedia. Significant other but Madden at. About cabinet meeting that you call it something and I don't know bark. Liability issues yet couldn't if you could be a problem. You know what they call vote Clinton nowadays. Okay. Well on the world. But Joan this is this no where in fact they restaurant Leo nice ringel Macs to pad like three college age girls. Who were the daughters of the owner passed. Home what else happens. 840 for an it and. No bid city and then he has this. It if you wanted to if there's. I don't know has left you know being that that patrol lieutenant I don't know if you're on an actual and a I think that it stated this thing. I think you might be headed. Me. And wounded men and ignore McConnell. Assembly Norm MacDonald called this that's like if Norm MacDonald includes Cleveland. Got into an accident and they became one super being. That was norm Clayton Anderson column cliff McDonald's. That was good that was that was a great appetite for me to be on land. It didn't put. Yeah yeah. Who now since. And is that sex is sex is good seasons and his beard and let's say. I would know who's twenty global land. Outlook or I can totally relate where it needs pure emotion that's a song like let it be and we've got a view. It on the waterworks. What all Fenway Park a few years ago I am a mob at at the way he has people that. Let these things billboard. It I still can't that they were very guilty let's see what it. I grew by either admit that I'm there because if that happened. That I ever did at live below the weight and even years after that practice in the right hole. And now his beautiful and that's the as Paul said in that cliff Adler told Paul McCartney carpal karaoke that we played in 3 o'clock hour James scored. And Paul himself said that's the power of music you know what the hell was that one. Message. Is that an earnest emotional message on the GR what the hell's going on here. Or oh quick eight play a lot of drop. Already there there it's Saturday and the part of doubt that what sort of threat for the week it would be out in the message that area back answer why don't we learn yeah. And apparently it's bad now with an you know. I had any I'd like outlook on the radio. He had a venue that has that not happen again you know my way to do it bigger that the limit. Is there that can't. I doubt the people a little and then and I picked what it meant that it quote if there. This message agreed. Our accounts. Won't do him. David good news and being competitive and move. They. Are members of that so let that happen. Yeah I've had bad days. Now it's laughs they obviously. This Hanley Ramirez. Developing story is resonating because. Big cookie weighing in big cocaine they can keep it. And thank you content are generic pretty heavily yeah. And welcome. We are brought to my town fair tire if you need tires you looking the best deal on tires there's only one place to go town fair tire the best prices and great free services everybody. Bad to it. Wrap up shop here on Matty at Yankee. I have the only station that really Iraq's. Last check of the weather rush you buy here are good friends that science cage fighting ideals that senate he's July 4 shot more save more patio sale. Get on at all is off every 300 you spend our descendants skis Pembroke. In Woburn locations up which I'm by the parent replication has a home on the way. To the key. And unfortunately folks looks like there's going to be a lot of rain in the forecast through tomorrow sunny. With a high around fifty. Tomorrow rainy and 68 that was a grown man Mercury into a microphone was charged in the weather. So wells Disney and perhaps. Some day hopefully sunny with a high 75. I don't see if there's anything left in the show tick director of. The best of their arrest and everything that's laughed again only. That he admits junk drawer. Because everyone's got one drive did by our friends that New England auto and truck recycling AKA Nader. That Automator makes it up what Nader. Visit meter today at five years parts dot com. That's fine to use parts dot com your make your way out there to pick up some news parts ask Virginia seeing tell Matty and extension he will then say who. You'll say right that's about. Stanley would get ejector. And they'll weekend baby that this the weekend the first weekend of summer nick I'm gonna have some fun I'm gonna try to grill commonly use your go on hand. A word dominant grow some ham yet you. Why would you go on not gonna growth in him but I'm and I've cooked some ham last night on that you can on the on the can't and I had. I'd love breakfast or dinner sometimes I do to almighty god our that it last night. No it was the only eaten lunch in the middle after 3 o'clock launch. Omelet off huge fan yeah the member yesterday were talking about the fact that KFC. Is breaking the chicken and waffles men and it's going to be a full plate if we're going to be talking about it chicken and waffles Sammy or slider with chicken and waffles and have you ever done the right here here's an easy attack in the world to Lagos. Get a eve even just get a bag. Like let's say Tyson Tyson checked breaded chicken tenders right that might which has become a favorite food ever since I had kids because he's number one thing where you can always pleased his with a restaurant. Aside from your iPhone. Chicken then yeah and if not that. Red Cross Jack and they. He got like two chicken tenders. Two I go waffles. Wrong I'm not so I'm not so Chris veto that they're gonna be brittle I like him on the planet like and crispy warm toasty. And then drizzle with sincere I'll recommend a little hot sauce. And if you're not if you're willing to go there either of those straight shed little girl generated or slice of American I am waiting. The game will be changed forever the game will be changed forever they can make that any time of the year. This weekend. Make it my way down I'm gonna I get a new growth for the house and their Chris in the grow tomorrow night. Well my mom's old summertime New England state tips to give you the right recipe audience and give Tina Jones doing it this easy. Large camp lineup losers. Into the bowl she goes. Not a pass so about half pound brown sugar one bottle of soy sauce. Stirred up three pounds. Steak tips are upset overnight that's it that's it that's him and the Pentagon. Said an overnight merits of a 24 hours. Grill enjoyed move. It is the best that the smell of that every time I walked by someone's grill. The neighborhood you smell that that's when you say in New England. Some summer now valuable thing. Absolutely what about you we either gone out from under my wife is currently I was just Dicks I was dictating nice job nick. I was dictating terms of shopping agreement to wife. Saying pick all those ingredients up so we get our tip on. I said that and I show where we talked about grooming. Professional. I shall we say cleanliness habits and more that may not be the most appropriate way to wrap up shopping you know what day. That's how we do on Matty and accused thanks go out to Michelle McPhee for Colin in earlier. Given us that little scoop ridge on the alleged breaking Hanley Ramirez news if you missed our interview with Michelle McPhee. And wanna get the info on the developing Hanley Ramirez story. And of course anything else from today's many in nick show like argument about cucumbers vs pickles and so much more. Visit WA AF dot com or follow WA AF on Twitter or especially at Matty nick WA AF we got Twitter videos links to the audio. And so much more art Dan. Google med. This is caromed out Coco happy. That is up stood out. Get buses pollute it and I thought yeah but not. Yeah well this look at sports rally. She got so high. She thought she was Nokia. I have a lot of nickel. Random kids attacks. A man who screw ball no lead. Large for chocolate covered banana. Cartoon likeness he means we can't yet you wished every show every or I thank you Mehdi Blake. But road block grows golf club and Robert herta at the agency Sana thank you nick Stephens content whenever. They accused is driving. Thank you act not just stolen. Thank you. Colin repeat. Colin and talk now. Total recall and trying to settle on a nickname for intern Colin. Thank you Tony and social media for hustling to get the audio up for us. Thank you tell the news about to take over and rocking out for you from seven to ten until the men's and comes on ten to midnight and then at the good road good all weekend long. Also special thanks to grandma's darkened for joining us on the show today yes celebrity chef. Jeffrey Zakaria from the Food Network off the magician thunder clap Charlie he oh win doodles that talking ponying. The great Tony Bennett never on who participated in today's show. I don't they haven't made myself and Irene this is nick the other half a Mehdi nicks and so long until next time and don't forget that you stupid friends beta neutered about America. These.