M&N Hour 4 - Happy Memorial Day 5-25-18

Friday, May 25th

The guys are more than ready to start the long weekend and get the summer underway!

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We can't Virginians 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. Memorial Day. We're still celebrating rich Robinson birthday. Or two days ago don't gluten all right I apologize. Matthew it's neck special guest Donny white knuckle gin. Hanging out with a ass crack. Wise and haven't good. Time. Nick we were talking about our new segment weekend assignment then hoop and a lot of people chimed in with ideas. We have the name of the documentary. Called evil genius switch right now I think is the clubhouse leader. For our weekend assignment we have Bob on the Framingham Ford studio line that number by the way six or 79311. Framingham Ford met US commercial truck headquarters. Here we go let's talk to Bob hello baba. In about an hour and six. Days in. I've got the crowd. I don't one night and then found that people just don't give away any. I crashed all glorified episode in one yeah did people I know this show. To ever be in your life. While OK so holds all right so I did that. Yeah. So it's like a mini dock you series right Bob only cut like it's not ten episodes for five. Act but. How are these. I could not get our pick out of body mind that should be up the one that I gave back that accidentally went there every single one of them. I'm out its. If Todd you sound like one of us you're our kind of collar this is the last time we hear from here. And tonight that you've got a lot of pride and beer. In the country. Yeah. India up my man all right I'm does that maybe make but give way to pin high yeah I don't know much about it yeah thanks Bob. I drank a lot of shot about when I was in New York City on this and stunned and Texas and yeah it does Schmidt Minneapolis which Libya. Sure it's game which you know of them. While fostering coach Smith's mind at the beach my relatives. Take palladium voting. The movie started on nick loosely based what are the biggest mistakes. In Hollywood history. As a political thirty minutes or less than. Wonderful. Which by the way is on to me and I had a funny flirty thing with a girl which I don't know this but I did. Several diplomatic late movie marathon yeah. I had Simon automatic Blake films okay that's a great idea. The next weekend we can all Philip vans were dynamited drive them off cliffs. Public this. A movie America out of all the meat you guys will do Harvey Weinstein film Morgan drillers drill though. Dustin Hoffman Evans basically it's basically today on meet two movie marathon talk about having a bad day agency armies they yeah look into that hole if you I would want. I was home. On daddy daycare duties this morning and The Today Show had been on that rolls right and to make him Celtic Manor since I was a boy she attractive. And wrote you are you kidding I can't so I know how she looks like it elf. No no I guess it does not know Marmol looked at. She is head and eyes Hugh I would we want to have all the angry hate that America. She should say is Kelly Willis you know. Not go away entirely around all right you can usually every you would they wanna you wanna have dinner to him. Like legal bit sloppy a little that plump stab in the united I don't fit Johnny just like you're kind of like prime rib and a kind of nice thick right. I don't like six you have to look at fifteen pounds or are you kidding I don't find Megyn Kelly attract not at all I mean I mean she's not ugly but did not consider the house lands on our one herded cats and knock it off this actress like. Perform terrible with surgery on me she middle of the road is no. It's. Well OK but Rose McGowan was on and they played the footage of that in that interview was. Your day has come would have known until it's over Harvey Weinstein was. They eat they actually brought him into they charged recharged and they brought him into they say yeah Lilly had a little perp walk there from the van into the courthouse and won't have to. And now that an upset that he apparently got any of course he turned himself in. Even talked about this to turn himself in on a Friday morning in New York on Memorial Day weekend so he's gonna get soft treatment all weekend long. Thousands and an ominous warning that went into a Katy Perry to snag. I know if there was anybody else it would signal the when she kissed the kid on I brought you video of that so harmless old timeless and I. I can't but win the getaway around. I know there's a double standard. Clearly but all city gonna say that they don't give Iran I would. Yeah. Amazing gel when we have our tech not of the day we ever not just the text of the day we have the text of the week. On the 9717 text on the 508. Oh it's an all may Blake movie's weekend of shares is that they could use the extra sleep and. The indeed me bro. And I'm so the movie is called thirty minutes or less now and up the documentary. But in 2011. Jesse Eisenberg. Danny McBride who I love coming here with Donald. Thirty minute payments Nick's words and who beat Boston don't stand out yet they did what about thirty minutes or less it was loosely inspired by. This thing oh for real because in the movie gets say a bomb vest put on him and has to commit a crime but they do like a wacky comedy it's likely lack. It's a funny he's the guy that is Angela you know means well I think that documents. I think now that he had that looks. Hits it's well let them pick lettuce yeah. I'll clearly can't. There yeah I'll know or did she isn't true story of the item. I'm saying what a dumb position prominent another agenda that era drama that surrounds start. Being Luke's father spoiler they like that was when Jesse Eisenberg with like on a hot and they were just trying to get him to do project product I just can't conceivable world where a production company would go like Obama's answer about the poor guy on grounds it was too wacky comedy based on like. What are you thinking. So doubts anyway about where the documentary is called evil genius I think that's I think that's it will. Yeah is that when I doubt that I hope I it was a night that I went to pirate and yet you can't. Series it'll survive the list of the pilot episode of evil genius of shower heads out there. Wherever you are southern New Hampshire metro west sell short North Shore. Was stir watch. The Netflix specialties the pilot evil genius will all report back on Tuesday of each other and we will review it and see if it's worth our time. Sounds great please Celtics win tonight so I've got more time. On my hands to watch evil geniuses weekend and appreciate your best served. But the signs don't hootie. News. Always over promised. All man. We love it. Half past six almost on a Friday of a long weekend this is our wheel house that did you guys just laws ball lounge gym and I'll put out last song and dance around the studio as we did not name and they consume. Wonderful models you know. Can't that you guys enough for what it means to me I'll brother you've been a blast and Superfund thank you sit in on the show we love it thanks for clenching our thirst for. Excellent. But news. Appreciated wanna thank everybody for support not Lejeune you know yeah animal local guy. You know team was created this too many people mentioned Lex. You know all these stores that taken a sin you know as a lot of competition out there and it's a hand sell every day Sola. Appreciate AF and and the common ending they've done for us you know on building our brand to Massachusetts package store association. Source water in about them is mixes you know provide those for the stuff Padilla. Samples they check this out a website is www. not a legend dot com FaceBook is not at the gym running the grammar all that good stuff. And my email appear to have any questions are given out to everybody is Donny Dion and I Ian not a legend dot com you can email me any time you have any questions. And bill freedom in touch me go so it isn't Chinese it long Wang dot net. Beltran got an all time at a table at the wings let me tell you wonder what the ball well yes so. My favorite wing comes placed on maintaining and hut's New Hampshire if you confined to Chinese food restaurant that will sell you the wings uncooked. And then put them on the grill like we're talking earlier rustic tips about to arms have the best state hot dogs to marry. Him. Nice to that one I've rental up so anyway seeding in the say the wings they should the barrel knowledge changer it's a political week. We should know of the third leg on it. But I'm going to put him on the grill polite ten minutes and each side you'll never have a wing better than a Chinese food. Chicken wing that has been cooked on the grill and not be frightened I'm telling you right now. They deep fry him the idea that it's not as good as when you grow right so when you gonna put us a narrative it's like pickle ball like a long period of time right. So don't take on the cookbook it's absolutely insane. You know just a little like fresh ginger garlic. Rice wine. So it's Australia are totally Betty Crocker Roland is ethically they show and I think it ought to be preserved that way it's been a it's good stuff I like to grow highlight different states discover myself Alec ruling however. Nothing beats a good deep Bradley and nothing beats knowing that you've got the right kind of growing weather right Matty. I hate myself and Donny said that he who's. You. Don't accidents it's a hand sell every day is knows a lot about him selling east do that. What did you and Chelsea afterward compatible or I don't answer to hand though and jealousy and Paris to snatch little's a formal more than all right let time tell these guys about the K Kate bagels he today it's unbelievable best thing you'll have a big. LaMont and they didn't even mean it's not bad I. Yet they opened at 1 AM no I think they would only 3 AM when I'm telling you it's it's right in the quarterly taxes eichel has bagels and the it's it's got the this bagel in the pizza being eleven. T today until he has grown up Blair actually sharing another Dell Dell face and sting like a talent isn't and hasn't seen. The really crazy and Korea and I'll bring some and I'll get some and it's not invented and revenue that a Red Bull and watching congress at 4:30 in the morning I'm healthy square the site they'll look at that point at that point three and the what you're doing these Graham rapidly today the company must. Our right hand once again here's a quick other. A tonight on another proud sponsor more businesses choose to actually filed Chapter Eleven that actually advertise on Asia the term is cocked bills. It opens. We can't get over the show me that nobody can I it's not real radio if this is on FaceBook either would be in sync. No and I are once again. This hour we owe to our forecast especially when sponsored by Waltham pet services. One of them isn't the only payments crawler in the spring. So pretty content town everybody stopped it. So Brian the pest control experts at Walton has services to stop that those annoying pest. Visit Waltham services dot com today it is still in the upper 80s89 and sunny side. Beautiful summer like conditions tomorrow they weekend tomorrow sunny and 89. I have no idea what the blank is up for Sunday rainy and 58. C'mon Boston is calling it saying. Admitted that it was the generic Grail voicemails go generic or must day you've reached Matt in mixed generic radio voice mail. The place to tell us whatever is on your mind and please after the date be anything but generic. Documented now. Brought you about luck total plus through Tony an Auburn if your credit sucks go to looks looks all of those dot com. We pulled it wouldn't kick to him. Welcome to the ball away from time buy into our senate on an automatic. Data found that. Are you all right Brian may look the other way around. Wounded now. That's not a bad does a bad company to keep their stay is kid rock's had a pretty good career I'll take that comp I thought he was gonna say that that's the official team site government in action and him. 1:26. PM. I'm not ripping on this is like one of every 18. Times but I want to look at today. You've England and then we have guys who actually makes it pretty decent music. So neck in neck he asked why. I. That his sister come and it's so nice about an hour hurricane season but. June 0:2 PM. Bet that it that it. I'm afraid got great ability that it that they that it says that fifty day. We get the you can't do if you let it be that the dead. Look at the tip if edit. Maybe get Kate noted but it cycle it is reenacting things that are playing great. When that ten. And that is plagued with little parachute would let them that if they look is that all these. Indeed she's royalty around here she is she's treated with. Most is that. And out. To me 20 oh PM. Provides its track and it's a long. We can't just the way you guys like long awful way to look forward even better yet I absolutely am all in Kiev are there. And that meant it was beautiful that's. At the O laureate. The state of Massachusetts Klaus Von boom subsequently Mann act and how wild I like god wow how did he find me now. The homeowner under for our anniversary. Or written to him. A lot about god. People. It's the holiday we banned but that doesn't even. Reason that could hit I dream goal lead being knocked. If you make an LN. Or not. All of a lot about rod. Now that man spoke on behalf of all mass holes and New England guy will relates generally suggestions are on here just absurd idea just again area of the great story that I think it's. It was Peter O'Toole told on one of the great Irish actors and o.s Richard Harris sir Richard Harris and he stuck his drinking days. And he was so drunk and he stole car of hobbies and cars are driving. Many realizes that cop behind him so we still nervous and he stalls the car out green light turns read it to go stalls out again. Three to zero he misses three green lights rose on the car the cup walks up. Boxes and other rules and but excuse me in my front I was just wondering if there was a particular shade of green your waiting part of or wouldn't turn him. Out he had power and talk that it goes up. They don't get it and they see him being my. And says oh you bet Rick fault all quote it is bad. Out there that in normal epic at. Now. Which would be about to get several one of but I yet earns it with our nautical themed game. The great game it was. Wasn't he you know wasn't a fan hand their careers now. But he won't do him. The couple aura that's out there it is as little. You hit it out if there's no doubt that they watered. The code words for the next hours anchor as in it is is the anchor that weighs the showdown. On home cool cool cool him. I don't I don't know if there ever have built that he's been very luck pocket and I didn't. The methods. If you could only see what goes on optimize the most is keeps these labels in chat it's absolutely insane he raises his voice is he's quite as big as you be quiet you do the weather. He keeps this whole thing in line Shia group important to them. How adamant he would then I doubt about that helped me up. So I think it would have been an attack on we didn't do what is at yeah. So that Mario Elie and I didn't and I did today. D'Amato. I love rock and living in the Arab I wrote off all ready on day I didn't. Monday a little bit everybody. Netbook. As they had that the work. On the days. This message. Today. You know you're not allowed three beautiful days and Euronext is especially with Diaw and in the house right. And make and keep coming I generic pretty heavily yeah. Welcome. Israel quick someone wants to support you Omnia WF. On framing him Ford line with us go to Lucas who wants to stand up for you his man's desire Lucas go ahead. Hey guys there's value there are lots of Lucas. Hey I did well enough or are you still think look at America want to look pretty nasty breakup last year yeah I'm single. They're saying gosh look at this one month old ladies that you have herpes simplex clutter in your health. Thank you hate is a great. It thank you so much and I have reached. They've now I heard these complex one. And I also have you know that 80%. Of populated them into an Al got a premier. Donnie thank you some Internet. Announced it is not like you is that in the script like Donnie only pointed out another burden it's a shout out to not a goods invokes. And I New York. New York and I've seen and Dolly on Nantucket right now on an honest person and Aaron hasn't in the coming again man your glasses thanks thanks enemy and not thank you again because again like to have but it wasn't the display so India today. I'd never say -- our bodies our heads out there us sing along with us as we do. Special Friday. Night sing along it's always the best time. All this once Munich air Boston this is really rocks turn this up please. It. It I. What a great way to end the show on the Friday of how long weekend thank you Sharon heads for participating what a blast great week. Lot of stuff we did this week. Do we wrap up weeks is. No now we didn't have one next Friday we wrap the week you're in all right. Let's do that in the us and 27 text of ignorant of we have polls show. And hopefully you know you with my backhand went. Let's get into the topic that we never gonna to jump to really need to I don't wanna save the end of the show to get into something that is political and socio. Economical and something that's gonna affect all of us in this huge debate I feel like we're not doing their job nick if we don't get this topic right here right now. Now the best of them arrested everything that's laughed yeah. He admits junk drawer. Because everyone's got one Rajiv by meter. Knowing that I don't truck recycling if you're driving a beater fix it up with neither a great American company. Kim called this a Memorial Day you obviously want to talk about the fact that we direct. You're James Mangold and he of course of cop land 310 to Yuma. And recently Logan the vaunted well reviewed Wolverine finale. Was awarded these directing reins on Diebold effect standalone movie which will be coming on two point 11 I think it's very important talk about that on the heels of the solo movie coming up this weekend. Interesting. But again. Much more sober and important. Mean this is something that will affect you and affect assault and feel needs to be addressed. Tiger Woods is c'mon said the PGA tour members should be wearing shorts during tournaments and I feel very strongly. That the game is a gentle and a and although these players play and some of the hottest climates in the world. During some writing the Eagles hottest days. Unruly hair out all on the equator some tennis following the sun as they play says woods. Not playing some of the hottest climates on the planet. We travel with the sun are bent to play in the summer. Sin. Ridiculous that we don't wish recruits. That we have the still Wear slacks. I say banned the golf slack. Let's see these athletes. In the midst of the Celtics and writing also has the boy this event tonight in sweat pants it's simply ridiculous their athletes. Get the men's shorts and tennis rounds of we're gonna. The term is cocked bills. I said hey rose before lovely young ladies. Saying he'd stick in the porcelain ball. Just as long balls. She. Jerry did. Of all the things I thought I would go down on. Seriously I wanna baby sitter voice. Yeah and I. Eight he like it geisha. I don't need you I don't need this. Yeah and I doubt it I ad bounce. Did the mother who didn't. You see the way I can play its eastern. Met his golf talking makes me sad Gilmore. Please we can't get your worst if he showed after. I never got the story nick that they are and I teased earlier that MIT guys invented a little dog little thinner than the book. Pill to swallow that's gonna eliminate the need to go get a colonoscopy and it and it and to stop you know that great volatility that's gonna be what's in your guts. I thought so you just historic write perfect hair brain. That's for you guys you guys probably already had to get I do want I don't haven't I haven't gotten. Now I've done the bottle can it nice easy but drinking the stuff sucks and yet we get put out. In the ass. Thank you nick Stephens walk out of room thank you discredited yeah thank you at not just stolen. And most of all thank you. Shower heads for participating and thank you all who serve this great country. We don't kneel on the show. We stand up for a flag at least in this corner we do these two leftist liberals but we do that that nothing good that's a referendum horse crap. Please just drink got god bless. Irresponsible behind the we will take care of each other everything. Have a great Memorial Day weekend golf we will do it again on Tuesday because we are off Monday. Have a great time you say Betty admit they have Boston and don't forget we get a sign that the film. Evil genius. Watched the pilot episode at least that will report back to each other on team today. This would be because an all out we will do it again and let's go okay. Thank you Donny white and nautical did as well.