M&N Hour 4 Good Story Yourself 7/20/18

Friday, July 20th

At the beginning of the final hour of today's show find out what 10 thing that instantly put us ina better mood. How well do you relate to them? Then the GRV's are played. Finally, find out whether you should tell a friend if they're in a bad relationship or not!

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We can't Virginians 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. Problematic. 6 o'clock on Friday our favorite time shot Baird's. Smoke really got on crack one of the got it. Put someone there. Can't be with the one you love love the one you win against. Manning and nicks and Boston the only station that really rocks. So nick was in a bad mood because he was stuck in traffic. And they did in new survey. The top ten things that instantly put us in a better removed. Number ten seeing a friend haven't seen a long time. 42% of people said that. Number nine getting along. While friends and we. And eight taking along much hour. Of course you that ice cold. Shower if you do that. Number seven realizing it's a sunny there at the hell's that mean realizing it's a sunny today like you wake up we're gonna head injury and takes a while to realize sunny day. Looking worse and apparently they don't listen to mixed weather reports and it's. So I guess let's just say it's a sunny day would make it straight out yeah. That's totally Ellen totally totally Tim makes me at a good merger awesome surveillance. Doing a nice small thing for someone else that's. Number five patting that dog. I can see that that doesn't mean. Hitting rock rocky labored. Rock in the papers Tom Green deeply. He's freaking awesome news wicked cute. He's silent in the bark it's the best thing about the weird like. It's like I like and women you don't wanna get beat on. You can win like making you know. Will be way. Leo goalie can oh never happen you would adopt a weird right now in fact he scratched we're not even even if we're not like doing any thing. If we're just in the room together and we might be just scuttling or just talking Elaine matter whatever you'll scratch at the door. Really yeah so you keep them out he doesn't like us. Always welcome these judgment bad but you know I mean I give for some reason we have them. We if we shut that door when they're getting can't stand yes you cannot stand what would you feel weird oh my god what's in the never do and the right would never do that why I could have some sort of animal abuse. Railing. I would still weird to a bottom up I am animal abuse and while I think it is. It's sexually weird because we're saying he was kind of we headed out to when you when you put. Yeah no he ate well and well anytime we're in the about the he demands to be in the review unit watch. Magazine and there I come out standing on guard outside the door restraints. On. Yeah I think they're doing it for your dog years your at yeah there's dogs have the mentality of mica a three Euro. You know I mean they don't know the hell's going on it's terrible it's actually weird do it. It. On number four. Aussie someone doing my small thing for you which is a sigma six the slowest stupid. Now there's a re here's a stoop as low list. Lying in bed listening to the rain. That make you happy that sounds like the press that's right just like an ad for a depression medication. Like you would then unleash. If I wanted to advertise for depression medication average shows someone laying hadn't seen the rain via welcoming me happy. They ran good lord. Number two being able to sleep and with no alarm. I do that I gotta tell you saved on there and. I'm not a horrible cycle it was bet you know that's why I don't think the morning show even though it's not awake and out of 4 o'clock in the morning. The first ten minutes sock then you're up and then you're out of work like you know noon 1 o'clock. With this by the time I get home it's like all it can be almost 10 o'clock. You're pickle right to bed. I don't know honestly tell thought three sometimes 4 in the morning and I sleep collect 1112. And I got to rush right in the war. It's horrible can you restore yourself with how we work a week for. Mean mean mean. Good story no and number cruel climbed five big money in your pocket you didn't know you had on the all right oh good 1603. He. Best mood change. When she puts her hair and focus you know on. Its bill in it is penalties. They do sometimes it is thing. You. Would notice. That with one. Yeah. You know it's going down and she does that on the music and T mountains it would you demise settings look and I was about the demise. Tall righty. Let's do this shall we you called you leave messages and we played the best of them right about this time every day. Of the generically. Hey you've reached Matt in mixed generic radio voice now. The place to tell us whatever is on your mind and please after the deep be anything but generic. That message now. Brought to you. By the five and folks it's don't import. Now hiring a full time certified automotive technician. You know what you do and underneath the hood and you gotta give them call. 7500. Dollar signing bonus could be yours ms. stone Ford dot com for details or stop by to you know doing them. So full book. 32 PM. Go to boot out the flu. This message. I got one thing that you. In. My tong. They say look. 49 PM. No it hasn't been that bad in this ghetto well one thing the problem that he didn't have the COLT they will. And they've got beautifully. Got the way that. And that message that's exactly correct I think they've investigated us investigated us here. Entercom long enough. Can't find any collusion goes mad and go doesn't fit you must acquit and deed. Or 0:2 PM. Joke about black and apparently. Got through intestinal that they don't look at it there you'll be getting from our community. Now. I. He he makes the salient point is sometimes it shows tees up Warrick. Feel like that callers actually correct. That here we should raise the bar and. I had 45 PM. Edit it out and having below and let them they're going down and it went into acting on tonight. They've gotten to. Well out there and in the is the one about all of our net. Message that's a good old fashioned GFY we have and have one of those in awhile. That was great and it's especially it's kinda hot when it's a girl she's pissed off and struck at you love angry chick I'd do I've said it many many times has got that list again plump and hostile plugged. Pale. And this up triple pay everybody. Everybody this is Mattie Aiken rolled out look at the best pluck this drop and LJ fitter America. You know led to a three she's not pale. 10 with a huge I'll. I love love it a lot. I didn't think you're him. So listen why don't Limbaugh says look I think I had the total war and met people all over the rule is that you super well let them. And give them in the program and had been drinking water it wouldn't let. Budapest the clintons look so good sexual hasn't there been a fairly routine every bit of rebel let him. On the next play him. Little in the third round up that old but I. Boom in the quote that what is it hadn't seen that all of that at the end it there. And this message ensure that the lawyer for the Robinson. Weird that he enable evil don't make the claim again ranked teams pan am. And I that there. I guess killer doesn't have to like your work. Of yeah. That's true I mean that that's just that they practice the law right. So they mean they I've they defend the law and their dollar well I although bottom line I will be taxis and I will be staying the course and needed 300 yards away from. It's a big backstage. Thank you coming on generic pretty quick yeah. Welcome. Big crowbar have. It listed keep my distance plan. Yeah grew and they you know everybody kronor. That he's grown with that near minds and drive home with its AC DC. Since the Clinton plan. All don't take credit where it's not. By big guy. Daddy in a half ago. On Friday and all Marie elect a little while blue marble. Don't let. This half hour brought to buy advanced green insulation. The premier insulation fire proofing and fire place company in Massachusetts book your free consultation today. An advanced green insulation dot com that's advanced green insulation dot com. 978 on text line and daddy can I get a Jason Bateman reminding people to remove the dock for the better before getting in on them. Okay Fido Fido any what I need to do is put the bone down with the bone down there once but the bone negative back other room okay and daddy's gonna get on double mommy. And then on top okay daddy's gonna pop I don't put the bone down put the phone down. I'm here's a question. According to serve. If you have a friend or all of. Who's in a relationship with someone terrible. Should you say something. Well 43% of men say they would definitely tell their friend they're making a mistake. And up 35 said I wouldn't say it thing that approach. But women. 39% wouldn't say anything verses. 38 who tried in every so women more women wouldn't say anything more men would say wow. I hate I would figure it would be beyond the right. Yeah because they'd love to put in don't they yet on now let's talk about how awful woman. Would you there's also a big difference by generation. Almost 60% of people under 24. Would say something. Okay. But only 27% of people over 65 would try to talk to a friend's outer boundaries that's about 65. Like you know you would you care go ahead and view that old. Would you 65. I would never. You wanted man. Are you did some pretty you are always given me good advice. I was going pistons minister. I know but that was different this is preemptively saying to a friend hated you with. That I wouldn't. You bulletin that was your boy it Sallyann accurate but if you lose it and they were gone down the wrong road if you saw this was it happened actually MMS has SA had to have happened to a guy like you. What's so what happened some I knew it was with a I'm not great person yet you know. But the less than desirable never said now why he was because he was so why are you happy was he really so loved was he so happy. Or do you think he was just sort of like. Bookstores sometimes guys go on losing streaks or are without someone for awhile and they get together with someone and it validates their feelings are at least reminds of like hey there's someone out there for you but that person. May sort of like that the they companion the better half may realize that all of this the perfect opportunity to find somebody. Will basically just do my bidding for a I have to be asked. Yeah I mean about things like I have to acts up next good point toast is the risk reward when you tell a friend like hey are you sure this is the one for you or. But everyone else and replica of a unity of that I go to I get fifty more years this friendship. Or whoever on the risk of may be alienating him forever because now that friends I was gonna look at him now. He don't like here what about a year from then when you know in bond court and he's heart. Yeah hearts broken all I wish I had known I guess. It in it's I guess chip a look at the factory doing it for you for him because if we do for you because she's. A bitch and you can't stand there and he's all online that they move you can't but if you knowing your heart that your boy is about the rushed. If you know that she's maybe not eight ball at a good time that I would. If it was Andre brawn though yes that if I knew he was getting cheat on I'd definitely. But it's used just like I mean right now I if people like different people different strokes I don't Whitney and handsome friend. Who totally talented. Unbelievable jobs as a counselor about reside and tell us start any. Aided. Girl from Bridgewater. I had a really talented dolls can't Sue Bird goes looking like muscular. Film television. To show wow you had a friend like dad yeah merry rovers daughter. All warned them roper I think I got a straight up chance. I. Yeah on the mafia you know she might early. She's my girl Leo Loughner. Girl. You wick is concern. Last seen in the past we got a what are what are we go in the -- seventh heaven for how to Matty and nick and that is me. Well. I met nick in New York City. We herbal pound the pavement New York City working actors and his was. Thrust upon us in the early days of the show. To help us lord. And then we were forced I mean we we decided to hire him when it today the first email I got from Matty and nick to do the show it literally said. Welcome to deterred Jones days it didn't really like after all I can imagine if China national there yeah. That's little welcome to that terror dome. Exactly dissent rich Robinson. Well he knows. How to follow a he knows. I will say goodbye and sing along to us once you. Friday that was our fear marks. We did it and we made it together we gave away money we give away tickets. We gave away immersed and we gave away probably some. Parcells but we did together and is now running in your on your way where your on your way to. And we say hello to our friends neater. In the auto and truck recycling he's driving a beater. Picks up with a leader. Check out our friends meter tunnel Matty nick sent you the best in the business fixed up. You're beater like nobody else and it got about a check of the weather for the weekend for everybody that's gonna have plans doing fun stuff outside you're going to be in the cape which are going to be. Brought to give a most appropriate company make sure you get yourself in Jersey Mike's job for the weekend lay a base before you get that party gone hey. If Maine read the backbone of a sub that Mike's way is the heart and soul lettuce and Amanda's ideas and spices ball. Drizzle than the Jews that's the difference. Jersey Mike's beat some above still 84 in sunny in the fair commonwealth tonight 55 and clear tomorrow. One more day before things get a little cuckoo in the sky sunny and eighty. You can see the plays debate. That's good and hit it bad. Eggs. Eight I'm G-8 passed but not. We demand equality in the West Bank. Cookie yeah dozens. I'm Casey Affleck for Peta. Compared to eight cents. I mean. Nick guiding their god and still trying to get the month. Please we can't get worst if he showed Everett thank you nick Stephens. Or race against his Grammy. Thank you will Anderson intern Colin. Evan from promotions. Thank you all for playing along. Here at the mag pie I showed tonight that series say hi one. Meg type he should have made my freaking out shoes yet sweating. All eyes wide open will also be on hang with a man. And and we'll see you Sunday night in the AFC eat those you won. Watson's and flew fighters can't wait. Have a great weekend everybody we'll do it again last North Korea because I'll out until then stay safe let's have a great weekend Matty and make easy.