M&N Hour 4 Do I Qualify and GRVs 7-11-18

Wednesday, July 11th

In the final hour of today's show, the boys play everyone's favorite game, Do I Qualify. We hear some pretty ridiculous stories, including death at a concert! We also get GRV's for Matty starting his weekend TWO days early and the Goodbye Song. Enjoy!

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We can't Virginians 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. And all our love of the Matty and nick experience. We're gonna do little to like qualify here. These are tickets thank you. To evident from promotions who wants to gain hands. Bravely. Opened that closet door and stepped on out proudly. And say here you go fellas. I got to Weezer tickets won in each hand. I'm here. I've got prizes get used to me. It's the unpredictable game of chance and choice where you present your case as to why Hugh should win I once got a Boehner at a funeral dry qualifying which is exactly why you won't I qualified because of my huge life goal or is it. This is do I qualifier. Quit medicine pretty good job every in the intro block qualifier. No this addition to like. All five run to about advanced clean installation the premier insulation fire proofing and fire this company in Massachusetts. Book your free consultation today at advanced green insulation dot com that's advance screening installation. Dot com column that. Defending imports studio line 6179311. AF if you think you qualify that the rules are simple just tell us why you qualify. DOS attacks us. WA AF text that is open now 97107. And I able simply decide who qualifies who does not. Nick you can lobby nick also has a veto power of one of my selections where he can replace someone. Give my one dogs Hillary voted to veto one of yours and your select one that I believed to be where they let's get a code of the text line 90717. Matty. Hey guys from the 978 I had a front tooth pulled then the next they had to speak in front of my entire company. Of almost 5000 people do arrive on time. You know one highlight that story. I feel like dental work is no joking matter. I feel like people be offended. And now on at a gas automatic teller to theaters because. I have polish and some of them a pass on that dental. AM. C. I four and three I have to bring my daughter to mark to get her impacted with it's let's let's did you come up with my eight. It is Wednesday and I think a lot of debt is taking the F one's true someone told me. I evident when it's Moreno time. 230. Then. You know you don't have to show tomorrow either I don't come here and just do not joke on myself four hours no commercials no music I would just it is going to be. Eight total humming nick well yes 13393. Down. I had a gun pulled on me at a strip club in Bulgaria do I qualify to. Have our first. Bulgarian strip club. Wow. Now there's some place you couldn't pay me to go a Bulgarian strip club that just reeks of page seventeen in your local paper well. Area man fat content downloading Algerian strip club nowadays all the ones in America are run by some sort of Russian. Or or eastern Europeans if they send all their girls here because neck. One of those Bulgarian woman they listen I don't appreciate here. Ball Garrity towards those beautiful women go to Mike in Concord C a I was with everyone in the room was shaken hands like Mike. He's the mikes are not right what do you qualify. My agent got my bank count down to absolutely yeah okay not yet. Paying off your ex wife. Mike while I'm sorry all of this happening yard kickoff because it's too close to home for me. Well we are out of apply had a chance he is my veto unsolved almighty I was gonna say he was down to zero. And funny is it that early how why not recharge his bank account with a fresh pair tax monies that are really. Mike and conquered it and I'll back if there's anything can call backing get through our right Michael Concord a good chance like if you can come back in. Divorce Mike. I right print this season in case we don't use them that are let's go to Lisa in the home. The town that I would he say you don't even have these ice kids. Lisa. The town and I was born in and first lived in the Lisa from Natick hello Lisa. Hi how we don't hear. I'm I don't think you're qualified to say that my mother lied you know I had it didn't execute. My house and and it girlfriend. Billie Jean I think at girlfriend. Comfortable. And they move my arm so well that got a little bit. On that hang on the line Lisa I don't know and closed it down while painful. Well I'm Lisa Lisa did you did you do any thing did you say anything passer aggressively how did you handle it. I'm I do it that all in all right into my mind not a lot but I. Aren't you go to the morning. You. Messy we would have quote I'm sorry can you don't don't let your husband would have qualified because this that I sat next to my wife and my new governor mark could go Jack booted off by that would qualified for shared new girlfriend parts will always get you in this amazing I think Bruce Springsteen. Won. Bruce and will start Bruce. If our own guys hey how do. You get I I took it public doctor wecht flights. And hope that. So it's quite. Excellent a dagger in the acts of perceived it lease it says something like that. You know like well I waited and then I knew he's gone about zone there and steamer to. From the cupboard and took that I would qualify to just sat there. August this is pretty good sorry it's an Iraq festival my friend got kicked in the face by crowd surfer during Marilyn Manson set went to the medical tent. Warren ipads the rest of the day went to the ER that night got the eyelids stitched back on and I qualified. No because that's due Marilyn Manson and angry at him. Some elements in concert yes Japan and Eric yeah he's again then I will continually as a so far we have our qualifiers three of them Ford do I qualify. Bulgarian strip club stick up divorce Mike. X upper Decker Bruce. And let's hit the framing imports studio Assad called back to him do you call. And why. Good afternoon gentlemen. I'm well last year jumped to twelve we will have to see Iron Maiden which got its hit project. Unfortunately the working way too many hours I dropped out from the heat stroke. They had put the battle of bringing that. And now I all my twelve buying out there and he knew all the content and at this meeting we need to look you can't live I'd love to take them. I know it sort. I think we don't let it. I dived into the you know like you died Barack dead here's the question though Tim did you did you battle yourself. Then you really I. But I'm Italian and the EMT that's not critic and Whitney would get an idea they would admit. But that it didn't he didn't grab that John block who know what whatever the good addition data it will get one minute and albeit date it was just to its global consumer now. Tim Simpson I'm gonna give it to you. Just because of plays they narc him. Knack and I took off my brother Oman and it dies from skin and comes back to life. Right I mean he was resurrected in Iraq show and an Iron Maiden show. Dead to him that made me think of the article that you guys were talking about. What was it last week a couple of weeks that you can also call him kits fell dead without dad. True that's true sorry after school special church on let's go to. Chris. Crist I'll give guys ice Arby's but he. Thought I'd leave it all all right because I would myself although we'll have my own talk. Well I would but I don't always go over on the way to block. Ha ha. Tudjman is down Corus. So I prepared to have my card you killed inside and out I was going to volunteer at my buddies and I just got back what we're all bought creepy in my car outside. I pulled it to a party a lot. And neglected that put the car in park all the way it was in reverse what I got off the horse back in the if I love it if you couple what. Chris that is very funny. But I'm gonna say you don't qualify because your name is Chris and has very Chris Farley yes. An attack. That's that that is a weak sauce reasons not qualify and Matty area of Dexter in the 50 wait you out after my family goes to bed at night I secretly watching VHS tapes of pocket money. While stuffing it down my pants. Do I qualify pandering pandering and experience hander philandering and nick Stephens I think someone you know SNL I Wear black crowes stuffed every concert I can't allow us to prepare although priest was rich mitnick on the Framingham Ford's studio lie in the driving import is metro west commercial truck headquarters. Our rich do you qualify. Well there are guys are it's. Well I believe I qualify because I just got about. Thirty tells the suffered from work and I felt like I needed to distribute this and I asked my friends and those people that are. Are desperately in need of food and some quality sausage. Yeah we are eight passing out Ross thousands of people. I may or may not be distributing my passage. I I guess I'm like yeah I hang on the line sausage direct eye there we go in rocky Ross thoughts. Out of thousands of tickets Bulgarian. Strip club stick up. Divorce Mike X upper Decker Bruce. Did dad Tim. And sausage. Smack in a wreck I'm. And did did my got a call back my how I divorced my count my vote no and then he's in that he did all right there you go to my veto was usually go. Obama now column with how well Don Collins breaking stories carry it at that everybody get ready and has. Does it feel like we've crushed Colin spirit. And she's. Since he's been here though that I think he had hopes that this thing is actually going to be a learning experience form. Today he was out getting slices. Wouldn't you love to get paid. Well there's coaches are slippery some sites of workers thank you I think over missiles level it was is like us they were four hours. Seven to let them know. That Ron I know. Thank you have to schools must afterwards up can you come to every student should. A I retired. I have begun reaching in juices that. Going to be bogey Bulgarian strip club sticker. Judas. Did you did you like him again. We have did you. Try and lose some believe whose job you swear to god through. Say swear my friend who passed a tough I do around my my new path. No he wouldn't do that yeah you heard it left a friend and I sales. As a big winner. Learn it. We'll learn. And doc. Nick and those battles the talk to us Tim plays so yeah. And did that make of that you've come back from the dead twice now all of yeah. There's nothing that a hundred men horrible I would never do effort Chancery to redeem yourself and brought you son and Stan and I had my friend you'll be live at. We've got. When your kid. Yeah you're going to see Weezer I exceeded the ex that he set for Tuesday July 17 try not to die again and hang on the line and a much generally you've got bodies out Beers. He does. That's a good party take up the other parties yet night. Green. Plus doubts. Hey you've reached met in mixed generic radio voice mail. The place to tell us whatever is on your mind and pleased after the beep be anything but generic. And connected now. Roger Stone Ford now hiring a full time certified automotive technician 7500 dollar signing bonus visits all of four dot com for details or stop butterfly. Truly we weren't you him. Matty out blueboard we have got a look at the rabbit if he can go all day but it gave up like yeah. We felt. This message. You know that's. Women take days off. And enough is a sees them play it's not it's not I mean like sixty times. Who wouldn't choose them well if I grew up all of and we're off. Message. When you're playing who's gonna call he had something that she laughed. Now. All right it happens the best of us many of us shoot blanks. To root for him well with people didn't boot. Yep why they've will be hated it. Imagine and we won't be in tomorrow what about it where you won't be met and that the network. Located in beacon that. And this message he pursued it. Well that's where dollars and giants. To rule 47 PM. Well ahead. Don't think guys that play well out there is no. Siege. I do not. Do not think that America. 407. PM matinee. Although not all cars yet enacted it tomorrow elude him fired. Loaded and I do better than I was in the woods of Vermont. Hoping that maybe you can pick what. Or not he met ball low. Well mod and adding although rob well god. Well this message yet you. Eddie. And he has announced where you're going to be taking your rotation together or is the big fat and yeah. I've never had a big foot experience but I'm hoping through I've already had you vote experience. Long novelist podcast I had a ghost experience so I'm hoping that I get the trifecta of big experience who better hang it then now running the ball. Who had won and things that not much use its. Just watch real it's it's. On this was accused. Full moon who ran well. Oh. Looted it playing. Hopefully. You won't be back in debt owed to. Doesn't blow. Do you feel the they're playing very well be that they're good. And disconnected. And I thought John Denver died. He doesn't sound. Run down a low yes it's very great job rather precious other oh yes yes I Gallagher yeah yeah I think he's going to be at. Motel six language than. Why don't we pull our PM eagle so Eaton who identified but the former daddy of the a little bit more. Google admits it's very important that arrived immediately followed by. Being forced detonate. Won't have been all. Immediately followed by. Or blown out and have been lucky we didn't do it can convince me. Luck and you have found a better. And then now the ball high in the you're game. By the Fed we have three listeners. And we have to eat and react. Three rounds and and you got to identify the factory. The nominee game no I'm shelling right and they has been on for twenty years as many games. As we do and we've been on let's get game the look how many games that we. Some game we have got all our way my day that is called by everybody is agreement on the fact that it sponsored by knowing about a lot school or an accident while we know we do. Is we have. We have some we have three people in studio they talk. And then listeners at NASA's faster yeah you can usually tell by past speech pattern how quickly at a grass and we could dangle food and from hazard document into. My thank you coming on equities doing fantastically. Well. I was able to learn how to tackle brain freeze. In Iraq 717. Do you do. You can't stop your own to the rookie about it and I don't believe that street. All I wouldn't feel the warmth against that there would visits that nerve. That year for a time appeared knows what goes away intends that any. Instance. That's. Anything expedite the yes 774 broadcaster castle island is postponed. Until. The Friday August 3 Friday August 3 we'll be live with the winners of the best blogger at that huge beer contest. That's right. Castle island enemies that and some of those amazing council on American loggers Friday August territory to seven in bobbled. We will see you then. I and I it is officially beginning because Matty and nick are done for the day aim is making his way out to wherever he's gone to do things he's got to do don't you worry Euro pound Pickens is grand will be here tomorrow. Friday of the nick that's a lot of clock up went from wicked by that of course WA AF. With the big show plus signatures in studio for a the gunman frank Santos frakes frank sent notes right. Break right break. For access to us. Yeah now did you know we look for asthma may goes on Friday and hopefully I know the rap and meet doses coming in front of the huge read how we get me on them have no idea. Patrick veto mortenson on the show Friday guys I love being now that's right meets you he was agreed on ghostbusters two. Do we did there are right about one last check of the weather before you can cut your night. Brought to you by our good friends at Orkut. Every known as unique that's what orchid relies on the latest science to get rid of tests. Which we have some work and here but there on the controls and visit org and dot com today pork and pest control down to a science. Currently 76 degrees in the fair commonwealth under lightly cloudy skies tonight we'll dip down to who do of the cool and very comfortable. Tomorrow sunny. Andy. Michael Vigo. Start out like me. Yeah non I don't think you can do. I don't think you do I think about meat sometimes I think my favorite verse in queen's bohemian rhapsody. And he waved the. I'm off starting as soon as fast as it's about and that's dollars to that you know they say they'll like a plant based diet like he spoke of be like yes finally we had told you guys there's times you sleep better you feel better and also. Albert Einstein said the only way he sees me and surviving is switching to a guy he's a long time ago when he was cast it turns out though he Ethan and mother also an incredible race yet Hannibal rain is coming Iran. Really good. You know I mean. And a well arguing that all of it okay wrote last quick question I mean who continues to weave from who has gone before. Or maybe we'll do the day jeepers announced laden operating environment not about the veggie burgers I have the ones in my freezer at home the ones that we talked about. Utley you cook eminently believe because they don't like beaches and in Ohio. I have the real papers always have a Friday with Mike from that's we'll do. That. We're definitely gonna have fun now some weird images were against a beard and it's. If you went dead what would you miss most. What would it be steak burger hot dog fried chicken's way. I would not is at stake they. Question. And rely on state I do love a good statement eat a lot of I don't eat enough stake to validate missing state don't have enough hot dogs. I I it's it's either be fried chicken arbor and missed I missed the wingers to left wingers I get an island escape kolbe Weir's I can't understate it. They frankfurter. Nothing but Franken Wiener died I'd miss on Dodgers and I have the most probably. You read all hot dogs act is a treat myself once we usually to a who done it yet there's a little place. Called Rick story. Okay okay okay okay. Pickles come from the ground night. I don't always good to. It bit. I like something's. You have to pull it out and smacked both these aggressive they go to. We'll make. They get good jobs and anyone. Is your clock hard. Our clock is dropping. No one's happy everyone gets the shaft. Yoko handles the rest. That's the only thing I do either meters or sausage or an increase. This. My skin is greeted by a bolt of blue. Clean up they know I'll pointed. I have no idea the budget and it's just a small version of big free apple. We can't get worst if he showed after they get nick Stephens all right thank east is dreaming. Thank you Matty have a say happy. Couple days off they keep cat. Thank you. College intern Colin. Thank you news similar. Let's us learn things. Most of all thank you shower heads playing along you good cheer we love you we appreciate it spread the word. You continue to try to make you laugh and forget about how great the world is. For a few hours on your ride home that is our mission that is their job and despite the pot grows our troops we take it seriously. Nick will be back tomorrow and Friday I will talk to you Monday until that analyst North Korea because all we shall talk again. Now vinik and Boston the only season it really rocks they saved god bless everybody. Avago. Hey. Look pretty good right.