M&N Hour 4 That Didn't Help At All 7/16/18

Monday, July 16th

In the final hour of today's show the guys play a round of Does It Hold Up?, where the guys dissect Die Hard! Then it's off to an exciting round of Rock Opera, where there may be some cheaters trying to win! Then the GRV's are played. Finally, Matty get sto hear what he missed last Friday when Stiz got hyptnotized.

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We thought Indians 37. Our families I'm. I'm new schedule led WA AF yeah. It would you buy them they're tired of the guaranteed lowest price on Meyer's go to town they're tired because nobody beats them they're tired you know body. There in that town they have tires. There town period. Coming up this hour. In just twenty minutes or so your voice mails the best your voice don't get them in now 6177795454. Love those. We're also gonna do a little bit of a rock opera. For a fantastic Fries. I'll tell you when to call. Barack got. But now. We're gonna do on the anniversary of a class. Segment we like to bring up from time to time and its it is. Something's art timeless. Classic films the best of our music and arts that in two hours further. You know the high. Look sometimes. Here's Eric Berry coming to things that you remembers being awesome. So. Who decides what stands the test of time and what fails these guys who have Zynga it does or does it hold up. With Betty and nick. We decide. Well holds up and we tell you you'd agree you can disagree. Nick this was the anniversary. The thirtieth anniversary of a class. Of absolute costs that dramatic. Which I maintain its genre. Is still go. Decency and way. But the team of terrorists. Russa yeah. Chandelier and terrorists. They didn't plan. As does the content John McClain it's good because to put its arms and. Thirty years ago. Die hard. That's right was released 1988. And of course legendary movie policy that we revisited this weekend. In anticipation of this segment of course and after they cannot. They timed the into Bruce Willis roast was on the day of the thirtieth anniversary of that and that's how well put together that was so nick the question goes to you. They can as well does it holds. As well. As the first time I saw as a matter of fact. I think it gets better. Because. I don't believe. An action movie since. Has been as well directed I think the action in the pacing the editing is near perfect. And these are practical stance. That the biggest thing to me earn. Diet that's why I love the Mission Impossible movies that's why he can out over how great the reviews are for the new Mission Impossible six coming out next week diehard. Is full of actual stunts performed by actual people. There's not a lot of CG guy you have minimal network you're watching. People jumping off roofs you're watching helicopters flying through downtown I guess the knock Tommy plaza is real you can visited. This movie is just still. As far as I'm concerned. It's got the belt it's the goat this is the best action movie ever made. This movie has so much going against it in terms of doesn't hold up it is. Unbelievably dated. In terms of its look not its filming stuff but the what characters are wearing them some of the music choices the music cues super dated. That being said that to me absolutely solidifies the fact that this holds up. Like very few movies do because despite those choices and despite the fitness of some of the choices of that time. Like the cool Coke doubt eighties sales guys. Right Alice Alice. It's still has nothing to do it's it's ancillary they could be wearing thirties gangster apparel sure and the music could be. You know big band music right and it wouldn't matter this movie we have we forgotten how to make great action was this movie does so well it's about character studies. It's about like you said practical stunts were not faking you can tell Okinawa Zobrist was gatherer and greens are green screen here at he's not really on top of the building he's talked. Everything's real. Everything's well done and it's got so much more heart than I remembered relationship between him. And the cop out well Al pal I mean that whole thing over the radio that you're rooting for him. Any never really gets his hands dirty cop but it take as much part of that thing that's great right heel of the hand and ready pending obsolete which is one of the best code is right and he gets a chance to shine shine as being an auxiliary better yet a voice basically and and and because of the writing is so good he's as much of a hero's Bruce Willis is throughout that whole thing you're rooting for as much he is and never get out of the car almost you know. So it's it. Way more than holds. And I'd like to also point out on the weekend when the movie described as. Dwayne Johnson's die hard comes out and fizzles out at the box office doesn't get very good reviews skyscraper in tank but it didn't do well. May I remind you that the majority of the great movies the great action movies. Infinity ward to super well is because of the Dark Knight is considered one of the best movies this century maybe the best comic book ever because of die hard is the best action movie because. They have. Just like the greatest scifi movie ever Star Wars. You have to have a great feel you have to he's she's half dead and Alan Richman is Hans Gruber might be the best performance of all my. There it is it is I think it is the week he steals that Brussels is charismatic going to be kind of expect that from that it's your account of the Euro guy that take that Senator Biden jerk we Islamic holy god when he switches to the American accent and then what he comes off clay could play. But right now we all know both this whole problem the new rock movie is like making that you don't happen Perry Ellis in real life that Coke doubts singles guys. The stereotypical yuppie of the time. In real life. Whoever he is the modern studio version him made this new movie the rock desert where little bit through better there's going to be the rock for don't have exposures in the forgot that what makes this movie great is the heart and the performance is nothing to do with the glitz and glamour and I wish someone came out to Vincent checked about a LC suggestion about the shut up now. We'll be happy to say that young girl that he had slipped and called him. Zeppelin album it's great chicken on one leg that was last sounds mean and I. Yeah it's it's again and then it's I guess unexpected ending or because like sometimes call will be after the credits to decorous little coda. And ending after the ending lost a wheel but I'm not the only one but you know but it. It at the bus a bottom button of marketability but a bus and not the one that you misfire it's. I. So if you were to hear all or euphoria and our generals don't read out. It's some opera radically. Would you be able to say that that was she by Green Day that is how rock opera works. We are about to play with a real lack of opera singer. If you call now printing imports studio line is open 6179311. Amp why you call. We will get ready for Iraq operate here you can name the song you qualify and you may win. Just that simple. 6179311. And yeah. 179311. And number Paul. Rockwell Paul. Her Federer in the future. And hit it's yeah. And the. And now it's time to elevate the discourse as we take you to the opera. It's Mehdi a mixed rock opera with our dynamic diva miss Z. The beautiful the highest Sutton. Have to voice. Just a tremendous talent. Met her. On the street team here and there. She's just amazing. And we are proud to have her. Do this for us. So let's. Play money for the idea. Let's go to Jay who's in. Attleboro. OJ how are you an Attleboro. I'm a little earlier now are you in nor act or just regular act are. Cool what's the difference. Like I mean besides the geographical and it. I don't know. I. The but I mean like if you're from you like oh my god those nor that guys. Are on another thing I have to let let local Y a girl. OKC out right okay. A player doesn't put an apple would cheer. Yeah our you'll find out you'll find that report. I'd say so listen carefully if you can name of the song there. You qualify or playing forced is about to ask the sheet generation. Their attitudes. Generation acts to just give me that she's so I can read the prize it's a great prize always is thank you whether whether that you haven't checked yes you have a chance to go to generation act at this about create the ads if features Stevie five electric guitars that while the electric guitar. Neil Betancourt it's a huge show you're gonna lie and a bad records in May moms do in there's moon yup. So if you like great musicianship of the show right here we go to canyon name the song. It. Wasn't music queen and all of sweet sixteen. I. I. You should. Just. I didn't hear I want to sell Iwamura fastest which. I. Wasn't music queen and all of sweet sixteen. Not. What I. You shouldn't. Just. Should have heard them. Discernment that. Now. No sorry AJ and nor that and we'll try again let's go to Aaron. Aaron in Manchester, New Hampshire or do you know that song really mean now the one. Another one. I play the answer that first ones is. The so driving is just like you know how the game works when you hear an almighty god of course. It's that easy. All right. Parent are you ready. Here we go name messiah. Collide a million new this. I. I'll give DA had its shares its title. With a vintage 1950s. Slow dance I think it's maybe even Bobby Darren swooned. All. I think that you would deny this list clinch yet. Now the narron. I'd say I sardonic. Scoot to us on the outside some audience and go to David in Miller's David you know that's on you and here again. Earlier by the way her vocal in this are sick. You know me going out there like there zip. Rather likes to drop. And the way she covers this. Was ironically you organize where things. It was. I. Or who right off the cost years. We're close. To still be. Let's try. Tim in Daniels and Tim worst Daniels and that it. See yeah that's right okay let it like some sort of order yes southern Connecticut writer Leah are going. Right right. Right you know the northeast and tunnels southern yeah southern as sure as we go self down I yards ills Nutmeg state or right yep. Thank you to know that you have they do have one of those towns that people living in it. Not many okay. North as the driven themselves got those who studied at a lower. Price yet. OK I Tim you know that's argued meter one more time. Bulletin Erica. Commending us. You know what. Let's see if you're correct. Stints this. You are qualified we get we Omar we Omar I Tim good jumping the line okay. Good job. There is 5050 chance to leave but no just the way people have been playing this game right it's looking good for I think you know went let's go to Christina and Daniel said. Christina hi. I still wears Daniels and. Not eat imparted an etiquette. Yeah right it's not in Connecticut he did just do just telling what what are putt I pulled my southern doesn't know what's going. And I think the only I don't know where. It's a love connection well to say this house is a car. We need these. Oh my god welcomes seniority glove side to hang on. Gods. It's pretty Smart of him is back here pretty Smart that was pretty up and go to the game. Go to guy in Newton. I don't Newton's. Where we're. Southern. And northern New Jersey that. Right are thank you guy. All right here we go third and final let's see if you can get this and beat out Christina and Tim the secret marriage couples spies. On. The other day. A big big. It was at its. Us. Good lord I have to receive some Bible where anger. I'm sorry Winger actually. We are actually kind of try to copy in a way. Everyone try to copy this and it's big it almost everybody. Has been right now. Is go to Laura and Sutton is that correct. Are it. Right antibody called Mae and what's what's the Genesis of that name. It is not army again. They're. You must like system of the down now how did. It are meaning insistent that I think that's on the other night. I got. Yeah. And I. Literally that is one of the greatest rock and roll songs its story ever shot. That is one of the greatest rock and roll songs ever written. All of my god. It rocked the end that's on the last. 36 suspects under god are can you get this guy is give a big him by the way the ban just the second yours. I edit. Upon. Us the day. Maybe they. Thank you Langer thank you are all right you guys. Tim you're looking good hang on everybody. Well Mormon go to Johnson wall bought it that's all we have time for writes this. I'd Josh you can you can trying to steal qualification here do you know that sun. Led Zeppelin Jimmy the sun. Matt. We are now. Oh you're so close. You're so close seats didn't get it just on band name alone all right all right all right well but I gave the hinted abandoning of the heads of the lights Ingraham. I I feel as though just bird. Their fairness sake I era. Yeah I should have made him give songs rod Wright stuff are you qualified just because you got the bad leg caught him I think. Here's the answer. It's going season got the they sit back. And scored people flowers and her hair I couldn't think of another Roger would ever have those lyrics now so I thought that get there anyway that on the whole time I just had no idea which song gotta know besides people are here we go. It's Josh and Christina did we flip a coin secretly. Not to answer to jumpstart him and Christine and Josh and while yes that if the TC connection or Josh Josh yeah Josh in the poll. Terms. We move some openings. And I hand wringing. Exaggerations to. A politically guys that cheating couple Erin Daniels and I went contests congratulations. Jay Peterson. There in southern us northern Connecticut. You got on the door you guys have plenty of kids to an incredible that it's about a theater hang on the line okay we need your information. Char Beers and Josh I'm sorry great steal but. Your name was not drawn. At another addition of rock opera got to know you stuff people. It's not an easy game but I knew you know besides. Quick check though I never far away get to the Jeremy is on rural but there are mad enact. But did this hour by hour friends. At Walgreens. Arts Walgreens she's. Walgreens is here for all your diabetes needs stop by today to consult with the your pharmacist. And get trusted advice and tips about your diabetes medications. And testing supplies Walgreens. Now unfair commonwealth eighty far clouds little sudden. Tonight possible thundershowers seventy tomorrow close to ninety with the unless Thomas Langer and in the area kids. Her. Hey you've reached Matt in mixed generic radio voice bill. The place to tell us whatever is on your mind and please after the deep be anything but generic. Well documented now stone for now hiring of full time certified and if said. It's still more comfort details to two. Viable 7 PM. Well. I'll play that much further amended and it goes this much. This message. Stunning review we really appreciate closest thing we'll ever get to a five star and yelled back that amazing. 11:27. Am. Golf. Game the right notes you know now bigfoot the man type food. Olden silent. Embellish it welcome back Mary I meant yet. And that message. Brian colonies for it. That new app mega where can take bots you had an. Read him put them on voicemail. 3:50. PM. There's no doubt are out there. But. That America. About whether that Bill Clinton who. The bed there. Well I thought they usually say. Hear why this is what today. Mattingly told you. She asked why. We're now hit somebody was saving that burn like. Three days. So it non dislike. He's back. And you came back full force you came back with a all you 100% Matty you came back so hard. She probably go to therapy much how much. More important elements include him. He has been back. That instead of adding back. Good friend big horse. News. Lose crap and yeah it. And now. I can't believe. Michael Devlin for Weis they give us another theme song but it's so nice of them. And keep coming on generic pretty heavily now. And well. It sounds cores. I will junk roared up and say goodbye to join us once you single. Oh boy we don't want something just. Controversy on the final break 97 and out there and my friendly debate who's more talented he CD's here. Who. Now AC DC's Nick's favorite band. And CA CDC. Mastered the art of the you know. A certain type of poppy rocks on a certain type of him dammit rocks. But privacy talent. To go out. Musicianship. Of that day and news. Quite stunning put it this way. I may pack guitar player and there's a lot of riffs than any young player that I can actually play there's nothing. The jackets does that I can even touch and not let you go play well I mean yeah. Yeah probably an individual risks yet but you know. You gotta be sure that that's insane. Whom. Talented is the way the questions asked are we kick him as well the news tomorrow revealed it is real bottom of celery curses on count or something. More important I think her friends that died advanced. In insulation the premier insulation fire proofing and fire place company in Massachusetts. Book your free consolation today consultation today it still says counselors and what your free consultation. Today at advanced green insulation dot com that's advanced green insulation. Dot com. Sponsors found rate asked is I want to go back in time. And I wasn't here obviously it took a couple of days I missed. Your hole hit notices. Thing so. Obviously their template holding me put together a little highlight real highlight real what happened noses and dying to hear this and get a chance it's crazy that any time you out of every one man like geez I wish gimme gimme all of your. It noses in the cast are until you said. He lives in Rhode Island right now masterpiece from there modular prominently yet angle more about it you teach man hypnotize the locals. I believe we have some but the ability to move students can brag. People we just had literally hundreds of people watching on FaceBook live you performing some hypnosis on our producer. Stays grimy and he really wanted to trying go under. Yes a very well actually he did very well yes well what are some things we can do works war with the well I'll sure you stay. How do you believe as I go on all. This is a weird it's amazing. This is what got me to get deep preference close your eyes and silly place of the race back on there. There you have Serbia or two year old arms and legs one and zero but still is right now. I just want you know. What you tong rest up on you Obama sticker to a little bit but let it rest a new bottom lip just a little bit OB Obama very good co what I thought she had a ton right now I am stuck regularly glue McCutcheon had. It's like glue on your lip gluing it tongue so it's super would rate then you can not move it. Cinema now called upon when the two we're fortunate to open your eyes but you tongue is now stuck right there and the more I try to move it. The moss (%expletive) it becomes one and super nice feeling good. Parents very gets us his. Race this. Yeah. So. We are you really you're rapper. Yeah. So yeah and its own that you yeah. Immediately got crap like this at a pretty and a Debbie suffering now. I can't last Honda and he's he's likely get a Christmas story and stuck out. This is the I know he's not plan because it stays on plane departed of course all do theater of the mind on the radio and I know he's not he's not playing right now. The stands when you open your eyes on two we now you believe. You're the greatest moon rapper of all time you're from the moon you don't speak any English. Well he ties here and hit hung button. McGee cut off. Now I was ahead of but not that my usual under hypnosis. You went under wraps as a moon rapper and a little off how broad it was crazy Matty and you out of all people would have appreciated because. I'm telling you I can't believe it I did not believe that he was gonna. Be able to do that I didn't now he said you did a good job which leads me to believe what I've heard before like. The participant is getting him ties has to be willing. To do and I think if you're kind of like. Not open to it wouldn't work yeah yeah did you know you hit a good job yeah but you know me I'm an optimist by nature I mean. I would just willing. To Wear like you know I was down to let him do this to me and when he started doing it and he was like you rise again and have here. They worked out again and heavier and I just didn't buy unleaded. I let my eyes closed like they wanted to him. And it was pretty. I could several acts it's giddy at the right mind is 72 week gaps to. That's a lot of clocked up one. While the man my word by Sam and it doubles and clock I would love. Ideas that you're at a sandwich afterwards. My drawers historical record crimes. Really good you can make the man. Yeah I sense of Nelson's time. I don't know what that is. I just landed here and. I perform under my suit and Don Cheadle. All that more. On Matty and neck which is the show we're on right now. They're giving you know haunt guaranteed. I ate so much me me how was your afternoon radio show did. Another way to watch that video on WA AF dot com. On our show page that in your honesty stupid at times. Thank you to nick Stephens thank you to do. Still is driving thank you will Anderson thank you enter Colin thank you all playing lines could be back. Actually. Miss you all can do things happen. Wrong. Nature and it. They got a mom that's north here because I allowed journalists who become part of Russia. One of the two till then. He say god bless everybody Matty and nick out.