M&N Hour 4 - Delectable Meats! 4/16/18

Monday, April 16th

In the final hour of the show, Matty brings us some news that Chili's is testing a burger known as 'The Boss!' Whatever could be in this?! Your GRV's are then played, and there's a good amount of ragging on Stiz today. Finally, Nick is curious if Mad Max is smarter than Stiz so he has the two take a trivia quiz. Who do you think wins?


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We talked Indians 37. I can't believe I'm. Mind you schedule and WA AF dot com. Previously on Matty and nick it's easy to to finally I was mixing fact that I didn't see on the study but it may in fact be true. Spending an extra day on average searching for Treasure Island will shorten your life so screwed it up. Never went to Moscow but from Jason like Jason does denial. Jason Knight and the Cold War. Fighting thirteen parred fourteen Jason's retirement river Cruz through your a sign that he did not want to. I need to move means right back of what's to mean right now I'm not jet city woman thank. He remind you got blood on my mind yeah pop up so this. And just win an eventful seventeen if no no no. No policy eventful seven game you don't. Today we honor all those who help continue to make Boston's strong. And now the ones who continue to make Boston wrong fears Matty and nick on Marathon Monday on WA AF. Final hour of the Matthew Nicholas. States. Syrians. Are you experience. And Liam. We brought you by town fair tire looking for the best deal on tires there's only one place to go town fair tire. The best pricing great free services. Your. Their video voice mails coming up at 620 of their about a little different during the middle of the music marathon here. Occupied mic and nick ultra. Live ultra make ultra that Connor McGregor yes that's right that's accept other triggering as an Irish person college. China has since the division and please do. I have a story. For you guys. It's gonna blow your mind us. Chili's and is testing a massive five meet monster burger. Called to the boss why. That has. 1650. Calories. Packed with a delay. We want. Eats five meets. Let me guess. Zebra. Elk bingo. It'll bingo. Snow leopard yeah. Everybody would yes. Woodson. Pulled rib meat smoked brisket Paladino just smoked sausage. Bacon cheddar cheese tomato lettuce. Post made ranch dressing house where barbecue sauce all that well. Moon. Burgers maybe only 16115 count Antwon Burton that this. You imagine how good that was today's look at this picture there. Oh my god that's too big this about you hostage and that nothing now go get out that yeah. He's at right now I'd actually fix certain. No luck then see this. I hate to say here are coming. And here comes it comes Debbie downer when I said like on that really into people getting in the hall of fame two others still active reply right. I'm not into foods that are not only too big to hold. But that I'd know that there are no way to put in my mouth what is applied. What is the point out there's always two burger addict you'll at all April my giant mouth around. All people you should know they always do it again. That's how ridiculous. Come on to what what happened in this country where we. That's why anybody thought that adding awesome that's the only thing I do either we yours or sausage or an increase that's. The problem with this country that's why plays now we're getting dumber and we're getting in we're getting more caloric our rates are getting bigger thank you drop from 220. Please. Yeah meanwhile word to you were talking about 16155. Meet. 650 calorie five meat burger Chile's meanwhile Damascus they're like. Is to have a real. It looked at noise coming from about. It's bloody by George come problem. That's if they can still breathe and I'm not coming down against the flag or whatever easy line. This is why places like shake shack had made their mark in this country. Wide even five guys does that make a nice office straight up classic like. Or five maybe up to six ounce burger and that's all you need. Let's let's let's actually ask our child food critics who see OK but that's yeah mad Max the next generation. Max what's the best Bergen you have a choice of the maker of this monstrosity they have an amazing Berger your favorite you know I'm talking about. The birth record yes tell nick what the breakfast burgers it's at least so. It's like a bird Clinton who has the Egon yeah than it has passed brands. Blow bacon. Really it's a the full breakfast starter I'd that sounds that sounds excellent but can you hold it with year to. Formerly child hands yeah youth can you fitted into a year developing adolescent mouth. Yeah. Send me home that I. Hello I'm here and I hope hope hope that the rate be open I had to I athletic heritage and then really have to. And yeah. It's going to be used in a trial against them at half past. Jared Fogle meanwhile over at the end as like I did. Max is a question in the backside. Who asked Max. You get street cred because you'd ads on TV it's would you do you get street credits schooled them on television. No. How. How is anyone at your school know that I'm Montel I haven't met anybody who watches any big oak island early did. And attention but not maxed that probably watch NFL network right. Yet. I. Welcome it's not that she and my uncle and if that. The best of your voicemails recorded throughout the show and after and before plated 620. Everyday and it's. Hey you've reached met in mixed generic radio voice mail. The place to tell us whatever's on your mind and plays after the beep be anything but generic. Documented now just wanted to remind you of the fantastic technology geared WA AF like the text line 97107. If you wanna know the name of a song or artist you just heard. Text the word saw. In 97 when I was seven at the last three songs played on W. Yeah 8:45. PM or not then that. Not that. If you let it go in the air this. Message. I was the Bruins game. That's awesome someone checking in with a four and certainly that was. That was and it was an assault actually it we know is great you're able there's this sort of like. Have watched the rest of the ways like that a couple of for a they got it. Boone who wound police think. Let him. And what to me that it felt that but it's amazing. Nothing short of an amazing. And the message. Amen yes we Wear a bowling Alley on Cape Cod to Iowa people stop bowling and watched that actually that call came from lucky to propel himself. And pig. 24 and little bit about protect them audience hey happy birthday of the people they look at Buddha. I know why the message. We're on merit and well he doesn't deserve really big prison as a human we'll open it now. Now come. But there 4310. All right. You put him there don't like old people. Bad idea that. Wounded men and why it's I don't know I don't know what people that exact the old people I watched. I mean. I can't say anything aftermath. I'm not gobbling them messages Max. Eight on 0:9. PM. The only time I would've. Well even now iPod experiment and there are typically the massive. I think. Absolutely true. Apps. On also run two mania black crow show. Effects and Armenia with Brothers Robinson this summer again more to come is that an acoustic show now that's Apple's job. Come in the summer I had twelve pull him. Sure but what exactly the impact on them it would get hit Utley. So not cool. And that is another valuable lesson from after school special George you know as you know unlike him he has a way of just putting things in a way that just one sentence that make me think. And make us all learn. I have written to him. I don't I am here let go there about the web downloads that are now. That are out who met with. Will bet you thought that why did he. You're welcome world. I had to do and I can't. Well behind the what are the blueprint they're our afternoon drive radio. I have to do better than it ago. And out compete. All that time we get better at it and they're ordered them wrong location. Though. It belly. This message does that lead beach took so long it may or may not be what do you do. I you don't know are flat bread pizza I Gould flat bread pizza did it just came alone paid there. Pizza. It can't help my bone I hit the Khobar and I didn't know that there was more than what's on the hey can Matty and they go vehicle we get a large campus Maltese bomb. Like all right 1520 minutes. I get a call from well when he minutes later any thanks Dan. You ordered from the Somerville. Moron I've lived. There wasn't opening up collapse I do not know I had no idea this several clubs development lately and did fairly right now engines are her kids may think the unity to look at the header Somerville mass. I just gold right on the gas and he's learned he's gone Matty and Matt. We also donated to go about like how could somebody talk about you that way it bumpers in the show gave you had a career I'm with that guy now this. Your job was delighted ruined movie and I know I get it you have to sit there and eat those delusional I I did call them that but the funny part is on that is I who has taken so long housing I don't know Manuel did that well. I had 20 1000000 PM. The. There I've been cracked open and let the other I would like to prove he can still own because I've been pleased with unnecessary. Hit. And you. I am I. Max. Very well played well played to be punished and I don't rule him. They lit and the mother talk about the baby and you have been looked into Mehdi Blake talk about shopping for a new putter. And that it was ready at noon. Didn't impress certain political and ethical. Committee look at all the crap look at not that I imagine that because. We're not get lumped due any asking how much associated. Anger I've had this mayor over the last fifteen months of my life you ain't heavy he's member of she's. And keep coming I connect immediately yeah. And welcome. Great job people way to come with a dollar rainy day if you like to get involved that it is call 6177795. Or five or leave your message at any time. They could think is smarter. Just his arm acts thirteen your that they want going on thirteen year old Max. Is actually my son who's with a since studio today just joining us is actually taller than stooges. Who do I think is just as is street Smart. But yep I'd get a scene until I was in like seventh grade oh your intelligence is not a good question by your in your your knowledge about stuff yeah I'm done. Right now and wow moment Max is taller than you so let's see if he's Smart. All right here gal thirteen year old Max McGrath Bible way against us it is derived. Macs get rid of a microphone. Now okay here's a five question quiz that I whipped up based on this day in history. General knowledge. Thing is I figure the average seventh grader would it should now. Vs the producer from child and I should mutated. Ahmed al-Qaeda and healing you know grandma I know you love this. The AV's still is always the year ago question number one on this day in history Apollo sixteen launched. Headed towards the moon. How many miles between earth and the moon. Is it a one point one million. Beat 239000. Or C seven 6000. McCain and answers please three. 21 we will begin with the used is being. 239000. And will also give the that is correct boys 239000. Miles between what. And I'll allow. No war. Students. Stay is it is what it stands next to her about it. Question number two earlier we spoke of delicious hamburgers. Sometimes referred to you and colloquial capacity is Hamburg. What country boasts Hamburg. As its second largest city would that be a Austria. Beat Germany. Four C probe media. I went. And the good times this. Oh. Thirteen year old Max your rap against something year old is 41. Great just look 41 back on this day in history president Lyndon Johnson arrived in Honolulu. To meet with South Korean leaders to a should make assurances about the war in Vietnam. Spell Hawaii. Well. Moon's. Now how Ly. Trying to engineer throw things that Mac critics try kid from a Mac marine. To. Juan. Time's up. Hawaii. HA WA EIA I mean ex UAW's. Lack. He put out. I'd like to remind everyone that still is has nineteen years on Macs and then broadcasting. They've believable shadow of intelligence upon the your next question today it was the day we ran the marathon two Marathon Monday in Boston the ball. To marathon Tony six point two miles legendary writer of marathon. For deputies. Rancho Athens with the news of the great victory his people had over the persians at marathon upon arrival what happened to fit deputies. Day he was mistaken for an invader and stabbed to death full of good news room and movie he was made the coach of the Feeney in track and field team. See he exclaimed we have conquered and then die. And on this well. Who stabbed to theory. Track and field coach bring in Max. And I am. Say. Hey did all right yeah I was trying to help his dad on his word boy all right. And kids however would seek conquered it and die. That there apparently. We are we doing early world history I known I known yet how it's been a great thing. I think imagine marathons did you are correct and now you know what. Max here's the great thing now when it comes to early world history and international geography thanks to this quiz you're getting a leg up. Stich would be happy that you know this because no one ever did this priest is that a we're having you out back Matt I don't have a dad. She's it's an essay that's just. I actually tried so we turned it over motivational quarterback Matt and finally acted fairly and I'm. Yeah yeah that's the probably the most honest thing I heard all that it is management that he. And finally the Pulitzer prizes were handed out today of course is was very excited to Kendrick Lamar won a Pulitzer prize in music. Andy Dominic of the to mourn register won the Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing. What state is to mowing the capitalist. Moon. Month actually better. Don't look. I think I write down down down. Okay an actuary for us to one pence down OK Max. At I. Maxi boy who I play. Mobile. I. Job then a seventh grader is so actually matched you don't you don't have yourself. Not only do you go three for five. But you were within a whisker on the other two you do the ballpark the general idea. Your your local your national and international history and geography is up to snuff. That just is seriously if you ever dunked on seventh grader again if I. And actually still taller than me which means you could probably that's right Glaxo had the end of the day Latin. This I'm actually in a lot of ways whom he's mad because I know maxis is. Jarvis attack Max I realize shop showed that. Loser you know honestly I. How I lose. You're new here. And burn your cigarettes the whole way home. What a terrible. Piece of news to end the show where our man I'd chip it's just came across our transit. Is this true nick that we does is confirm it is indeed confirm Manny I have another they've come for another staple of our childhood they've come for another one of our sitcom stars. Now granted generations. Thereafter today's kids the millennium is probably don't know who is but to you and me. This is tough on the great Harry Anderson Matty. Dead at the age sixty how did he died we know yet probably enough. Harry Anderson was it a show called night court those you don't know he was actually images placed him on that being. He was a magician artist actor comedian. Yeah this is. Bull I tell you not miss an episode or your we've talked about marquis post on this show host of John Merrick pet. Nothing but fastball. And guess marriages are scared walking into the studio she's making massive preparation. I tore Terry Anderson has died. She. The base with a big old guy off. Well Richard mall or more than half marquee post. Shoes John Larry can count. I want them to understand that two different. Assistant Baylor they had the old lady there now what other shows and edit a beloved cared to be portrayed by two different people he had. Rods yeah sassy punitive layer and then there's the earlier one like the old lady who smoked yeah yeah that's right I hope that was actually her name run rods and that's how it's credited on the show the only guy who smoked. He was on Saturday Night Live remembers it as a kid heels didn't magic and sleight of hand and he did a trick. Where he he put a there must of impressed addicts of some kind. I don't think they're due on TV and now. He put basically secure like a barbecue skewer through his arm was like playing violin like fake blood has come and now there are a card trick. He was just he was deserted Jack of all trades Kelly Steve Martin ask and that's sentencing could do magic to play instruments he. I was not the idea that he played in species you rather than heated magic was elected gag in and have no hope like all the way because my child's mind like it's on 1112 years old like. What I don't him as the funny judge on that TV show he did NASA has the judge didn't add on rural Australia what they saw mom like the Tonight Show you realize oh like he's a really good magician games a throwback he was just sit vaudeville. Yet I mean like you could see in the doubles at carnival performer and cents but it decent actor in that shows really funny also. 65 minutes you Harley Jeremy last night Harry. Kerry that's really three years away from for you I. You live to the end tomorrow I will be reluctant that's the word please I want to ask your kids your calculator in front of them honestly. Athletes are getting bigger. I need it right now. Would have bloody Nichols brought the eyes. Can you fit it into a year developing adolescent love. Hate you guys want pizza. Crews. Well. Wow. Maybe his grandmother was a stripper. Sit around singing Barry Manilow fill a need Villa. Suck Levy's. Under the chuck between each night. That's about Bartolo. The cookie dough does have a good cry. Music hot love triangle. I got corn and my kid. Yeah without a doubt trade. As always episode we don't have gotten weird episode worst computer ever whatever the shows by and large and everything you need to get checked bag and balls. Thank you to Mickey and the globe ultra the bulk of their past Boston music Marathon Monday. Thank you to nick Stephens there aren't they cute used his grimy. Ordering pizza from the wrong flat bread and soon Willie Anderson out in the rain for no reason thank you Willie Anderson. Thank you Max McGrath play. And studio guests. Feel that the the quiz we'll talk about that afterwards WiMax listen 911 on your phone just a crocodile advances in trouble when. When if we happen by anything on the way home we know about them on the enough and I. Good all right we'll do it I'll get smarter than we do you know come up this week guys that he I guess we finally got frank talent coming into media pretty grueling rallies from a podcast fighter in the kid pretty big love it and out tomorrow and these big day tomorrow doesn't seize big day we celebrate the purple one tomorrow and mr. scary. We'll all do it again. And tomorrow list North Korea because I'll out until then be safe god bless anybody legislation's merits honors.