M&N Hour 4 - Croc-pocalypse 8-9-18

Thursday, August 9th

Matty and Nick had a scare today when they heard the news that Crocs will be closing their manufacturing facilities! Then we play back our interview with comedian Michael Rapaport!

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Bilateral Matty and nick you're brought to my town fair tire he needs tires town fair tire as the largest selection. That the guaranteed. Lowest price. Mix still to come this hour at the end of the hour of 650. We're going to replay of those either missed it in case you missed it. Our throw down our fight with Mac Michael Rappaport. Actor new Yorker New York defender we went out and I units if Robin out time maybe for a little quick check of the weather at all yeah. Rajiv are good friends at spot hero finally here's a way you can save time parking. You spot hero it's obvious part first time users can enter promo code wheel for ten dollars up. Spot hero parks mark. Why indeed I have thank you serve 86 degrees and sunny now. Let's cloud cover in the fair commonwealth. Tonight we'll jot down a 65 clear partly cloudy tomorrow get ready. Saw or Rogge called rock asked Dick Friday sunny. And 87. Yeah you know we didn't do what. A radio show no we've covered a lot of ground today actually if you missed and think please grab the podcasted WA AF dot com. We didn't talk about the bad news about our beloved choice of are controversial. Odd door key choice of footwear. The fact that it's going the way of the don't know that the aero and Crystal Pepsi it's Crocker asks is what that it is the crock of the past. Crocs because Crocs is closing. I don't care what you say it is the one of the very few things nick you and I vehemently agree on correct. Our love for Crocs. And our refusal to be told that Crocs or anything but amazing. Sure they might look a little funky some of them. But I'll take what Crocs make shoes that okay look at this this. I've. I would think your crocodile hunter know we're aware away from either. Matty US handles what that thing that goes in between your clothes. And you need to go back to. Wherever you got them and return them but let's don't Wear that as a sick and burned yet now you know where those sandals with a big mic goes between your nose. Begging you better take them back and return them from where you buy them. These are normal regular just lost as well they're lambasted ops with the thing that goes in between you tell what kind of plus plus other there's the sandals Regis you're hoping it does rainbows over top hats those ones those are except the wings are about to flip flops did you go flip flop. Flipped right up flip flop. And that but that's what have you found is that it will not really know these are like ocean. From the point is these are like normal flip flops there's not any crack about the man in the most companies made by crock their form fitting your feet. This crock golf shoes this Crockett boat shoes I don't Wear the croc like nursing and ship shoes I do I worry that crock like little summertime sandal actions their life death and there's there's so freaking comfortable well they also have croc shoes that I ware from time dynamic out dinners have been all robber and literally and then I can compose them off. But they look like boats you know it looked great I got one fancy dinners you don't know. They've they're like perforated and now in. And those by the way the traditional crops like doctors Wear whatever nurses and and shafts and stuff. Those eyewear went out when doing outdoor work. What you're going on dole lark. I don't do out well what I should do whatever I can I not able I occasionally mobile on. I'm gonna stocked up on crock I'm gonna start America. I tomorrow morning. Maybe even tonight went and I was losing officially. No no word that they are closing their presidency that sabotage and throwing rocks. Yet close in the Mexico and the Italian manufacturing facilities but does that mean there's no more Crocs I think they're going to be going after crock. We already made that very obvious and tacky jokes Stanley. Believe they act you Wear those sandals with a thing between you two out your should probably take a back take its stop wearing them and then put them in a box and then bring them back to the place well he played them see you get your money back well hold on nick we might still be alive here because it's close these factories. But it's saying that it's not gonna miss him anymore so it's saying is doing it to simplify the business and improve profitability it doesn't mean that that Crocs are completely going away. Closing all manufacturing facilities now all. I don't have land right here ABC action news Tampa Bay. And you know Tampa del La. We aren't going anywhere hole a four hours ago all this is breaking four hours ago. Okay Crocs to close last of their manufacturing plants says we are going anywhere but I viewed as not making anything and not going out of business off thank god wait a second really yes. Okay you Sony thing if they're not making because you have someone else make it out as soon. You have children make. You get a sweat shop. It's awesome indeed this and get some children out there and put in the work. We are going anywhere s.'s proxy just tweeted that actually a few hours ago. Betty new front runner for text of the day. Read the six months evidence 1234. 67. Tax revenues that might be series. And while I'm on line now except rocks airliners. Crocs are like getting hovered at around six down. Okay Crocs are like yeah I'm not what. Though he's like yeah all right project like receiving. Of while of pleasure from dude. It feels great but then you look down. And what's the problem I see Wear them proudly either way. This is where you take over and all you have to do is call 617779. 5454. And you can control the ship with whatever it is you wanna talk about. Hey you breached met in mixed generic radio voicemail. The place to tell us whatever is on your mind and please after the. And we wanted now brought you this evening. My spot here. Finally here's where you can save time parking spot here anytime you park first time users can enter promo code wheel for ten dollars off spot hero park. Smarter. We're into day six. 41 PM. And our daughter our our our. No other real green there and not ready your wife. What. Well I. What message. He really and out of that house so that must mean Simon up right now. Obviously isn't seen this stuff Portuguese. Named Coco. Hell hath no fury like. She comes at you well with the full ugliest that you know Omaha he had you know on again error Marcel lineup and a bunch. The and she comes yeah she's throwing them sweet breads. When most of the sir. Whose full blew him. And I have not. Talked to wait and all the other hand and the hip and I want to put back and then we'll go there. But if we didn't think he had. I'm talking I'm good at what I want my and it couldn't have more competitive gap and it'll be illegal and that. And they listen if you don't have your paperwork you know. It crossing borders. Not applications. Now am I proud of them that's why and that he likes the dough ice so much. And we'll follow up. For whom I am. I didn't want what would you couldn't get he didn't and haven't set that we're definitely not back it up there. Okay and then back yet but haven't and incumbent that they will opportunity to look into the iPad and yet but who know. I don't know if they've been in the neck of a bit. About. This is how hard hit. Tell that that was always thought well I was related to show it was pond tasked ticket borderline wonderful. But can we get teach it causes my question is the accident vocalist show. These and he need we need him I need it costs them so don't you mean Kendall weekend and watch. That makes sense it made as to if you rattles so today is day to finally have things that make sense out there. Doctor prior. Tuesday 421. To him. They're all good I told him about being interviewed and if you didn't even. He's. It I think what you get between you and it's here. June. What is. Is a wonderful. Rendition what does that. Christmas I hope. I think that early although it is weird right that you are earlier to the White House. Right now sweated on the stand and particulates in the matrix sense that I will hold Lima come down so earlier stages hunted spoon. On the net and we're like why you honey I said outside crisis that loud really pale halls in August now and then that. Collar that was not on the errors off there not colleges did that to the tune of deck the halls that is weird with the matrix it's so if somebody else does deck the halls before midnight then obviously beetlejuice you'll hear. We don't just do what you see here. I don't know file. To handle a half and we would be tailored. Beetlejuice I was seated now I mean the Michael Keaton Renaissance. Has been upon us for nearly a decade now Tim Burton. What could they do possibly selling. You stood at Gena Davis used to go Winona Ryder Alec Baldwin is still got his. He's as good as he's ever been a huge fan of the first on. Yeah. All eyes on sorry that doesn't sorry excited at bats are that the white haired black and white face a magical goes from beyond that have plagued golf. I normal mail in golf films. I don't include blew him. I'm happy that better than dobbs. The you think you're better than they've. The. That went by me away seconds of fits the dog and cat. And one dog in the show's d.s laws. Thank you can't I connect pretty heavily now. Well yeah. It's been a rough day she said. She didn't wanna keep. Hounding us fantastic. That's good well done on I love the new voices in the year you guys are stepping up make we still have been well Don you know we don't know that was off the lavish. A if you wanna participate 617779. You must be rabid fan I've lower. Five for some of put a muzzle on him when you. All crawled from a little adamantly. Okay. Don't pay for it. We'll just give it to you you've been through more. And apotheosis. Hey great news everybody. Members of few months ago we talked to a ticks. In mind we talked about takes way too often on the show because there hatred of everywhere oh you're the guy that its stakes finally great news hot Dick Dick. A new type of tickets come to America for the first time in fifty years and it's carrying out deadly diseases. Yeah a good awesome. Its Asian longhorn tick. Carries a virus that has a mortality rate. Wanna just like decked halls up to 30%. This means that one of the virus is being spent about a tick causes death in 30% of the mammals it bites and transmit that virus it. Fantastic. They say that the ticks are spotted in the country last August. And they are making their way up basically the ticket's been spotted in Arkansas North Carolina and New York Virginia. West Virginia Pennsylvania and New Jersey making their way right up the coast. Right to New Jersey up to us so yeah have. You guys in longhorns out plot ago and outside Annie mortgages today and tie and jacket. Jenny on do you ever got a tech I've never gotten have any of us have you ever. I've ever in. Not having them I've never known and unfortunately I've never been that Arctic and you have family members though that had been mystics and acquired Lyme Disease and it yeah. Okay all out. My new my voice but he. My father log out after a one of his Summers who that's bad. It did in their every that's the thing too it's not just like you'll see like giant takes like oh the big ones jumping around your deck or like oh chronicle elect. They can just be these little rappers like these glorified little mind. And dot. Erica sesame seeds there's time yet for Rocco. My dog was just seized with him. And I went to the Texan for help and you know work you know it's were the best he's actually been good as is you taken to a Korean restaurant. I eat it's a pill thing better and any sprayer anything we did it's yeah he eats and then they just don't like reasons he's been waiting list but he was getting. Sat go for a walk for five minutes actually I thought I was keeping him out of the brush. Aiken battling nine ticks on his face how the hell you see them leave all well you know you'd have to. If the root around in fewer yap some judges see them probably isn't just on their fast they get their fassel's you petting them and you feel pompano. There but there are here. Today Texas that's part of that. Act but live at the you are text well hollow of the K. Stylus to move news. Who will be taxed. 603. That this on the audience is making whatever bad things. 60 theory. This is back we're talking about cash cap came up somehow and Woburn cabs and someone 63 texted. Cats cat it's this would post trash have. Solid text. Politics and I don't want that nice that's a great single to two run scoring Sig I believe only get back from the AK. Ben alien and then does that mean that only you will be stopping by the studio three now. Very nice maybe I can finally meet in person the man who stole my job in just missing a quick will be for humans and animals. Tech got to tell you I almost like asking. 50 wait this is about trump. And his space force. We did that new Easter and announcing they're gonna space force 508. Texted. You all won't be laughing when USS strong male leadership is blasting aliens off the moon. Love that I think that's where we and number 3812. Crocs are like getting oral. Pleasure from a dude feels great until you looked down. So who got oral Crocs. To be number one not trash cab number two. USS trump our number three. Crock oral. Then. I don't know. I want to give it to two good Crocker oral was. Am I voting still for too distraught and so funny. Aside you guys will be eleven. Play and the goods as trump has blasted alien toughest voter whatever chill out on over to you gonna go base rate. It's year round for space force on the moon yet I am gonna go win crock you know what I exhibit three just because you know. Maybe for some people that's a choice where I. By concert tours and the respect that choice and I go with space tourism priority. All right congratulations 50 way if you wanna texted a shot that will read it you know you're finally got the number yours validates you. Yeah I'll be laugh when you assessed on mega ship is blasting aliens up the moon. Your today's tech today. And after the song and break yup we'll play for you on our way out tonight. The best of our interview yesterday. We have to Michael Rapoport who's doing the I am Rappaport podcast August 25 at the Wilbur so stay tuned. Only eighteen has been a great year for scary movies a quiet place that none hereditary and of course my darling I leaned on Jon and you might might buy my drawer of the struggle that crime scene though horror continues now with Mehdi and nick on WA AF. Ordered that they entered an old and a walk on what you since you brought it. Yes yes I would of the week I put gas you don't. I bought in radio show and come with a walk into my pocket I was on the right equation. And I'm I'm with you brought up that you wanna go down only one. Yeah. I'll be gracious put your feet on the couch etc. my like treat the goods cuts yeah you. I'm really happened in the. I felt good about it. People all you look at one of the things that people can confusing it is as I can't stand the patriots. Added what design I'd loan. Rooting against them you know what would you support comes to a David in this court grew up up Belichick Brady comes to their. What do you look the patriots or human Kato. We're all gonna miss them because it's great it's such a great thing for all that. You know what you guys school. The good guys or or or beyond doubt doubt that he or the bad guys. That's a great thing that's been such a great work so much like the talk trash about. The patriots and it was too. Really really tough side gate that you guys suffered and that the record this year or Philadelphia which I didn't I didn't get any. You go back into it from me why the Philadelphia Eagles patriots who is like watching. I don't look at it than water but. I don't know. You guys when he does eventually come to a net I think directly to read all wish that the picture greatness as well. And it's a great point you make it easier Europe markets or in your not decide to give your opinions but you also recognize greatness and now Brady's great you know right. He's the best ever to do with teary eyed now. Are you sure. Look good well yourself here's another thing Michael we yes I've. Ivan yes climate again in slow motion what lotion into issues with a steak sandwich on myself for yes. He's he's. So we're about that we're about Britain's body or spot any thing. He does I don't think any athlete in any history of support in the court didn't consider that like my idol more attache there that the majority of my experience. And I think that the cool thing I think that's a really cool thing. It was weird to see the shirtless picture of him. A because of the short shorts he picked to Wear but also beat. It wasn't exactly a great advertisement for Guerrero on those guys because he looks kind of Joseph Louis and I'm not ripped you know it is like. What the Calcutta Shipley and Babe Ruth and by now all different. You want you to look at making certain that Obama had great football player that they eat hot dogs to look we're Obama told the eagle outcome of any. Yeah he got tickets I would talk a bit until mid. As the greatest ever at the net to bring up Babe Ruth. And again I am quite a Boston radio station. We are coming up its 25 to do the lack of ordered admit that kind of banter and tracked a you can expect. There were ever their or are. Every firm Michael Rappaport will be here Saturday August 25 with that podcast 7 PM the Wilbur you can buy tickets the Wilbur dot com now. I don't wanna fill another bomb Cuba I just got it I got I've got a new Yorker on the line who loves basketball. So I've got to bring this up. I'm so sick of you guys calling. Madison's Madison Square Garden the Mecca of basketball you guys haven't competed really for achieving chip in what how many years 25. Not clear why is it the Mecca and let any thing but the lakers have the Mecca we have but you got it now Benedict. There are no element but it played that you must credit governor Ed hit on that go into some of two to and to think about what you got you head on the pillow. The Vatican square garden. It the only building all the history in. Pat the walk and Gordon Beck don't for a cold. They've got a fabulous forum is god Chicago they get it done New York City is where everybody gets up to play. Everybody coming into trying to quit six points. I think you know I understand that. I'm not particular art you know may be used but want it going to be competitive. I've been in the Boston Celtics came out I was on the I won't you guide person of the clinical cavaliers. Trust me I didn't feel good about that but I was like yeah you got pushed for game seven. I love this team about your players and let it but new York and Madison Square Garden will always be the backup. That this box and what the guards check. No respect exactly. All that's what would dump. Those are down that court. Madison square guarded medical mystery that it's this you are on one guy limped in with a bad Neeon play well in the attic guy for years later to a good don't Jon stark does not. The biggest ambassador. Our topic you backing it. People you're gonna fit you doubled the last time he beat the knicks beat. Important topic we hated it that peephole. It ought escorted him thinking that we we we pertaining to hit it that don't we know what that other it. Right that's it and that's that caught my outlook that dump and see the banners that hang. I acknowledge god the great he's quite important. That you let's start of play well it'll. I think what you did that very tricky cover Asian news to purchase coverage I got given new respect. OK and you know kick. Kyra reads the court and decode it correctly but I'm on the big markets more beat it yet Larry Bird the greatest basketball player with no lips. What more do you want her. One lab you'll just that. Just it would not everything a little bit of it by the way name another basketball arena or former basketball arena slash ashtrays slash complete black hole. Where they found the bones of a family of in the monkeys when they tore it down that's what an ass hole but the Boston Garden was there is a big. Exactly yeah and what to what. But it you know one of the things up opposite New York Corky who at six. Well only you know that the competition is a really helped that decades left you know. Obviously you know what like cut in pay its its it's an eclectic city. It's a working class city and it looks exactly next in sports team eight I don't know what I would do without and so whether they're the Rangers brewing. Red Sox yankees. Knicks Celtics giants. Tickets were really rivalry could be keeping you step up appointment at that point. But deported then he'll go with New York sports would be your sport's about bought sport so you know it's that the book ought to respect. Yet dead just the C there's no Batman without the riddler said you always need a good bad guy which is the point that you made about patriots Brady and Belichick which I thought was so relevant. Yeah did your Sony Yorke put the same time you were doing spots for Cumberland farms the gas station official and iced coffee at new England and people didn't think it was wears like at a they strikes me is the kind of guy that would be sick you know. Drinking coffee company's. Let the bully absolute last thing. Just tell the audience I just got into the show dude it's so freaking good eyesight had as a guest in your podcast. Jason Brown the coach from last chance you on Netflix just tell the audience why that's like the mosque bought you must big show right now it's so freaking good. It excellent EE. The skeptical of lesser human that the death of the most recent I reportorial pocket and he'd probably the most compelling. Character figure what he decent place to play ball on on The Sopranos any exit. You just get so emotionally involved with peace keep the players. Detailed. The cold. That the teachers. And it's just it if you like sports that you like it if you don't like sport but if you like export. It like hard knocks the HBO show born. That about a political backed up by deployment step that that drug. There right yeah I think it yet but it like it's literally like it it's like it's like it's like an art. All it went on until it's that I'd love who I love the show. Some we love you Michael Saturday August 25 7 PM the Wilbur the Wilbur dot com for tickets go see this guy live you can follow all the social act. Michael Rappaport banks are being on the show body in now when you're in Boston next time come on in the studio we'll do this person. I would love that. Appreciated garter and hopefully they've just got the 25 at the will assure my absolute about it. Thank you guys. WGM had an NE ST one Westbrook lost WEEI HD to Lawrence WW VX 62 Boston. WD ES Boston. Radio invented rock and roll. While seven point three WGA half a radio dot com stay ship.