M&N Hour 4 Celebrity Limericks 3/16/18

Friday, March 16th

Matty & Nick begin the final hour of the St. Patrick's Day party by playing a celebrity limerick game! Also, the ginger accusations continue in your GRV's! 


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. There's a great event to march 23 to the when he bit that the seaport World Trade Center. It's the town fair tire world the wheels and if you would like to go. With a four pack of tickets call right now the framing import studio line. 6179311. A half will play a little game call right now 617. 9311. AF and will play in the meantime nick. Matty yeah holy smokes are Al Kerry Byrne at. Called football that what's your following out of football fans at football facts because you created cold hard football facts. Brought in from our friends who drives it will be a drop yesterday bear hug. The in Weymouth and up to the fact that this out there the uprising the South Shore is like the south shall rise in the south how to show us now rising and just brought in a little limited release the town Irish ale I cannot imagine a more appropriately named beer with a in the Boston area for Saint Patrick's Day weekend. The touting Irish jail. Holy punch in my mouth delicious we don't make all these clown thinks LT if you like your marriage hearing at the center of Irish America is with Ochoa. Really how so twenty Braintree average every error they are going to be Eric. You know how we Irish people still haven't felt the not as much they used a lot of yuppies I am sure you are free to penetrate you with like Maggie gets and that's president at a prayer is that where I go to see it myself ailing on us up the anymore. It is one or two places like 4030 years ago these three great bar and suddenly causing Abby. A toddler get early ninety's it's not there anymore for the blog for the triple deck problems of street. Are there felt the old faulty with a little leg you know that within and lighting in the pocket watch and Irish World Cup game in some. Philip did you bought an Irish guy I remember seeing it if he wasn't from faulty. And I never did I heard the thought he got a jump on top of the put the cards that you don't want it anymore nmap or. I am a little later in the mouth so that even punched an Irish people. While they weren't they were there or thought the Irish Harris and now at this time of course that they'll say like job. Hey is there any chance I could meet you for like now avocado toast for I. Our first press single large in cops in Accra and you know. All the cool. All the cool Irish lessons learned from Q and look at the North Shore with the old town and I consult your world who are thought to how does that break down much of north way North Shore was always the time will tell you tell. The demy you know the north and then there was no. Right that's not the Irish have been felt in Georgia for oneself that one thing. Let's play liars themed game for your chance go to the world wheels right now the rules are simple let's start. With Bob who's on the framing him or studio line hello Bob how are you topped the afternoon via their great thank you Bob we call from buddy. Start fights don't envy the rules are simple nick and I have written nor shall mean and and OO. For all. And what makes every opportunity this land to me. Yes I know he's okay and I finally saw that I get your data this let's line Jeremy Irons drink while I'm doing it. Bob the rules are simple. Nick and I have written limber ex Irish Olympics. About. Celebrities. You have to listen to the limerick and guess the celebrity. Guys well sorry nick you wanna starter all right a given starting right. This Bob Herbert Bob yeah I'd Iberia you're ready. Sure. Darren once was a star who met trump. We'll gave his private so home. When she wanted to diet boje some info on his bulge she received a fine solemn. In one lump. Which are likely to re read it. Ares I expect him. I'm on and I don't know who had a million Stephenson did. What's her name be out the plus side. Something didn't know how it's okay. Followed by David don't particularly yeah. Bob good job hang on the line you have and yes there's lakers. You now listen to the show before let's go to Zack exact where you call from buddy. On the road on the road again all right Diego the rules are simple limerick area tires place nick and I've written about celebrities you have to guess who this liberty is okay you ready. Once a man who won gold. He was handsome fast and bull. Let me talk things felt wrong so he shot the office. And now he is she to be hole. That. Bruce finished it and yeah. Okay. Oh times web Dillon's nice let's voted through. Shonn. Son there. At about either polish dollar Beers to you boy. I writes Johnny ready Ephron. Therein Yuriko. That once was a Hollywood power. Who asked that you watch diminish our. Sites and now thanks to this shrewd men are stuck with a hash tag need to. Which has left many herbs feelings our. I do. Yeah. How confident you are Sinclair resilient for a bank plans to. Suggest that it's kinda. It's owed. Mister Ed mr. Ed it's good pupil and let you know quite well. This interview court most of the people that were that looked. Straight ahead where you golf robotic. Well Sam Walton and the lovely city town of Waltham OK here we go no no irishman rules that put animal no. As I don't want them that they don't. That's that's not enough pubs knows enough bulbs are to the great brewery rhetoric when he their efforts when you write the above the brew house arrived on the golf course yeah. I was number it was a moment I knew we go mr. Ed. You could be our. Final qualifier. Is that we have that was yes in that final qualifier area. Which celebrity. Is this limerick about. Sits right out of the hands of a big cat. Food dominated once in every staffed. But he bang too many passes intact and that's it but this weekend his comeback yo maybe fact. Let let let me in the head with. Yeah. Our mr. let's try and have. Are you elbow. You're about it right there can Amy yes you are on. You wanna do a new what did you get in the same one. That's it argument and I got fresh easy on you guys know that was in studio. Analyst tiger I was saying it will close yeah. And let's play that. There once was the guy who did RBs and gave all the girls in Boston her knees now you are and that it. And. I drag out this month for your body area. That once was the guy who saw light fiesta. He talked about taking a football siesta. He gives you have missed so hard to the ladies. Catch his bombs from Tom Brady who throws them as fast as John less down. Didn't vote. And I know I think that was. JSC how you were gonna cry did not know lane all the new program brings to the federal and state bird alert yeah all of well I've got. Your prison what. My big advantage. I don't think candidates are only qualifiers or Bob Zach and Shawn. Bob. Zack and show on a regions it is disgusting crack. And take aides about. For. You run and four pack of tickets. To the town their entire world the wheels at the seaport world aids senator march 23 the 25. If it's cool and has wheels that it can be found at the town their entire world of wheels for details and tickets visit world we'll dot com you're going to get out. I shouted yeah I obviously got this is an alliance we take information and to Bob Sean mr. and to have sorry try again next. Matty and. Sears information and another W. And justice for not coming soon. From the two car ninety calorie beer and still X light comes. Work out you do when you don't have time to work out a lot of guys believe they got here we're plugged. Now you brush your. It goes down. I read what you've checked. Finished strong with a beer that's. Real life and still explains he plans to looks like constantly talk. 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Well I think there on the net and look how well. Loose there and all the team there aren't that many in the so we really think. Manny Brady's not here Andre I already works in the morning show. That gradually is ongoing thing at the bullet he know well. W yeah yeah yeah set up allies fellows in theory I'm not a ginger. They think I've written here to deacons don't have an air. Well that's not a daily at its pay your eight. It's and I'll I'll read aimal. Larry very cheered on. I'm seven anxious. You look really good thank you very and you could be bald look no eyelashes you know Larry Bird here on CEO of curved. The volume on our carnival. Following all at Lowe's low against yeah. A little faster and this and the next day and she well who Wu and yeah. Well let's get the whatever you want to. Conclude there. When did that hit deserves nothing to do. Nice call back to my earlier on forgiven. Me fired match red day. I don't think he ate little or. Red headed at that it would enter. Into that. I'm now at third I'm not a red handed. Matty is strawberry blondes is fire him it was strawberry blonde I'm just blitzes distances gross brownish color hall tonight. I'm gonna say I'm fat be over here I'm Zain is not Redd carried out. I just to work indicated I just took a bite of may be one of the five that's that was eight drivers things. Here Gerry Byrne what are we having we're eating right now the delectable delicious and thievery. Our court beat egg roll from paid leave. Bob did and gorgeous with or I'm going to be it cabbage egg roll wholly admired Mary mother of the. Acorn it's basically an Irish dinner in in an egg. But like that when equated the statement if you put all the Chinese restaurant and our way out from. Right right though the academy it's an interesting cultural time the reed there this solved. Except you know there's that was meant to happen probably you know without a fight before they. When you think pays that I think other people from my company to work and I listened in on every bit Zito got herpes while ago and well. Yeah riled up now that I don't shoot you guys everything you do not have. KB. One B admiral. If we do not to challenge the problem. Commercial to run it sounds like every account a little Latin America our sponsors that are going on our business going on and everything I buy it I can have a can and it's. Third that's on right now. Yeah I I don't you know what do. Last year I wrote the same attitude rates or multiple more do interviewing the global brand manager gene Maha. Who by the way might be the hardest smoking if smoking it's hot hot show. You have with the health. You know and so I believe me I'll show I love this guy Chris I'm ready to go look I know I thought I won't you know considered the Kerry and Chris you know. Zone but I what jealous of the Google JAMA HE I tell what do it you had this guy. Obviously it didn't work so well that there rejoice and show your fantastic chorus if I come back he's our spirit animal are you can mean it. Replacing me when I get canned on Monday. Food. A little more as a whole night I blew my mind when I have been aware. Or wounded there that he not get the upper right. I'm Susan little known opponent in the act a bit longer important about the thing that the blue blue blue. Did that and I only understood since they percent of that. Again these idiots if I did and I was talking about yesterday's smashing yourself. And individuals on the table does not take care. Move on don't want to be kind to him. That is meant to AM Madden. Feyerick in their back their hits now he and I. Had endured not sitting well that. Now everyone no one everyone thinks you're at it but they don't. They're trolling you because they know bothers me the issue was ended when I text of the picture of me an edge here and that's a red dead and you put us right next to each other you can see the difference is that we is laser read heads from Harry Potter Manning have you always hit a good mother. As I would have come down to immediately not that. Kerry Byrne. Justice. I think like I am here. Well bottom wedeman in. I'm battle and not their own topic below that and. What that is accelerated then I get a little bit but. Not very I'm not great but I'm opening it I'm an opening anecdote today. And admit though that didn't know about what I want yeah nick I think like this. Without. But I am back. I'm Obama. And yet I'm dumb I love I felt bad public and I think okay. So. I would go to the weatherman. Who works out by the way I am told that the new announcement as cross street. He did you there the flyers strike. Ads. About Papa you know I realized that to. Your mother. Hot former weather person was the vote blues give her day. My god. My mom had me with weatherman Steve from doubt as he got around back in the day. Again I guess so. And you know what else gets around back in the day what next a quick check of the weather this hour brought to you by our friends at the Worcester regulars. That's hockey. That's their tag. Yeah no it's not. That time he got that list there are now does your mom also knew there was two groups. As they come and go shoot some great stuff. That was your mom thing about it. Oh not if you desire that afternoon when that meager disease facility and other issues in mind if indeed mother of his area director. The mother she's also a bar I'm really sad that I went to anyway let's go ahead and try one more time to actually honor the people that helped him for the three inches of mr. He was to retailers bring you. Moms know darn good but it was or is bringing the weather this hour right now 21 degrees outside. Yeah tomorrow we'll be 35. Breaking news nick you are the spawn of weather and Steve from don't un believable who were aghast. My god we are. Up against already again so much show so little time. Kerry Byrne isn't here in case you're just joining us also Crist. From Telemar do whiskey celebrating their limited edition Boston Red Sox addition Irish whiskey triple distilled you can get it after. Some liquor stores but I Yankee spirits now is increase heiress has spotlighted an all right and we're eating delicious good lord where where these corned beef and my from K days when Washington street in historic in the senate. They're great crappy about and did you could probably why they. Homer got Matty and I do yeah not bad particularly a corned beef dinner in an admiral come and go hips breakfast sandwiches and no doubt says Summers says there's one way to prove a moderate. Nolan down no no no no yeah. It's not as we know now they are now now I. Rates and what would reject the curtains down that is that drapes as the curtain curtain thing. Trees massacred by my curtains he now none of that at the English department. Carpet curtains at the Dartmouth carbon is so far for rent through lots of problems but yeah we can take on icy bodies there with Peter. I'm the only Mickey and Jimmy you know I can't wait until Kerry and Chris premiers Monday afternoon at seven it's gonna need to Irish guys arguing over her. The north themselves shall. I think Peter Rabbit Jews who have seen them I feel like the noise that it did not water. You can say that I want though it's hard to follow social media didn't use the hash tag Peter Rabbit cubes defend well. I think it's I think Matty shining moment with the Olympics when he when the bi curious apple on I did I. Wow I didn't peeves on the comeback I stared great results with a. Obama go directly at the if you would like to join the program. I did. There are not who you know I wanna I wanna check common issue a challenge shower heads I want Saint Patrick's Day. G a wise left over the weekend so that a Monday we coming here we can hear which he did we want from the party sounds I want parties sound called upon adding 617 I will. Okay which one not you understand a somebody should obviously nice call from that bar. Wherever you are this weekend 617 it has over the ball whatever save the number 6177795454. We want saint patty's day party sounds. To play on Monday OK come on Sharon's its do it. Matty and neck but to wrap up shop in the draw viewers you we didn't get to deny what. Why let him. Just moved to sit through into the that was 220. Feel full of the only station that really rocks WA EA yeah plus all the point three. And you're pretty average downtown Boston this offshore WV US is now also won 10. Only one HD two CBS Sunday he's the doctor this is doctor Reinhart he's working with me on the campus and a professor of abnormal behavior who. Two books on murder your blog. Indiana Franklin co. James Patterson if after he's a Smart you'll tell me about it Alan Cumming whoever did this he's delivered. And fast back. You're CBS Sunday it's Sunday starting at eight on W. Then stay tuned for WABC news at eleven. Remarks from people celebrate saint Patrick yeah this march particularly celebrating another tactic. The one that will lease you a fun to drive and stylish new Mazda sports sedan or SUV and save you a whole lot of green because right now. I'm Patrick Mazda police who knew 2017. And a half miles to six points today and we're just a 109 dollars a month for 2018. Mazda three sport including features like a seven inch color touch screen voice controlled infotainment toward just 115. 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You know announced that make you feel good scientists studied chemical composition and the center of the galaxy smells like raspberries. Well done universe and I could the second largest auto insurer in the country so breathe easy we've got your back. Plus he may be able to save even more money. Because Beckham can help you find savings like military or federal discounts and Geico offers emergency roadside terrorist. So Boston's comeback guy go online at Geico dot com you'll feel better after you do. They say never talk religion or politics in mixed company that takes a while mormons hold. There fear feeds Matty ended on WA AF. Like this that you all participating in our pre same pattern of state party which was a absolute cluster. And like to thank god who had been more of the Foster Clark had did. There are that are popular. Zero last I have my very fact are there and election or speaker paranormal expert running the blank who by the way next. Came to party today and gave up gave up as my revolver Kerry Byrne and and the great Crist. From till your on his but but he had a great point. He had witnessed when comedian Adam ray was here. At a race from Seattle and it touches line hotbed. Of soccer squad activity and the reason yeah. Ron is gonna have sky adamant he would never seen a big whatever anywhere instantly never seen before which I would make that we have money I'd definitely ask and I have that he can't wait due to legitimize I guarantee you know he's probably gonna to perform at lap Boston tonight in place tomorrow mile. Man there's something negative media dinners golf to. I wish I had a chance to talk about slots brought in Seattle I bet by the way my least favorite Tom Hanks movie south got some twelve since Seattle I cannot knock prior and I want that. Thank you Gary Byrd for coming in. Food writer Boston Herald guy not a great time to live with the fact we could hear from OK but don't you guys ought to be worth it would go to. Either you fight and we're actually gonna rumble out of the garage right. I Alice Alice Emmett take the high road and right now and one thing many nick show. I would officially. Like to become. Yet they show Irish whiskey yeah. Not that got away. A little tip of the cap. This is. On this shall seek my lawyer that's up from previous I got to stick with those shall seek a run live now Brothers do is tell the audience to set off there were new and carry burn fighting carry out. Yeah he's a great guy brought us some grade Mo but every three minutes he's cracking jokes about the nor shall a very negative may look Chris I really trying to take the hot roll. That was a very nice to play until that I've finally have ice so he must be like from you know I don't know spectacle Weymouth where you probably doesn't but he. You grab another green lush green and luxurious. Yeah. Even going up and Chelsea we've beat up people from. They may be like yeah. I'm currently dexterity themselves for days and I get one last 'cause I only wanna come back. That's that we have and exchange. Silly Jerry rom Poland's second you didn't you where was all the while I know he's an iron. I can do this now I don't I cannot say let's. Propaganda. I'm Sharon I am a lot will take he'll likely get sick of them bio come and how long we got a lot of bombs that. Their partnership could this congress that family jewels on everybody's Larry boa constricting shots my lag a tequila right now on this play but I'm OK with that. I'm just Alia. About the brains. Column what do happens to be the one under the spotlight today. And despite the negativity from the salt or how I. We will sustain. And move on without him I don't know Bob there and read via. As a matter I think Patrick saved it does not matter is the problem is not representative is that Quincy can't spell Geneva with a letter as a guardian there to protect. Iron while saying they'd go any dogs at earth besides what naked guys bank and Gaza has been off a year's time you can type. I know you guys held me back to 342 would have a sense of Irish whiskey on Friday before Saint Patrick's Day I would NCAA basketball games are on television right that somebody out. I had to make my outlet not penetrate your service yeah. Let's they carry real quick we want just for everybody who may be heading into town tomorrow yeah. And that you might it's going to be adjusted jamboree it's going to be a blank shown there you may be go to the south or like I'm gonna go out and women to Miami to on Sunday. I hit me up with some bars inquisitive of you know all the. All the you know felt if not ours anymore right on the Retief you know they pride and audited our from the issuance felt solid in the real quick. I am glad they sent out notes both got a lot of hatred. Keep it that by creating enough. The top eleven hours beloved Quincy with which we have to go for our filter tomorrow we need Delanie Letterman music and Callahan. At Sheehan who. How could reflecting these fellows who. The goal post to grow our diocese. Malick right operative parkway from an appointment of Alexander is this again. It's as well I don't think it's grown and I loved bring your World Cup. You would actually integrated neon sign an old Boston Globe story the Irish club. Eddie Barrett Akron Republica Ankara tomorrow a lot of mixed even got a ride peaked a condom. Love it ride the pony move when reverse time. No way overnight. Trip to virus have all of that Scotty from it. Let's get everybody out to select a truck. A thank you do comedian Adam graves probably now in this car limo on the witness or regretting you came on this program how like yeah right okay. And thank you do will. Or these silent hardware back they're taking your calls and you're not playing his support response. The purple or. And we've lost nick Micky. It is now I love who we are now we'll I was supposed to do you know. For all the silent heart are yeah the. Amazing mic is down. Right now we have a the will agency named silent. I hit that brick and then again I'm coming. That's the. That's the couple. And then. Talk to do this. Metric ton. Stolen pepperoni. I am not a ginger. None of us said that she was hanging in its. He did a new. I will definitely met a Joseph listen that's all that's. Let me be very clear I love the bots we can't get worst. He showed every bank used to ever upwards as amended. Chris carrying. Median hammer hey thank you town fair tire all right it's very proud in this bones or. Looking at a packed with revelers and coach red. The best parents that brought the I even did my brother. If we can't throughout the way they didn't back brother and now seriously then please pick a minute to qualify the context. As to why you said I even did my brother we've spent a lot of time this year being the guy quiet nights ago like not talking tonight is the funniest zone Boston this stuff I just met. By a mile by a mile we might not last. But I'll go to my death that is the funniest smartest thing going on a radio Boston you can suck my peace you don't think. It shows four hours of whether or not conscience all right we'll do it again Monday. Less North Korea because and everything bad is day and it.