M&N Hour 3 - You Even Manscape Bro?! 6-22-18

Friday, June 22nd

Do you like pickels? Do you shave your downstairs area? These are some of the topics the guys debate on the show today before they break some big news in Boston sports!

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WAA asked. Yeah I'm. 5 o'clock hour Matthew. Use. Coming match at a Friday. Yeah Howard will. First Friday of this summer. The official summer. It's got you there on the plot well. Coming up 55 when he. You're generic creative force for the six when he gets those and please 6177795454. You wanna tell us. Where the hell everyone is going today has been miserable throughout the day. I don't get it I see notre that this is the clears the Mass Pike he's been. In nine months I people ducked out today at noon that's what the hell are they around the guys can I do you guys got 4 o'clock I trust me. Oh yeah Ali right now we're all and it used to on the cave. And I don't know playing fort night Arianna from right here may be I wanna talk to Vicky. I'm framing import studio linesman that vacations data mine I get it Wii speak friends what do Vicky. I Allard beard how high yeah Beers to you girl and Hank. I wanted to play and another thing going on and often that we cannot be black it actually didn't action how about it. I made it the pickle fat and mean you know I know I'd I gave that up you just made that up. Do you live. Vicki calls it and tells us about tickle fest I mean. I it and and the right I'm working a pickle tactical team and we'll be in the speaker back in let down the road weary getting out. They are new pickle B Jack they teamed up with guerrilla pickle. And made a lying. It'll be yeah. They're going to be get him out there he made that I mean is there coaches don't want people to know that I it'll be down if they want to thank a trickier than to get at the acts. I would be happy to crash tomorrow and. All right Vicky way to go to Libya where where does that Vicky. It that the design and innovation everything. So kind of in the seaport area I'm in picket that the about online but they're still selling tickets at the door so that these actions. Can in the evening felt good kind. Everything Bryant can see pickles but of course at that on the road period and they can't read very well be act. Out on. Vicky when you go to the pickle festival will first on asking have you tried the sonic pickle. Slushy sloshing that we tried here in studio. Not only thing is that end. Well if you like that type of thing. And and night and I let it close let it go I let everything else unless our. You know who finally I have got a lot of medical among the Vicky yeah they want to what does a man wants to attend the technical festival reside in secure the size of this pickle that he brings. I think she just you know it's not about the fact that vocalist. Genuinely just about how do you collect the account I fake pumped up and that's the goal thank you among other and I only girls. Thank you that job recognize this is his real life thank you did have an OK so I wanted to try to pick opponents ride at Bob rice. Is I would drink pickle here. I urging Brian I airline. What is the behavior of pickle don't like the delicious taste and smell you don't do bread and butter you know to do pickles nothing hot Nichols girl pickles then. No I'm only cucumbers either. Two government grows it grows they take overs so growth. Its takeover I think I did I am fine you know what that's it. Takes gloves off. What's found out that way that I stand on the hill right now on the line cucumbers are not disgusting said you can pay your salary and has your avocado cucumbers. Are incredible. Celery and cucumbers if you put if you of this huge beautiful salad everything on it you put one cucumber or one piece of celery and dominates politics that the first is just okay first of all their amazing because they hydration. And you can differently things with them to they'll take on the shape and form taste you can pick on the they terminator is they take hundreds or suggests. Yet that their body snatchers there an alien they are an alien vegetables sent from another planet. To absorb. And to emulate your entire being cucumbers are fan attack what's it yourself at the lettuce. I do I do that is said Kerry I knew him. You know seems some grilled chicken and some cheese notably less civilized broccoli love broccoli and I tell rocket now Sally any vegetables salads and be able dollar program because brought. Now broccoli dominates the salad and yes we're having a whole horse to death just numbers so. Strong incentive haste it's unbelievable overwhelming suited but not it like benign. It is almost NC coast to cut some broccoli and here raw. Yep cuts and part giant parts. Giant parts stated that. Vicki called in to plugged nickel. I had your list down on the Internet Calista this first stint as this is the Hill Man Morning Show this morning. Talking about our own beloved. Monkey cage still zero. That about thank you so much Becky so much. Tax line not a single hater of the Q are there will be some say love the Q okay I'll love Vicki okay. I am going it stays grimy customer warning for podcasting's. Marion non farm isn't quote you what you're doing well yeah I guess is they're trying to be famous slow response get a niece is a superstar snuck. I didn't know Tim advances admitted to you and is an additional. Netflix and what you've got to do imagine I thought they're gonna unload a model you know agrees you know Jamie now. It rubs the lotion on it's skin. Began uneasy. Day track. I don't use Jerry Holland way to say and he he went Buffalo Bill wouldn't and as a weird show isn't playing on words were hung. Again. And I'm shocked that it Danielle admitted to the fact that she was I am too and thanks for the tax line who says you know let the morning show know that this is our punching bag. Not there yeah banks. They can do are not attacks on his turn to do have as many feel about this vegetable oil the rad I I'd like erratic there are no doubt that's complicated. It's complicated it. Listeners I can't go to a restaurant or my mother in law because she's got the same thing. I like this that's on like that that's how you slice this vegetable like one text at one Dextre here hate cute love pickles. How can you don't think you can love but I agree I am that person. Like pick ashore no not this week what is our cat like the big ones and I'll I Taylor law your honor I'll lie you bread and butter is if you don't allow Britain voters do not hold your feet to the fire on that. But you can't. Hate the Q and love the pickle just as radically right no they're well the same thing in essence but it. And they've taste radically different after the pickle indeed big pickle and that's why it's called the pickle they take the camera typically. Now let me just twenty minutes on the radish. You just head to explain. His spin their reason why they call it a pickle. Because of the quickly process. And out to penalize. You do you didn't think was he wasn't giving you the whole like I know many pace he was looking in the learning like on old boy I'd pick. Come from the ground. No baggage of backing and that's just that's now news. Yeah I can't. I can't speak. I cannot speak. And I able to make words I've wrote OK. I just need to take the audience. To where we are now 5250. All lot of second you can wait a minute are right. Does all obligated to say OK so we took it commercials about. Ten minutes ago in the middle of one of the more heated debates in Europe participation has been incredible on the tax line. Arguing about cucumbers vs pickles and you're not allowed to like. Pickles if you don't like cucumbers. That argument in here continued for a few minutes and then somehow. Mehdi stumbled across Hillman. At great he'll 107 stories on his IG where this morning LB weight itself. And got naked in the path so that we all looked at LB. Naked clutching his package. And this points out. This is where we go to air brakes didn't want us out and he said I think LB. Shades. Yeah. It and that that fostered a discussion. On or as to whether or not I I had guys that you he's OK and then still is asked out loud earnestly without any irony whatsoever. You say you you'll pass and then marries that's gonna to like I can't can't. And OK so then. Eyes that I would never shave it you know I'll and gave her most acute C majesty did that hit the speed. And then this is round the corner of the content all split the gift. And creating. Between me and Matty. Hold short doubt at all doesn't make sure it opens you I don't whine you gotta. I don't Javed completely bare what you do what I don't whine. Governor of the bushes and the tree look bigger that just simple back. That's just simple math guys you've got to leave. I have binge on that. They'll leave. It looks better be going. Like near there and it all scraggly. In that nap. Seeing you think AM people who escaped us for its. Carried the type of pain that. Now I'm going I know you guys older but I'm trying to take you guys into. Keep you guys have to do. Whether or Jordan Ott is not the point we don't go to people we work message and show them. Are no other regions. Dracula I sold my actual well I'm trying to react I'm trying to recover from something Shelby's. On the stomach from an upper. Regions. It look like any you know women take those out. Sacks. Abdullah neck and squeeze out those that would what would use their property trusting bags. No front running back up fighting back and look at a piping bag. What did the he had above his no right like why are they telling you. Oil being yeah I hit I am so shocked. I recovering from out of literally like please don't let this rooms since day is that this revenue to turn in my left. And I deceit but yes on a day until this day on days like days he or she did you know like when you see the efforts it ditches so there's display ads absolutely right. I'm telling you guys that I keep it tidy got their two but I don't walk around Hungary about urged knowing anything and I I don't think blue eye to. Don't think another candidate I'm yeah yeah yeah I say why don't I can't imagine my arm it's not usually Iraq. Just got to put our top. I'm like why aren't that you wonder. Come on whenever they get. Yeah yeah Iraq yeah. And it looks like a cross between 1973. Littler and I am like like this what Jim Hall heard Burt Reynolds Daniel played seven do you like. That. That talent you. That it feels mile that's someone prominent blacks now we can have nick is that integrity and Robin Williams yes I'm not that here that's a Marvin Williams not that he was literally. Pretty close couldn't see his skin. He was covered week I was hearing a week to week to have you on the cover of months to land at the south watch him engine. Now my wife just accident my grandma I agree with stairs. Sheila you're the best part here's my favorite auto correct of the year she met I can 100% tell. She meant to type I agree with sting is man's gaping is key she typed I agree with says Nancy thing is keep. That's actually what I calls his penis and ends up. Hutton is expected to get you should tell them that your wife wish huge trip more fate. Well it. Emily we are gonna do this for you nick I'm gonna get a person involved in the shape you. That's gonna give I'm not gonna hit my chip I'll take a while I'll take a waxed in the channel and actors get some clippers like that's how I do yeah I haven't I don't think it hurts yet I have tonight my one I had to ask Clair county every time I get a single because there's so much Harriman. I. This is what the people you know you honestly don't yet guys honest guys and tell everyone listening out there I don't know what you guys are doing. We were like yeah we're doing a show but you like I said you know we have Friday fields whatever text line flat no one's doing anything. We talk about age cucumbers vs pickles and being now we get it demands gaping I've never seen more text messages in my life. Your animals I love you to think UT is doing this backstage right now. Bottle on the edge right now I have bothered you say about their debate. Did problems didn't want to look at that what do you think they told me he had that's the advantage of it gives every night. All right it's stardom. Fighting for some crows are still getting old crows yeah. New crows but speaking of which Wednesday on the program rich Robinson and I ace playing back entirely equity unity clutching the Italian stole from his backstage last summer you're gonna have to do most of you. My because you're gonna be so nervous I get access but I RD punt Jews think rich Robinson last summer so here. Hey Matty so we associate with these sorts of for a little while ago right. Unfortunately our arguments over man skating as well as pickles vs cucumbers went on so long are very labored shall we say self indulgent discussions. Aggravated our sports reporter enough he left. It's just blew it off entirely probably around the corner at a Lincoln's history of our pizza just buried a couple of Friday night fights. Fine by me whatever. In its place. In absence of it see how would you feel if I told you. And of course it's his wicket it's a sport to port and the sports reports here on Matt in neck or are brought to you by the cove music Colin Worcester for more info. Go to the Coke music called dot com what do I told you. That a friend of show one of the finest reporters and storytellers in Boston the great Michelle McPhee. Had just recently tweet it out. That she may have a little information on a lingering. Now potentially huge Boston sports story and she was willing to college and and maybe give us a couple of little hint action as to what's going on on the framing imports studio. A I wouldn't be surprised at all because she's the best in the business you'll be. I'd be super excited to. Another chance talk to Michelle McPhee and see and feel guilty to Stiller dinner but oh my god she's on the framing import studio line right now if you been following Twitter. I am totally avoiding Ed I had better yeah okay. Michelle let's say right now this did it just went to like yeah we'll meet you for pizza and Beers to you Colin now why you might be able to go revived cabernet economy. While the kids they're real outside. You know there's no doubt a lot of speculation swirling around. I'd immigrant parent of why he barely got. You know I dropped from the back. And I started getting involved that perhaps handling that issue with a lot. Now. I I can't argue art or whatever the age of that's not what Britain told me that you know did removal from Milan and I think you let the latter but what is being filed an ongoing investigation. And Q any uh oh. Very large. And you know distribution. Date. Baghdad and want Massachusetts. Well OK art so. And just what with his real quick so Hanley gets released. Cash couple weeks ago from the Red Sox a lot of people think. He was under performing they didn't want his contract to the Tony nineteen. Bonus here to kick in Dexter twenty million dollars for the thought OK we can't let him get as many at bats this year so. Best best to just part ways for them now that's what most Sox fans reporters and pundits were led to believe you're telling me it might be otherwise. Well I mean I don't know I don't want to yeah I didn't pardon me I'm happy that I reach near I'm glad. He made he named in court record for getting to a search warrant. Involving our car got. Where it may and would later rested and dragged kicking target. On. Eight time the Red Sox infielder. Steering that car stop that NATO led Q the heater significant Monica. Wow. You know you look at the way this season started within two. He was in such great shape the TV twelve I really like audio you know gosh yeah Brady he's motivated he's engaged he's alert he's going to be in this and now if this is true Michelle what do what do. Fall from grace man. While. While and it and yet let you want to get one guy's word in. And we don't know why he was able to eight what the Red Sox infielder. We do know that that you know the pulpit. And him being I had investigators as part of that big accent sweeping case. And it eggnog distribution that under partly in that they are. Now Michelle you've done this so many times your career you've broken so Meester as we just had John last week about MS thirteen thing. You did that unbelievable piece about the marathon bomber still at large or at least the guy who built the bombs. You've got to tenacious. Unbelievable ability to dig these things up when you sink your teeth in a story you know you've got it how I know your being careful to not saying it's fact but like. What is your sense of of how accurate this might be that you feel like he alive when I did it. And that you're a union only aware of it. And I'm you know I had I won't let up but I can. Chart of via united auto lock you don't want or are down a road weary of written a check that year you know your sources can't cash. But how does that did it could it is did this sort delay can this facetime did this happen around the time or just before his release. I think I believe there was. Possibly two days before. And him offend at all it's an accident ninety noise just like I thought maybe. Who's involves some sort steroid thing you know something's paying jurors also. And how it's not admit it but in importance eight car on the police and prosecutors because of me out you know after the Asian 20000 people. Have died because the act and older go to school last year alone. Without the aggregate ethnic dolls. It sacked egging your debit card number and alarmed look strange night packet because it it can be lethal yet. Coming into contact them. Well listen you know Hanley was officially released June 1 which means that the Sox wouldn't he would add to clear waivers. And it's just all we can say is again where connecting node dots but at the same time. It's a little curious as to why. Hanley hasn't been signed by any other teams because the Sox would have to pick up the freight. They would pay the veteran minimum pro rated half a season about 300000 dollars. And you get equality right handed that their plenty of teams that could use and and Allen AL so. And a red dot organization they really expect guests well all fifteen now. Well at the great Michelle McPhee thank you so much for checking in if you're just joining us again earnings and sex. Wow. Breaking the story potentially that him there Mears involved and they. Fentanyl sting quite possibly a Michelle thank you so much. I I it looks like he might have been caught red Handley. How well. Geez I'm so it's. I just I just yeah you're the historic Armageddon when I'm in opulent real world national once it. You can be you know like you can even have dessert the last. Let me out thank. Thanks Michelle thanks to judge other blood have you done by. I just don't hole in on most of most people would have taken that I'd the whole resort to the story is listed just next to that. I I can I get what we I thought I was like oh my god I hairless we had our first. Real quality breaking news that we've got to caught red handed out yeah I.